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  128. FHA in a cash and fast market: contingencies, recommendation, 2014 - Real Estate
  129. Etiquette when to see lots of homes using more than one realtor: agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  130. Need to get my house back the people I hold the mortgage (owner financed)ow me$2000. How do I gt my house bac in my name: tenants, foreclosure - Real Estate
  131. Buying a property to rent out while renting ourselves?: tenants, investments, commission - Real Estate
  132. Should I buy, keep renting, or move back into my parents' house?: 2013, mortgage - Real Estate
  133. An all beige/tan house...makes me sad :(: sales, condos, agreement - Real Estate
  134. When you Can't sell, can't refi, can't rent: tenants, recommendation, appraised - Real Estate
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  136. experiences as a seller terminating a residential sales contract?: contingencies, documentation - Real Estate
  137. How to sell our house --- as is?: plumber, foreclosure, agent - Real Estate
  138. sitting on front porch: contractor, room, build, garage - Real Estate
  139. is a seller really on the hook for damages that never would have happened without the actions of a buyer's inspections?: contingencies, agent - Real Estate
  140. Personal property vs. debris/garbage: documents, sale, agreement, price - Real Estate
  141. Landlord by default: tenants, appraise, new agent, commission - Real Estate
  142. Who profits from HOA fees: 1%, monthly fee, condos, percent - Real Estate
  143. if you had a choice to live in Alaska or new Hampshire: 2014, investment - Real Estate
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  151. What have you been surprised to find a seller leave behind for you?: investment, sale - Real Estate
  152. Need help - Gap between Treads and Risers (between steps): construction, inspector - Real Estate
  153. Do roommates have to sign a lease?: clause, condo, landlords - Real Estate
  154. When to decide which bank I should go with mortgage?: contingency, agent - Real Estate
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  160. Arm's Length Transaction ?: documents, appraisal, clause, income tax - Real Estate
  161. How much junk left by previous owner is too much?: agent, sale - Real Estate
  162. Is it to buy a home which has lead-based paint?: tenants, disclosure - Real Estate
  163. Going back to same neighborhood over and over: agent, sale, property - Real Estate
  164. A legal about after you buy a house.: disclosure, insurance, property - Real Estate
  165. Take a class or just get an advisor when investing?: investment, sales - Real Estate
  166. owner carry loans (Im the seller): tenant, agent, commission, sale - Real Estate
  167. A RE Agent Knocked On Our Door to Advertise Himself: property, broker - Real Estate
  168. Home inspection found issues, not sure if covered by contract, or if / how to proceed: RE agent, contingent - Real Estate
  169. Condo Fine for renter-but we didn't do anything!: fee, condos, landlord - Real Estate
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  172. Prior Homeowner Wants His Escrow Back for Work that Hasn't Been Completed: 2014, sale - Real Estate
  173. Shouldn't someone have caught this?: plumber, agent, accept, insurance - Real Estate
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  175. Cracks on condo building outside walls.: agent, percentage, construction, property - Real Estate
  176. Craziest reason ever heard for a buyer backing out at the last minute?: agent, sales - Real Estate
  177. Inspection questions: RE agent, documentation, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  178. Need to close later than sooner: contingent, 2015, arrears, agent - Real Estate
  179. What features would you like to see on a real estate agent's property search site?: sale, fees
  180. No bathtub in master: resale value: sale, condos, bedrooms, house - Real Estate
  181. found a realtor but having problems -what to do?: RE market, agent - Real Estate
  182. I have a new (about accessibility): agent, price, inspected - Real Estate
  183. HOA Board wants to fine without authority: recommendation, 2013, foreclosures - Real Estate
  184. Had home inspection done, 3 issues found..: negotiations, agent, sales, prices - Real Estate
  185. Renting to students by room: tenants, clause, investment, fee - Real Estate
  186. Ok, we are so terrible...challenge.: housing, price, construction, more expensive - Real Estate
  187. Seller is out of country and did not sign grant deed: agent, property - Real Estate
  188. Liability for previous owner's damage to someone s property: agent, insurance, attorney - Real Estate
  189. I'm preparing to sell my property. Is it legal to advertise it: feedback, 2014 - Real Estate
  190. Replacing AC Filters: price, inspector, very expensive, cheap - Real Estate
  191. Finding an agent while searching with a disability: commission, condo, house hunting - Real Estate
  192. whose Name to put on Eviction Notice: auction, property, lawyer - Real Estate
  193. 7-foot-wide London home up for auction.: 2014, sale, comparable, prices - Real Estate
  194. On Final Walk Through I Found What Looks Like Mold: attorney, escrow - Real Estate
  195. Zillow announces Upcoming Changes to your Zestimate: duplex, sales - Real Estate
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  199. Having trouble - Real Estate
  200. Housing Boom/Bust Cycles: 2013, price, default, transaction - Real Estate