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  54. Everyone: state, community - Real Estate
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  59. to dig out old swimming pool and put in a new one?: conversion, build - Real Estate
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  65. litter box: tenant, condo, landlord, most expensive - Real Estate
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  80. real estate attorney: agent, sale, agreement, price
  81. Closing costs: appraise, negotiation, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
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  84. Should I invest in this property? Middletown NY: tenant, square foot, appraisal - Real Estate
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  89. Homeowners Associations - can they do that???: documents, foreclosed, mortgage - Real Estate
  90. Why couldn't the real estate agent and the mortgage company listen to me?: RE market, documentation
  91. would you buy a nice house if you couldn't afford it?: 5%, commissions - Real Estate
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  96. NYC: Interested in a house with an exclusive listing agent and getting confused.: RE agent, dual agency - Real Estate
  97. Is the real estate market forever tainted for 18-35 year olds?: 5%, mortgage
  98. Have the feeling with the house?: appraisal, negotiation, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  99. Would you buy a house where someone died?: property, house hunting, offer - Real Estate
  100. IF you could ONLY buy a house with cash (mortgages no longer available), would you?: mortgage, housing - Real Estate
  101. Furnish a small house for sale?: price, properties, rent, state - Real Estate
  102. Something is off: appraiser, foreclosures, banks, prices - Real Estate
  103. Best site for FSBO homeowners?: recommendation, agent, commission, sales - Real Estate
  104. Should I ask my agent to help with this task?: RE agent, insurance - Real Estate
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  106. Still have time to pull out of deal....should I?: appraisal, investment - Real Estate
  107. No Rise In Home Prices Until 2020: Bankers: auctions, foreclosures, 4% - Real Estate
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  112. Rent back: contingent, agent, insurance, landlords - Real Estate
  113. Who pays for fence damage?: insurance, property, legal, claim - Real Estate
  114. abut Contingencies: agent, mortgage, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  115. Trees increase property value: state, bedrooms, homeowner, house - Real Estate
  116. Home improvement options: getting the most bang for your buck: feedback, foreclosures - Real Estate
  117. News Video, Deputies investigate explosion of HOA president's mailbox.: contingencies, accept, housing - Real Estate
  118. The home I was in the process of buying has been delisted?: foreclose, agent - Real Estate
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  121. Rent vs. Buying: foreclosure, agents, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  122. Should i buy a home just to improve my credit score?: investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  123. Buying a new house- older with character or newer low-maintenance?: banks, prices - Real Estate
  124. What to do when the Seller won't perform: appraisal, lawsuit, properties - Real Estate
  125. Does Urbanization necessitate higher rents?: housing, prices, lawyers, rental - Real Estate
  126. buy their first home...over the age of 40?: mortgage, mortgage, downpay - Real Estate
  127. Would you pay 1.5 million for this?: mortgage, mortgage, sale, housing - Real Estate
  128. Do you think the Sellers Realator is being: RE agent, documents, appraisal - Real Estate
  129. Advice selling a fixer upper house: agent, investment, commission, mortgage - Real Estate
  130. Disclosure: disclosures, agent, accept, price - Real Estate
  131. Real estate investing vs. buying a business: tenant, 7%, investments
  132. does standard home owner's insurance cover earthquakes?: agent, very expensive, value - Real Estate
  133. Condo--good inside, bad outside: tenants, investment, fee, condos - Real Estate
  134. What happens if a tree falls on house that's from your neighborhood's common open...will HOA pay?: insurance, properties - Real Estate
  135. What do I do if I ask my neighbor for access to his property to avoid damage to his property and he refuses?: agent, insurance - Real Estate
  136. Hoa: auction, preforeclosure, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  137. Trulia Local Ads, ActiveRain, Realtor Showcase, Top Producer...: agents, monthly fee, realty - Real Estate
  138. walk throughs with contractors: contingency, agent, sale, property - Real Estate
  139. Zillow Zestimate Algorithm explained: investment, sales, housing, prices - Real Estate
  140. How accurate is Zillow ....?: disclosure, agent, sales, price - Real Estate
  141. Land & Deed Issue: property tax, lawyers, claim, value - Real Estate
  142. Contingency Specifying Commission: contingencies, documentation, 4%, clause - Real Estate
  143. Master bedroom is small: furniture, building, cost, house - Real Estate
  144. We close on Friday - But the Pool Chlorinator is missing now: disclosure, appraisal - Real Estate
  145. How many homes did you look at before you found 'the one'?: RE agent, agents - Real Estate
  146. Words you typed into search engine when buying / selling home?: appraisal, foreclosures - Real Estate
  147. Market Tanks- Now What for New Homebuyers??: 4%, investment, mortgage rates - Real Estate
  148. realtor sold us a house w legal problems: disclosure, documents, agent - Real Estate
  149. First Time Buyer - Questions about Agents: RE agent, negotiation, agent - Real Estate
  150. Scam?: tenants, appraise, sales, landlords - Real Estate
  151. Help me choose between two condos: countertop, agent, investment, percentage - Real Estate
  152. Cost for new windows in entire house?: square foot, price, construction - Real Estate
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  154. Shared walkway between the houses: tenant, agreement, lawsuits, properties - Real Estate
  155. Bedroom requirements. Strange scenario.: construction, property, inspectors, rental - Real Estate
  156. HGTV's House Hunters.........what does this mean?: negotiations, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
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  158. House gettin lots of activity but no offers: feedback, agent, sale - Real Estate
  159. Neighbor From Hell Infringing on Seller's Rights: sale, property, lawyers - Real Estate
  160. What are your pet peeves and what makes a neighborhood trashy?: property, renter - Real Estate
  161. Undisclosed wet basement: disclosure, property, inspector, claim - Real Estate
  162. How does Zillow get its zestimates'?: agent, sales, price - Real Estate
  163. New Home Buyer - legal rights if house construction is delayed for months: incentive, housing - Real Estate
  164. what steps to take first when buying: recommendation, agent, investment - Real Estate
  165. Purchasing in another State before living there??: recommendation, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  166. easements and property disputs: landlord, attorney, renter, claim - Real Estate
  167. for the real-estate experts!: contingencies, feedback, agent, commission - Real Estate
  168. NC HOA and Motorcycles: legal, rent, townhomes, bedrooms - Real Estate
  169. Big disconnect between Sellers and Buyers in value: foreclosures, agent, percent - Real Estate
  170. Listing price reduced after offer: feedback, 3%, negotiating, dual agency - Real Estate
  171. After the close.......: property, legal, expensive, value - Real Estate
  172. Suggestions needed. Furniture taken but not on offer.: clause, agent, sale - Real Estate
  173. My buddy thinks he's too old to build his dream house ..........I say he's not.: rent, bedrooms - Real Estate
  174. Preliminary (off the record) pre-inspection?: feedback, disclosure, clause, agents - Real Estate
  175. Neighbor Harrassment?: property, lawyer, claim, garage - Real Estate
  176. On average, how much off the asking price do homeowners settle for?: appraise, 5% - Real Estate
  177. Homeowner's Insurance Ripoff??? - Suggestions: recommendation, agent, commissions, mortgage - Real Estate
  178. Relocation Assistance Agreement - WTH???: tenant, disclosure, documents, clause - Real Estate
  179. Advice needed about a new development and convenants: RE agent, square footage, agent - Real Estate
  180. Could I afford to live on this?: mortgage, mortgages, insurance - Real Estate
  181. Unprofessional Buyer's Agent...what to do?: contingency, documents, appraisal, investment - Real Estate
  182. Is it just about Price NOW?: incentive, mortgage rates, mortgages, housing - Real Estate
  183. On market > 400 days - Evaluate my offer: incentive, square foot, appraisal - Real Estate
  184. Buying a home- can you ask for above ground pool to be removed?: agent, price - Real Estate
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  186. Marketplace Homes 6 year guaranteed lease: tenant, appraisal, 6%, negotiating - Real Estate
  187. I need to TRADE or sell my home on 10 acres (realtorss welcome): mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  188. What's required to become a broker rather than a sales person?: agent, commissions - Real Estate
  189. Newb ? about buying expensive stuff before Settlement: documentation, agent, Realtor - Real Estate
  190. Housing Dilemma: tenants, mortgages, sale, fee - Real Estate
  191. Trade my $250,000 house for a $99,000 one?: contingency, investment, sales, accept - Real Estate
  192. about Property Taxes and Assessments: foreclosure, mortgage, mortgages, sale - Real Estate
  193. Why would a buyer say he does not want to use a realtor?: agent, commission - Real Estate
  194. Unresponsive Agent or About Average: tenants, fee, property, renters - Real Estate
  195. Agents goes nuts--I think: agent, lawsuit, properties, lawyer - Real Estate
  196. Foreign Citizen - US Property - Name Change: investment, lawyer, home - Real Estate
  197. Desktop Underwriter Error Message: property, states, how to - Real Estate
  198. Fair Housing Act in 55+ new communitoes: developer, home - Real Estate
  199. seller disclosure indiana: insurance, offer, Realtor, disclose - Real Estate
  200. Wholesaling properties: wholesale, buying - Real Estate