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  1. Real Estate: contingent, 2%, clause, agent
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  3. building permit: agent, fees, legal, contractor - Real Estate
  4. Memphis housing market: investment, percent, prices, claim - Real Estate
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  9. What would be the benefits or pit falls?: prices, construction, value - Real Estate
  10. Offer on New Construction: incentive, negotiating, agent, price - Real Estate
  11. What should we offer?: contingencies, appraisal, agent, sale - Real Estate
  12. How much to offer?: agent, sales, price, contractors - Real Estate
  13. $50 gift card winners: Denver, buying, city - Real Estate
  14. Thinking about renting while still trying to sell: tenants, duplex, agent - Real Estate
  15. price you're looking at buying?: house, Florida, Utah, St. George - Real Estate
  16. News, Real estate cold; real estate TV hot.: RE agent, appraiser, agents
  17. been through this before?: appraisal, 6%, commission, sale - Real Estate
  18. Making Money from a House Not Selling It.: sales, landlord, prices - Real Estate
  19. bugging about interest rate lock: mortgage, mortgage, fee, broker - Real Estate
  20. Games?: clause, agent, commission, accept - Real Estate
  21. Looking for Deeds in Lieu: square footage, arrears, foreclosure, mortgage - Real Estate
  22. need a realtor to help me find a rental home: agents, landlord - Real Estate
  23. Different types of Land Titles in the US: sales, fee, condominiums - Real Estate
  24. Gift of equity: mortgage, mortgage company, value, loan - Real Estate
  25. dumb about expiration date: feedback, documents, new agent, agreement - Real Estate
  26. JPMorgan says prices will fall 30%: foreclosures, 2%, mortgages, sales - Real Estate
  27. number of showings: feedback, agents, price, offers - Real Estate
  28. How to know if previous owner was paying flood insurance: disclosure, documents - Real Estate
  29. House swaps - are they scams?: price, renting, offers, Realtor - Real Estate
  30. Rent by Owner: tenant, landlord, renting, state - Real Estate
  31. two family dwelling, single family covenants: disclosure, mortgage, lawsuit, property - Real Estate
  32. Contract Fell Through, Advice?: agent, commission, sales, percent - Real Estate
  33. Tucker LCI study?: price, townhomes, contractors, approved - Real Estate
  34. Is it to own land with medicaid ??: investment, property, rental - Real Estate
  35. Raffling a house?: fees, attorney, states, Oregon - Real Estate
  36. Best 4 resale - carpet or wood floor in master bedroom?: price, bedrooms - Real Estate
  37. Life History for Builder?: contingent, sales, agreement, prices - Real Estate
  38. Seller of house is listing agent and other atypical circumstances: appraisal, foreclosures - Real Estate
  39. When Craigslist attacks!: property, legal, state, cost - Real Estate
  40. What does it take for a buyer to get a home!!: 6%, sales - Real Estate
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  42. Quit contract 2 months early: new agent, commissions, price, broker - Real Estate
  43. New/proposed road's impact on property value: mortgage, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  44. Unknown judgment.....: mortgage, mortgage, fees, accept - Real Estate
  45. Fed Rate Cut: 2013, 5%, mortgage rates, mortgages - Real Estate
  46. My Agent Agreed to Lower Commission But Did Not Notify Escrow.: commissions, agreement - Real Estate
  47. Gift Equity Purchase: 5%, mortgage, mortgage, property - Real Estate
  48. Cash Buyers: 1%, negotiating, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  49. Yun of the NAR named top forecaster: prices, Realtors, state - Real Estate
  50. Extension to P&S: contingent, foreclosed, agent, sale - Real Estate
  51. Ways to Turn Prospective Buyers Off: RE agent, countertop, appraised, foreclosures - Real Estate
  52. February Real Estate Numbers Have Arrived -- It Ain't Pretty -- Largest Nationwide Price Drop EVER !!!: appraisal, foreclosures
  53. 1031: contingency, appraised, clause, investment - Real Estate
  54. Need Rent out home and to refi or not? or just sell home (in this market): tenant, agents - Real Estate
  55. Realtors in Tennessee: agent, agreement, broker, contract - Real Estate
  56. Best Offer: negotiating, agent, accept, price - Real Estate
  57. Home Inspection Nightmares: state, repairs, house, sold - Real Estate
  58. When are inventory/new listing rates at the peak?: housing, condo, percentage - Real Estate
  59. Pending vs Under Contract: contingencies, sale, agreement, price - Real Estate
  60. What are costs involved with having a home built?: fees, price - Real Estate
  61. Broker open house: price, brokers, Realtor, houses - Real Estate
  62. need advice help: disclosures, agent, insurance, attorney - Real Estate
  63. on You buy our house, we'll buy yours: appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  64. Bidding on new construction: investment, sales, accept, price - Real Estate
  65. Realtors: what do you think?: agent, sales, construction, broker - Real Estate
  66. Can you all give me feed back??: countertop, agent, fees - Real Estate
  67. Settlement on Friday: mortgage, mortgage, insurance, seller - Real Estate
  68. Description of Real Estate Forms: documents, property, attorney, inspection
  69. Too low: contingent, agent, price, counter offer - Real Estate
  70. what typically delays a closing?: plumber, appraisal, negotiating, construction - Real Estate
  71. Tax implication of walking away from your house.: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  72. It sold for what we wanted, we are truely blessed: appraisal, property - Real Estate
  73. I put in an offer today....wish me luck!: square footage, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  74. Ways to finance a property: feedback, duplex, foreclosure, agents - Real Estate
  75. Foolish to buy with cash?: 5%, income tax, investment, mortgage rates - Real Estate
  76. Flat Fee Listing Services: feedback, 1%, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  77. Buyers Agent / Shopper: prices, properties, broker, points - Real Estate
  78. The Positive Cash Flow myth: investment, mortgage, mortgage, condos - Real Estate
  79. Home Sales on the Decline: Have We Reached the Bottom?: 3%, mortgage - Real Estate
  80. What to ask for inspection concessions?: contingent, appraisal, agent, sales - Real Estate
  81. Just a stupid about gate codes.: RE agent, gated community, appraiser - Real Estate
  82. How can we get a lower payment?: clause, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  83. Opinions needed on accepting contract contingent on sale of another home: tenants, contingencies - Real Estate
  84. Home Inspection Estimate vs. Seller's Credit Difference: contingency, clause, negotiation - Real Estate
  85. We Closed!: appraisal, price, inspection, contract - Real Estate
  86. Realtor requesting automatic price reductions: appraisal, 2%, clause, agent - Real Estate
  87. How do I compete?: countertop, agent, commissions, mortgage - Real Estate
  88. When is it time to drop the price?: feedback, agent, prices - Real Estate
  89. Do you make one offer at a time on Homes...: clause, negotiations - Real Estate
  90. Appraisal: foreclosed, mortgage, sales, comparable - Real Estate
  91. what do u you think of the tv show My House is Worth What??: countertop, appraisal - Real Estate
  92. Cut Out the Seller's Agent: commission, sales, agreement, price - Real Estate
  93. FSBO internet sites: disclosure, appraiser, 1%, agent - Real Estate
  94. Homes double in value every 10 years: 1%, investment, mortgages - Real Estate
  95. To Zillow, or not to Zillow.....: disclosure, square footage, appraiser, prices - Real Estate
  96. Example buyer introduction letter?: contingencies, 1%, agent, sales - Real Estate
  97. Home prices post another record decline: foreclosed, investment, sales, housing - Real Estate
  98. Wish us luck...: price, offer, house, closing - Real Estate
  99. 2nd Showings??: foreclosures, properties, inspection, townhouse - Real Estate
  100. DO you miss your first house?: plumber, foreclosure, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  101. This will make my realtor mad, but...: feedback, incentive, 1% - Real Estate
  102. Getting Out of a Real Estate Agent Contract??: 4%, commission, agreement
  103. What kind of traffic have you seen on Craigslist?: RE agent, foreclosures, 2% - Real Estate
  104. Evaluating a house to buy: countertop, construction, inspector, expensive - Real Estate
  105. Seriously? This is what I get for feedback!: offer, Realtor, house - Real Estate
  106. Chicago Housing Bottom: tenants, conversion, appraised, foreclosure - Real Estate
  107. Why is my realtor not listening to me: contingencies, clause, agent - Real Estate
  108. What do you think of this agent?: appraisal, foreclosures, new agent - Real Estate
  109. Home description paragraph on listing: feedback, countertop, agent - Real Estate
  110. updating my house questions: countertop, cheapest, investment, comparable - Real Estate
  111. Two showings.... Two flukes.... One vent....: feedback, agent, commission, sales - Real Estate
  112. Housing market?: agent, price, Realtor, room - Real Estate
  113. How accurate is sales, price, property tax, value - Real Estate
  114. Make Up Your Mind: agent, price, broker, offer - Real Estate
  115. John McCain: No Housing Bailout: mortgage, mortgages, condo, banks - Real Estate
  116. I smell fish!: contingencies, appraisal, 4%, agent - Real Estate
  117. How I Sold My House in 2 Weeks - An Economist's Tale: feedback, disclosure - Real Estate
  118. Whats the story with Realtors...: square footage, agent, commission, mortgage - Real Estate
  119. What if appraisal does not come in high enough: contingent, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  120. Welp, it's official! I'm on the market...: sale, price, construction - Real Estate
  121. Another Lousy Offer: contingency, incentive, 5%, clause - Real Estate
  122. Showings and Children: feedback, agent, Realtors, sellers - Real Estate
  123. about listing price: square footage, countertop, brokers, contract - Real Estate
  124. Buyers looking before their house is on market: contingent, feedback, agent - Real Estate
  125. FSBO in this market?: RE agent, 3%, agent, commission - Real Estate
  126. Saw this sign in a yard: fees, construction, lawsuit, lawyers - Real Estate
  127. How long for agent, investment, price, broker - Real Estate
  128. Found an absolutely perfect house... but the taxes kill the deal: feedback, agent - Real Estate
  129. Sellers won't cut the price: appraisal, agent, accept, prices - Real Estate
  130. Realtor Feedback (moved from CLT): negotiations, agent, sale, Realtors - Real Estate
  131. Rejected Offer!: contingent, square foot, negotiation, agent - Real Estate
  132. Two offers on the Table: RE agent, agent, price, attorney - Real Estate
  133. So who's reponsible if something gets broken/stolen while my house is been shown by agent?: documents, clause - Real Estate
  134. We are not happy with our realtor....: agent, insurance, price - Real Estate
  135. Realtor P's and s: negotiating, agent, commission, fee - Real Estate
  136. Offering anuity to the buyer: feedback, incentive, agent, price - Real Estate
  137. Home Equity slips below 50%: housing, prices, property, state - Real Estate
  138. Seller's Disclosures: feedback, plumber, clause, new agent - Real Estate
  139. How do I find a GOOD seller's agent?: recommendation, commission, agreement - Real Estate
  140. Is it better to do the biggest down-payment you can afford?: 4%, investment - Real Estate
  141. The Fastest way to sell your home...: agent, sales, price - Real Estate
  142. We are not using a realtor to buy- can seller rebate part of 6% commission to us?: appraisal, 3% - Real Estate
  143. Why do Democrats in Congress want to bailout fraudsters, idiots, and speculators?: foreclosed, mortgage - Real Estate
  144. Has used Assist-2-Sell?: agent, commission, sales, fees - Real Estate
  145. for Realtors: agent, commission, sales, fees - Real Estate
  146. Granite countertops 15 minutes of fame over???: investment, sale, price, value - Real Estate
  147. Too good to be true? ~ 4.5% commission~: 3%, negotiation, new agent, percent - Real Estate
  148. End of listing what?: agent, price, offer, Realtor - Real Estate
  149. How To Increase Buyer's Negotiation Power?: contingencies, appraisal, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  150. Crystal ball gazing and prophecies...: incentive, auction, foreclosed, commissions - Real Estate
  151. Just waiting...: mortgage, mortgage, condos, price - Real Estate
  152. Mutual Withdraw? Need Help again: contingencies, documentation, agent, sale - Real Estate
  153. Housing Values in line now?: foreclosures, 1%, agents, mortgage - Real Estate
  154. FBI investigating, !: appraiser, commission, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  155. Can I walk away?: contingency, square footage, 5%, agent - Real Estate
  156. HOA resale certificate, need or not?: disclosure, estoppel, foreclosure, agent - Real Estate
  157. For sale by Owner: Will I hurt my chances if I show by appointment only ?: agent, price - Real Estate
  158. when should final walk-through occur?: countertop, negotiating, agents, investments - Real Estate
  159. Why does a buyer need a RE agent?: 3%, negotiations, commissions - Real Estate
  160. I need help selling my house by owner: appraiser, agent, commission - Real Estate
  161. Do I the buyer pay buyer agent commision if seller doesn't?: 6%, commissions - Real Estate
  162. why buyer incentives?: feedback, appraised, 3%, income tax - Real Estate
  163. Who usually shows your house? Sellers or buyers agent?: dual agency, commission, fees - Real Estate
  164. Real estate agent for closing?: disclosure, documents, 3%, commission
  165. Staging Home - Worth the Money?: RE market, agent, commission, mortgage - Real Estate
  166. Lazy Agent?: property, legal, broker, contract - Real Estate
  167. Getting out of contract KHOV: clause, agent, sales, attorney - Real Estate
  168. Home appreciation: foreclosures, investment, housing, condo - Real Estate
  169. -would you spend your own money on a stager?: tenants, contingency, feedback - Real Estate
  170. Sellers Remorse, or Irrational Behavior?: tenants, contingent, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  171. Took the house off market tonight: feedback, sale, properties, value - Real Estate
  172. Co-Worker Bankruptcy as a Way Out???: arrears, mortgages, sale - Real Estate
  173. Do you think this person is PO'd?: square footage, countertop, appraisal - Real Estate
  174. Contracts, obligations and calling it off: tenant, appraisal, agent, housing - Real Estate
  175. Pricing a house to sell: negotiation, sale, accept, housing - Real Estate
  176. Temporarily taking your home off the market?: feedback, documentation, 6% - Real Estate
  177. How do you like living in a 55+ Community: fees, property, value - Real Estate
  178. on Day of Move: documents, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  179. What's a freestanding stick-built garage worth on resale?: appraiser, agent, sales - Real Estate
  180. Contract: contingencies, appraisal, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  181. Can't clean house out NOW... but need to sell: agent, sale, housing - Real Estate
  182. Got an offer today...: 6%, negotiating, agent, price - Real Estate
  183. How promising are 2nd showings?: feedback, agent, sale, agreement - Real Estate
  184. The NAR way to raise housing demand!: commission, sales, prices - Real Estate
  185. Need everyone's positive thoughts!!: foreclosures, agent, price, construction - Real Estate
  186. What happens when your listing agent changes agencies?: feedback, clause, commission - Real Estate
  187. corner lots: price, property, value, HOA - Real Estate
  188. Opinions (creepy situation): RE agent, agent, price, property - Real Estate
  189. see-thru fireplace: value, kitchen, bedroom, rating - Real Estate
  190. Another Commission: 2%, agent, agreement, broker - Real Estate
  191. agents not working for you?: appraise, new agent, commission, sale - Real Estate
  192. Suggestions on offer I made on a home: contingency, appraisal, foreclosure - Real Estate
  193. Rental investment, New England- to get nts: RE market, foreclosures, 1% - Real Estate
  194. Queens County, New York City Prices: house, NYC, prediction, year - Real Estate
  195. Additionally Insured: property, contractor, developer, work - Real Estate
  196. fixer upers: houses, Lehigh Valley - Real Estate
  197. More home owners are getting in trouble.: documents, appraiser, foreclosed - Real Estate
  198. Plenty more room for prices to fall: mortgage, mortgage, housing - Real Estate
  199. Glad to be: housing, prices, Chicago, Springfield - Real Estate
  200. Conforming loan limits raised: release - Real Estate