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  1. Buying the biggest/nicest house on the block?: square foot, appraiser, agent - Real Estate
  2. What's Next?: incentive, state, credit, tax - Real Estate
  3. Change agencies or renew selling agreement: feedback, cheapest, agent, sale - Real Estate
  4. Latent defects information: recommendation, agents, construction, states - Real Estate
  5. Where does the earnest money go at closing?: mortgage, mortgage, settlement - Real Estate
  6. Disclosure laws in NY.... information: RE agent, agent, lawsuits, attorney - Real Estate
  7. Belcrest (KB Community) Durham NC: builders, home, neighborhood, clients - Real Estate
  8. Questions on encroachment: feedback, documents, foreclosure, fees - Real Estate
  9. Changing address on a Warranty Deed.: states, tax, process, purchasing - Real Estate
  10. reclose: property, lawyer, buying a home, closing - Real Estate
  11. Case-Shiller: Ignore Housing Data - Real Estate
  12. under contract for tax credit?: documents, sales, property - Real Estate
  13. am i eligible for the $8000 tax credit ?: contingency, documents, agent - Real Estate
  14. Fradulent Sellers Disclosure?: contingent, incentive, appraised, accept - Real Estate
  15. Latest Case-Shiller by Metro Area: foreclosures, prices, Realtor, credit - Real Estate
  16. on exclusive buyer agreement: clause, agent, property, attorney - Real Estate
  17. Is it better to contract for deed or rent to own? Help!!!!: feedback, agent - Real Estate
  18. FHA loans ( I need answews fast): approved, buying a house, closing, credit score - Real Estate
  19. who does the title search ?: agent, commission, mortgage, mortgage company - Real Estate
  20. First time home buyer April 30th deadline?: appraisal, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  21. Property in Trust for Adult Children: mortgage, insurance, landlord, attorney - Real Estate
  22. First time home buying couple wants to purchase first home in another state: investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  23. When an Inspector Causes Damage: agent, sales, property, attorney - Real Estate
  24. When would you say the spring selling season is over?: incentive, agents - Real Estate
  25. Very low maintenance: disclosure, percentage, states, repair - Real Estate
  26. Need Advice on what to do: disclosures, documents, foreclosures, agent - Real Estate
  27. Escrow Agent or Real Estate Lawyer for Closing??: disclosure, fee, settlement
  28. Thinking of selling your house? Think about THIS first...: housing, claim, state - Real Estate
  29. Title Insurance: foreclosure, property tax, attorney, claim - Real Estate
  30. a Real Estate License in Forida: agent, sales, fees
  31. Miami Gardens to buy and live there?: state, area - Real Estate
  32. Need advice on a home purchasing contract: contingency, disclosure, agent - Real Estate
  33. New-home sales spike 27% in March: foreclosed, housing, contracts, states - Real Estate
  34. Wrong House Mistakenly Demolished: broker, state, repairs, company - Real Estate
  35. Yesterday was our Closing Date: agent, mortgage, sale, escrow - Real Estate
  36. Dow Up 400 pts today = many new Real Estate Deals?: points, downpay, buy a house
  37. Approved for FHA loan job, but I may lose my job: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  38. Home Inspector or Contractors Bids needed?: plumber, appraiser, agent, prices - Real Estate
  39. with the NACA housing program?: mortgage, mortgage, fees - Real Estate
  40. Real estate locations: housing, landlords, properties, rental
  41. Termite Advice on home purchase: agent, annual fee, inspector, broker - Real Estate
  42. Lead Paint Renovation - new EPA laws April 22, 2010: tenants, agent, fees - Real Estate
  43. Best agent for me?: commission, sales, price, construction - Real Estate
  44. for y'all concerning people purchasing Houses: mortgages, claim, inexpensive - Real Estate
  45. Need A Little Advice,: investment, mortgage, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  46. Offer accepted.: price, inspection, renting, state - Real Estate
  47. Texas Real Estate: documentation, agent, sale, banks
  48. Before putting your home on the market...: appraisal, commission, price - Real Estate
  49. Cape Code-styled house: investment, housing, properties, state - Real Estate
  50. Multi-Family with Bonus studios...: agent, illegal, renters, kitchen - Real Estate
  51. Can you recommend a good area for us around Raleigh: neighborhood, interest - Real Estate
  52. Now is not the time for panic: RE market, auctions, 1% - Real Estate
  53. Which lot to chose?: more expensive, value, state, builder - Real Estate
  54. Need HELP deciding between selling our house or renting it out.: tenants, incentive - Real Estate
  55. about appraisal: condominium, price, lender, residence - Real Estate
  56. Drive-by Appraisal?: mortgage, mortgage, price, inspection - Real Estate
  57. largest home under construction: price, kitchens, bedrooms, house - Real Estate
  58. $8,000 1st Time Home Buyer's Tax Credit: plumber, investment, repairs, financial - Real Estate
  59. House selling tips-What are they?: feedback, countertop, foreclosure, negotiation - Real Estate
  60. Am I in a binding contract to get the tax credit?: contingencies, feedback - Real Estate
  61. Another county specific crystal ball: mortgage, mortgages, housing, PMI - Real Estate
  62. Owner's Title Insurance?: property, contract, states, default - Real Estate
  63. San Marcus Real Estate Tax: agents, property tax, brokers, Realtors
  64. Buying Real Estate (Condo) in Miami/Sunny Isles for a novice: tenants, documents
  65. home buyer tax credit: settlement, claim, residence, house - Real Estate
  66. Real Estate Rental Agents- does it matter which one I use?: documents, agent
  67. Give an additional extension?: incentive, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  68. How can I know for sure if my buyer's agent is helping seller?: documents, 3% - Real Estate
  69. Appraisal deadline extended and expires again today - still no appraisal report: contingencies, disclosure - Real Estate
  70. During what month do most mid atlantic sellers put their house on the market?: house hunting, offer - Real Estate
  71. MLS listing service: fees, broker, Realtors, states - Real Estate
  72. Residential Lease: tenants, insurance, landlords, property - Real Estate
  73. Changing Name on House Deed: lawyer, claim, Realtor, bank accounts - Real Estate
  74. How to protect myself against this and that: agent, sale, agreement - Real Estate
  75. selling house to coworker: agent, lawyer, contracts, Realtor - Real Estate
  76. Do I have anything to worry about?: arrears, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  77. Quit Claim, Warranty Deed, or What?: documentation, foreclosure, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  78. Loan Modification, Higher Payments: mortgage, mortgage company, accept, insurance - Real Estate
  79. I wonder how badly the housing bulls bashed THIS guy when he put this up in 2006?: RE market, sale - Real Estate
  80. Seller's disclosure said AC worked, but doesn't: lawyers, inspector, claim - Real Estate
  81. Error and Omission Insurance: agent, fees, Realtors, states - Real Estate
  82. know about Insulated Concrete Form ICF construction?: stucco, sale, housing - Real Estate
  83. What would you do, Feel Trapped!: mortgage, mortgages, condo, banks - Real Estate
  84. Who holds the earnest money with a FSBO?: agent, sales, property - Real Estate
  85. Frustration!: contingency, feedback, agent, sales - Real Estate
  86. And who pays the property taxes?: arrears, settlement, escrow, company - Real Estate
  87. Website, Real Estate search resources on hotpads.: foreclosures, houses, apartments
  88. How to flip: investment, condo, price, construction - Real Estate
  89. How to best determine if AC works?: disclosure, property, inspector - Real Estate
  90. How do you get repair contingencies?: agent, price, inspected, offer - Real Estate
  91. A for Buyers: RE agent, incentive, foreclosures, agent - Real Estate
  92. What kind of house can you get for 200k your area?: sale, condo - Real Estate
  93. My sisters and I own a home together in Florida - Listing Agent Ignores Me: commission, mortgage - Real Estate
  94. lead paint?: disclosure, appraised, percentage, construction - Real Estate
  95. Low interest rates and housing shortage lead to bidding wars this summer?: 5%, landlords - Real Estate
  96. Is the whole NE region and/or the whole country overspending on homes?: foreclosures, 5% - Real Estate
  97. How to find out sold prices: disclosure, square footage, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  98. how do realtors set price for your home?: square foot, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  99. Pre sale home inspection - deny buyer inspection clause?: disclosing, documents, appraisal - Real Estate
  100. Homebuyers scrambling as interest rates jump...: 5%, mortgage rates, mortgages - Real Estate
  101. Need Your What Would You Pay for a Comprehensive, How-To-Sell-By-Owner DVD?: feedback, incentive - Real Estate
  102. Let seller store stuff in garage after closing?: agent, sale, accepting - Real Estate
  103. Do I need more exposure for selling my home?: agent, commission, accept - Real Estate
  104. My Realtor is Suing Me!: foreclosed, agent, commission, mortgage - Real Estate
  105. mobile homes?: investment, mortgage, mortgage, monthly fee - Real Estate
  106. What will happen to the RE market after 04/30/10?: incentive, foreclosed, mortgage rates - Real Estate
  107. Are Docusign Doc's Legally Acceptable in Court?: clause, agent, sale - Real Estate
  108. Should we be More Optimistic About Housing?: foreclosures, investment, mortgages - Real Estate
  109. I need a quick sale!: appraiser, mortgage, mortgage, comparable - Real Estate
  110. what is with this guy?: agent, sales, prices, properties - Real Estate
  111. still have their head buried in the sand? Denial when it comes to the real estate market.: RE market, foreclosed
  112. Do I have a contract or not?: contingencies, new agent, investment - Real Estate
  113. breach of confidentiality and report or let it go?: disclosure, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  114. Would you buy this - failing EIFS synthetic stucco in FL: RE agent, appraiser - Real Estate
  115. Freddie Mac: Don't Strategically Default: foreclose, investment, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  116. Go to the appraisal?: contingency, negotiations, sales, accept - Real Estate
  117. How much to lower condo price?: feedback, recommendation, 3%, agent - Real Estate
  118. Is this a lowball offer?: square footage, negotiation, agent, percentage - Real Estate
  119. home seller getting confused.: feedback, square footage, 6%, agent - Real Estate
  120. First the market, then housing, then the economy, now jobs: 3%, income tax - Real Estate
  121. I hate you SOO much right now stupid no good real estate lawyer!: insurance, lawyers
  122. This time around you were warned: RE market, incentive, foreclosure, agents - Real Estate
  123. make money in real estate tv commercials: foreclosed, investment
  124. Closing before current owners move out: caveats?: mortgage, mortgage, agreement - Real Estate
  125. houses next to railroads: agent, comparable, price, property - Real Estate
  126. Pulling a 180 on your real estate agent: investment, commission, sale
  127. Misleading bedroom number: conversion, appraisal, agent, housing - Real Estate
  128. The market in Southern California is HOT!: appraised, foreclosures, agent - Real Estate
  129. Part-time Realtor....doomed for failure or: RE agent, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  130. how long?: dual agency, investment, housing, condo - Real Estate
  131. How soon can I request to cancel PMI after closing?: stucco, appraisal - Real Estate
  132. What to do after verbal offer on land: appraised, agent, fees - Real Estate
  133. It's all local: Peak prices back by 2013 for after 2025 for others: appraiser, mortgage - Real Estate
  134. Dow Tanks 1000 pts today = ruined Real Estate Deals?: RE market, mortgage, mortgage
  135. how much cash did you have on your first flip?: foreclosed, investment - Real Estate
  136. Put in an offer: 8%, negotiations, accept, price - Real Estate
  137. Home Buyer Credit Extension?: RE agent, incentive, agent, sales - Real Estate
  138. Who has ever dealt with mold in a house?: tenant, insurance, landlord - Real Estate
  139. Wife wants a house!: square foot, foreclosure, realty, housing - Real Estate
  140. Should I buy or rent in my situation...: agent, mortgage, fees - Real Estate
  141. What can a person do with a Realtor Commission Credit?: feedback, agent - Real Estate
  142. Open houses: feedback, agent, sales, price - Real Estate
  143. Buyer's agent agreed to reduce commission .5% but is now suing the listing agent for the difference: 3%, negotiations - Real Estate
  144. Interior paint on resale: agent, price, rent, contractors - Real Estate
  145. Neighbors using our water well: agreements, property, lawyer, renting - Real Estate
  146. FSBO - where do I begin?: RE agent, 6%, agent, commissions - Real Estate
  147. Enticements to purchase in a buyer's market: negotiations, agent, second mortgage - Real Estate
  148. Interesting in house that is .30 of mile from high tension power lines: appraiser, 1% - Real Estate
  149. appraisal and inspection: contingency, agent, sale, accepting - Real Estate
  150. Seller taking out home inspection clause: contingency, feedback, foreclosures, sales - Real Estate
  151. Asking for disclosures before the showing?: documents, agent, sale, properties - Real Estate
  152. FSBO and buyer fears: 1%, negotiating, agent, investment - Real Estate
  153. What if the Buyer doesnt want to counter anymore and simply cancel it ?: negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  154. Real Estate Legal Advice/Options: tenants, fees, lawyers, claim
  155. Seller's agent blackmailing buyer! Is it legal?!: RE agent, disclosures, commission - Real Estate
  156. How do I back out of a contract without getting sued?: contingencies, negotiation - Real Estate
  157. It's (always) a great time to buy - has ever heard an agent/realtor say it's a BAD time to buy?: RE agent, 6% - Real Estate
  158. How does one choose a a skilled agent?: contingency, feedback, recommendation - Real Estate
  159. FSBO for quite a while now...: agents, sale, prices, property - Real Estate
  160. New HAFA Program?: incentive, foreclosure, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  161. Advice from RE professionals - earnest money: feedback, agent, bank fee - Real Estate
  162. Buying a house with a septic tank?: accept, landlord, construction - Real Estate
  163. How to make house to sell?: appraiser, negotiation, agents, condo - Real Estate
  164. Inspector missed something minor--what to do?: plumber, sales, agreement, price - Real Estate
  165. On the average house hunting trip: agent, sales, fees, price - Real Estate
  166. Real Estate: contingent, mortgage, sale, settlement
  167. Should FHA Raise Minimum Down Payment from 3.5%?: foreclosed, agent, investments - Real Estate
  168. to buy a home held by Freddie Mac ..... needed: incentive, disclosure - Real Estate
  169. about a broker: clause, agent, agreement, comparable - Real Estate
  170. Deed: recommendation, documentation, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  171. Recently bought home with new roof, now has leak - what to do?: agent, lawyer - Real Estate
  172. Is this Shady ??? sales, settlement, insurance, price - Real Estate
  173. False Advertising: contingencies, appraisal, foreclosure, negotiations - Real Estate
  174. IRS denying first-time buyer credit: mortgage, mortgage, percentage, properties - Real Estate
  175. Need advice....: incentive, square footage, agent, sale - Real Estate
  176. Purchasing a Home. Seller's Attorney a Nightmare!: contingency, feedback, plumber - Real Estate
  177. appraisals?: contingency, sales, banks, price - Real Estate
  178. Change of Title Companies Last Minute: 3%, mortgage, mortgage, fees - Real Estate
  179. Renovation: how much value does it add?: feedback, countertop, 5% - Real Estate
  180. Back taxes on home--whose responsibility?: appraisal, 3%, investment, sales - Real Estate
  181. I closed! Horay! I own a home! What's next?: agent, expensive, offers - Real Estate
  182. Listing agent holding up our offer: clause, accept, price, contract - Real Estate
  183. Buyers jumped right to Buyer Inspection Contingency Removal/Notification: contingencies, feedback, disclosure - Real Estate
  184. Another Can I afford this house?: income tax, agents, mortgage - Real Estate
  185. two for sale signs (?): agent, commission, accept, agreements - Real Estate
  186. Final (or not?) counter offer: feedback, 8%, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  187. Sellers Advantage over Buyers: incentive, appraisal, negotiating, fees - Real Estate
  188. First time home buyer credit: feedback, documents, deposit, state - Real Estate
  189. what should I do about my realtor?: 3%, agent, commission - Real Estate
  190. Repair vs. Replace Addendum: countertop, agent, lawyers, inspection - Real Estate
  191. Tax Credit Extended......: contract, states, residence, homebuyer - Real Estate
  192. QA My Plan..: incentive, mortgage, mortgage, realty - Real Estate
  193. Condo/Townhouse regulations in Tennessee & Virginia - Real Estate
  194. Agents Need Help Resale Value: Lamaine Flooring?: feedback, price, rating - Real Estate
  195. The Rich are Different - they Default More Often - Real Estate
  196. U.K.News, A loo with a view: Couple who were so desperate for a house they converted £15k public toilet.: article - Real Estate
  197. cash sale in progress: price, lawyer, inspection, contract - Real Estate
  198. How much to lower condo price? - Real Estate
  199. Taxes on annuities: house, paying, tax, check - Real Estate
  200. When can I ask for a co-op's financial statements?: agent, listing, payment - Real Estate