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  11. New Home Sales Surge 24% in June, Inventory at 42-Year Low: housing, banks - Real Estate
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  17. The Current State of Real Estate: contingencies, incentive, appraisal, agent
  18. Pricing my flip: appraisal, agent, sales, fees - Real Estate
  19. Student Housing: tenants, feedback, cheapest, investment - Real Estate
  20. Help!! Gettig rid of Glass stuck to wall - lead paint issue?!: tenant, price - Real Estate
  21. The listing vs google street view: square foot, prices, rental, economy - Real Estate
  22. Scape Home/ Getway Home/ Weekend Home... It doesn't matter how we call it... Is it worth to have it?: investment, condo - Real Estate
  23. Co-op to turn Condo?: conversion, mortgage, mortgage, fees - Real Estate
  24. May I buy a house tilted to a family trust?: documents, owners - Real Estate
  25. about putting home up for sale???: foreclosed, agent, fees - Real Estate
  26. know how I can get a residential/circumferential map?: state, New Jersey - Real Estate
  27. Who gets the Commission FSBO?: 3%, agent, sale, agreements - Real Estate
  28. On Market to Close - 1 Month!: condo, price, contract, offers - Real Estate
  29. What does the broker do exactly? Can I find a better deal by shopping on-line?: documents, investments - Real Estate
  30. May Case-Shiller: 5%, housing, prices, value - Real Estate
  31. sale in lieu of partition: fees, property, attorney, rent - Real Estate
  32. News, Get a condo for less than the price of a new car.: condominium, homes - Real Estate
  33. I dont like realtors: cheapest, 1%, agent, commission - Real Estate
  34. Paid deposit, no lease Realtors jerking me around: fees, housing, landlords - Real Estate
  35. Subdivision List?: website, how to, county, city - Real Estate
  36. Does sell Co-op (Bankrupt) Insurance?: percentage, property tax, renters, homeowners - Real Estate
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  40. Buying land from the county?: appraisal, auction, commission, property - Real Estate
  41. A - Real Estate
  42. Commission Percentage to Rental Management Company: tenants, foreclosures, investment, sale - Real Estate
  43. Loan commitment letter?: appraisal, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  44. News, Second homes: All the joys of Florida in one spot.: prices, county - Real Estate
  45. Re-establish Right of Way to land?: cheapest, price, properties, attorney - Real Estate
  46. Renovating above an OLD downtown building: investments, fee, property tax, rent - Real Estate
  47. Not sure how selling works with the equity in the home.: 6%, agent - Real Estate
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  49. Closing company for refinancing.: mortgage, settlement, insurance, price - Real Estate
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  51. The only way to become a millionaire in real estate...: disclosure, housing
  52. HOA demographics?: housing, condo, expensive, states - Real Estate
  53. Escrow, waiting, preparing: mortgage, mortgage, renters, lender - Real Estate
  54. Questions to ask when checking a Real Estate Agent's referenences: offers, Realtors
  55. Hot tub in a home for sale, a list of questions about hot tubs help: points, rooms - Real Estate
  56. Want to buy house in NJ: gated community, price, city, area - Real Estate
  57. News, Doomsday shelters making a comeback.: sale, price, property, developer - Real Estate
  58. What should you expect from your buyer's agent: contingencies, disclosure, documents - Real Estate
  59. Qiestion about Commercial property as the seller: contractors, offer, building - Real Estate
  60. User Occupany Request to Seller: cheapest, sale, insurance, agreement - Real Estate
  61. Loan Modification: feedback, foreclosure, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  62. Your thoughts on behavior at different price levels: sale, comparable, prices - Real Estate
  63. Seller sells by self, or use realtor..+ -: appraisal, 2%, agent - Real Estate
  64. have experience in lowering home price to instigate a bidding war?: contingencies, auction - Real Estate
  65. Termite Inspection: states, company, house, buyers - Real Estate
  66. How do I fire my Listing Agent Legally and wo Penalty?: RE market, agreement - Real Estate
  67. Selling Home Questions: tenants, appraiser, 6%, agent - Real Estate
  68. Pros and Cons of Using Seller's Settlement Company: documents, appraisal, foreclosure - Real Estate
  69. Buying Down Points More Expensive Now?: 1%, mortgage, mortgage, loan - Real Estate
  70. How Do I Get Comps For Undeveloped Land?: disclosure, agent, sales - Real Estate
  71. Two Predictions for the Future of Real Estate: 5%, mortgage, mortgages
  72. Can I qualifiy for a FHA loan without steady employment history?: 5%, mortgage - Real Estate
  73. Would you buy a single-family home in flood zone?: agent, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  74. First home buyer tax credit - no signatures on HUD1 Form (Texas): income tax, agent - Real Estate
  75. Company relo and home improvements: appraisal, price, inspector, contractor - Real Estate
  76. Mortgage vs. Closing Contingency: contingencies, clause, agent, sale - Real Estate
  77. S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index - Home prices up 3.8% in April: 2%, sales - Real Estate
  78. The Oil Spill and Real Estate Prices: sales, HOA, home
  79. Title Insurance Shopping: agent, mortgage, mortgage, fees - Real Estate
  80. Need to get out from under this house: insurance, condo, construction - Real Estate
  81. what did you do when your agent, inspector, & termite inspector are debating moisture under the house?: accept, inspectors - Real Estate
  82. Move Up Buyer Tax Credit HELP: price, legal, claim - Real Estate
  83. June Case Shiller by Metro Area: sales, housing, price, claim - Real Estate
  84. Another reason to dislike Redfin?: RE market, disclosure, square footage, agent - Real Estate
  85. Appraisal $9000 less than our agreed price: contingent, agent, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  86. Listing Expiring While Deal Goes Thru and A Counter Offer: negotiations, dual agency - Real Estate
  87. Stable US residential markets: 4%, agents, sales, housing - Real Estate
  88. Combining two sections of land.: mortgages, fees, value, deeds - Real Estate
  89. Seller leaving behind lots of garbage and chemicals: clause, agent, accept - Real Estate
  90. Seeking home inspection advice: foreclosed, mortgage, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  91. Since when does the appraisal depend 100% on the purchase price? I it was the other way around...: RE agent, agent - Real Estate
  92. Help Harassment from Florida Business Broker!: contingencies, disclosing, commission, sales - Real Estate
  93. Agents: What do you think is best? Sell or Rent: agent, sales - Real Estate
  94. S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index keeps going up. National AVG+4.6%. California - SF+18.3%, SD+12.4%, LA+9.7%: 2013, foreclosures - Real Estate
  95. Cramer: Housing Is Recovering: disclosure, foreclosures, agents, sales - Real Estate
  96. Home shoppers taking fresh look at renting: mortgage, mortgage, fees - Real Estate
  97. Building - should I use the wider width hardwoods for resale?: price, construction - Real Estate
  98. The next leg down in Real Estate is coming: RE market, foreclosure, mortgages
  99. Advice on Exclusive Buyer Representation Agreement: recommendation, negotiation, dual agency, commission - Real Estate
  100. What trends that buyers are looking for are going out of style?: agreement, kitchens - Real Estate
  101. Agent Selling An Offer: RE agent, negotiation, accepting, price - Real Estate
  102. Homebuyer tax credit blues: incentive, documentation, income tax, mortgage - Real Estate
  103. Does a home with pool add value?: insurance, Realtor, states - Real Estate
  104. Building a Home without permits?: square footage, mortgage, mortgage, fees - Real Estate
  105. Would you have an issue living by power lines? Do you believe it's unhealthy?: investment, sale - Real Estate
  106. remodeling: clause, agent, agreement, construction - Real Estate
  107. Prisoners Cashed in on Home Buyer Tax Credit: documentation, inspector, offering - Real Estate
  108. Homeowners at Last!!!: recommendation, settlement, price, inspection - Real Estate
  109. Why are homes described as perfect for 1st time buyer: contingent, mortgage - Real Estate
  110. What's the worst that could happen?: conversion, appraisal, auction, accept - Real Estate
  111. Is she unprofessional or am I just impatient?: agent, agreement, property tax - Real Estate
  112. Are there investment realtors ?: RE agent, agents, commission, properties - Real Estate
  113. tired of cleaning and keeping the place up for sale.. should i take it off the market?: agent, housing - Real Estate
  114. Bidding on TWO homes: Thoughts about this~~: negotiations, sales, accept - Real Estate
  115. Incorrect information on MLS listing: disclosure, square footage, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  116. Homebuying when cats and dogs don't mix: property, state, buy a house - Real Estate
  117. News, Pa. city shames owners of blighted property on Web.: mortgages, sales - Real Estate
  118. MLS says water heater is electric, instead there is a non working gas water heater: agent, sales - Real Estate
  119. Where/how can I look? trying all of the MLS, FSBO, newspaper ads, craigslist...: agent, mortgages - Real Estate
  120. Why are people so wasteful?: expensive, contractors, room, hardwood - Real Estate
  121. What's a listing fee?: agent, fees, lawsuit, expensive - Real Estate
  122. Home inspection for new construction: investment, sale, accept, inspectors - Real Estate
  123. Apprasial value for new home: appraisal, mortgage, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  124. Low-ball property appraisal: agent, investment, mortgage companies, mortgage - Real Estate
  125. Buy a condo just to sell within five years?: tenants, documents, investment - Real Estate
  126. Underwater Equity Data - Zandi and Shiller: mortgage, mortgages, percentage - Real Estate
  127. Blows my mind: foreclosed, construction, lawsuit, property tax - Real Estate
  128. Help ...Am I being over charged: documents, appraiser, negotiation, agent - Real Estate
  129. About Realtor Commission: negotiations, dual agency, agreement, price - Real Estate
  130. Has bought a rental property recently? If so, what did the lender require as a down payment?: investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  131. First time Home buyers tax credit ?: mortgage, mortgage, rent - Real Estate
  132. Dear Home Inspector: prices, inspectors, contractor, Realtor - Real Estate
  133. Selling house - no shoes: cheapest, agent, construction, cheap - Real Estate
  134. Housing Market Sees Widespread Price-Cutting: square foot, foreclosures, sales, prices - Real Estate
  135. Closing Nightmare!: feedback, documentation, negotiating, banks - Real Estate
  136. Am I obligated to buy from the realtor who shows the house to me?(subplot: am I overthinking? or, how much is too much?): feedback, agent - Real Estate
  137. 85K upside down and want to move: 8%, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  138. overpriced home in neighborhood: foreclosure, sale, housing, property - Real Estate
  139. House that backs up to a horse/nature trail - positives or negatives of such a home: feedback, offers - Real Estate
  140. Inconsiderate Buyers: feedback, expensive, broker, contract - Real Estate
  141. Sellers Disclosure change and I am 1 week from closing: negotiating, agent, property - Real Estate
  142. Off to a bad start with listing agent, help!: property, broker, contract - Real Estate
  143. House approves homebuyer tax credit extension: income tax, housing, price, property - Real Estate
  144. Where would you buy an investment property today (up to 100K)?: tenants, 1% - Real Estate
  145. How to leave your house: foreclose, investment, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  146. Is it me or the agent?: appraisal, foreclosures, sales, housing - Real Estate
  147. How do I list On MLS listing ?: 3%, agent, commissions - Real Estate
  148. buyers took a two bedroom two story house and now regret it and why.: investment, price - Real Estate
  149. Seller's agent insists on using their preferred title company: documentation, foreclosures, sales - Real Estate
  150. I know the answer to this is no: disclosure, cheapest, auction - Real Estate
  151. How soon to start interviewing realtors?: agent, sales, price, property - Real Estate
  152. Annoying For Sale Signs: agents, property, inspection, state - Real Estate
  153. One more ..: disclosure, agent, property, legal - Real Estate
  154. Is it to back out of this contract with my earnest money?: contingent, appraisal - Real Estate
  155. On Becoming a Real Estate Appraiser...: appraisal, agents, mortgage, mortgage
  156. if an appraisal comes in under, what is the normal average time period allowed for: negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  157. buying a house our agent is selling: negotiations, dual agency, agreement - Real Estate
  158. Home Inspection Repair List - Is This Fair??? Help!!!: contingencies, plumber - Real Estate
  159. How will prices ever go back up?: appraisal, foreclosure, sales - Real Estate
  160. Which metro areas would you say are the best for black americans?: percentage, price - Real Estate
  161. When to give up?: appraisal, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  162. termite inspection found no termites. Good? No!: plumber, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  163. FSBO Inspection Report: disclosure, negotiations, agent, price - Real Estate
  164. Order of various contingency dates on offer: contingencies, feedback, clause - Real Estate
  165. Finding a home: agent, investment, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  166. Is a huge house price crash coming?: appraisal, foreclosures, mortgage - Real Estate
  167. Home Buyers Tax Credit: contingency, incentive, mortgage rates, mortgage - Real Estate
  168. Unauthorized Inspection and Damage: contingent, disclosures, agent, price - Real Estate
  169. Economists Gloomy About Housing Market: 2014, 4%, agents, mortgages - Real Estate
  170. Using an agent for new construction, good or bad idea?: feedback, incentive - Real Estate
  171. Agents: Is the market the slowest ever seen it?: foreclosures, sales - Real Estate
  172. Real Estage agents: RE agent, feedback, square footage, foreclosures - Real Estate
  173. Parking in my spot: gated community, condo, property, state - Real Estate
  174. Black Mold!!!: foreclosure, sales, property, inspection - Real Estate
  175. Thanks to posters on: appraisal, condo, landlords, price - Real Estate
  176. Home inspection problems: contingent, negotiating, agent, price - Real Estate
  177. Landscape: property, value, hardwood, house - Real Estate
  178. Realtor response time?: appraised, foreclosures, negotiation, agent - Real Estate
  179. Using as is contract for regular sale in today's market?: disclosures, foreclosures - Real Estate
  180. Why do buyers have to verify and investigate?: contingency, plumber, square footage - Real Estate
  181. Empty House for Sale Soon, Alarm: agent, expensive, state - Real Estate
  182. Purchase with tenant: tenants, auction, foreclosure, investment - Real Estate
  183. Can you lien a personal residence if...?: agreement, construction, property - Real Estate
  184. Should we sell our home ASAP, before Cap & Trade, Bush taxes cuts come into play?: foreclosures, sales - Real Estate
  185. How much should I charge in rent/deposit???: tenant, feedback, mortgage - Real Estate
  186. Expired listing: agent, mortgage, mortgage company, sale - Real Estate
  187. what is usually wrong: feedback, cheapest, foreclosures, sales - Real Estate
  188. Is the yard seller responsibility?: agent, property, escrow, contracts - Real Estate
  189. Home sales are sluggish and the prices are falling!!: plumber, square foot, agent - Real Estate
  190. It smells and looks like a duck, but we wonder if it's illegal?: contingency, appraised - Real Estate
  191. Conflict of Interest?: agent, commission, sale, prices - Real Estate
  192. This is new to me??? Sellers agent wants $1500 before we submit an offer...: disclosing, foreclosures - Real Estate
  193. when an appraisal goes under the offer......: contingency, 5%, agent - Real Estate
  194. New Accounting Rules Ruffle the Leasing Market: 2013, rental, commercial - Real Estate
  195. Latest Case Shiller by Metro Area: city - Real Estate
  196. News, For sale - village with pub, 40 people.: New Zealand, buy, city - Real Estate
  197. Apt Ratings site for renters. for co-ops or condos?: vent, buyer - Real Estate
  198. No Wonder Home Sales Are Plummeting: foreclosures, housing, prices, properties - Real Estate
  199. The Housing Market: How Bad Will It Get? - Real Estate
  200. Today is the day to lock in your rate: mortgage, mortgage, state - Real Estate