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  24. House Too Low: recommendation, negotiations, settlements, insurance - Real Estate
  25. Get mold inspection before buying first home?: contingency, appraisal, clause - Real Estate
  26. Selling a house with a VA loan: appraisal, commission, sale - Real Estate
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  35. Pecan Creek Neighborhood: state, Alaska, Anchorage, Maui - Real Estate
  36. Healthier Mobile homes & chemical off-gases?: fees, offers, repair, building - Real Estate
  37. Real Estate Scam targets settlement funds: agent, property, escrow, rental
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  50. Sign today, no wait, now, no now, no.... (vent): disclosures, documents - Real Estate
  51. Name on loan, not on title: tenants, mortgage, mortgage, property - Real Estate
  52. How did you get sales proceeds after closing, certified check or wire transfer?: documents, mortgages - Real Estate
  53. News, A 58-story skyscraper in San Francisco is tilting and sinking: condos, contractors - Real Estate
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  55. The over improved house: tenants, agent, investment, landlord - Real Estate
  56. Contract expired; agent still showing property: new agent, commissions, sale, contracts - Real Estate
  57. $149 million property near me!: price, state, bedrooms, residence - Real Estate
  58. Listing a house but not for snoopy people...: agent, sale, claim - Real Estate
  59. HOA leasing cap - Illegal renters: landlords, percentage, approved, houses - Real Estate
  60. about taking fixtures: tenant, clause, sale, landlord - Real Estate
  61. How do major events like a hurricane affect the real estate market?: appraiser, agents
  62. Crawl space or slab?: square foot, building, houses, basement - Real Estate
  63. What Kind Of Neighbor Are You?: gated community, duplex, 2014, accept - Real Estate
  64. Why don't agents rewrite old listings?: agent, sales, condo, price - Real Estate
  65. Can we use our net profits from escrow to pay for needed repairs?: RE agent, plumber - Real Estate
  66. Square footage on MLS listing different than County records: agent, property tax, inspected - Real Estate
  67. Unrepresented Buyer: 3%, negotiations, dual agency, commission - Real Estate
  68. Exercising Financing Contingency in an unusual situation: contingencies, appraisal, clause - Real Estate
  69. Commission: feedback, appraise, auction, foreclosure - Real Estate
  70. Opinions on HOA fees?: investment, condos, landlords, comparable - Real Estate
  71. Realtors who are stagers: agent, commission, sales, fee - Real Estate
  72. When you think your agent isn't doing enough, what exactly do you want him to do?: dual agency, commissions - Real Estate
  73. House near trees: construction, property, building, houses - Real Estate
  74. Property Taxes in Iowa: appraisal, 1%, sales, legal - Real Estate
  75. Land drama. Can I get hugs or empathy or advice? Blah!: negotiating, agent - Real Estate
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  77. $782K over asking?: housing, prices, value, offers - Real Estate
  78. Re Property Managers: IS it true they collect their monthly fee whether they rent the house or not?: tenants, recommendation - Real Estate
  79. Zillow What can I afford? calculator appears to be bogus: 3%, mortgage - Real Estate
  80. The house that got away: appraisal, clause, sales, fee - Real Estate
  81. Gaping holes in walls after closing.: agent, attorney, escrow, inspector - Real Estate
  82. New construction -- Laundry rooms in master closets?: bedrooms, houses, buyers - Real Estate
  83. House Offer: countertop, agent, prices, properties - Real Estate
  84. Agents-- have you ever had a haunted house?: tenants, disclosure - Real Estate
  85. Selling you house when the house next door has been for sale a long time and had no offers: 1%, sales - Real Estate
  86. realtors?? I have a about back up offers: contingencies, feedback - Real Estate
  87. What are the obligations of selling agent....: documents, clause, attorney - Real Estate
  88. The dirty house...: agent, sale, properties, rent - Real Estate
  89. Your most difficult home purchase?: foreclosed, agent, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  90. help with zombie home in Staten Island: tenant, plumber - Real Estate
  91. selling house furnished...what to leave?: agents, mortgage, mortgage, price - Real Estate
  92. Kyrie Irving's House is Listed: sale, state, kitchen, houses - Real Estate
  93. Realtor must be on site for showing: agent, sale, properties - Real Estate
  94. Can a neighborhood force people to form an HOA?: tenant, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  95. Ethics of forging a signature: documents, sale, accept, price - Real Estate
  96. Landscape and Pool work: contract, advantage, state, company - Real Estate
  97. Commission flipping: disclosure, income tax, agent, investment - Real Estate
  98. Can rented house allowing pets write no pet odors in rental agreement?: clause, housing - Real Estate
  99. Are we screwed?: negotiating, agent, commission, sales - Real Estate
  100. Why would a pending house have a sale price increase?: appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  101. How does buying a $20, $30, $40 million dollar property work?: 1%, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  102. How do flippers overcome the price history issue?: construction, property, value - Real Estate
  103. If you were to buy a $300k condo. What would be your checklist?: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  104. California Real Estate is out of control. I think it's going to crash soon.: agent, housing
  105. Almost 60% of u.s. Households could qualify for a $300k new home mortgage: 1%, mortgage company - Real Estate
  106. Would you say flat roof homes are most common in the US?: percentage, commercial - Real Estate
  107. House under contract for 15+ months?: sales, price, legal, inspection - Real Estate
  108. What does a 100 year flood plain do to value, %-wise?: appraisal, 1% - Real Estate
  109. Old House or New Construction-- what is more popular in your area?: housing, price - Real Estate
  110. Letting daughter's friends borrow our house pre move in: tenant, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  111. Unbelievable offer: negotiating, agent, commission, sale - Real Estate
  112. Building house from scratch with own contractor: countertop, price, construction - Real Estate
  113. Looking for ideas to reduce foundation repair costs ($42k): stucco, documents, mortgage - Real Estate
  114. Cloud on Title: tenants, documents, sale, banks - Real Estate
  115. In the long run which home is better financially?: foreclosure, 1%, income tax - Real Estate
  116. If someone made you an offer...: contingency, 5%, commissions, property - Real Estate
  117. How will the market be impacted when the Baby Boomers downsize?: mortgages, price - Real Estate
  118. Sinkhole repaired house or not?: agent, insurance, price, properties - Real Estate
  119. My offer was accepted on a home with no garage (help!!): square footage, conversion - Real Estate
  120. survey mishap: 2014, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  121. Should I Switch Realtors?: feedback, recommendation, appraisal, 6% - Real Estate
  122. Residing in stigmatized properties?: disclosure, square foot, price, disclose - Real Estate
  123. Up To 40 Million Boomers To Be Retired By 2030, Buy 55+ Now?: 2014, condo - Real Estate
  124. Commission where agent is the buyer?: income tax, commissions, price, property - Real Estate
  125. Deed issue *stupid annoyed right now, help*: documents, 2014, agent - Real Estate
  126. Utilities turned off 4 months before closing: agent, inspector, broker, contract - Real Estate
  127. Sub prime: deja vu all over again: documentation, appraisal, foreclosure - Real Estate
  128. Would you buy a house where you have to go up a flight of steps to get in?: townhomes, house hunting - Real Estate
  129. What cosmetic items are you willing to change in a house?: sales, price - Real Estate
  130. Selling House Rant - Trespassers: foreclosure, agent, commission, sale - Real Estate
  131. Buyer wants to move in 2 days BEFORE closing: disclosure, agent, accepting - Real Estate
  132. First time homebuyer experience - is this typical or was I expecting too much?: disclosure, recommendation - Real Estate
  133. Buyer's remorse - Backing out after signing contract - New build: contingencies, documents - Real Estate
  134. Selling my house after a rodent infestation: sale, property, legal - Real Estate
  135. Selling - Minor price drop usefulness?: feedback, recommendation, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  136. Replace all the light switches and electrical outlets?: commission, housing, legal - Real Estate
  137. Time frame of when buyer can to sue: contingency, disclosure, documentation - Real Estate
  138. Our realtor thinks that this isn't worth mentioning in the listing...: disclosure, documents - Real Estate
  139. New construction...with or without realtor?: RE agent, agent, commission, price - Real Estate
  140. Poll: Buyer's Agent Commission - Who pays for it?: conversion, appraisal, 3% - Real Estate
  141. about setting selling price: RE market, disclosure, appraisal, 5% - Real Estate
  142. Delusional Seller: square foot, agent, prices, property - Real Estate
  143. Should Sellers be home for buyers at showings?: feedback, square footage, agent - Real Estate
  144. Does know where to find list of what is needed to sell house VA?: fee, accept - Real Estate
  145. Staying home during showings?: agent, sale, price, inspection - Real Estate
  146. Should you buy as soon as you can afford to?: mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  147. Advice: Holding a House?: agent, investment, price, construction - Real Estate
  148. How do you know if you're closing?: disclosure, documentation, agent - Real Estate
  149. Neighbor burning wood....: property, illegal, renting, cheap - Real Estate
  150. Weirdest feedback after a showing?: agent, property, townhouse, Realtor - Real Estate
  151. Buyer has contingency to sell his house first. done that?: RE market, contingent - Real Estate
  152. Is there a way to look up a list of properties someone owns?: documents, agent - Real Estate
  153. When will it be a buyer's market again in the northeast?: investment, sale - Real Estate
  154. buying a single family home and renting out top and bottom?: RE agent, tenants - Real Estate
  155. Losing a Home You Paid Cash for?: appraisal, foreclosed, investment - Real Estate
  156. How do people from California drive up the prices in other states?: appraisal, 3% - Real Estate
  157. What did you do to provide backyard privacy?: investment, rooms, company - Real Estate
  158. Owning vacation home easier now with Airbnb?: dual agency, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  159. Another fun listing: square footage, condo, price, more expensive - Real Estate
  160. Closed on sale of my house: escrow, contract, offer, state - Real Estate
  161. Are Granite countertops losing their favor?: price, construction, kitchens, builders - Real Estate
  162. Location, Location, Location...: foreclosure, 1%, condos, comparable - Real Estate
  163. Confused As Hell About Which Capital Gain Tax Bracket My Mother Is In: investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  164. How many of you actually spend time clicking the Matterport 3D tours ?: agent, commissions - Real Estate
  165. sellers lied about paying HOA fees: estoppel, agent, sale, settlement - Real Estate
  166. Above Ground Pools?: price, value, state, build - Real Estate
  167. Selling a house as is ?: appraised, negotiation, agent - Real Estate
  168. What exactly is a contract on deed and how does it work?: duplex, foreclosure - Real Estate
  169. For sale by owner blacklisted by buyers agents: foreclosed, 2% - Real Estate
  170. Living out of a storage locker: housing, prices, illegal, renter - Real Estate
  171. American Household Size decreasing and ..: square footage, housing, condo, banks - Real Estate
  172. Fishy Offer on House Not for Sale?: commission, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  173. Inherited OLD house ... what would you do?: mortgage, prices, property - Real Estate
  174. Seller rejected offer without a counter - What are my next steps?: negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  175. Buying a soundproof condo...: stucco, feedback, condos, construction - Real Estate
  176. Someone interested how to proceed?: contingent, agent, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  177. In ground pool, phx az, kids: investment, fees, prices, expensive - Real Estate
  178. Waterfront property whats it worth?: investment, prices, properties, rental - Real Estate
  179. Your Top 3 Dealbreakers: accept, kitchen, builders, garage - Real Estate
  180. Top 10 Must Haves: stucco, property tax, house hunting, points - Real Estate
  181. Another fun listing: sale, price, property, expensive - Real Estate
  182. First time home buyer- Help!: agent, mortgage, mortgage, accept - Real Estate
  183. How old is the home you live in?: 2015, construction, property tax - Real Estate
  184. Realtor asked for a two year restricted contract: RE agent, agent, commission - Real Estate
  185. Remember houses you used to draw as a kid ?: square foot, bedroom - Real Estate
  186. Buyer's lender: contingencies, appraisal, negotiation, agent - Real Estate
  187. Home sales down big time in July, are we due for a correction?: 9%, settlements - Real Estate
  188. Seller Rant: agents, inspector, Realtor, state - Real Estate
  189. Lien search: accept, agreement, property, attorneys - Real Estate
  190. People got it wrong. Blinds should go from bottom up: more expensive, signed - Real Estate
  191. Mobile home owner living in park: sales, fees, attorney, escrow - Real Estate
  192. Do they mean seller highly motivated ?: agent, sale, accept - Real Estate
  193. Buyer wants to pay cash: tenant, documents, appraisal, 6% - Real Estate
  194. Inactive Declarant: agent, insurance, property, lawyer - Real Estate
  195. about Title Insurance: agent, mortgage, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  196. Driveway Twisted - Due to Water Main Shutoff Value installed: construction, developer - Real Estate
  197. Market Value of Additional Beds, Baths: square footage, sales, price, offer - Real Estate
  198. Does Virginia Still Offer Distressed Area Full Down Payment Coverage?: FHA, year - Real Estate
  199. Selling Canadian land: building, house, tax, Maine - Real Estate
  200. News, For Sale: The Clampett Mansion from ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’: price, most expensive - Real Estate