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  1. First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit: housing, condos, price, construction - Real Estate
  2. about the Loan Modification Program: foreclosure, approved, loans, lenders - Real Estate
  3. Drywall from China blamed for problems in homes: housing, state, builders - Real Estate
  4. How do appraisers define neighborhood ?: appraisal, agent, sales - Real Estate
  5. Contacting the Buyers Directly: contingent, feedback, appraise, agent - Real Estate
  6. Home Buyer Incentives in Georgia: buyers, different, information - Real Estate
  7. Repairs Request: contingency, agent, accept, agreement - Real Estate
  8. Crumbling brick homes?: Texas, Houston, problems, years - Real Estate
  9. Mold inspection:Air quality tests show slightly high: investment, inspector, contract - Real Estate
  10. Selling home, how do I time moving into an apartment before closing...: sale, rental - Real Estate
  11. For agent/buyer, how is commission handled?: 3%, sales, price - Real Estate
  12. Over supply and down payments: appraiser, sale, lender - Real Estate
  13. Is there website for houses that are looking to be moved from their current location?: properties - Real Estate
  14. FYI Fed Increasing Its MBS Buy: mortgage rates, mortgage, banks, interest rate - Real Estate
  15. Help for Housing - Fed will buy treasury and MBS: mortgage rates, mortgage - Real Estate
  16. 180K Contract - Send Cancellation or Negotiate?: contingency, appraisal, clause - Real Estate
  17. Buying a house out of state... or ?: renting, inexpensive, Realtor - Real Estate
  18. How much financial information will the bank want: documentation, foreclosure, negotiating - Real Estate
  19. No Comps: appraiser, agent, sales, banks - Real Estate
  20. Looking forward to our first realtor experience. Seattle, WA: agent, property, rental - Real Estate
  21. Can most homes forsale be found through online MLS sites?: auctions, foreclosure - Real Estate
  22. Choosing location for a home: countertop, price, garages, house - Real Estate
  23. looking for acreage with home,south east idaho: state, Mobile, Washington - Real Estate
  24. Advice...Ryland Homes: inspector, contractor, offer, Realtors - Real Estate
  25. is there a way to find old listing pictures of sold houses?: agent, kitchens - Real Estate
  26. for FairMarketValue: RE market, 3%, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  27. I'll BUY when houses reach $1: agents, commission, housing, percentage - Real Estate
  28. Buyer just Walked... recourse?: clause, sale, attorneys, renter - Real Estate
  29. Inspections - what to expect?: RE agent, feedback, plumber, appraisal - Real Estate
  30. Purchasing Real Estate: agent, investment, mortgage, mortgage
  31. News, Giving The Fingerprint: Home Law Raises Concern.: agent, sale, legal - Real Estate
  32. Corporate Relo: appraisal, price, value, offer - Real Estate
  33. Home Owners / Regime Associations: condo, HOA, house, listing - Real Estate
  34. Hiring A Real Estate Agent: feedback, disclosure, documents, appraiser
  35. When did the current housing bubble first hit Ca?: foreclosure, agent, investment - Real Estate
  36. How BPOs are manipulating home prices: square footage, appraisal, foreclosed, agent - Real Estate
  37. For Renters: tenants, agent, property, escrow - Real Estate
  38. Appraisal Types: sales, comparable, price, construction - Real Estate
  39. need: foreclosure, mortgage, mortgages, sale - Real Estate
  40. What's with all the contingency, no kickout listings days?: contingencies, foreclosures - Real Estate
  41. Home Prices: 4%, mortgage, sales, housing - Real Estate
  42. Full Circle: housing, prices, property, offer - Real Estate
  43. When lowballs backfire: accepting, price, offers, state - Real Estate
  44. Case Shiller: prices, home, bank, check - Real Estate
  45. Relative property worth: sales, price, value, state - Real Estate
  46. Professional help for estate agents: agent, inspection, offering, home - Real Estate
  47. Asbestos Tiling: foreclosure, negotiation, agent, price - Real Estate
  48. Has had a deal fall through lately?: appraisal, foreclosure, banks - Real Estate
  49. Laws that cover vacation rentals in davenport, fl.: landlord, property, claim - Real Estate
  50. Will the bank clean up an oil spill?: incentive, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  51. Banks and lease options: foreclosures, mortgage, landlords, properties - Real Estate
  52. Timing the market.....: foreclosed, 5%, investments, housing - Real Estate
  53. What excactly is my sellers agent supposed to be doing?: feedback, appraisal - Real Estate
  54. selling house to son need feedback: appraise, foreclosed, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  55. Realtor Marketing Plans & Advertising Overrated?: RE agent, 3%, negotiating - Real Estate
  56. Property taxes: appraisal, 5%, sale, value - Real Estate
  57. Would you purchase a house in Detroit???: foreclosure, investments, prices - Real Estate
  58. Selling a house in Lubbock, TX: agents, sales, percent, comparable - Real Estate
  59. Baton Rouge real estate: sale, Realtor, homes, neighborhood
  60. Selectively buying toxic assets?: auctions, foreclosure, investment, housing - Real Estate
  61. Property Title ID Required: purchasing, license, signing, government - Real Estate
  62. Rentals & Homes for Sale: It's not quantity, it's quality!: foreclosed, investment - Real Estate
  63. A ? for Agents and Buyers: contingency, agent, inspector, offer - Real Estate
  64. Home buyer stimulus credit..: mortgage, years, qualify, owned - Real Estate
  65. rent back agreements - pros v. cons: tenant, contingent, incentive - Real Estate
  66. Is offer a good offer?: foreclosures, 3%, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  67. Bumping out sides of home as an upgrade: square foot, fees, price - Real Estate
  68. What you want (or need) does not set the price...right?: agent, sale - Real Estate
  69. Cannot put pieces together - termites. HELP!: agent, inspector, claim - Real Estate
  70. If you are selling a home: listing, website, city - Real Estate
  71. Investors buying in Detroit: foreclosed, landlord, investing, house - Real Estate
  72. Selling lower to buy lower: commissions, mortgage, sales, percent - Real Estate
  73. Need help understanding....: mortgage, mortgage, townhome, home - Real Estate
  74. Does know a good land broker?: commission, sale, property - Real Estate
  75. House swap - How does it work?: mortgages, fees, broker - Real Estate
  76. How do I buy this house?: documents, foreclosures, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  77. Pay for repairs before closing or lower price?: disclosure, appraiser, sales - Real Estate
  78. Should I buy land now or wait? So much misinfo out there...: appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  79. Houses for sale are for rent!: tenants, price, property - Real Estate
  80. street lights on/off?: bedroom, disclose, company, check - Real Estate
  81. Calculating Real Estate Taxes for Escrow at Closing - Getting Two Answers: agent, settlement
  82. Neighborhoods w/new homes that look old i.e.Tudor, Victorian,Craftsman,Prairie style: property tax, expensive - Real Estate
  83. Trading house with daughter: mortgage, sales, property, lawyer - Real Estate
  84. How much clutter is too much? Need advice...: agents, very expensive, furniture - Real Estate
  85. Reducing listing price: agent, prices, properties, Realtor - Real Estate
  86. Land Sale: To owner finance or not??: agent, mortgages, sales - Real Estate
  87. What all does a home inspection cover?: recommendation, square footage, agents - Real Estate
  88. Per Square Foot: square footage, price, value, hardwood - Real Estate
  89. private road maintenance: incentive, agreement, property, legal - Real Estate
  90. I just got off the phone with my bank, who said: appraisal, sales - Real Estate
  91. Realtor Wars - A Sign of the Times?: clause, agent, property - Real Estate
  92. For all Cramer fans: financial, Chicago, financial advice - Real Estate
  93. Appraisal ..: foreclosure, 7%, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  94. Chinese Investors Looking To Buy U.S. Homes: tenants, investment, sale - Real Estate
  95. LISTING AGENT in TRIANGLE/RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA?: recommendation, housing, Realtor - Real Estate
  96. The crisis of credit: loans, economy, financial, 1% - Real Estate
  97. Covenants and the Tree: contingent, negotiations, agreement, price - Real Estate
  98. Do incentives make up for the conditon of a house?: conversion, agents - Real Estate
  99. Can a man serve two masters?: RE agent, tenant, contingency, 1% - Real Estate
  100. Thoughts on selling a house: RE market, appraised, agent, sale - Real Estate
  101. my county just screwed up my sale: contingency, appraisal, foreclosures - Real Estate
  102. Purchasing to help family member: cheapest, auction, foreclosed, investment - Real Estate
  103. PRICE PRICE PRICE replaces location, location, location: foreclosures, sales, housing - Real Estate
  104. 5 % down anymore: 5%, mortgage, mortgage, housing - Real Estate
  105. Can an agent refuse to show your home?: feedback, commission, sales - Real Estate
  106. Real Estate Could Fall up to 90% from the peak!: investment, percent, prices
  107. Right Price = Sale$!: mortgage, mortgage, sales, condos - Real Estate
  108. real estate square footage: appraisal, investment, mortgage, mortgage
  109. How To Sell Your Home Without A Realtor: 6%, agent, commission - Real Estate
  110. How do I (the owner) do a rent-to-own on my house?: tenant, appraise - Real Estate
  111. if you price it right, it will sell fast: foreclosure, sales - Real Estate
  112. buying house with partner- need advice: investment, mortgage, mortgage, agreement - Real Estate
  113. Sellers telling lowballers to .....: auction, foreclosure, agent, investments - Real Estate
  114. This is maddening.: disclosure, foreclosures, agent, commission - Real Estate
  115. Listing agent won't submit my offer.....: foreclosed, price, property, more expensive - Real Estate
  116. re misrepresentation of square footage: appraisal, agent, commission, sales - Real Estate
  117. False income on refinance: mortgage, mortgage, housing, legal - Real Estate
  118. Sometime it's the BUYERS who are delusional!!!: appraisal, foreclosed, commission - Real Estate
  119. New Construction not ready by Closing: contingency, countertop, clause, agent - Real Estate
  120. Would you rent/buy?: renting, value, residential, buying a house - Real Estate
  121. Negotiate price on New Home (not built: incentive, 1%, negotiations - Real Estate
  122. What is more important, year or school district: investment, price, properties - Real Estate
  123. Has ever contested their tax assessment, and won?: square footage, 8%, agent - Real Estate
  124. Attorney's title opinion instead of title insurance: estoppel, property, lawyers - Real Estate
  125. Appraisal anf Sq footage: square footage, agent, price, property tax - Real Estate
  126. The steps ... what comes first?: documents, appraiser, foreclosed, agent - Real Estate
  127. for 'delusional' sellers: tenants, sale, accept, banks - Real Estate
  128. Guy Fixed Wrong Apartment: insurance, properties, Realtor, state - Real Estate
  129. Onslaught of junk mail after purchase: mortgage, mortgage, insurance, lawyers - Real Estate
  130. about lowering my asking price: tenants, feedback, disclosure, 5% - Real Estate
  131. The only way to determine value is to do an appraisal.: contingency, agents - Real Estate
  132. New homebuyer $8000 Credit Guidelines under the stimulus plan.: RE market, mortgage, accept - Real Estate
  133. CRAZY Camp #4: for Sellers, Buyers, Agents & Friendly Folks-read post 1: agent, mortgages - Real Estate
  134. Give cash back to buyer instead of doing repairs???: negotiations, agent, commission - Real Estate
  135. Reality or what?: appraised, foreclosure, agent, investment - Real Estate
  136. Hostility at closing?: negotiating, agent, price, attorney - Real Estate
  137. I still don't get how an agent can be both a buyers agent and sellers agent...: negotiations, dual agency - Real Estate
  138. So what's the deal with Realtors and their cars?: stucco, agents, commission - Real Estate
  139. Where to invest in property?: foreclosures, investment, prices, properties - Real Estate
  140. Prediction on the bottom: RE market, sales, housing, prices - Real Estate
  141. preparing/selling house for move questions: foreclosures, agent, sales, insurance - Real Estate
  142. Comparables: disclosure, appraisal, agent, condos - Real Estate
  143. purchasing real estate: 3%, negotiations, agent, sales
  144. So frustrated that I want to throw a tantrum: square footage, appraiser, 3% - Real Estate
  145. Refinance Help: 1%, mortgage, mortgage, property - Real Estate
  146. How long would you wait to make a 2nd offer?: agent, sale - Real Estate
  147. i'm about to dump my Realtor........: square footage, foreclosure, negotiation, agent - Real Estate
  148. Two hours to to counter on a Sunday morning!: RE agent, contingencies - Real Estate
  149. I was buying a house I saw for $35k near Bell & 26th st, but it had SEPTIC: appraisal, negotiations - Real Estate
  150. Choosing colors, - should you match throughout the house?: countertop, housing - Real Estate
  151. How long have you waited.....: tenant, contingency, investment, sale - Real Estate
  152. What happens when you and your partner have a different ideal: foreclosed, agent - Real Estate
  153. The new tax increases proposed today by Obama are sure to hurt real-estate market: 2015, income tax - Real Estate
  154. Have we hit bottom: 2013, foreclosures, mortgage rates, mortgage - Real Estate
  155. IF Buyers are LIARS and Sellers are STORYTELLERS , then what are REALTORS???: accept, condo - Real Estate
  156. How much is too much?: agent, sales, housing, comparable - Real Estate
  157. we buy ugly homes: recommendation, agent, commission, mortgage - Real Estate
  158. Do sellers/realtors need a dose of reality? should i be the one to give it to them?: RE agent, recommendation - Real Estate
  159. Would you walk away?: foreclosure, mortgage, mortgage, condos - Real Estate
  160. Can't get offers on my home: feedback, foreclosure, prices - Real Estate
  161. want to walk away but my realtor is standing n my way!!!!!!!!: foreclosure, sales - Real Estate
  162. Would you buy a house with...: condo, vents, kitchen, rooms - Real Estate
  163. MLS data vs tax records: disclosure, appraisal, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  164. Selling a house if you have pets (cats in particular): agent, expensive - Real Estate
  165. Seller's Remorse?: agent, investment, condo, price - Real Estate
  166. Do home appraisers research permits for additions?: square footage, conversion, agent - Real Estate
  167. Is there a site to rate Realtors ?: feedback, negotiation, agent - Real Estate
  168. leave power/water on or off?: foreclosure, agent, insurance, properties - Real Estate
  169. Housing Bailout..Is There a Silver Lining?: incentive, foreclosed, investment - Real Estate
  170. HOA Meetings? Does go?: gated community, documents, fees, insurance - Real Estate
  171. Stupid about flipping ...: auction, foreclosure, investments, sales - Real Estate
  172. would you buy a house that has had foundation repair?: recommendation, price - Real Estate
  173. Does a home appraiser know the asking/offer price going in?: appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  174. Flipped Out, The End of Real Estate Resales?: agents, investment, mortgages
  175. Real Estate prices: 3%, housing, comparable, points
  176. Solution to the Housing Crisis: mortgage, mortgage, prices, housing value - Real Estate
  177. Realtor dilemma: incentive, sales, accepting, price - Real Estate
  178. Clear case of fraud on seller's disclosure?: disclosures, agent, sale - Real Estate
  179. The radon business is a scam.: documentation, negotiation, mortgage companies, mortgage - Real Estate
  180. I need your help: Old or New?: agent, sales, comparable - Real Estate
  181. have to be there for selling house?: documents, agent, sale - Real Estate
  182. FOR SELLERS ONLY - Complain, Commiserate & Confer: stucco, feedback, agent - Real Estate
  183. offer backlash or discrimination?: square footage, negotiation, agent, accept - Real Estate
  184. How much more can real estate drop?: feedback, 7%, mortgage
  185. interviewing realtors/comps/ fair market value: appraisal, foreclosures, negotiations - Real Estate
  186. Obamanoics is trying to reinflate the housing bubble: foreclosures, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  187. neighbors' yard hurts our curb appeal: property, expensive, offers, HOA - Real Estate
  188. and the latest realtor gimmick is...............: agent, sales, price, property - Real Estate
  189. Homeowner liability/ responsibility: tenants, property, legal, state - Real Estate
  190. Nice neighborhood or bigger home: houses, definition, apartment, zoning - Real Estate
  191. Obama administration launches housing plan: foreclosure, mortgage companies, mortgages, fees - Real Estate
  192. News, Homeowner Foots Bill For Previous Resident's Meth Habit.: illegal, house, Tennessee - Real Estate
  193. Haunted House-Stigmatized House: price, sold, reduction - Real Estate
  194. Nationwide Custom Home Experience??: feedback, company, purchasing, built - Real Estate
  195. about Notice of Rescissions and sale: properties, default, listing - Real Estate
  196. Investor Summit 2009: money, year - Real Estate
  197. Pening home sales fall to new low in January: 2%, housing, Realtors - Real Estate
  198. NO CO and other issues: agent, price, construction, property - Real Estate
  199. Investor Summit 2009: money, year - Real Estate
  200. Private Home Or Managed Building?: tenants, renting, apartment - Real Estate