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  1. Seller Exempt from Disclosure?: disclosures, foreclosures, agents, commissions - Real Estate
  2. FHA loan inspection: countertop, appraisal, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  3. Rent before closing?: appraisal, mortgage, mortgage, attorney - Real Estate
  4. Wanting to lower the price: feedback, square foot, agent, sale - Real Estate
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  6. Affordable places to live near Carlsbad California: accept, housing, price - Real Estate
  7. Purchase Offers: negotiating, agent, mortgage, mortgage company - Real Estate
  8. What to expect from Closing on our home: agent, commissions, mortgage - Real Estate
  9. Owner Carry - 2nd Position: documents, foreclose, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  10. remainder of balance: mortgage, mortgage, sales, realty - Real Estate
  11. Calhoun County MI - internet property search tools?: price, Realtor, state - Real Estate
  12. Election effects?: housing, state, home, buy - Real Estate
  13. Likelihood of seller accepting contingency contract?: contracts, offer, Realtors, builder - Real Estate
  14. Tenant Breaking Lease in AZ: property, legal, renter, deposit - Real Estate
  15. Real Estate License: agent, check, salary, jobs
  16. Does other buyers out there..: RE market, investment, sales, prices - Real Estate
  17. - scam?: listing, paying, MLS, cities - Real Estate
  18. on Refinance: mortgage, mortgage company, property, value - Real Estate
  19. Advice renting vs. buying: agent, mortgage, mortgage, fees - Real Estate
  20. Innovative Promotion Methods: area, best, school - Real Estate
  21. How do you feel about Ameridream/DPA buyers?: contingent, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  22. What to look for at final walk-through: plumber, construction, inspector - Real Estate
  23. News, Real Estate Flows Freely on the Web.: investment, housing, house
  24. Taxpayers bail out foreign banks: state, debt, financial, homeowners - Real Estate
  25. Like sands through the hour glass...: negotiations, agent, commission, second mortgage - Real Estate
  26. Need help! Timberland investment.: investments, price, property, state - Real Estate
  27. New home buyer.....: RE agent, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  28. How long to close on a house?: appraisal, foreclosures, negotiating - Real Estate
  29. What price to bid on a house???: incentive, appraisal, 3% - Real Estate
  30. Thoughts on Property Management??: tenants, plumber, sales, landlord - Real Estate
  31. Donald Trumps Advice on Larry King Show: 6%, investment, sale - Real Estate
  32. Seller's Disclsoure Issue - Indiana: disclosure, recommendation, agents, property - Real Estate
  33. Craziness Going On In My Old Neighborhood!: foreclosures, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  34. 1980's Japan Housing Bubble: investments, mortgages, prices, property - Real Estate
  35. How soon after a home is listed should I expect showings?: agents, price - Real Estate
  36. Real Estate: building, Lexington, city, area
  37. about becoming a Realestate Agent in different states: commission, agreements, approved - Real Estate
  38. Waiting for seller to sign contract- but the last day for inspection is approaching!!: contingency, documents - Real Estate
  39. Suggestions on selling hunting land in southern ohio: agents, property, state - Real Estate
  40. none of you know but......: 2013, appraisal, foreclosed, agent - Real Estate
  41. Thinking about pulling the proverbial plug: agent, sale, price, properties - Real Estate
  42. tips/suggestions on dealing with properties ?: sales, fees, price - Real Estate
  43. Is universal property and casualty insurance a good homeowners insurance co ?: agent, claim - Real Estate
  44. palm beach county house market...: foreclosures, sales, prices, value - Real Estate
  45. I need advice on Property Management in Chicago: investments, properties, renting - Real Estate
  46. Great idea: Syracuse, Madison, sell, county - Real Estate
  47. Zillow changed format?: check, website, how to, different - Real Estate
  48. My first house (condo/townhouse): agent, mortgage, mortgage, banks - Real Estate
  49. Have you sold a multimillion dollar house?: agents, property, expensive - Real Estate
  50. What are the average closing costs due by the seller?: agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  51. Could This Keep Home Prices From Falling?: agent, investment, mortgages - Real Estate
  52. How Can I Find the Right Buyer's Agent?: RE agent, recommendation, foreclosure - Real Estate
  53. We laugh because we must not....: state, sellers, home, listing - Real Estate
  54. Backing out of contract: appraised, clause, property, lawyer - Real Estate
  55. Is this normal?: sales, price, property tax, value - Real Estate
  56. Installment sale vs. lease to own: foreclosure, clause, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  57. about listing photo: agent, price, property, offer - Real Estate
  58. Name on the Deed but not the Note: mortgage, mortgage, agreement - Real Estate
  59. Stalling on an offer as a negotiating tactic?: RE market, contingent, sale - Real Estate
  60. What's a preapproval letter worth? Not much.: contingent, documentation, appraisal - Real Estate
  61. house resale: sale, price, expensive, state - Real Estate
  62. Inspection serious is this?: settlement, inspector, inexpensive, contractor - Real Estate
  63. Freddie and Fannie: GAME OVER: mortgage rates, mortgages, housing, value - Real Estate
  64. Real Estate Opportunities Oversea: investment, sale, broker, commercial
  65. HOA and Laches....: lawyer, commercial, company, management - Real Estate
  66. So Much for the Interest Rate Argument ...: 6%, agent, investment - Real Estate
  67. If a seller agrees to pay closing costs for the house, and I get the good faith estimate, should I tell him the costs ?: 3%, negotiating - Real Estate
  68. Comps on land?: feedback, appraiser, agent, commission - Real Estate
  69. I found a real estate attorney for a flat rate of 695.00 Good ?: documents, agents
  70. Don't Buy!!!: agents, mortgage, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  71. Can I cancel my home contract?: contingencies, agent, mortgage, mortgage company - Real Estate
  72. SO I found a home in Miami, should I buy ?: agent, investments - Real Estate
  73. what a pickle: appraisal, negotiating, agent, sales - Real Estate
  74. appraised, sale, prices, value - Real Estate
  75. Costs To List: 2%, agent, commission, sales - Real Estate
  76. Appraisal lower than purchase price!: negotiations, agent, commissions, sale - Real Estate
  77. My Home will be -45K in just 3 Months Advice: contingency, square footage - Real Estate
  78. Getting Excited, Closing tomorrow!: 4%, lenders, interest rate, 4% - Real Estate
  79. I hate cold calling!: agent, expensive, broker, offer - Real Estate
  80. What does this mean?: contingent, appraisal, agent, mortgages - Real Estate
  81. Goverment Bailout of Automakers - Goverment laughs at homeowners: 6%, mortgage rates, mortgages - Real Estate
  82. Should I Be Concerned?: contingency, agent, mortgage rates, mortgage - Real Estate
  83. Making an offer on a de-listed house?: clause, negotiating, new agent - Real Estate
  84. What should I offer?: recommendation, foreclosure, agent, sales - Real Estate
  85. What did the Fannie/Freddie bail-out just do for Affordability?: incentive, 8% - Real Estate
  86. What exactly does buyer to pay all closing cost mean?: agent, commissions - Real Estate
  87. Home value decrease = Property Tax Decrease?: RE market, sales, housing, insurance - Real Estate
  88. A sellers nightmar: the rogue realtor: contingencies, negotiations, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  89. Whiney real estate agents? unprofessional to me: RE agent, agent
  90. Selling Home by Lottery: appraiser, auction, income tax, commission - Real Estate
  91. Fitch Ratings: STEEP declines ahead: 3%, sales, housing, banks - Real Estate
  92. Gettin' sick of looking for a house: foreclosure, agent, prices - Real Estate
  93. Silly Rabbit, it's Affordability that Matters - Q2, 2008 HOI Index: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  94. advice vacant lot purchase: negotiating, new agent, commission, sales - Real Estate
  95. Home Inspections: new agent, sales, percentage, price - Real Estate
  96. MA title v (septic inspection) inaccurate: RE agent, recommendation, agent, sale - Real Estate
  97. Buyers Market or Bank Monopoly?: agent, banks, prices, properties - Real Estate
  98. What's your oppinion on this......: comparable, price, properties, townhome - Real Estate
  99. It's not the time to buy! Not good enough.: auction, foreclosed, agent - Real Estate
  100. Getting an environmental inspection as well as regular inspection: accept, property, inspectors - Real Estate
  101. Silly on Street Address: agent, builder, house, neighborhood - Real Estate
  102. Asbestos tile covered up by carpet: disclosure, lawyer, state, disclose - Real Estate
  103. can relate?: contingent, incentive, 3%, negotiating - Real Estate
  104. Small rivers and creeks - how close is too close?: sale, housing - Real Estate
  105. HOA & new neighbors in the neighborhood: fees, landlord, prices - Real Estate
  106. Late on property taxes: auction, foreclose, mortgage companies, mortgage - Real Estate
  107. Welcome to Crazyma's Boot Camp #2- read the first post to get started:): agent, accept - Real Estate
  108. We might have been lied to: landlord, prices, attorneys, inspectors - Real Estate
  109. Inspection findings: plumber, negotiation, new agent, sales - Real Estate
  110. Acting as one's own realtor--is it: plumber, negotiating, new agent - Real Estate
  111. What is the average number of houses a buyer sees before making offer?: sale, property - Real Estate
  112. should buyer agent be with buyer during home inspection?: contingency, negotiation, inspector - Real Estate
  113. Good news for sellers...bad news for buyers!: housing, prices, interest rate - Real Estate
  114. If you have $100k cash, would you buy a house?: investment, housing - Real Estate
  115. FHA Inspection & Realtor: RE agent, appraisal, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  116. No counteroffer? Just a request to submit a new offer?: foreclosure, negotiation - Real Estate
  117. House on market 1 year+, how much to offer?: RE agent, contingent, incentive - Real Estate
  118. Homeowners Association voting: RE market, fees, percentage, legal - Real Estate
  119. We decided to...: RE agent, agent, sales, price - Real Estate
  120. How do sellers feel when buyers request environmental inspections and problems are found: contingencies, disclosing - Real Estate
  121. Need perspective - should we counter?: contingency, appraised, 5%, agent - Real Estate
  122. Making a Offer: investment, price, properties, attorney - Real Estate
  123. ARGH! Keep getting packages!: RE agent, agent, property, illegal - Real Estate
  124. What is the point of a broker open?: feedback, agent, price - Real Estate
  125. Offer considered as backup offer - what should we do ?: contingencies, negotiations - Real Estate
  126. Would you decide not to buy a house b/c of potentially noisy neighbors?: prices, renters - Real Estate
  127. Impact of Hurricane Ike: appraisal, agent, sale, accept - Real Estate
  128. Is 6k closing cost too high for a 410k loan?: cheapest, appraisal - Real Estate
  129. Do you approach houses that need renovation work with excitement or dread?: square foot, housing - Real Estate
  130. Inground Pool Removal?: cheapest, prices, property, rental - Real Estate
  131. I am praying my closing happens today....: inspection, contract, sellers - Real Estate
  132. Can We Walk Away - And Keep Other Home? We Left for Very Good Reason.: tenants, disclosure - Real Estate
  133. Prosecute !!!!: foreclosed, mortgage companies, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  134. Bedroom definition: legal, state, bedrooms, requirements - Real Estate
  135. Fradulent listing?: square footage, appraisal, agent, price - Real Estate
  136. California Salaries Don't Support Home Prices: tenants, 6%, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  137. Purchasing a home with no agent: negotiation, dual agency, sales, properties - Real Estate
  138. For who think it's to buy and bail: agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  139. Florida real estate market recovering!: foreclosures, 5%, realty, condos
  140. about possibly buying a new home from builder: contingency, incentive, negotiating - Real Estate
  141. Perfect HOME INSPECTION: agent, construction, inspector, Realtor - Real Estate
  142. When do the tenent get kicket out: tenants, foreclosure, mortgage - Real Estate
  143. How many inspectors do you need?: stucco, recommendation, agent, state - Real Estate
  144. Is this in the best interest of the seller?: agent, commission, mortgage - Real Estate
  145. Had our first showing today!: price, construction, contract, Realtor - Real Estate
  146. Does an Agent Have to Disclose if Another Client is Interested in House That I Want?: disclosure, negotiation - Real Estate
  147. How long do showings usually last?: agent, price, properties, contract - Real Estate
  148. Labor Day Weekend... think people will be looking?: agents, property, requirements - Real Estate
  149. What is the exact purpose of a Buyer’s Agent Agreement?: disclosure, appraiser - Real Estate
  150. how often should an agent call a client?: feedback, 5%, price - Real Estate
  151. Fun Theme Song for of us trying to sell and/or buy a house in today's market: foreclosure, sales - Real Estate
  152. To lower or not to lower, that is the: contingency, feedback - Real Estate
  153. Just When You Think We've Hit Bottom ...: foreclosure, banks, prices - Real Estate
  154. Market effect when empty McMansion sell?: incentive, sales, prices - Real Estate
  155. Buyer Poll: Riding With Your Agent or Take Your Own Car?: sales, properties - Real Estate
  156. Advice on bringing an attorney closing time (moved from Dallas forum): documents, appraisal - Real Estate
  157. Owner Carry - Is it worth the risk?: foreclosed, clause, agent - Real Estate
  158. Beautiful New Community!!!: foreclosures, mortgage, mortgage, housing - Real Estate
  159. Trains near homes?: renting, value, builder, houses - Real Estate
  160. McMansion vs. older home: countertop, investment, prices, construction - Real Estate
  161. high voltage power line runs through the community: prices, construction, property - Real Estate
  162. Get out of Contract to sell: RE market, contingency, appraisal, 1% - Real Estate
  163. When did Buyer's Broker start?: RE agent, negotiating, agent, commission - Real Estate
  164. Replace carpet and tile, or give allowance?: price, property, expensive - Real Estate
  165. Why can't a realtor follow up after a showing with the other realtor?: feedback, negotiating - Real Estate
  166. Housing bottom not till 3rd quarter of 2009 according to Cramer: foreclosure, percent - Real Estate
  167. Don't think I can do this anymore.: RE agent, feedback, agent - Real Estate
  168. Is the real estate market and the people working in the field changing more than what I ....: agent, commission
  169. How does a house on the market a new listing: RE agent, appraiser - Real Estate
  170. If I found a house, do I need a realtor to make offer ?: documents, agent - Real Estate
  171. Zillow Says:: disclosure, appraisal, sales, comparable - Real Estate
  172. Using buyers agent with new construction: incentive, negotiation, commission, sales - Real Estate
  173. Legal/ethical broker: disclosure, dual agency, commission, mortgage - Real Estate
  174. I showed them 20+ homes: foreclosures, percent, price, properties - Real Estate
  175. activity!: sale, offers, Realtor, state - Real Estate
  176. Advice about lower commission real estate agencies? (moved from the NC forum): documents, 5%
  177. The Other Shoe Drops: appraise, mortgage, mortgage, housing - Real Estate
  178. How To Know if Real Estate Agent Actually Sold Houses: sales, property
  179. For of you who have sold...: appraised, 6%, negotiating - Real Estate
  180. To Upgrade or Not: tenant, countertop, appraiser, agent - Real Estate
  181. Builder went bankrupt while building my home- FL: feedback, foreclosed, clause - Real Estate
  182. Fence sitting downside: agent, mortgage rates, mortgage, housing - Real Estate
  183. What to do if a seller of a home lies on the property disclosure: agent, insurance - Real Estate
  184. Placing an offer - what to negotiate besides price?: clause, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  185. Seling for less than appraisal: contingent, sale, prices, expensive - Real Estate
  186. What kind of reak estate agent do I need?: contingencies, sales, fee - Real Estate
  187. Can we get out of contract to buy?: contingent, mortgage, mortgage company - Real Estate
  188. Your dog's bite could bankrupt you (home owners insurance): tenants, agent, settlement - Real Estate
  189. Need to sell a home but the Hubby & I fight over the price. HELP!!!: tenants, appraisal - Real Estate
  190. How to negotiate unpermitted addition?: disclosure, conversion, agent, price - Real Estate
  191. Do I need to be present during inspection?: feedback, investment, construction - Real Estate
  192. The Realtors are crazy.: appraiser, 1%, agent, commission - Real Estate
  193. How can you sell it if you have a small yard?: feedback, agent - Real Estate
  194. Are most search engines in increments of $25K? Deciding between pricing at $430 & $425K: RE market, agents - Real Estate
  195. Our Realtor says a certain buyer has been through our house nearly 10 times. Is this normal or concerning?: agent, construction - Real Estate
  196. News, Realtors peddle real estate to bike-happy clients.: agents, prices, homes
  197. Auctions: Phoenix - Real Estate
  198. Mansion Price Drops $7 Million; Bentley Offered on Luxury Homes: rental, state, house - Real Estate
  199. .25 acre of commercial property needed by the city: negotiations, offer, negotiate - Real Estate
  200. Market Grand Rapids: state, listings - Real Estate