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  12. When you sell your home and have auto payment: arrears, mortgage, mortgage company - Real Estate
  13. Realtor's foreclosure purchase angers buyer: agent, realty, condo, banks - Real Estate
  14. Will Higher Gas Prices Effect the Real Estate Market?: sales, properties, more expensive
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  16. Rent-to-own, SAFE Act: tenant, mortgage, banks, property - Real Estate
  17. Listing Agent related to Seller: properties, offer, state, loan - Real Estate
  18. Fired REA- house status on MLS -expired: 3%, clause, agent - Real Estate
  19. Real Estate Sources of information in Canada: housing, Realtor, economy
  20. What websites let me look at outside of properties in realtime?: residential, check - Real Estate
  21. How much would you offer if the house was located in a declining value zip code?: 3%, accept - Real Estate
  22. House Foundation: contractor, state, building, Phoenix - Real Estate
  23. temperature problem in my house: cheap, work, replace, furnace - Real Estate
  24. Are the home price in Spring normally higher than Summer or Fall?: prices, points - Real Estate
  25. How long to save closing docs?: documents, mortgage, property, inspection - Real Estate
  26. Pros & Cons of Waiver of Right to be Represented: feedback, dual agency - Real Estate
  27. 1910 - 1930's Bungalow's: sale, housing, value, state - Real Estate
  28. Prorated property taxes in Indiana: arrears, commission, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  29. Lease Purchase pitfalls?: tenants, appraisal, 5%, mortgage - Real Estate
  30. Realtors? How do you really figure comps when...: contingent, appraisal, 5% - Real Estate
  31. Flawed housing data might mask depth of woes: appraiser, sales, percent - Real Estate
  32. HUD requirements for taxes at sale: property tax, contract, state, seller - Real Estate
  33. Buying an Old Condo.......: square footage, mortgage, mortgage company, fees - Real Estate
  34. If you sold a home by yourself for 130K what could you expect to net?: agent, commission - Real Estate
  35. Home Inspector in Los Angeles????: recommendation, Realtor, process, buying - Real Estate
  36. Lee Plantation Community: Florida, Fort Myers, information - Real Estate
  37. How would I go about getting an estimate for the cost of constructing a building?: percentage, price - Real Estate
  38. Lease on Land: banks, properties, loan, homeowner - Real Estate
  39. Real Estate Price UP in Spring: appraisal, commission, sales, landlords
  40. Convert home to business?: recommendation, mortgage, mortgage, insurance - Real Estate
  41. for realtors about agent, sales, housing, price - Real Estate
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  44. Flooring: price, more expensive, furniture, kitchen - Real Estate
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  48. Homeowner's insurance JUMPED up in price!!: investment, mortgage, mortgage, banks - Real Estate
  49. What the heck has happened to state, listings, check - Real Estate
  50. One seller wants out, the other wants the sale: contingencies, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  51. Help~to sell or rent: appraisal, prices, property, renting - Real Estate
  52. Just Purchased Home and Now There's Water Damage: sale, lawyer, inspector - Real Estate
  53. Reigning in HOA abuses: fees, legal, states, building - Real Estate
  54. Tips on buying a property not listed for sale: properties, legal, Realtors - Real Estate
  55. exclusions in a listing?: sale, property, very expensive, contracts - Real Estate
  56. Tax value vs appraisal: way to roughly estimate?: disclosure, square footage, agents - Real Estate
  57. Buying a home while living/working out of state: appraisal, agents, mortgage - Real Estate
  58. buying a house...: negotiations, agent, mortgage, insurance - Real Estate
  59. Major termite damage: foreclosed, sale, banks, price - Real Estate
  60. Selling Modular Home We Live in...: rent, house, payment, buy - Real Estate
  61. New Member Introduction: agents, property, rental, interest - Real Estate
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  66. selling a house that needs repairs: appraise, agents, investment, commission - Real Estate
  67. Land Contracts. Pros and Cons?: RE agent, documents, foreclosure, clause - Real Estate
  68. FSBO/Lease/Change Agent - help: tenant, commission, agreement - Real Estate
  69. Can I expect more housing inventory in Spring?: sales, houses, listings - Real Estate
  70. Buying property with IRA funds?: 1%, investment, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  71. Backing out of Purchase Contract: contingencies, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  72. about lease options/FSBO: tenant, appraisal, foreclose, clause - Real Estate
  73. Can my seller's agent give advice to a buyer?: dual agency, commission - Real Estate
  74. privacy fence: agents, price, property, value - Real Estate
  75. how would you define overpriced in this horrific market?: appraisal, foreclosure - Real Estate
  76. house not for sale: agent, commission, condo, property - Real Estate
  77. Buyer's agent conflict?: commission, properties, brokers, contract - Real Estate
  78. What's with all the hate on renters?: tenants, mortgage, housing - Real Estate
  79. Do I need to pay $12K for someone s foundation repairs?: contingent, 2015 - Real Estate
  80. Agent vs Attorney: feedback, documents, foreclosure, negotiating - Real Estate
  81. Seller about list price: recommendation, appraiser, agent, percentage - Real Estate
  82. Appraisal came too low: feedback, agent, investment, sale - Real Estate
  83. First-time buyer, making offer on condo: what to include in offer?: contingencies, disclosures - Real Estate
  84. What's the appeal of buying one side of a duplex?: tenants, duplexes - Real Estate
  85. selling my house, 5th showing tomorrow: agent, sales, price, property - Real Estate
  86. How to relocate in this real estate market disaster: appraisal, mortgage, mortgage
  87. Property is being sold subject to 24 CFR 206.125... ?: disclosing, conversion, appraisal - Real Estate
  88. Thinking of buying a fixer upper in Vegas,..: plumber, auction, foreclosure - Real Estate
  89. Small HOA unable to enforce rules: agent, fees, insurance, comparable - Real Estate
  90. I sold my home in 2006 not because I am smart but...: mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  91. Washer/Dryer screwup: appraisal, agent, commission, sale - Real Estate
  92. Moving a house from one property to another: construction, expensive, contractor - Real Estate
  93. Guilt at being bad buyer, a looky-loo: appraisal, agent, commission - Real Estate
  94. Strange Comps?: square foot, appraisal, foreclosure, agent - Real Estate
  95. When to reduce price on house?: 5%, agent, sales, monthly fee - Real Estate
  96. Opinions -today!: appraised, foreclosures, 2%, clause - Real Estate
  97. Why not buy what you can afford?: agents, mortgage, price - Real Estate
  98. Buyer cancellations...: agent, investment, properties, Realtors - Real Estate
  99. appraisals - is it ever worth getting a second opinion?: 1%, mortgage - Real Estate
  100. Due diligence - $2000 fair amount?: contingency, feedback, incentive, disclosure - Real Estate
  101. Upset with our realtor.. insights?: disclosures, recommendation, appraisal, negotiations - Real Estate
  102. Can I require that my realtor show my house only to pre-qualified buyers?: gated communities, agent - Real Estate
  103. Seller told not needed to attend closing: negotiations, lawyer, states - Real Estate
  104. to inspect or not to inspect?: construction, inspector, expensive, repair - Real Estate
  105. House hunting with a picky partner!: countertop, agent, investment, price - Real Estate
  106. Can a listing agent/seller REQUIRE us to pay more than list price?: contingencies, appraisal - Real Estate
  107. Can I use another realtor?: negotiating, agent, agreement, property - Real Estate
  108. Good real estate agent...: RE agent, disclosures, countertop, appraised
  109. Property line - fence problem in Huntington Beach California: sale, lawyer, claim - Real Estate
  110. Closing on first home: appraisal, agent, housing, agreement - Real Estate
  111. Buyer's Broker vs. Transactional Broker: disclosing, documents, appraise, agent - Real Estate
  112. Deductions prior to offer: disclosures, agent, sales, accept - Real Estate
  113. Describe a McMansion and who builds them...: square foot, investment, prices - Real Estate
  114. Help with asking price for home: disclosure, recommendation, appraisal, 5% - Real Estate
  115. Fake Appraisals Considered In Four States: disclosing, foreclosures, agents, mortgage - Real Estate
  116. Would you sell you home to get the equity out of it to buy a less expensive home?: foreclosure, 2% - Real Estate
  117. Housing Market 3 Times Worse Than You Think: mortgages, sales, banks - Real Estate
  118. Contract expired while contingent: appraisal, foreclosures, clause, agent - Real Estate
  119. Lowball vs reasonable of purchase price: contingency, square foot, appraisal, 4% - Real Estate
  120. Buying and living in the really old houses.: investments, housing, price - Real Estate
  121. News, How One New Yorker Lives in 90 Square Feet.: bedroom, companies, costs - Real Estate
  122. Purchasing Real Estate on eBay: auction, agent, investments, sales
  123. Do you find listing pictures odd?: duplex, agents, sale - Real Estate
  124. How to figure out if the neighboring house is a rental: tenant, feedback - Real Estate
  125. First time home buyer: foreclosure, 6%, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  126. What would you do?: appraisal, investment, sale, price - Real Estate
  127. Three agents looked at house, three different list prices: negotiating, agent, sales - Real Estate
  128. How can I find a good home inspector?: RE agent, agent, insurance - Real Estate
  129. my housing dilemma: tenants, accept, landlords, lawsuit - Real Estate
  130. How long from showing to offer?: feedback, agent, investment, housing - Real Estate
  131. First Time Home Buyer - Not a fun process: appraisal, negotiation, agent - Real Estate
  132. Five Million Dollars.: investment, housing, property, rent - Real Estate
  133. How Much Crime Is Too Much?: most expensive, recession, investing, houses - Real Estate
  134. Should we walk?: appraiser, negotiations, agent, accepting - Real Estate
  135. Our agent does not seem to care about us: 6%, sale, agreement - Real Estate
  136. I saw of the neighbors of the house we are buying: agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  137. Why are realtors still taking on hope listings?: appraise, foreclose, agent - Real Estate
  138. buyers....: RE agent, contingent, appraisal, negotiations - Real Estate
  139. Selling own home-appraisal necessary?: investments, mortgage, sales, price - Real Estate
  140. Dumb ..: agents, property, attorney, Realtors - Real Estate
  141. What are the yearly cost of a home if its paid off?: housing, insurance - Real Estate
  142. Full Disclosure!: property, Realtors, state, disclose - Real Estate
  143. Young First Time Home Buyers - Are We Thinking Clearly?: feedback, appraisal - Real Estate
  144. appraisal in rural area: contingency, clause, agent, sales - Real Estate
  145. Looking to move and get the most for my money.: housing, prices - Real Estate
  146. Peter Schiff on real estate prices: appraisal, agents, mortgage, mortgages
  147. Approaching buyer again, after deal fell through...?: RE agent, appraisal, foreclosure - Real Estate
  148. Should I ask the seller to cover this?: cheapest, sales, price - Real Estate
  149. Former owner didn't pay fire assessment - town threatening lien: disclosing, documentation - Real Estate
  150. Hiring a buyer's agent - what are reasonable fees?: commission, legal, inspection - Real Estate
  151. Home Owner Associations: agent, fees, settlement, accept - Real Estate
  152. Do you really need an agent?: 2%, negotiating, commissions, sale - Real Estate
  153. USA Today / Home Appraisals...: agents, sales, housing, percent - Real Estate
  154. News, Would you buy this house? NY Serial Killer Joel Rifkin's House Sells for $300K.: negotiating, sale - Real Estate
  155. new construction/real estate agents: negotiating, agent, commission, sales
  156. How to bring cash to table, unloading 2nd property: feedback, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  157. Vague Feedback: foreclosures, negotiating, agent, investment - Real Estate
  158. Can a voluntary HOA enforce this: agent, property, lawyer, states - Real Estate
  159. Don't want to be house poor!!: mortgage, mortgage, PMI, prices - Real Estate
  160. Condo, or Single-Family Home?: plumber, documents, appraisal, investment - Real Estate
  161. Dissolving Freddie and Fannie: 2013, appraisal, foreclosure, 3% - Real Estate
  162. Interesting House Value Calculator for Buyers: mortgage, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  163. I don't aspire to own a home. Should I get my head injury scanned again?: income tax, investment - Real Estate
  164. HOA garage rules: agreement, states, builder, homes - Real Estate
  165. Shady realtor?: negotiation, agent, commission, sales - Real Estate
  166. Nearly 20% of Florida homes are vacant: foreclosure, 8%, housing, percentage - Real Estate
  167. Listing agent holding out offers so he can get double commission: contingency, appraisal - Real Estate
  168. best time to put house on market: foreclosed, price, contracts - Real Estate
  169. Top things to look for in a house when doing a walk through as a buyer: contingent, disclosure - Real Estate
  170. 3 bdrm 1 bath vs. 2 bdrm 2 bath: square footage, price, properties, rent - Real Estate
  171. NAR's State by State Estimate of Shadow Inventory: tenants, foreclosure, mortgages - Real Estate
  172. Serious buyer?: countertop, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  173. Factors leading to appreciation: 2013, appraiser, foreclosed, 5% - Real Estate
  174. What are buyers looking for in rural/semi-rural areas?: feedback, 2015, countertop - Real Estate
  175. Why i am never going to own a home again: investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  176. Listing prices that are 20% over market price: contingency, appraisal, properties - Real Estate
  177. fees for real estate agents: contingent, 5%, new agent, commission
  178. First time home buyer first steps?: Realtor recommendation, 6%, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  179. Sub $100,000 properties. have experience with them?: 1%, agent, investments - Real Estate
  180. what people want now in houses: foreclosure, negotiations, agent, sales - Real Estate
  181. FSBO and we got multiple offers. advice?: contingencies, recommendation, appraisal - Real Estate
  182. FSBO with buyer's agent - who prepares contract?: RE agent, contingent, disclosures - Real Estate
  183. Removing Cigarette Smoke Smell: tenants, sale, price, construction - Real Estate
  184. Surrounded by abandoned properties, what to do?: foreclosure, investment, sale - Real Estate
  185. on sourcing deposits for FHA loan: recommendation, documentation, mortgage - Real Estate
  186. Would you buy a house owned by contractor?: plumber, inspection, contractors - Real Estate
  187. Is there change in property taxes when buying a house: feedback, conversion - Real Estate
  188. Viewing with Seller's Realtor: RE agent, negotiations, agent, commission - Real Estate
  189. Selling, and Buying, at the Same Time: contingent, foreclosures, negotiating - Real Estate
  190. News, Aspen Colo. The town where a trailer costs $559,000: By the numbers.: housing, prices - Real Estate
  191. First time home buyers guide: properties, offer, process, how much - Real Estate
  192. Predictions for Real Estate Values in Toledo, Ohio: price, properties, rental
  193. Selling adjacent acreage, one with home & outbuildings: sale, price, legal - Real Estate
  194. Researching various regions....: properties, states, Iowa, Missouri - Real Estate
  195. Has done a SS with Colwell Banker Mortgage Co?: process, transaction - Real Estate
  196. Storefronts: years - Real Estate
  197. How much Co-op Insurance for Apartment?: agent, property, expensive, value - Real Estate
  198. News, Wary of Vacant Homes, Florida Realtors Pack Heat: agents, property, state - Real Estate
  199. As Is Probate Sale with out of state relatives. - Real Estate
  200. American Castles for Sale: state - Real Estate