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  83. im just curious has gone to closing and the seller backed out at closing ?: agent, sale - Real Estate
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  97. Real Estate Transaction: clause, agents, mortgage, mortgages
  98. Scammer or incompetent?: documents, appraisal, clause, negotiations - Real Estate
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  101. Raccoon nation: illegal, rental, residence, rental house - Real Estate
  102. Trying to sell house and neighbors in attached home have barking dogs HELP!: feedback, square foot - Real Estate
  103. Realtor Commission on New Construction is based on home value EXCLUDING builder upgrades?: 2013, 3% - Real Estate
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  105. buy a few feet of land from neighbor: mortgage, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
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  124. Re-Activation of Railroad in Neighborhood. Property Value Impacts?: agent, house hunting, state - Real Estate
  125. real estate: tenants, mortgage, mortgage, sale
  126. Price discovery frustration: feedback, 5%, agent, commission - Real Estate
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  130. Buyer wants to do a 30 day occupancy is this normal?: appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  131. Do employees of Design Centers work on commission?: housing, price, construction - Real Estate
  132. Owning Costs More than Renting: 2015, 6%, investment, mortgage rates - Real Estate
  133. Why is Levittown PA nowhere near as prestigious as Levittown NY ?: housing, expensive - Real Estate
  134. Did you put down 20% on your first home?: mortgage, mortgage, PMI - Real Estate
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  137. Homeownership is a complete, total myth in America.: square foot, appraiser, mortgage - Real Estate
  138. Previous owner built onto city property: sale, insurance, attorney, claim - Real Estate
  139. Do you read listing descriptions?: 2014, agent, property, contractor - Real Estate
  140. 1031 questions: 2015, investment, sales, condo - Real Estate
  141. Why do realtors take such awful pictures of homes: agent, sales - Real Estate
  142. if buy a financial townhouse i lost my food stamps and medicaid?: tenants, 4% - Real Estate
  143. HOA nightmare: property, lawyer, claim, house - Real Estate
  144. Agent won't remove sign: RE agent, sales, realty, condo - Real Estate
  145. ... I am not sure of my next step!: 2013, agent - Real Estate
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  147. Should my dad sign over his parents house to me?: tenant, incentive - Real Estate
  148. Too slow home appraiser: appraisal, agent, housing, loan - Real Estate
  149. What makes you rif-raff ?: repair, garage, HOA, houses - Real Estate
  150. You ever have a property you wanted go Pending right before you decide to make an offer?: contingencies, price - Real Estate
  151. Help me Prioritize Projects to Sell House: plumber, countertop, landlord - Real Estate
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  154. have experience with Fanniemae homepath homes?: tenant, 2015, auction - Real Estate
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  156. How much is a home inspector liable for?: RE agent, disclosure, plumber - Real Estate
  157. Is this fair? (Splitting commission): contingencies, feedback, disclosures, documents - Real Estate
  158. Listing Agent Stalling on my Offer.: feedback, investment, sales, accept - Real Estate
  159. offer advice on making an offer -: 1%, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  160. How much earnest money did you have to put down to buy your home?: 3%, construction - Real Estate
  161. Townhouses or houses with 1.5 baths - hard to buy: 2013, condos, claim - Real Estate
  162. What to do about selling a rental condo?: plumber, countertop, agent - Real Estate
  163. Re-list in spring/ to have higher price: feedback, new agent, accept - Real Estate
  164. Realtor Recommended Inspector - Conflict of Interest?: agent, sale, construction - Real Estate
  165. Concerned about FHA Appraisal: auction, 5%, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  166. How and when do you find out how much your home owner's insurance will cost?: agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  167. Investing in property?: tenants, 5%, investment, mortgage rates - Real Estate
  168. Yes, but why are they /really/ selling?: RE agent, disclosure, plumber - Real Estate
  169. Why don't foreclosed houses show inside pictures in ads?: auction, preforeclosures, agents - Real Estate
  170. FSBO - previous prospect that viewed when I was listed w/ an agent...commissions?: 2%, clause - Real Estate
  171. Property tax increases (CA): 2%, fee, price, value - Real Estate
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  175. Selling with problem neighbors on side: sale, price, property - Real Estate
  176. Acceptable for seller to be present during buyers inspection?: properties, inspectors, room - Real Estate
  177. How new developments work in old sattlements?: agent, housing, construction - Real Estate
  178. For Realtors Disclosure: recommendation, agent, agreement, construction - Real Estate
  179. very small full bath--impact on sale?: price, rent, value, offer - Real Estate
  180. Will prior termite treatment (but no evidence of termites) impact house selling price?: disclosure, agent - Real Estate
  181. HOAs and Pink Exterior Lights for Valentine's Day/Breast Cancer Awareness Month: state, company - Real Estate
  182. Sell as a tear down or not: feedback, agent, commission - Real Estate
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  185. Develop a 2.7 acre lot.: incentive, square foot, sales, condos - Real Estate
  186. Agent Made Typo in Purchasing Contract. What to Do??: contingency, negotiation, dual agency - Real Estate
  187. Experiences Selling Home As Is: appraise, agent, price - Real Estate
  188. Thanks to China stock market turmoil, the local RE market is quickly returning to normal.: 2015, 1% - Real Estate
  189. what happens when a seller wont get out of the sold house ?: RE agent, tenant - Real Estate
  190. Power line running across my easement: property, lawyer, states, cost - Real Estate
  191. Bathtub with no water: plumber, agent, sales, attorney - Real Estate
  192. Should I rent or Mortgage?: 2013, foreclosed, mortgages, insurance - Real Estate
  193. frustrations: auctions, foreclosures, realty, condos - Real Estate
  194. How can Zillow claim Zestimates are a Starting Point when they refuse ALL Homeowner requests to correct?: disclosure, square footage - Real Estate
  195. House buyer stalking house: agent, inspection, offer, buying a house - Real Estate
  196. When Do I Select a Lender............????: mortgage, mortgages, sales, fee - Real Estate
  197. Outdoor Deck Privacy...............: 2015, townhouse, HOA, check - Real Estate
  198. Tiger Home Inspection for inspecting a condo-to-buy in MA: inspectors, state, companies - Real Estate
  199. catalysts that cause major market corrections: 5%, agents, sales, condos - Real Estate
  200. Infographic perfectly comparing 3 of the hottest real estate markets (LA, SF and NYC): 2015, price