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  36. What should I do ?: sale, housing, condo, prices - Real Estate
  37. am i crazy?: contingency, settlement, accept, price - Real Estate
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  55. garage converted into a temporary room: square footage, conversion, appraisal, vents - Real Estate
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  62. Real Estate Parody Video: housing, housing bubble
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  73. To sell now or not?: tenants, gated community, sales, housing - Real Estate
  74. How do house trades work? Must you own the house free and clear?: mortgages, banks - Real Estate
  75. Should I build a home instead of waiting for a dream house to pop up on the listing?: appraise, commission - Real Estate
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  81. Can I sign a buyer's agent after the initial offer?: 2%, commission - Real Estate
  82. Was/Is it worth it?(Owning a home): investment, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  83. Figures - About to Close and market going to heck.: foreclosures, 5% - Real Estate
  84. power of attorney when selling out of the area?: documentation, agent, banks - Real Estate
  85. Buyers looking at houses that don't meet their needs: feedback, price, Realtor - Real Estate
  86. Can an HOA forclose on your home if you have not paid your HOA dues?: tenants, feedback - Real Estate
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  92. A little help: square footage, appraisal, agent, price - Real Estate
  93. Ever use a Finders Fee agreement: agent, commission, fees - Real Estate
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  95. Listed our house today.....: RE agent, 6%, agent, sale - Real Estate
  96. House Choice and Septic: contingent, accept, price, construction - Real Estate
  97. laws governing HOA's: documents, 2015, condo, property - Real Estate
  98. How to terminate relationship with buyers agent: recommendation, 2015, commission - Real Estate
  99. Non-Disclosure and Breach of Contract?: agent, mortgage, mortgage, lawsuit - Real Estate
  100. Best rent vs. buy calculator?: foreclosure, mortgage, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  101. Building new home, who really pays commission fee?: appraisal, 5%, clause - Real Estate
  102. Can the seller back out?: agent, accepting, attorney, inspection - Real Estate
  103. Bay area market recovery???: feedback, appraised, housing, prices - Real Estate
  104. Absentee Owner Wants to Declare Rental as Primary Residence: 5%, sale, fees - Real Estate
  105. Is it common for buyers to move on from an offer?: agent, offers - Real Estate
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  111. Signed contract..: appraisal, agent, mortgage companies, company - Real Estate
  112. Buying a townhouse, Roof needs replacing in 3 years, how should I negotiate final price of home?: agent, sales - Real Estate
  113. Adage that ultimately cheaper to Rent still true?: tenant, gated community, square foot - Real Estate
  114. Is this: tenants, conversion, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  115. Are hilly areas substantially more expensive to build on?: price, construction, commercial - Real Estate
  116. Discrepancy in square footage: appraisal, property, claim, contract - Real Estate
  117. Big Bank, Local Bank or Broker: contingencies, recommendation, negotiation, agent - Real Estate
  118. Sumlord landlord trying to get over.. help is there anything I can do: tenants, sale - Real Estate
  119. What Happnens If Your Condo Complex Can No Longer Take FHA: 2013, mortgages - Real Estate
  120. Find realtor who sold property: disclosure, duplex, agent, commissions - Real Estate
  121. Procuring cause protection period: tenants, disclosure, clause, negotiations - Real Estate
  122. Pros and cons of volunteer-run HOA?: feedback, foreclose, negotiations, fees - Real Estate
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  124. Home Inspection- Re-Negotiate?: cheapest, 1%, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  125. HGTV: is what the realtor said.......: gated community, negotiating, agents - Real Estate
  126. What should I do? Buy now or not ?: RE market, appraisal, 2% - Real Estate
  127. neighbor put a fence in the canal is that legal: lawsuit, property - Real Estate
  128. valid concerns?: feedback, agent, sale, price - Real Estate
  129. Give me a few tips to make my house stand out from the rest: feedback, agent - Real Estate
  130. Property Taxes Across States: 3%, income tax, fees, percentage - Real Estate
  131. Is moisture intrusion a deal-breaker?: stucco, agent, investment, price - Real Estate
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  141. Real Estate Agent Commission: incentive, 3%, negotiation, new agent
  142. Must I disclose a nuisance neighbor?: disclosing, appraiser, foreclosures, sale - Real Estate
  143. At how many days is a listing considered stale ?: tenants, mortgage - Real Estate
  144. Need Advice ASAP must to Offer and Make Counter: appraise, 3% - Real Estate
  145. Need On Owner/Seller Financing On A Home: foreclosed, clause, mortgage - Real Estate
  146. Is our asking price too high?: countertop, 5%, agents, mortgages - Real Estate
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  148. $xxx,900 pricing: prices, properties, value, points - Real Estate
  149. Ideal bedroom size...: square footage, agents, properties, legal - Real Estate
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  151. Is this Fraud?: contingent, documentation, 7%, negotiating - Real Estate
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  157. Your buying experience?: RE market, contingency, foreclosure, agent - Real Estate
  158. Legal Way to give a buyer money?: appraiser, agent, investment - Real Estate
  159. How soon after an accepted offer, can a deal close ?: contingencies, appraisal - Real Estate
  160. Help! Competitive price vs. giving it away: incentive, appraisal, agents - Real Estate
  161. Bought the house.. now what?: agent, fee, settlement, condo - Real Estate
  162. HOA won't give us the mailbox key...: mortgage, mortgage, fees - Real Estate
  163. Resale: housing, rating, cost, house - Real Estate
  164. Need reasons we should price low and sell quick...: investments, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  165. I have no idea what to do: recommendation, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  166. Is it wise to use the Home Inspector and Attorney the Realtor suggests?: recommendation, plumber - Real Estate
  167. What is max loss can a buyer lose if backing out of the contract (after removing contingency) in CA?: new agent, sales - Real Estate
  168. Great Read About HOA's: foreclosed, fees, housing, insurance - Real Estate
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  170. Nc mls: contingencies, agent, accept, property - Real Estate
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  172. Sold in 1 day!: contingent, agent, price, properties - Real Estate
  173. Unethical or just dumb?: commission, sales, realty, broker - Real Estate
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  177. House Prices Will Fall 90-95% / Deflation Not Inflation on The Dollar, First.: foreclosures, mortgage - Real Estate
  178. would you buy a hud home?: plumber, documentation, appraisal, auction - Real Estate
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  180. security during open houses?: agent, sales, broker, contracts - Real Estate
  181. Home Inspection ??: disclosure, recommendation, appraisal, clause - Real Estate
  182. When should you look at the HOA documents?: contingency, disclosure, sales - Real Estate
  183. Unsafe drinking water landlord will not return deposit: tenant, agent, housing - Real Estate
  184. Who's allowed to make the buyer requested repairs?: clause, agent, agreement - Real Estate
  185. Realtor is Mother of Buyer: disclosure, 3%, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
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  187. Realtor commission: incentive, 3%, agent, commissions - Real Estate
  188. Repair as a condition to close: contingency, appraisal, agent, sale - Real Estate
  189. adding spouse to deed via quitclaim deed: documents, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  190. Home Inspection vs Seller Concessions: contingency, disclosure, recommendation, plumber - Real Estate
  191. Seller Won't be able to close within time in contract...Need advice?: appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  192. Rent to Own?? answer 1 :): tenant, cheapest, mortgage calculator - Real Estate
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  194. Sorry duplicate post - Real Estate
  195. tell us your location when asking questions.: state, appreciation, depreciation - Real Estate
  196. Brilliant piece by G. Will: house, Washington - Real Estate
  197. Florida News, Free: 133-year-old Florida lighthouse.: price, Miami, Reno, non-profit - Real Estate
  198. Grants: Realtor, loan, house, loan - Real Estate
  199. cyprexx - Real Estate
  200. Notes on the Recovery (or lack of it): prices, state, builders - Real Estate