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  11. Bad town + large plot, or OK town + small plot?: investments, price, property - Real Estate
  12. Use of Land Trusts in Residential Real Estate Transactions: clause, mortgage, mortgage
  13. How often will PMI companya pprove a deed in lieu?: foreclosure, credit report - Real Estate
  14. Can a buyer back out: contingencies, clause, agent, property - Real Estate
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  16. Want a nice mold home, this might be something for you....!: inspection, Realtor - Real Estate
  17. Great Hitler Parody on the Real Estate Downfall
  18. Sewer inspection results - Bellied line: plumber, price, inspectors, rent - Real Estate
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  25. Has used the lead generator Real Estate Client Referrals?: agent, fee
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  27. Would you sell your existing home if......: foreclosure, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
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  30. with Homesteps(Freddie Mac)'s AskAnAgent promotion?: appraisal, 1%, mortgage - Real Estate
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  34. I Think This Just About Sums It All Up: housing, clients, stock market - Real Estate
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  36. Happy Thanksgiving to All: agents, mortgage, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  37. Sheriff Sale: auctions, foreclosure, investment, commissions - Real Estate
  38. Where to Buy - Maine or New Hampshire?: square foot, foreclosures, 1% - Real Estate
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  42. Amazing/Another WOW only in Ohio: foreclosure, mortgage, mortgage, state - Real Estate
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  44. Latent Defects: disclosures, documents, insurance, property - Real Estate
  45. real estate money generating tips: offers, home, investors, website
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  47. Would you agree Portland hasn't t bottom?: sales, housing, prices - Real Estate
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  49. purchasing investment property: tenants, foreclosures, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  50. Adding a room: appraiser, percent, construction, property - Real Estate
  51. Unhappy with Current Realtor; Can I Cancel to go with another?: feedback, agent - Real Estate
  52. All Cash Purchase - closing options: cheapest, foreclosed, agent, commission - Real Estate
  53. Will be moving to Charleston, SC!: mortgage, mortgage, offers, Realtors - Real Estate
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  56. Does the Lease Option Improve Credit: renting, repair, home, credit score - Real Estate
  57. Where am I in the DILF negotiations?: documents, foreclosure, mortgage - Real Estate
  58. Sure Sign Home Prices Continue to Decline, Home Equity Loan Rates: 3%, housing - Real Estate
  59. Hidden Real Estate Inventory?: auction, foreclosed, fees, housing
  60. Is Now a Good Time to Upgrade?: tenants, square foot, foreclosures - Real Estate
  61. Is there a place to list our property?: agent, Realtor, states - Real Estate
  62. homebuilders: prices, construction, inspector, states - Real Estate
  63. what if things break off AFTER the inspection date?: clause, sale, property - Real Estate
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  65. Real Estate Closing Extensions and as is condition: foreclosed, agent
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  67. Reits.......: fixed rate, properties, value, state - Real Estate
  68. Most expensive house in the neighborhood: price, properties, value, build - Real Estate
  69. How low do you go: agent, sale, housing, comparable - Real Estate
  70. Researching for Lease to Purchase: tenants, contingency, conversion, appraisal - Real Estate
  71. If you wanted to spend 200k, up to what price would you look at?: mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  72. underwater loan by state: foreclosure, mortgage, mortgages, states - Real Estate
  73. Qualifying with a rental property.: mortgage, mortgage, buy a house, buy - Real Estate
  74. Can I sell myself?: clause, agent, commission, accept - Real Estate
  75. A Great Agent: sales, price, construction, broker - Real Estate
  76. Deficiency in Seller Property Disclosure (MA): feedback, plumber, appraiser, agents - Real Estate
  77. Who changed the ending to the story?: foreclosed, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
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  79. ! Ready to move, but don't know what to do!: tenants, incentive - Real Estate
  80. Would this help?: mortgage, mortgage, sales, condo - Real Estate
  81. Lazy RE Agents - what websites need to inform buyers.: square footage, agent - Real Estate
  82. HOA's adopting new rules: documents, fees, insurance, condo - Real Estate
  83. Selling by Owner: RE agent, foreclosures, agent, commission - Real Estate
  84. Real Estate...Don't Be A Sucker!: 3%, mortgages, sales, accepting
  85. Realtor nightmare/builder issues: contingencies, incentive, documentation, agent - Real Estate
  86. Leaving the keys in the mailbox for the bank?: auction, foreclosed, agent - Real Estate
  87. Walk away during inspection period?: contingencies, clause, contracts, value - Real Estate
  88. To sweeten the deal...or not, hat is the ..: contingency, incentive - Real Estate
  89. Need explanation on my Realtor being 'a dual agent': contingencies, negotiations, dual agency - Real Estate
  90. What's a reasonable amount of time?: agent, condo, price, offers - Real Estate
  91. home inspection: recommendation, agents, construction, inspectors - Real Estate
  92. square footage, price, properties, commercial - Real Estate
  93. Biggest Turn-Off's to Buyers? Turn-On's?: agent, investment, sale, price - Real Estate
  94. Decorating for the holidays with the house on the market: value, homeowner - Real Estate
  95. What would you do?: disclosing, gated community, recommendation, appraiser - Real Estate
  96. Telephone pole middle of backyard: documentation, housing, price, construction - Real Estate
  97. Can I access the MLS online?: agent, realty, properties, broker - Real Estate
  98. Realtor fee: plumber, 8%, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  99. What is considered a *good* reason to change realtors?: RE market, feedback, agent - Real Estate
  100. Where can I find real cheap land with no utilities?: sale, states - Real Estate
  101. Dumb home seller chose wrong buyer, now wants to counter offer me: agent, commissions - Real Estate
  102. News, Chinese tour groups go house-hunting in U.S.: foreclosures, investment, sale - Real Estate
  103. Wording in Contract..Help: tenant, documents, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  104. Would you take a lower commission??: 3%, negotiating, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  105. Buyers -- where are you searching online?: RE agent, foreclosure, agents - Real Estate
  106. Paying Cash - Costs at Closing: appraisal, agent, commission, mortgage - Real Estate
  107. What if I find my own buyer?: contingency, clause, agent - Real Estate
  108. Looking at houses: contingencies, recommendation, 1%, agent - Real Estate
  109. Website that lists recent homes sold in my area?: disclosure, agents, sales - Real Estate
  110. who should pay for the gas for inspection? (buyer or seller?): plumber, agent - Real Estate
  111. Property tax ..: contingent, disclosure, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  112. Convince me that I need a traditional realtor: foreclosures, 3%, negotiating - Real Estate
  113. Property Taxes Pro-Rated?: arrears, agent, settlement, agreement - Real Estate
  114. Home Prices Still Far From Bottom: mortgage, mortgage, housing, rent - Real Estate
  115. How should an agent be?: feedback, disclosure, negotiating - Real Estate
  116. Final Walk Through: agent, insurance, construction, escrow - Real Estate
  117. Real Estate..Keeping Greedy Mouths Full: prices, properties, more expensive, contract
  118. Selling the house is a nightmare!: agent, sale, properties, Realtors - Real Estate
  119. Flipper Greed-- Disgraceful!!: sale, prices, properties, illegal - Real Estate
  120. Is it now to 100% finance?: 6%, agents, investment - Real Estate
  121. Realtor deception?: arrears, foreclosed, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  122. Seriously - my house is worth...what?: square foot, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  123. Death by a thousand price cuts : Home pricing article.: square footage, foreclosure - Real Estate
  124. Got an offer FSBO within 4 days -- Am I priced too low?: foreclosures, agents - Real Estate
  125. Secrets to bargain hunting?: investment, mortgage, mortgage, prices - Real Estate
  126. Have you ever purchased a house that needed extensive work done?: plumber, countertop - Real Estate
  127. Am I insane? s my situation....: agent, mortgage companies, mortgages, sale - Real Estate
  128. Chutzpah: foreclosed, 2%, investment, sales - Real Estate
  129. Is such practice of Realtor acceptable?: contingency, appraisal, clause, negotiation - Real Estate
  130. How can I sell a house with a tenant in it?: tenants, agent - Real Estate
  131. Pay cash or finance?: cheapest, investments, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  132. Would this make you leary?: agent, sales, price, construction - Real Estate
  133. Sellers agent owns escrow company and wants us to use it - issues?: contingencies, incentive - Real Estate
  134. My neighbor's dogs: sale, price, property, Realtor - Real Estate
  135. Tips for an open house...: agent, offering, Realtor, state - Real Estate
  136. ever put up a WANTED ad?: agent, price, property - Real Estate
  137. quick claim deed: documentation, clause, mortgage, mortgage company - Real Estate
  138. Previous sales history-- data source?: disclosure, appraiser, price, offers - Real Estate
  139. house inspection: plumber, negotiating, commission, price - Real Estate
  140. Perfect Storm for Housing?: foreclosed, mortgage, mortgages, condos - Real Estate
  141. Thinking about buying a house again,need tips: appraise, negotiation, agent - Real Estate
  142. Agents---Justify your Commission: 5%, agent, commissions, sales - Real Estate
  143. What Keep Homes From Being Sold?: 3%, agent, sale, prices - Real Estate
  144. The future of Real Estate.....: mortgage, mortgage, housing, prices
  145. Rural area,no comps in area: appraisal, agent, sales, prices - Real Estate
  146. Hmm..: contingent, agent, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  147. Can I get estimates on improvements before making an offer?: clause, agent - Real Estate
  148. What percentage below asking is considered insulting?: negotiations, agent, price - Real Estate
  149. need to make an offer on a house with a bunch of issues: appraisal, mortgage - Real Estate
  150. Closing costs for cash purchase: foreclosure, negotiating, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  151. Peter Schiff Predicts that Home Prices will Drop to 10 Year Lows.: agent, mortgages - Real Estate
  152. Closing costs in a buyer's market: negotiations, mortgage, sales, fees - Real Estate
  153. So Much for the Buyers Market ... We Lost the House: appraisal, auctions - Real Estate
  154. Need a professional opinio: agent, banks, illegal, escrow - Real Estate
  155. Is there point in putting a house on the market near the holidays?: agent, sale - Real Estate
  156. I think this agent is on crack: sale, price, construction - Real Estate
  157. price decrease, then increase?: agents, sale, prices, properties - Real Estate
  158. How Can a Realtor guarantee to sell my house, or he'll buy it?: contingencies, appraisal - Real Estate
  159. RE sales -- are there realtors who specialze in garden apartments in your area?: agent, investment - Real Estate
  160. Bailout is a joke, only prolongs real estate price declines: foreclosed, banks
  161. You think you have this wonderful home and people will want to buy it, but you're wrong. - Delusional Sellers: agent, sales - Real Estate
  162. A Solution: incentive, investments, mortgage, housing - Real Estate
  163. Seller's house worth much less than paid for, has relocated: documentation, foreclosure - Real Estate
  164. Certificate of Elevation??? Surveyor?? Prices !: agent, mortgage, mortgage company, insurance - Real Estate
  165. Title company withholding money for taxes--WHaat?: feedback, arrears, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  166. 999 Pricing: disclosure, 7%, negotiation, agents - Real Estate
  167. Zip Code Real estate value: 2014, foreclosures, 3%, sales
  168. Need advice from realtors: foreclosed, 2%, negotiating, new agent - Real Estate
  169. what would u do?: agent, mortgage, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  170. Termite damage: appraisal, negotiation, agent, mortgage companies - Real Estate
  171. Should I make the plunge: 6%, clause, agent, investment - Real Estate
  172. CRAZY Camp #3: for Sellers, Buyers, Agents & Friendly Folks-read post 1: agent, state - Real Estate
  173. Questions for Landlords or Property Managers??? Need your advice!: tenants, duplex, 5% - Real Estate
  174. We found our dream home but........: feedback, agent, sales, price - Real Estate
  175. Zillow | Mixed Feelings? NC Realtors want to weigh in?: appraiser, 1% - Real Estate
  176. Benefits of a new realtor???: feedback, incentive, square footage, 3% - Real Estate
  177. Do I take it off the market until Spring or leave it on thru the Holidays?: agent, housing - Real Estate
  178. Agent represented Seller and Buyer, But dis not disclosue this infomation: disclosures, negotiations - Real Estate
  179. Responsible and upside down ..: RE market, foreclosures, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  180. Renters can't continue paying $2500-3000 a month/market will stabilize in 24 months: 1%, mortgage - Real Estate
  181. I feel like I've just been SHAFTED by my realtor.: appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  182. infomation: negotiation, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  183. Opinion: RE agent, square footage, agents, prices - Real Estate
  184. Open houses: 3%, agent, prices, property - Real Estate
  185. explain capital gains tax: sale, advantage, state, house - Real Estate
  186. i'm annoyed with this housing bailout for homeowners and s why: foreclosed, 3% - Real Estate
  187. realtor guilt: agent, investment, commission, price - Real Estate
  188. Which House Would You Buy?: feedback, square footage, housing, prices - Real Estate
  189. if most of the houses we like are 15% more than what we want to spend...: appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  190. Chasing-the-market vs new listing: feedback, documentation, cheapest, appraiser - Real Estate
  191. Flipping advice????: foreclosures, investment, prices, properties - Real Estate
  192. Zillow's house value estimates: appraisal, foreclosure, 6%, sales - Real Estate
  193. House prices are going to go up: sales, housing, construction - Real Estate
  194. Need a house in sperry, ok: rent, buy - Real Estate
  195. News, Canadian Realtors Offer Free TVs, Cars Just To Sell Houses.: incentive, agents - Real Estate
  196. SOCAL market ( Oceanside) ? ? ?: prices, HOA, buying a home, California - Real Estate
  197. I am trying to sell 3 story home in Sandpoint,ID: Idaho - Real Estate
  198. I am looking for a Specific Real Estate Locator Website!!!: buy a house, determine
  199. 7 Years' Bad Luck For Homeowners?: incentive, agents, mortgage rates, mortgage - Real Estate
  200. News, Safe Havens in Real Estate.: foreclosures, prices, home