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  1. Property: cheapest, states, cheap, houses - Real Estate
  2. A few questions the requests from seller while negotiating.: incentive, foreclosure - Real Estate
  3. Breaking of divorce decree, pertaining to the house.: tenant, foreclosure, sale - Real Estate
  4. seperately deeded duplex owners Need loan/ins advice: tenant, duplexes - Real Estate
  5. Reasonable but secure amount for earnest money?: contingencies, 1%, agent - Real Estate
  6. Is with laws concerning private communities in Pennsylvania?: condominium, prices - Real Estate
  7. Closing/Settlement Date: 2013, sale, construction, attorney - Real Estate
  8. Vacant lot retail investment development: tenant, appraisal, agent, sale - Real Estate
  9. Carolina MLS rules Relocations: disclosures, agent, sale, contracts - Real Estate
  10. Can I sell without capital gains?: tenants, documents, appraisal, 5% - Real Estate
  11. Walk Through: agent, property, inspection, contract - Real Estate
  12. from 1st time HomeBuyer: documents, negotiation, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  13. Second home- renting it out- tax implications- selecting the right loan: documents, income tax - Real Estate
  14. What's the Best and Worst Month for New Listings?: foreclosures, agents, sales - Real Estate
  15. Mortgage and Title La Habra, California: attorney, claim, state - Real Estate
  16. FL condo, lease expired, tenant current, HOA issue: rental, broker, state - Real Estate
  17. ny state RE taxes - escrow: arrears, mortgage, mortgage, settlement - Real Estate
  18. NAR asking Realtors to help victims of Hurricane Sandy.: clause, realty, housing - Real Estate
  19. Buy or wait?: incentive, 2013, foreclosed, agent - Real Estate
  20. Wanting an Owner Carry for home we are currently renting: Idaho: tenant, appraisal - Real Estate
  21. CondoAct/Undivided interest/ what about single fam in same community: sales, fee - Real Estate
  22. Exception to FNMA Owner Occupancy Notification: rent, repairs, house, cash - Real Estate
  23. 2106 Unreimburse Business Expenses Deductions: income tax, percentage, rental, claim - Real Estate
  24. Buying home with pool in winter: inspection, broker, offer, repair - Real Estate
  25. How realistic is it to sell a house furnished?: appraiser, negotiations, mortgage - Real Estate
  26. Order and timing when buying a house: RE agent, contingencies, documents - Real Estate
  27. Responsibility of Property Management Co?: tenant, clause, fees, lawyer - Real Estate
  28. Moving and buying first home: 3%, agent, insurance, rent - Real Estate
  29. News, Police: Trumbull Realtor stole competitor's 'for sale' signs.: realty, property, broker - Real Estate
  30. How to ask buy for their mortgage approval: documentation, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  31. Neighbors house is a nightmare: appraiser, agent, sales, comparables - Real Estate
  32. Room facing which direction is better?: condo, townhomes, offer, kitchen - Real Estate
  33. Buyers and Sellers: National Real Estate Firm or Local Independent Firm?: RE agent, recommendation
  34. Using a agent referred by lender?: commission, fee, lawyer, contract - Real Estate
  35. Why no individual mailboxes in most newer communities?: duplexes, rental, cheaper - Real Estate
  36. Is There a Way Search Online In The Boston General Area Building Permits Issued: website, city - Real Estate
  37. Motivated Seller?: contract, house, closing, buyers - Real Estate
  38. Electronic Signatures Poll: disclosure, square footage, documents, agent - Real Estate
  39. Selling without an agent: appraisal, sale, fees, price - Real Estate
  40. Mobile Home Insurance: inspected, claim, very expensive, broker - Real Estate
  41. Manufactured Home Sales: offering, sell, $50,000, discount - Real Estate
  42. Foreclosure Search - Where to Search.: auctions, sale, realty, broker - Real Estate
  43. Charged for utilities after lease term???: tenant, landlord, legal, inspection - Real Estate
  44. problem with affidavit of affixture: mortgage, insurance, lawyer, claim - Real Estate
  45. 200k 3.74% Helco is this good?: mortgage, mortgage, points, home - Real Estate
  46. Fall The Buyer's Market: feedback, auction, realty, prices - Real Estate
  47. 1st time buyer, offer in on a new build questions.: lawyer, contract - Real Estate
  48. Seller's Concessions?: 3%, mortgage, mortgages, insurance - Real Estate
  49. Ever HAD TO sell your home due to poverty/unemployment/debt?: tenants, arrears - Real Estate
  50. News, Civil War replica village for sale in Indiana: bill - Real Estate
  51. To sell or to Lease?: tenants, investments, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  52. Comissions: 1%, negotiating, agent, commission - Real Estate
  53. Brokerage firm for water rights?: banks, lawyer, state, transaction - Real Estate
  54. Property and Management job net ~$16k/mo- What is a reasonable purchase price?: agent, sales - Real Estate
  55. Real estate opinions on adding bathroom and value: 1%, agents, investment
  56. Steps to buying a starter house?: appraisal, investment, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  57. Building in Winter Months: construction, contractor, builder, rating - Real Estate
  58. Real estate commissions for residential foreclosures: foreclosed, 4%, agent, sales
  59. News, Canadian Town Sells $10 Plots of Land: building, costs, houses - Real Estate
  60. What exactly is a mortgage brokers role? How much flexibility do.they have?: fees, condo - Real Estate
  61. Thoughts on David Weekley Quality: cheapest, Realtor, room, repairs - Real Estate
  62. If a Homepath property doesn't appraise, do you lose earnest money?: contingencies, appraisal - Real Estate
  63. Miami Market, need professional opinions!!!: preforeclosure, investment, condo, percentage - Real Estate
  64. Lease to Purchase... and wording in lease: tenant, foreclosure, clause - Real Estate
  65. Purchase price vs listing price: appraisal, 5%, negotiation, agent - Real Estate
  66. Forged!! Now what?!?!: documents, 2013, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  67. Rough Negotiation - Smooth Transaction?: negotiations, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  68. seller's agent: commissions, mortgage, mortgage, price - Real Estate
  69. Issues that were not disclosed.: disclosure, documentation, foreclosure, agent - Real Estate
  70. Im not leaving my apartment.: accepting, insurance, landlord, property - Real Estate
  71. Four errors on Title Company Docs...: documents, agent, sales, settlement - Real Estate
  72. Is There Anything Wrong With Doing This...: disclosing, appraisal, negotiations - Real Estate
  73. Makign A Cash Offer on a House: 2013, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  74. I'm about to be homeless: tenants, arrears, foreclosed, mortgage - Real Estate
  75. Buying a new construction - strange contract: contingent, incentive, appraisal - Real Estate
  76. Is this what they mean by a buyers market?: 3%, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  77. How far in advance to contact a buyer's agent?: 2013, investment, commission - Real Estate
  78. Is this a law?: disclosure, agent, sale, accept - Real Estate
  79. Return of the Homepath Realtor Bonus/Incentive?: 3%, agent, commission - Real Estate
  80. should I fire my buyer's agent?: negotiating, mortgage, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  81. Is my agent good or bad???: appraisal, clause, negotiating, commissions - Real Estate
  82. Getting out of a contract: RE agent, appraisal, agent, commission - Real Estate
  83. real estate agents in fancy cars?: 6%, agent, expensive, broker
  84. HELP!! Is a verbal agreement with listing agent binding?: commission, lawsuit, property - Real Estate
  85. convincing buyers the property is sound: RE market, documents, agent, sale - Real Estate
  86. Overpriced property -- appraisal before offer?: contingent, negotiating, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  87. Do you really 'own' land?: tenant, income tax, sales, landlord - Real Estate
  88. Sold a House? How and when did you get the proceeds from your sale?: agent, sales - Real Estate
  89. The real estate business is down not out: auction, agents, commission
  90. buying washer and dryer from building as an option: mortgage, mortgage, condo - Real Estate
  91. How to insure that a buyer doesn't pull out on a whim?: contingency, documents - Real Estate
  92. Real Estate referral fee when I do not have an agent?: recommendation, 5%
  93. buyer to guarentee 1250 commision???????: 5%, agent, commission, sales - Real Estate
  94. Home Seller: When did you first meet the purchaser of your home?: agent, sale - Real Estate
  95. seller's agent told us her highest offer: appraisal, comparable, price - Real Estate
  96. Are cashier's checks and/or ACH as reliable as wire transfers?: accept, escrow - Real Estate
  97. Should the Seller of the house be at the final walk through?: tenants, agent - Real Estate
  98. Homes with towers on land: contingent, sale, price, properties - Real Estate
  99. Do you think realtor commissions contributed to inflate prices leading to the housing bubble?: foreclosure, 6% - Real Estate
  100. Foreclosure seizures on the rise: RE market, incentive, disclosing, foreclosed - Real Estate
  101. How to do a real estate search without entering specific locations: sale, price
  102. Buyer Waived Inspection Contingency but I am still concerned about Final Walk through!: agent, price - Real Estate
  103. Make Me Move on Zillow: agent, prices, properties - Real Estate
  104. Price of home keeps changing.: appraisal, negotiations, agent, sales - Real Estate
  105. Best way to sell a Owner Financed house in Texas: RE agent, disclosures - Real Estate
  106. Do homebuyers need a pro for the final walkthrough?: contingencies, documents, clause - Real Estate
  107. Buyer decided the house was just not for him during final walk through: contingencies, clause - Real Estate
  108. Expenses to sell and move.. $30,000 or more?: appraisal, agents, commissions - Real Estate
  109. mortgage pre-qualification vs pre-approval: documentation, appraisal, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  110. don't show the house, we'll take it .........: agent, sale, accept - Real Estate
  111. When should we list our home?: documentation, appraiser, foreclosed, agents - Real Estate
  112. Do flat fee listings really get into MLS? experiences?: RE agent, 2% - Real Estate
  113. seller possession after closing-how common is it?: tenant, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  114. Facts from NAR: RE agent, 2%, agent, investment - Real Estate
  115. Our Virginia Home is closing on Friday December 21st, BUT!!!: documents, agent - Real Estate
  116. Can buyer get inspection money back? (CA): contingencies, appraisal, clause - Real Estate
  117. Good Credit, not so good income. What to do?: mortgage, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  118. Buyer pays tax on buyer agent commission-for the duration.: incentive, disclosure, appraisal - Real Estate
  119. Just got the best come on from an agent: RE agent, contingencies - Real Estate
  120. Condo Rental Limit: tenants, fees, condominiums, agreement - Real Estate
  121. Location: feedback, incentive, appraiser, agent - Real Estate
  122. RE Website: contingency, agents, property, contract - Real Estate
  123. buying a condo vs a SFR for my retirement home: investment, fees - Real Estate
  124. Should I Sell Or Keep: incentive, duplexes, countertop, appraised - Real Estate
  125. What to do with Condo that is just losing me >$100k?: foreclosure, investment - Real Estate
  126. How valid are appraisals?: sales, comparable, prices, property - Real Estate
  127. own a condo as a rental property long term?: 4%, investments - Real Estate
  128. To buy or not to buy: Cheap house with mold in basement: property, legal - Real Estate
  129. Why convert garage into bonus room? Property value??: conversion, rental, house hunting - Real Estate
  130. Buying a new construction home in a sub division with lower cost homes being built: countertop, investment - Real Estate
  131. Homepath Multiple Offer Round: foreclosures, negotiating, agent, accept - Real Estate
  132. Offering long term discounts for future renters: tenants, incentive, 2% - Real Estate
  133. Strategic default?: foreclosed, investments, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  134. Should I get a radon inspection?: sale, inspectors, more expensive, offers - Real Estate
  135. Negotiating after inspection report: agent, mortgage, mortgage company, sales - Real Estate
  136. To dump or not to dump Buyer's Agent???: contingencies, clause, negotiations - Real Estate
  137. I'm confused. help.: documents, appraisal, 3%, agent - Real Estate
  138. What if your agent won't call you back?: recommendation, documents, commissions - Real Estate
  139. Broker stealing from my house.: agent, commissions, agreement, property - Real Estate
  140. Fired the Realtor!!!: feedback, recommendation, agent, sale - Real Estate
  141. Need help with determining whether to sell or not: 4%, agent - Real Estate
  142. Is signing representation agrement for 6 months common with RE Agent.: tenant, disclosures - Real Estate
  143. RE Agent questions: documents, sale, escrow, brokers - Real Estate
  144. My relator is both sellers and our agent.: tenant, contingent, appraisal - Real Estate
  145. Why does it seem like nobody plants trees anymore?: property, value, bedroom - Real Estate
  146. buying a house when relocating for a new job: foreclose, mortgage, mortgage company - Real Estate
  147. have their sales contract fall through while waiting for closing?: contingencies, documents - Real Estate
  148. Does an apprasier go INTO the home?: appraisal, foreclosure, sale - Real Estate
  149. Is the seller agent unethical?: disclosures, documents, banks, agreement - Real Estate
  150. When there are no good comps--establishing a price: appraisal, income tax, agent - Real Estate
  151. Put offer on same house with different agent: new agent, commission, agreement - Real Estate
  152. What is the point of a buyers agent in new construction: RE agent, recommendation - Real Estate
  153. checking if a house could get fast Internet: recommendation, landlord, price - Real Estate
  154. recourse for constant delays in a new construction home?: contingencies, clause - Real Estate
  155. Notice of Buyers Termination of Contract: disclosure, agent, sale, lawyers - Real Estate
  156. So, What Kind Of Game Is This?: appraised, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  157. Did your real estate agent push you to hire their home stager?: investment, condos
  158. Sell Terminates Contract, help!: agent, sale, price, property - Real Estate
  159. Should I Carry Back Mortgage Long Term?: contingencies, 5%, investments - Real Estate
  160. Future resale of a house where a murder occurred?: disclosure, sales, price - Real Estate
  161. Questions/Concerns - First-time Landlord: RE market, tenants, plumber, 2013 - Real Estate
  162. Selling your house? Do you have to like your realestate agent to select them?: appraiser, sales - Real Estate
  163. Condo By Laws: plumber, insurance, condos, lawyer - Real Estate
  164. Are real estate agents allowed to give you lock box number to view home?: agent, commissions
  165. How long may an American-built house last?: construction, inspection, expensive - Real Estate
  166. Buying next house before selling: contingent, appraisal, agent, investments - Real Estate
  167. How much discount would you expect for a house on a very busy main road?: agent, sale - Real Estate
  168. Is resale value the only consideration?!: new agent, commission, sales, prices - Real Estate
  169. Property Manager- what should i expect?: cheapest, foreclosed, investments, mortgage - Real Estate
  170. Value of land without road frontage?: appraisal, agent, sales, fee - Real Estate
  171. Since when does owning a home equal stability?: investment, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  172. 60 Day Escrow - Offers Being Rejected?: contingency, incentive, appraisal, negotiation - Real Estate
  173. Preliminary Home Buying FAQ: agents, mortgage, mortgages, banks - Real Estate
  174. Town in Maine can take house for small amount of tax owed and you get zilch?: foreclosed, mortgage - Real Estate
  175. Buyer / Real Estate Agent - Gifts?: 6%, sale, settlement, price
  176. With about same price range, should I just buy a newly built townhouse (basic) instead of a upgraded old one?: agent, sales - Real Estate
  177. Home Inspection Report asks for countless repairs, HELP!: contingent, agent, sales - Real Estate
  178. Hoa fees nightmare: documentation, agent, condo, inspector - Real Estate
  179. why is this house on the cheap side?: appraisal, foreclosed, mortgage - Real Estate
  180. could this be fraud ?: documents, foreclosure, agent, commission - Real Estate
  181. Will this cabin be hard to sell? 12x32 wood cabin on trailer.: RE market, sales - Real Estate
  182. Listing agent contacting buyers bank: appraisal, negotiating, accept, price - Real Estate
  183. Have another party purchase home, but still own it??: mortgage, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  184. Selling Home: Spent lots of money on cleaning services, still dirty!: agent, sale - Real Estate
  185. As Is addendum: foreclosure, clause, negotiation, agent - Real Estate
  186. How much is generally put down as earnest money ?: 1%, agent - Real Estate
  187. Help! Title is a Ibanez type case (MA): foreclosed, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  188. Under what circumstances would someone sell a house or property for $10.00?: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  189. Does seller generally pay closing costs?: appraisal, agent, mortgages, sales - Real Estate
  190. Offer refused, but selling agency cashed my check: dual agency, investment, commission - Real Estate
  191. How much do second appraisals vary?: 2%, agent, percentage, value - Real Estate
  192. Did I just insult the listing agent? (commission split): negotiations, commissions, fees - Real Estate
  193. Closing statements: agent, mortgage, fees, property - Real Estate
  194. How accurate is Zillow's house price?: disclosure, appraiser, 5%, negotiating - Real Estate
  195. Buying a fixer upper: agent, investment, price, properties - Real Estate
  196. help me get my house back!!!!!!!! (CA): agreements, property, lawyer - Real Estate
  197. Foreclosed Landlord wants past rent: tenants, auction, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  198. Long time owner has a lean from Medicare on his home. I want to buy the home.: appraiser, sales - Real Estate
  199. How long do appraisals take days?: agent, sales, banks - Real Estate
  200. 30 year old couple looking to move: investment, housing, insurance, prices - Real Estate