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  1. about real estate tax assessment: percentage, price, construction, property tax
  2. New development in the area: fees, housing, condo, price - Real Estate
  3. What does 3rd Home indicator on Zillow mean?: listing, showings - Real Estate
  4. Reston vs One Loudoun condo: construction, townhouse, bedroom, HOA - Real Estate
  5. ssessment rehabbed house: appraisal, mortgage, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  6. Many repairs needed. Could just few repairs highlight them more?: house, work - Real Estate
  7. disclosures and inspections: agent, sale, agreement, inspector - Real Estate
  8. Showing a rental during Quarantine: tenants, feedback, foreclosure, agent - Real Estate
  9. Buying owners title I have to buy it from the settlement company's vendor??: agent, mortgage companies - Real Estate
  10. Maryland Address/Crime Look-ups ?: showing - Real Estate
  11. Higher EMD: contingencies, appraisal, agent, price - Real Estate
  12. Has used a Bridge Loan? Other ideas?: 2%, investments, mortgage - Real Estate
  13. Do foreigners who own US real estate pay taxes when they sell?: income tax, investment
  14. Its not YOUR house - Real Estate
  15. Contingent--Flippant or Definitive: clause, agent, sales, property - Real Estate
  16. condo short term?: investment, mortgage, mortgage, PMI - Real Estate
  17. Can you find conventional mortgages with no pre payment penalties??: clause, mortgage - Real Estate
  18. Home sales in parts of Hawaii and Toronto show sales declines: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  19. Home Warranty for rental properties: tenant, recommendation, plumber, cheapest - Real Estate
  20. Someone can answer uestions ?: tenant, agents, commissions, sales - Real Estate
  21. Checked listings today. The higher end is still going up. 300K and down dropping: mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  22. What to expect in an inspection?: contingencies, documentation, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  23. Number of listings increased 3-4 times over last week: mortgages, price, economy - Real Estate
  24. asset-based loan vs income based loan for mortgage: investment, landlord, banks - Real Estate
  25. Running Gas Lines?!: agent, price, property, legal - Real Estate
  26. Vermiculite insulation?: sale, inspection, state, bedrooms - Real Estate
  27. Living in an HOA: square foot, insurance, condo, construction - Real Estate
  28. Virtual Open House - where to advertise?: check - Real Estate
  29. Zillow agent ratings and sales stats: RE agent, feedback, recommendation, mortgage - Real Estate
  30. Basic Bible Church: mortgage, mortgage, property, house - Real Estate
  31. Have you used a service to get your house ready to list?: price, property - Real Estate
  32. Vacant Land Questions: cheapest, sale, fees, insurance - Real Estate
  33. about MIP and upfront MIP: documents, appraisal, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  34. Irrational fear when finding a house?: townhome, company, Florida, article - Real Estate
  35. Marketing to specific buyer set: prices, properties, buyers, location - Real Estate
  36. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac loosening lending standards and offer alt appraisals: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  37. Property grade set w/o consideration of both adjacent properties: building, garage - Real Estate
  38. Zestimates cited in court!: sales, housing, property, attorneys - Real Estate
  39. Florida suburban housing prices - up or down?: RE agent, contingent, flocking - Real Estate
  40. Los Angeles Restricts Evictions & Mandates Rental Units Stay On Market: London, city - Real Estate
  41. Typical Closing Time: sales, contracts, loan, lenders - Real Estate
  42. Title company contacted me after closing for more money.: agent, fee, condo - Real Estate
  43. Keep having to submit pay stubs..: broker, approved, closing, salary - Real Estate
  44. Malibu Condo sales and values drop: agents, condos, prices, houses - Real Estate
  45. Land Purchase in Tierra grande: investment, sales, construction, properties - Real Estate
  46. Why Do The Photos All Look Alike?: Realtors, state, furniture - Real Estate
  47. Help CoBorrower: mortgage, mortgage, banks, claim - Real Estate
  48. Carl Ichan shorting the commercial real estate market: tenants, insurance, landlord
  49. Last day (final) walk through: property, contracts, state, cost - Real Estate
  50. move, which home to sell??: tenants, condo, price, properties - Real Estate
  51. Homes have multiple offers in less than 24 hours. What to do?: contingencies, foreclosed - Real Estate
  52. AirBnB how does this work: 2014, investment, fee, landlords - Real Estate
  53. Tiny house cost: investment, housing, landlord, price - Real Estate
  54. Securing property while for sale: feedback, rental, contract, houses - Real Estate
  55. Selling your Home? How did you deal with the home inspectors list of house problems?: 1%, negotiation - Real Estate
  56. When to break the news about buying a house?: investment, properties, inspection - Real Estate
  57. Writing a letter to accompany an offer?: accept, housing, property - Real Estate
  58. Realtor should recommend or inform?: disclosure, recommendation, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  59. pennsylvania property management: tenants, agent, investment, agreement - Real Estate
  60. Sell with realtor... buy by owner questions: plumber, documentation, appraisal - Real Estate
  61. In-kind 1031 exchange: agents, investment, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  62. People leaving NYC: rental, Realtors, state, homeowners - Real Estate
  63. The most important thing in real estate: square footage, condo, price
  64. Should I give prospective buyers a copy of the inspection report?: incentive, disclosures - Real Estate
  65. buying a house: lawsuit, property, lawyer, inspection - Real Estate
  66. What was foreclosure buying like during housing crash?: 2015, auctions, foreclosed - Real Estate
  67. Selling and buying during Covid-19: tenant, contingent, foreclosures, agent - Real Estate
  68. Condos: Is special assessment insurance worth it?: property, expensive, contract - Real Estate
  69. Bad time to buy property?: tenants, feedback, foreclosures, 7% - Real Estate
  70. Should I Ask My Listing Agent To Only Show My Home To Pre-Approved Buyers?: negotiating, sales - Real Estate
  71. on Ethics: agent, insurance, price, claim - Real Estate
  72. I am selling my home; Closing scheduled for 7 days; HOA just sent list of problems!: feedback, estoppel - Real Estate
  73. Seeking: spreadsheets/lists of all tax rates by city, state,: income tax, sales - Real Estate
  74. Luxury Townhouse vs SFH - Which to Buy??: agent, sales, fees - Real Estate
  75. Commission: 3%, dual agency, property, broker - Real Estate
  76. Putting phone number or email in the MLS listing description: agent, sales - Real Estate
  77. Post-Pandemic Migration from Expensive Cities Likely As 1 in 4 Newly Remote Employees Expect Work-From-Home to Continue: investment, housing - Real Estate
  78. Flood Loss - Seller Responsibility: disclosures, 2015, insurance, lawyers - Real Estate
  79. Bad agent??: contingencies, investment, sale, accept - Real Estate
  80. Disenchanted with home ownership so far: 9%, investment, condos, landlord - Real Estate
  81. Closing Date with Tenant-Occupied SFR: tenants, contingent, agent, landlords - Real Estate
  82. Realtor: foreclosure, sale, fees, realty - Real Estate
  83. does see a real estate bubble or collapse coming ?: income tax, mortgage rates
  84. How does property tax work if the second house is out of state?: income tax, condo - Real Estate
  85. Ingenious Ways to Market FSBO House: Realtor recommendation, appraisal, agent, sale - Real Estate
  86. Do you own a Home or a house ?: value, state - Real Estate
  87. Complaint against RE agents/brokers?: contingencies, disclosure, appraisal, negotiation - Real Estate
  88. Post inspection: Should we back out?: stucco, plumber, appraise, prices - Real Estate
  89. How to search for divorce records?: sales, settlement, property, claim - Real Estate
  90. 30% missed June payments???: 6%, investments, mortgage companies, mortgages - Real Estate
  91. Land Purchase (Land Doesn't Perc): price, property, legal, expensive - Real Estate
  92. Oil tank: tenants, disclosure, mortgage, property - Real Estate
  93. What happens when $600 a week federal unemployment runs out?: foreclosures, claim, states - Real Estate
  94. How long have you been in your current home?: foreclosure, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  95. How to pay property tax/homeowner insurance after paying off mortgage?: documentation, mortgage company - Real Estate
  96. Left with Reverse Mortgage: agent, mortgages, accept, price - Real Estate
  97. Stalling Tactics used by Home Sellers: agent, sale, accept, price - Real Estate
  98. Should I believe this Zillow valuation?: appraisal, prices, property tax, rental - Real Estate
  99. use Angie's list in due diligence for home purchase?: disclosures, recommendation - Real Estate
  100. Meth tests as part of home inspections....: disclosure, appraisal, sales - Real Estate
  101. House or condo -- What is your personal choice?: square footage, fees, condominium - Real Estate
  102. Six months into a new home and realized we don't want to be long term. help?: agent, investments - Real Estate
  103. Take name off deed/mortgage without selling?: settlement, property, rent - Real Estate
  104. Multiple listings with in sight of each other-good, bad?: square footage, sales, housing - Real Estate
  105. Buyers and Sellers: What choices have you made COVID?: appraised, agents - Real Estate
  106. Help!!! Sellers reply to our repair request: contingent, appraisal, 3% - Real Estate
  107. Going from sold to off market on Zillow: contingent, sales - Real Estate
  108. virtual viewings and inspections. would you buy a house on a virtual viewing?: housing, condos - Real Estate
  109. Better to buy a condo/house or rent?: tenant, documents, duplex - Real Estate
  110. Older lender out of business - never released lien: foreclosure, mortgage, mortgage company - Real Estate
  111. Property Tax Lookup: mortgage, mortgage, rental, value - Real Estate
  112. owners title insurance on a condo unit??: investment, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  113. Adventures in house shopping-the stuff sellers did or did not do.: agents, housing - Real Estate
  114. How is square footage determined?: appraisal, percent, property tax, lawyer - Real Estate
  115. worth buying a bigger house?: agent, mortgage, price, property tax - Real Estate
  116. Why do I let horrible pictures make me insanely annoyed?: agent, price - Real Estate
  117. Making an offer to a seller that is using Cartus: contingencies, appraisal - Real Estate
  118. Did real estate prices move at all due to the virus situation?: mortgage, sale
  119. Advocates worried flippers will take advantage during virus: disclosure, 3%, mortgages - Real Estate
  120. What impact has coronavirus had in the value of your home?: investment, sales - Real Estate
  121. Vacation homes on fire sale?: mortgage, housing, landlords, renters - Real Estate
  122. Friend put her house on the market last weekend and...: appraisal, sale - Real Estate
  123. Another U.S.-Wide Housing Slump Is Coming: RE market, 7%, mortgage - Real Estate
  124. What type of things are acceptable inspection issues to bring up?: contingencies, disclosure - Real Estate
  125. Landlords, Beware This Rent Moratorium in SoCal: tenants, duplex, arrears - Real Estate
  126. After accepting RFR, how to make sure buyer will not come back with more issues?: disclosures, negotiating - Real Estate
  127. The price of a house: condos, comparable, prices, construction - Real Estate
  128. After closing- reason to share contact with buyer?: agent, sale - Real Estate
  129. Leaving things,transition for buyers: disclosure, countertop, sale, property - Real Estate
  130. Social distancing MOST certainly will create the need: prices, properties, townhouse - Real Estate
  131. Can/do HOAs ever get created after the fact?: mortgage, mortgage, annual fee - Real Estate
  132. Trying to figure out the ramifications:: documents, appraisal, price, properties - Real Estate
  133. Seeking Advice: Backing out of a new Home construction contract due to update - now no pool: agent, sales - Real Estate
  134. 3 million mortgages in forbearance...: foreclosures, mortgage, banks, advantage - Real Estate
  135. Buying a Historic Home Fixer!: investment, mortgage, sale, attorney - Real Estate
  136. gift for realtor: commission, sales, price, cost - Real Estate
  137. Is this a realtor's responsibility or no?: contingency, commission, mortgage - Real Estate
  138. Worst Case Scenario - In an Extreme Bind: tenants, agents, mortgage companies - Real Estate
  139. [Buyer House buying contract expired due to oil tank found and now coronavirus, need a way out: contingent, clause - Real Estate
  140. Pull out of contract during uncertain economy?: feedback, appraisal, foreclosures - Real Estate
  141. Hold off on refinancing now?: appraisal, mortgage rates, mortgage, inspection - Real Estate
  142. Tenant forged my signature other things: tenants, landlord, lawyer - Real Estate
  143. Listing home for sale at this time?: countertop, sales, housing - Real Estate
  144. Loud music and parties in condominium: tenants, condominiums, residence, building - Real Estate
  145. Buying inherited home that didn’t go through probate?: documents, agent, insurance - Real Estate
  146. Can a settlement be delayed due to the Coronavirus with elderly people?: recommendation, sale - Real Estate
  147. Corona Slowdown? Not In Northeast Los Angeles: RE market, stucco, recommendation - Real Estate
  148. Custom home Proposal, can you renegoiate now?: agent, prices, construction - Real Estate
  149. Need insight on selling my home: contingent, agent, sale, housing - Real Estate
  150. Realtor avoids putting my requests in to offer: contingency, agent, commission - Real Estate
  151. Open Houses per month: new agent, sales, percentage, property - Real Estate
  152. Strange Situation with Vacant Listing: agent, condo, landlords, property - Real Estate
  153. Residential construction deemed non essential: agents, broker, contractors, states - Real Estate
  154. Letter offering to buy my property lowball?: value, Realtor, state - Real Estate
  155. Has been lectured as to why ask price is too high: feedback, agent - Real Estate
  156. Real Estate and the Corona Virus: foreclosures, investment, insurance, prices
  157. Do you think buying a home will be again?: investments, mortgage - Real Estate
  158. Need advice on selling our home: feedback, price, contract, value - Real Estate
  159. Mortgage Rates Right?: 1%, sale, fees, banks - Real Estate
  160. contingencies if/when construction runs over?: incentive, clause, negotiating - Real Estate
  161. Should we change our selling agent?: feedback, new agent, agreement, property - Real Estate
  162. selling home under appraisal: mortgage, mortgage, condo, comparable - Real Estate
  163. For the love of God, agents hire better photographers!: countertop, agent - Real Estate
  164. Why would people tour the house if they don’t want to buy?: feedback, agent - Real Estate
  165. Help with selling questions!: contingent, 2014, agent, commission - Real Estate
  166. My termite inspection only took 5 minutes. Is this right?: sales, insurance, inspector - Real Estate
  167. HELP!!! Contract for new home before pandemic, home prices are dropping, what can we do?: incentive, square footage - Real Estate
  168. How has your RE market been afffected by COVID?: tenants, appraisal, 4% - Real Estate
  169. Condo has a HOA.: documents, fees, housing, insurance - Real Estate
  170. What Changes Would You Make to the Inspection Process?: contingent, plumber, agents - Real Estate
  171. Should alterations & additions be on the county records sketch: documents, conversion - Real Estate
  172. REITs get crushed, but local markets unscathed....: investments, prices, property - Real Estate
  173. Real Estate Teams Commission: 3%, agent, sales, fee
  174. Beginning a search for a house: condos, price, Realtor, state - Real Estate
  175. Landlord Giving Out or Accepting Temporary Relief From Renters?: tenants, plumber - Real Estate
  176. Fence Installation in rear of Townhouse: documents, mortgage, mortgage company, insurance - Real Estate
  177. How much to offer? Home sales are down (Covid19): agent, housing, condo - Real Estate
  178. HOA buying clubhouse for way over value - would like to research: documents, appraisal - Real Estate
  179. Forbearance and ability to get a new mortgage in the future: housing, banks - Real Estate
  180. Fire Alarm inside Condo Unit: property, lawyers, offer, state - Real Estate
  181. Seeing in a home: square foot, mortgage, mortgage, percentage - Real Estate
  182. Votes counted by square footage or one vote per unit?: fees, accept - Real Estate
  183. Swimming Pool or No Swimming Pool: investment, value, states, cost - Real Estate
  184. Rent versus Sell personal house conundrum ...: tenant, sale, housing, landlords - Real Estate
  185. Donation a portion of property?: appraiser, agent, mortgage, mortgage company - Real Estate
  186. Selling a large 4000+ sq ft Mediterranean House in Florida: sale, percentage, expensive - Real Estate
  187. What Commericial Buildings Would Be Best To Convert To Housing?: tenants, conversion - Real Estate
  188. Seller accepted move-in on closing day, then refused access to movers: normal?: sale, condo - Real Estate
  189. Why are balconies attractive to buyers?: tenant, condo, prices, rent - Real Estate
  190. Low interest mortgages saving or expanding the market?: mortgage rates, sales, housing - Real Estate
  191. Just unbelievable!!: 5%, sales, housing, landlords - Real Estate
  192. When will more home listings hit the market?: agent, sale, Realtor - Real Estate
  193. Age Restricted Communities...The New Scarlet Letter???: documents, housing, illegal - Real Estate
  194. Broker transaction fee on settlement statement: contingency, documents, agent, commission - Real Estate
  195. Seller unilaterally changed terms: agent, sale, settlement, lawsuits - Real Estate
  196. Has covid eliminated more sellers or buyers?: agent, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  197. Do off-brand plumbing fixtures hurt resale value?: appraiser, price, expensive - Real Estate
  198. Are you anticipating trouble making that mortgage payment?: mortgages, state, loans - Real Estate
  199. how do you like 3D Matterport tours now? - Real Estate
  200. Data for seasonal sales of senior communities in the South: states, historical - Real Estate