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  15. How much time does homeowner/seller have to wait after expiry of contract with agent: commission, agreement - Real Estate
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  17. have a fascination with the buyers?: price, construction, bedroom - Real Estate
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  25. An Appurtenant: documents, properties, attorneys, value - Real Estate
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  31. two tracts (non-contiguous) on two different deeds of trust: properties, attorney, borrower - Real Estate
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  33. New Built One Year Punch List: 2015, attorney, claim, expensive - Real Estate
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  35. Previous termite damage?: disclosure, inspectors, state, repairs - Real Estate
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  61. renovate or tear down?: square foot, 2013, agent, insurance - Real Estate
  62. Seller's disclosure said heated finished basement but is this considered heated?: disclosures, square footage - Real Estate
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  66. Caring for 1/2 acre lot as I age?: condo, townhouse, points - Real Estate
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  68. Capital Gains Tax Souith Carolina: investment, commissions, sales, fees - Real Estate
  69. Selling a house due to separation/divorce - how does that work?: contingency, recommendation - Real Estate
  70. Realtor / Neighbor goes crazy and inteferes w/ survey: agent, property, broker - Real Estate
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  72. Very Small House - can we trust the Realtor?: RE agent, appraisal, 6% - Real Estate
  73. house hunting: when is it ok to sacrifice on location?: auction, foreclosures - Real Estate
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  75. Would you ever consider buying former rental house for your primary residence?: tenant, feedback - Real Estate
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  77. What's the thing to watch out for in homes built 2010-present?: stucco, foreclosures - Real Estate
  78. HOA Responsibility - Fire Hazards?: fees, properties, value, company - Real Estate
  79. Do we owe a commission or not?: 3%, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  80. Client gifting Realtor, or vice versa?: feedback, foreclosed, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  81. Agent offering discounted commission in super-hot market: RE agent, contingent, 2014 - Real Estate
  82. Selling my timeshare: sales, fee, accept, lawsuit - Real Estate
  83. Maximum word count and photo count for listings: Realtors, rooms, house - Real Estate
  84. How can you tell if you're in a buyers market or a sellers market?: investment, sale - Real Estate
  85. How soon is too soon to paint,: sale, rental, furniture - Real Estate
  86. Possibilities for 60k reno/addition budget on 763 sqft house: square foot, housing, percent - Real Estate
  87. Backup Offer: RE agent, contingencies, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  88. Is there a land pricing rule of thumb for large tracts vs small?: sales, prices - Real Estate
  89. If the Seller Refuses to Fix anything, How much price reduction is right?: RE agent, contingencies - Real Estate
  90. Lead Paint and Water: inspection, contractors, seller, buy a house - Real Estate
  91. Neighbor's fence on my land- options?: documents, property, lawyer, claim - Real Estate
  92. How can you buy a nice 4 bedroom home on 1 salary?: income tax, mortgage - Real Estate
  93. Is it to use more than one realtor when looking around the state?: agent, prices - Real Estate
  94. Is buying an old house a big NO-NO?: construction, inspected, contractors - Real Estate
  95. Figuring out value of odd land.: appraisal, negotiations, price, property tax - Real Estate
  96. want Celine Dion's 38 million dollar oceanfront home?: 2013, price, properties - Real Estate
  97. Price increase when no one buys?: agent, sales, prices, offer - Real Estate
  98. Tips for buying a condo.: agent, mortgage calculator, mortgages, fees - Real Estate
  99. When you were house hunting did you see a property and think WTH?: appraisal, foreclosure - Real Estate
  100. Fixing up/repairing/renovation a home that will be ours (not primary): rental, value - Real Estate
  101. Easier home to sell- furnished or unoccupied?: agent, sale, contract - Real Estate
  102. What is the lowest I should offer?: RE agent, square footage, agent - Real Estate
  103. Why do sellers dig in to a certain price range?: contingency, square foot - Real Estate
  104. Inspection Scheduling: clause, mortgage, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  105. Townhouse Property tax very high: square footage, appraisal, 1%, sales - Real Estate
  106. HELOC to pay off debt?: mortgage, fees, housing, townhouse - Real Estate
  107. Can I rescind an offer?: contingencies, agent, escrow, inspection - Real Estate
  108. What To Do About House Where Owner Died: foreclosure, sale, price - Real Estate
  109. Lipstick on a pig. Don't do it.: countertop, commissions, sale - Real Estate
  110. Buyer and Seller know each other- complicated?: negotiations, agent, sale - Real Estate
  111. Ever get tired of being a home owner?: tenants, investment, housing - Real Estate
  112. How can I find Coming Soon listings?: RE agent, contingent, agent - Real Estate
  113. Bidding war on house: contingencies, appraisal, 5%, clause - Real Estate
  114. New Construction Communities - Can I Request Standard Equipment and Upgrade Options/Prices Before Submitting an Offer?: incentive, countertop - Real Estate
  115. How to Obtain Flood Insurance: property, expensive, value, states - Real Estate
  116. How to find investors with cash to buy half an undervalued property?: incentive, 3% - Real Estate
  117. Selling a house with swimming pool issues: fees, prices, legal - Real Estate
  118. Specific issues to be aware of with houses built in 1940s-1970s?: inspector, Realtor - Real Estate
  119. Should we tell buyers we renovated the house ourselves?: plumber, inspected - Real Estate
  120. Rehab parent's house before selling?: feedback, appraised, auction, sales - Real Estate
  121. How to make a formal complaint about a real estate agent?: commission, accept
  122. Seller's options for annulling a sales contract?: tenants, contingency, appraisal - Real Estate
  123. First Time Seller, Then Buyer - Can you explain the process like I'm five?: contingent, appraisal - Real Estate
  124. Advice needed: documentation, investment, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  125. Would you buy a home in the Smoky Mountains right now?: contingencies, housing - Real Estate
  126. Offer on New Construction - Would this be Crazy?: incentive, appraisal, 3% - Real Estate
  127. Home Appraisal lists a 3/2 as a 4/2: agent, price, property, legal - Real Estate
  128. Realtor next door putting up illegal housing.: agent, property, rental - Real Estate
  129. Frustrated with unresponsive seller: RE agent, clause, agent, sales - Real Estate
  130. Seller contingency to find replacement house...: contingencies, appraisal, agent, mortgages - Real Estate
  131. HOA property but HOA rules never got signed: documentation, fees, insurance - Real Estate
  132. 10 day inspection period: tenant, contingencies, disclosure, appraisal - Real Estate
  133. What do you look for in a house? First time home buyer.: RE agent, tenants - Real Estate
  134. How to negotiate a FSBO price: disclosure, appraisal, 6%, agent - Real Estate
  135. Can a person subdivide if they don't have deed?: sales, property, legal - Real Estate
  136. Dropping price?: RE agent, contingent, square footage, 2014 - Real Estate
  137. HOA - Poor maintenance and response times: fees, condos, prices - Real Estate
  138. Squatters in senior communities: tenant, foreclosure, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  139. Is a conventional home loan better than FHA loan: 5%, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  140. What does HOAYN mean?: foreclose, prices, property, houses - Real Estate
  141. Should I get a roof inspector?: agent, insurance, price, inspectors - Real Estate
  142. HOA property management charging ridiculous fees for board meeting minutes - is this legal?: documentation, condos - Real Estate
  143. Is the Trump election a sell order for real estate?: properties, claim
  144. Walking/Biking Trails: property, approved, buying a home, neighborhood - Real Estate
  145. Sold a home but it is not recorded ....: documents, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  146. A house inspector recommended we do the following to sell our house...agree or disagree?: agents, insurance - Real Estate
  147. You Can Buy It, But You Can't Tear It Down: sales, accept - Real Estate
  148. Landlord going out of business: tenants, incentive, conversion, 2014 - Real Estate
  149. Old House — Destroying Architectural Features: expensive, value, kitchen, historical - Real Estate
  150. How Can I Buy a Zombie/Abandoned Property?: appraisal, auction, foreclosed - Real Estate
  151. How many contractor visits is too many during due diligence period: feedback, 2015 - Real Estate
  152. Definitions of pending and conditional: tenants, contingent, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  153. Seeking advice about my home selling situation/how to handle feedback: appraise, agent - Real Estate
  154. Successful Rehab: contingencies, foreclosure, price, property - Real Estate
  155. Do you consider commute/traffic when choosing a home?: housing, property, value - Real Estate
  156. Valuation on online realty sites: square footage, 2014, appraisal, auction - Real Estate
  157. Updating A Master Bath: feedback, expensive, kitchens, room - Real Estate
  158. Has the home reno cycle gone insane?: countertop, sale, inexpensive - Real Estate
  159. Market Health (Zillow): agent, sales, accepting, prices - Real Estate
  160. There's no first time buyer market anymore?: RE agent, square footage, duplex - Real Estate
  161. Our RE attorney did not do what we asked: disclosure, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  162. HOA HOA fun: documents, accepting, agreement, property - Real Estate
  163. Where is the best city to buy a multifamily on the East Coast? More inside.: landlord, prices - Real Estate
  164. House hunting out of town sucks!: tenants, contingent, countertop, agent - Real Estate
  165. Homeownership is overwhelming...: countertop, foreclosure, 6%, commission - Real Estate
  166. Can Seller Cover Closing Costs?: appraisal, 1%, agent, commission - Real Estate
  167. Open House Questions: negotiations, agent, price, properties - Real Estate
  168. Seller staying 30 days post closing and not shoveling snow: tenants, agent, agreement - Real Estate
  169. Paying for a house with cash but first I have to sell mine: contingent, agent - Real Estate
  170. Equity loan remodel: investment, mortgage, mortgage, condo - Real Estate
  171. If a house with a tragic past is being sold do you have to disclose it?: disclosure, property - Real Estate
  172. Trust a competing realtor?: disclosures, conversion, foreclosure, agent - Real Estate
  173. St.Joseph statue to sell a house.: negotiation, agent, sale - Real Estate
  174. Driveway EASEMENT value: appraise, negotiations, sale, accept - Real Estate
  175. Should I walk?: appraisal, agent, fees, agreement - Real Estate
  176. Poll: When you think of buying a home, how important is the mortgage interest deduction to you?: sale, percentage - Real Estate
  177. Closing costs in seller's market?: feedback, appraisal, 2%, agent - Real Estate
  178. Getting ready for an appraisal...: sales, comparable, properties, value - Real Estate
  179. How to find a good Real Estate Agent: feedback, clause, commission
  180. Profit on upgrades?: negotiating, price, construction, expensive - Real Estate
  181. for experts people's taste in house type: comparable, price, properties - Real Estate
  182. Neighbor Noise level: Apartments vs. Condos: investment, construction, renting, advantage - Real Estate
  183. Need opinions on what my Realtor did a few days before we close: agent, sales - Real Estate
  184. Questionable House?: negotiation, sale, price, property - Real Estate
  185. Buying a fixed upper: RE agent, contingency, agents, condo - Real Estate
  186. Land Of The Lords: property, renters, state, room - Real Estate
  187. driveway easment: tenant, landlord, agreement, properties - Real Estate
  188. Comps - will this affect my house?: documents, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  189. Rate-lock terminated without cause?: disclosures, appraisal, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  190. can I negotiate real estate agent commission when selling a property?: appraisal, 1%
  191. Help from real estate pros: appraisal, commission, sales, price
  192. Do buying opprotunities exist in the USA still: tenants, 4%, investment - Real Estate
  193. Advice needed for selling doublewide manufactured home in Michigan: RE market, appraiser, agent - Real Estate
  194. Can a buyers' agent show an apartment/condo without the listing agent present?: price, property - Real Estate
  195. Townhouse vs. single family home neighborhoods (loneliness): borrow, houses, buying - Real Estate
  196. Palm Tree Outside My House. Hazard. Belongs to The County.: tenants, mortgage - Real Estate
  197. Rodent, Efflorescence problems in crawl space: construction, inspector, house, area - Real Estate
  198. Foreign investors: incentive, investment, state, tax - Real Estate
  199. Loft vs 2 bedroom: property, value, bedrooms, seller - Real Estate
  200. Listing Agent Sales Versus Other Agent: homes, sold - Real Estate