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  55. what is the best practice to begin real estate investing REITs or Crowdfunding?: tenants, foreclosure
  56. Zillow salesperson tells Premier Agent, Take up yoga. Zillow says, Uh... Take a long walk off a short pier.: percent, price - Real Estate
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  86. use Redfin: 2014, 4%, agent, commissions - Real Estate
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  93. Buyer is wasting my time: documents, clause, sales, agreement - Real Estate
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  96. small/ tiny house living: recommendation, auction, property, rent - Real Estate
  97. Found One of Houses in England: agent, property, buy - Real Estate
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  102. 5% Mortgage rates and no bubble IMO: income tax, agents, second mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
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  104. Seller's have a EMD as leverage when a buyer wants to pull out, but what does buyer have when the seller does the same?: appraisal, negotiations - Real Estate
  105. Professional staging to be worth it: countertop, agent, commissions - Real Estate
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  108. @ $500/wk income, could YOU make this mortgage work?: housing, banks, deduction - Real Estate
  109. Do burglar bars/security doors lower property values?: state, buying a house, neighborhood - Real Estate
  110. Water damage due to prior homeowner's neglect, will my insurance cover it?: plumber, agent - Real Estate
  111. Buyers taking measurements before a closing?: agent, accept, attorney, rental - Real Estate
  112. Architectural style vs. Location: duplexes, housing, properties, townhouse - Real Estate
  113. Advice: Foundation Crack Discovered in Inspection: recommendation, accept, legal, inspectors - Real Estate
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  116. Opinions on GreatSchools?: incentive, agents, sale, percentage - Real Estate
  117. Market slow down? in NOVA: contingent, sales, price, townhomes - Real Estate
  118. Robo calls robo emails Zillow: RE market, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
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  122. Advice from real estate agent?: 3%, negotiating, commission, fee
  123. Landscaping- how much value does it add (if: tenants, percent, price - Real Estate
  124. People who don't make improvements to their property: price, offer, Realtor - Real Estate
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  126. Why Would a Realtor Lower a Home Price By $100 (or less)?: appraiser, agent - Real Estate
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  128. Real estate legal and insurance questions: tenant, documents, 5%, negotiating
  129. New Home Construction - 3rd Party Inspection (Pragmatic?): feedback, appraiser, investment - Real Estate
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  131. about construction liens: documentation, insurance, property, lawyer - Real Estate
  132. mortgage or pay in full?: duplex, cheapest, investment, mortgages - Real Estate
  133. Selling home furnished or not? (Westport, CT): commission, sales, percentage - Real Estate
  134. Reasonable home prices: cheapest, mortgage, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  135. Ever quickly sell a home at a loss due to impossible neighbors?: disclosing, landlord - Real Estate
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  138. Another offer coming in....: agent, accept, price, property - Real Estate
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  143. HOA asking for extra payment from specific units: documentation, condominium, property - Real Estate
  144. House we have listed w/realtor comes up OFF MARKET: agent, sale - Real Estate
  145. So what's with all the electric stoves?: sale, construction, property - Real Estate
  146. Low appreciation: contingencies, agent, investment, sale - Real Estate
  147. Should ppl buy as much home as I can afford?: incentive, recommendation - Real Estate
  148. Construction Delayed, Can I Get Rent Money From Them?: contracts, state, builders - Real Estate
  149. Real estate license needed?: cheapest, agents, investment, sales
  150. Sell or Stay?: 2015, mortgage, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  151. Common area hot tubs in clubhouse: fee, condo, contract, lend - Real Estate
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  154. Catholic towns: agent, legal, house hunting, Realtors - Real Estate
  155. Is this too good to be true?: appraiser, negotiations, sales - Real Estate
  156. Recent Storm damage and Insurance Concern: agent, property, inspected, rental - Real Estate
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  158. Escrow closed buyer wants new carpet now: contingent, property, legal - Real Estate
  159. Living at parents house and saving, but girlfriend thinks I should get a mortgage. HELP!!!: property, state - Real Estate
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  161. RE Professionals.: RE agent, feedback, square foot, agent - Real Estate
  162. Got prequalified for a loan through my bank, but found another house. HELP: negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  163. Going back after close on items seller did not fix.: feedback, documentation - Real Estate
  164. The fear of future interest rate increases and the effect this has on real estate sales: tenants, mortgage rates
  165. experienced landlords Caught of my tenants renting out rooms. Anything I should do?: clause, insurance - Real Estate
  166. Lazy Appraiser???: appraisal, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  167. Reasons NOT to do a price drop: agent, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  168. Realtor who doesn’t help with negotiating?: negotiations, agent, commission - Real Estate
  169. Setting up a life estate in CHILD'S property?: tenants, sale, lawyer - Real Estate
  170. Did I rent an “illegal” room? Should I worry about it? What are the consequences I will face, if: tenants, arrears - Real Estate
  171. For sale by owner vs real estate agent: clause, negotiations, commission
  172. Buying new home before selling old one - financing: contingent, investments, mortgage - Real Estate
  173. Has 's Zestimate gone down?: square footage, appraisal, 7%, sales - Real Estate
  174. Street Widening - Driveway Access?: properties, inspector, contractor, offer - Real Estate
  175. about loaning my brother money to close on a house: contingent, mortgage - Real Estate
  176. Should I sue the builder?: 2015, settlement, property, lawyer - Real Estate
  177. Undeveloped land, protecting ourselves: contingencies, gated communities, documents, auction - Real Estate
  178. Seller backing out?: appraisal, foreclosure, agent, mortgages - Real Estate
  179. buying in a condo where 50% of the units are owned by one investor: tenant, conversion - Real Estate
  180. Appraisal value disclosure to seller: 5%, agent, sales, agreement - Real Estate
  181. Thoughts on shared appreciation investment on condo?: documents, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  182. Home occupancy restrictions: tenant, condo, price, property - Real Estate
  183. Horribly Managed Underfunded HOA - What can I do?: investments, fees, insurance - Real Estate
  184. Sue builder for professional negligence?: fee, construction, attorneys, inspector - Real Estate
  185. Buy now or later?: appraiser, housing, percentage, prices - Real Estate
  186. New construction questions: price, attorney, townhouse, contract - Real Estate
  187. Out of control neighbors, property management and HOA won't do anything: investment, fees - Real Estate
  188. What is considered a reasonable amount of time before responding to an offer?: agent, fee - Real Estate
  189. Offer on Fixer Upper - what's a good range?: stucco, negotiations, agents - Real Estate
  190. Can selling fees be financed? Or do they have to be 100% paid lump sum?: documents, commissions - Real Estate
  191. Title Insurance for land vs. construction?: documentation, price, properties, attorneys - Real Estate
  192. Interesting Real Estate: documents, 3%, negotiating, agent
  193. To stay or sell... from a financial perspective: investment, commissions, mortgage - Real Estate
  194. Selling a house where pets have lived: feedback, condos, price - Real Estate
  195. Living in a stone house...: property, inspector, expensive, states - Real Estate
  196. Zillow Instant Offers Home Flipping business loses $19.2M before it sells a home: appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  197. As a gay couple, can we leave our pictures up when sell or take them down?: appraisal, furniture - Real Estate
  198. Newer condo or older house?: agent, investment, fees, insurance - Real Estate
  199. Our buyer's agent threw us under the bus—and caused a town scandal in our name!: 2015, auction - Real Estate
  200. Lincoln tunnel construction effect on North Bergen, Union City and West New York: housing, prices - Real Estate