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  1. on Tax Rebate for Land Contracts and Remodels: sale, fees, accept - Real Estate
  2. Federal Income Tax Credit for first time home owners: mortgage, mortgage, claim - Real Estate
  3. How long, generally, for BPO to be done?: agent, sale, Realtors - Real Estate
  4. Can a seller back out of contract 20 days before settlement.: contingency, sale - Real Estate
  5. Motivation, what is the motivation?: price, property, listing, buyer - Real Estate
  6. Help me make sure I understand buying a house as is: tenants, contingency - Real Estate
  7. How much would you offer this rental house?: investments, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  8. What do you think my home & 5 acres near San Antonio, Texas is worth?: agent, sale - Real Estate
  9. Need to get financial about Stony Hollow co-ops in Port Jefferson Station NY 11776: offer, state - Real Estate
  10. inspection...: contingency, clause, agent, sales - Real Estate
  11. Exclusive or Non-Exclusive--HELP!!: 4%, agent, commissions, sale - Real Estate
  12. Condo Insurance: agent, renter, inexpensive, repair - Real Estate
  13. Help??: banks, attorney, escrow, company - Real Estate
  14. News, The Unfortunate Location.: sales, price, cost, house - Real Estate
  15. Apartment Applied - But there's a better special: sales, fees, price - Real Estate
  16. Owning a Home While Living Out Of State: contingent, feedback, mortgage rates - Real Estate
  17. Has the Market come back enough to put my property back up for sale?: appraised, agents - Real Estate
  18. New owner buying out my condo lease?: tenant, rental, offer - Real Estate
  19. CT realtors???: feedback, price, broker, houses - Real Estate
  20. How are taxes Adjusted?: sale, house, tax, determine - Real Estate
  21. Bank (seller) countered at $7K above their asking price: 5%, agent, commission - Real Estate
  22. Tax on selling rentals: price, property, value, residential - Real Estate
  23. Best Guess Valuation: square footage, duplex, appraisal, investment - Real Estate
  24. Pre-construction appraisals: sales, price, properties, brokers - Real Estate
  25. Qs about home addition's foundation: percentage, legal, inspector, room - Real Estate
  26. Owner Financing: clause, mortgage, mortgage company, sale - Real Estate
  27. Finding the best place to stay in France: very expensive, offer, clients - Real Estate
  28. How does it work to finance a custom built home?: agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  29. $1200 decrease in property taxes: appraisal, agent, construction, escrow - Real Estate
  30. Switching from buy to build.. still exploring: agent, sales, fees - Real Estate
  31. Legal Action on my Co-op: lawyer, state, NYC, sell - Real Estate
  32. Happy 4th - Open House: renting, contract, Realtor, state - Real Estate
  33. In conract for less than sq footage listed and a lower appraisal: contingency, clause - Real Estate
  34. News, Real estate goes through roof in China.: investments, prices, property
  35. For two kids and a stay home wife, can I save money on tax if I buy a house?: income tax, mortgage - Real Estate
  36. how do i find out if a condo is fannie mae approved?: foreclosure, mortgage - Real Estate
  37. Multiple over the asking price bids on properties: contingency, appraisal, agents - Real Estate
  38. MLS rent ????: RE agent, tenant, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  39. Lakefront house/traditional house: agents, housing, percentage, property - Real Estate
  40. He called us, now what's appropriate?: negotiations, agent, commission, sale - Real Estate
  41. Listing agreement for one buyer: agent, state, house - Real Estate
  42. Sorry if this this is a stupid about applying for an apt in knoxville: fee, property - Real Estate
  43. Determine value for vacant house destroyed by fire: appraisal, insurance, property - Real Estate
  44. Appeal of stained concrete vs more conventional choice: square foot, agent, condo - Real Estate
  45. Why to buy a house: investment, deduction, state, money - Real Estate
  46. June 30th Case Shiller by city: fee, prices, states, default - Real Estate
  47. who has title of my house?: tenants, documents, mortgage, property tax - Real Estate
  48. elaborate on what a backup offer is...: contingency, agent, accept - Real Estate
  49. How to get anREO under contract?: contingency, recommendation, dual agency, commissions - Real Estate
  50. For Sale: One Street - Cheap: homes, community - Real Estate
  51. Lease Purchase Contracts: tenant, mortgage, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  52. Appraisal help: square footage, conversion, 7%, mortgage - Real Estate
  53. Indicators for Real Estate Bottom: foreclosure, investment, mortgage rates, mortgage
  54. Need assistance in selecting the location for residential income property: feedback, investment - Real Estate
  55. Should we try to sell or not??: square foot, foreclosure, sale - Real Estate
  56. Appraisals: disclosure, sales, fees, comparables - Real Estate
  57. Puerto Rico Real estate: incentive, mortgage, mortgage, private mortgage insurance
  58. about investors for homes, and lease purchases: appraised, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  59. closing costs?: 3%, price, contract, offer - Real Estate
  60. Wait and make another offer?: housing, banks, prices, properties - Real Estate
  61. Looking for realtor in Delaware: agent, state, area - Real Estate
  62. Buyer must verify all: disclosure, inspector, Realtors, states - Real Estate
  63. Long Island Real Estate: 6%, mortgage, mortgage, fees
  64. Seller will not complete or deliver a Real Property Disclosure Statement: foreclosure, inspection - Real Estate
  65. Bogus real estate $100-500 transaction/admin/processing fee at closing, court ruling it as illegal: RE agent, agent
  66. Builders In Northern virginia offering Lease Options/Lease Purchase?: construction, interest rate - Real Estate
  67. about buying a vacation home: property, rental, companies, homes - Real Estate
  68. average time to sell home??: agent, percent, price, property - Real Estate
  69. backing out of offer to buy: appraise, negotiations, agent, commission - Real Estate
  70. News, Buy the House, Get the Rolls-Royce Free.: rental, value, state - Real Estate
  71. What does 'back up' bid mean to me?: negotiations, sales, accept - Real Estate
  72. California: Fitch Ratings predicts 36% drop: percent, prices, Realtors, state - Real Estate
  73. realtors....: agents, commercial, state, residential - Real Estate
  74. Flood Insurance - help: feedback, mortgage, mortgage company, property - Real Estate
  75. News, SEC Charges Former Countrywide Executives With Fraud: foreclosure, commission, build - Real Estate
  76. Closing Costs: agent, commission, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  77. what does a homeowner and REA have to disclose?: disclosure, plumber, agent - Real Estate
  78. What is the true sale price for my property tax?: appraisal, foreclosed - Real Estate
  79. Online search with homes on several acres of land: square footage, agent, sale - Real Estate
  80. First zombie banks, now zombie housing developments: condo, townhouse, builders - Real Estate
  81. early occupancy law: tenant, contingency, disclosures, agents - Real Estate
  82. about contract signing. First Time Buyer, help.: auction, 1%, property - Real Estate
  83. It's an easy choice not to pay. says $65 million dollar jingle mailer.: foreclosure, investments - Real Estate
  84. How often have you seen FHA loans assumed?: 1%, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  85. neighbor: plumber, construction, inspector, expensive - Real Estate
  86. Selling your home: agent, price, disadvantage, Realtor - Real Estate
  87. News, Conn. man says city taking house over $50 tax bill.: foreclosed, state - Real Estate
  88. house taxes: price, expensive, offer, Realtor - Real Estate
  89. No Seller's Disclosure - PA: sales, price, property, inspection - Real Estate
  90. When did you buy your first real estate property?: renters, homeowner, houses
  91. Two timing renter!: tenants, foreclosed, landlord, property - Real Estate
  92. What kind of marketing is standard on a pending house?: agent, sales - Real Estate
  93. I'm happy I am selling for my house for 130K loss (looking on the brightside): tenants, appraisal - Real Estate
  94. Would you make an offer on a house just by seeing it once?: agent, prices - Real Estate
  95. Realtor to the General Public: agent, commission, sale, fee - Real Estate
  96. Do ppl use agent, investment, sales, fees - Real Estate
  97. Cap & Trade Bill: disclosure, appraiser, housing, inspectors - Real Estate
  98. Closing Costs: feedback, mortgage, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  99. Your Opinions on Open Houses...: RE agent, feedback, 3%, agent - Real Estate
  100. Depressed - Buyers making verbal offers..: contingency, feedback, agent, accept - Real Estate
  101. How Do I Buy a House In This Market???: contingencies, foreclosed, agent - Real Estate
  102. Should I Find Another Real Estate Agent: RE agent, commission, sales
  103. Landscaping my yard to help me sell my house: percentage, price, offers - Real Estate
  104. Preparing house for the market...: appraiser, price, properties, inspectors - Real Estate
  105. Name on title means you're now entitled to half of the down payment?: feedback, investment - Real Estate
  106. CRAZY Camp #5: for Sellers, Buyers, Agents & Friendly Folks-read post 1: foreclosures, sales - Real Estate
  107. Pending home sales rebounding -third consecutive month of gains: foreclosure, mortgages, housing - Real Estate
  108. Can someone explain something about closing dates to me?: recommendation, appraisal, foreclosures - Real Estate
  109. How NOT to do price reductions: agent, sales, banks, prices - Real Estate
  110. What is the eviction process?: tenants, documents, agreement, property - Real Estate
  111. Feng Shui of a home affecting turnover of owners: foreclosed, agents, sale - Real Estate
  112. To the realtors out there - feedback?: contingency, agent, comparable - Real Estate
  113. HOA: disclosure, documents, agent, fees - Real Estate
  114. Cut the price, Sellers!: appraisal, 3%, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  115. Termite inspection said no termites but we found termites: property, inspectors, contract - Real Estate
  116. What do you consider a starter home?: sales, condo, percentage - Real Estate
  117. My First OPEN HOUSE!: tenants, square footage, foreclosure, agent - Real Estate
  118. Sellers refuse to counter our offer - is this common?: plumber, square footage - Real Estate
  119. How to sue an Association: tenants, documents, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  120. Keep land or fire sale it and then what?? Inflation hedge??: tenants, appraised - Real Estate
  121. Experience with High Tension wires on residential prop: appraisal, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  122. Seller paying closing costs - what happens to extra?: appraisal, 3%, agents - Real Estate
  123. 3 bad reasons to buy a home: tenants, incentive, square foot, investment - Real Estate
  124. help... eminent domain: appraisal, price, property tax, lawyer - Real Estate
  125. 8000 dollar tax credit: sale, housing, attorney, claim - Real Estate
  126. The Hunting on House Hunters is Staged: agents, sale, contract - Real Estate
  127. Is Raising Price Illegal?: contingencies, documentation, clause, agent - Real Estate
  128. Multiple offers a scam or not?: agent, commission, sales - Real Estate
  129. Would you not buy a house because it has white appliances instead of stainless???: countertop, house hunting - Real Estate
  130. HVVC your thoughts on this: square foot, appraisal, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  131. My house is showing but...: foreclosures, 5%, agent, sales - Real Estate
  132. How do I keep my real estate investing business going?: tenants, clause
  133. Opinion re appraisal needed: square foot, sales, comparables, price - Real Estate
  134. FSBO etiquette when approaching realtors?: RE agent, 3%, agent, commission - Real Estate
  135. Can my Buyer cancel my contract?: contingencies, disclosure, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  136. Good deal for seller? Flat fee ($1000) local agent offering full representation.: 3%, negotiations - Real Estate
  137. Gift Funds: mortgage, mortgage, sale, banks - Real Estate
  138. Good Real Estate News (for a change): appraiser, mortgage, mortgage
  139. For Sale By Owner Success Stories?: contingency, documents, 3%, clause - Real Estate
  140. for realtors and home buyers.....: agent, properties, offer, state - Real Estate
  141. Real-estate comps, worth squat when gauging value for an offer?: square foot, appraiser - Real Estate
  142. help, seller wants to postphone closing date: mortgage, mortgage, lawyers - Real Estate
  143. Owner Financing Help Needed -- don't understand basics of it -- thanks.: feedback, disclosure - Real Estate
  144. house to be delivered vacant tenant wont leave: tenants, sale, fees - Real Estate
  145. Landlords....Beware of this scam: tenant, documents, construction, property - Real Estate
  146. low ceiling height - hallway/stairs??: agent, legal, inspection, value - Real Estate
  147. How many homes have you owned?: investment, condo, percentage, rent - Real Estate
  148. Interviewing Realtors...what to ask: new agent, commission, sales, fee - Real Estate
  149. Seller does not maintain propert during escrow: agent, sales, comparable - Real Estate
  150. do realtors show their own listings?: feedback, negotiating, agent, price - Real Estate
  151. Closed on a house - finding problems hidden or missed: contingency, disclosures - Real Estate
  152. How much is a basement worth?: appraiser, percent, price, construction - Real Estate
  153. First time home buyer questions: appraisal, clause, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  154. Developer failed to disclose a flood zone: disclosure, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  155. Would you buy in our position?: 6%, mortgage, mortgage, housing - Real Estate
  156. New house or Old house?: housing, construction, properties, inspection - Real Estate
  157. Pricing - leave room to negotiate?: foreclosures, negotiation, agent, sales - Real Estate
  158. What do you consider high property taxes to be?: 1%, income tax, sales - Real Estate
  159. An interesting topic; if we don't sell it we will buy it.: foreclosed, agent - Real Estate
  160. Is a realtor open house: feedback, agent, sale, fee - Real Estate
  161. Our Central Air is stinking up the house - advice?: inexpensive, repairs - Real Estate
  162. Needed ~ Advice On How To Not Walk Away From Bank Addendums: contingencies, disclosure - Real Estate
  163. Advice--buy then sell in my scenario?: contingent, 5%, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  164. Aluminum wiring?: sales, housing, insurance, percentage - Real Estate
  165. making offers in writing: negotiations, agents, agreement, properties - Real Estate
  166. May existing home price decline the biggest on record: tenants, feedback, foreclosures - Real Estate
  167. Best websites to research before buying a home in NJ: disclosure, square footage - Real Estate
  168. Agent appreciation ideas: RE agent, appraised, commission, price - Real Estate
  169. Advice - Can we ditch our agent and offer directly with seller?: clause, negotiations - Real Estate
  170. Is a phone call that difficult?: agent, fee, properties, vent - Real Estate
  171. Offers not being considered: appraisal, 1%, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  172. Closing costs: 2%, mortgage companies, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  173. 1st Time Home Buyers Incentive - A Real Solution to the Housing Problem?: foreclosure, 1% - Real Estate
  174. ever felt they had signed a contract on the wrong house?: incentive, condo - Real Estate
  175. worthwhile home improvements: countertop, investment, price, construction - Real Estate
  176. 15K tax credit on the horizon - no income restrictions: incentive, foreclosure - Real Estate
  177. Commission negotiated in Purchase Agreement: agent, sale, fees, price - Real Estate
  178. FSBO ..buyers and or sellers: appraisal, agent, commission, sale - Real Estate
  179. FSBO, may be getting an offer, what next?: disclosures, recommendation, negotiations - Real Estate
  180. Crack on the slab foundation, serious problem?: agent, sales, construction - Real Estate
  181. For the areas that went through the boom and are still correcting....: feedback, foreclosures - Real Estate
  182. To all constuction companies and contractors: you ain't fooling nobody with your unethical filling and dumping: construction, property - Real Estate
  183. What happens if financing is not approved by deadline?: documents, clause, fees - Real Estate
  184. Is realtor acting accordingly?: tenant, square footage, documentation, appraisal - Real Estate
  185. what if i offer a bonus to selling agent?: 6%, commission, sale - Real Estate
  186. Inflation coming, thinking to buy a house, but housing prices may drop more, how do I protected my little savings?: foreclosures, 8% - Real Estate
  187. Putting in an offer on house though financing isn't approved: agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  188. Why is it like this ???????: contingencies, documents, agent, sale - Real Estate
  189. Does anyoe own/live/have been inside a Santa Fe Style home before?: residential - Real Estate
  190. Estimated Closing Costs?: offer, house, cash, financing - Real Estate
  191. Cal-Firpta: property, state, residence, seller - Real Estate
  192. Board By-laws and Governing Documents: accept, agreement, lawyer, state - Real Estate
  193. Get a home inspection: state, repair, company, bill - Real Estate
  194. Financing contingeny: contingency, appraisal, agent, contract - Real Estate
  195. S.C. state mandated Seller's addendum: agent, mortgage, mortgages, property - Real Estate
  196. News, Buy flat, get step-dad free.: lawyer, apartment, floor, years - Real Estate
  197. Confused on PMI: appraised, mortgage, mortgages, private mortgage insurance - Real Estate
  198. Need creative suggestions and thoughts.....: agents, properties, brokers, advantages - Real Estate
  199. Realtor advanage of teams: agent, state, company, management - Real Estate
  200. News, No Recession in Hong Kong Office Sales.: landlords, prices, broker - Real Estate