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  9. Should we start looking at/putting in offer on other homes?: contingency, agent - Real Estate
  10. . . . a swift, smooth and successful transaction.: clause, negotiation, agent - Real Estate
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  12. Giving credit to real estate agents: agent, commissions, mortgage, mortgage
  13. Misleading listings on Trulia: agents, sale, price, contract - Real Estate
  14. Looking to get into real estate investing: tenants, recommendation, investment
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  17. about VA Loan: mortgage, mortgage, rent, state - Real Estate
  18. Prepping Home for Sale: appraisal, foreclosures, 6%, agent - Real Estate
  19. Step by Step Investing Safely in Residential RE: tenants, investment, sales - Real Estate
  20. Negotiating on new construction?: 3%, agent, sales, fees - Real Estate
  21. did soil enginner inspection to check long crack?: inspector, points, state - Real Estate
  22. Don't most people days search online and look at pics and: feedback, agent - Real Estate
  23. Buying a house under Lis Pendens, closing Friday and no pay off should I be worried?: auction, negotiating - Real Estate
  24. Home Inspection (Tampa, FL): plumber, documents, insurance, price - Real Estate
  25. builders title company or lenders: incentive, agent, commission, mortgage - Real Estate
  26. Shingles: Written guarantee & warranty after signed contract: sale, agreement, legal - Real Estate
  27. Legal strategies to protect assets and anonymize ownership: agent, investments, property - Real Estate
  28. Parents being asked to waive rights to a class action in exchange for repairs?: agreement, lawsuits - Real Estate
  29. Trying to purchase fannie mae owned reo home with fha financing: appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  30. Figuring California High-Rise Condo Depreciation - Held by LLC (2 members): income tax, price - Real Estate
  31. Trying to garner more: foreclosed, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  32. Is This Really Hurting The Housing Market In States?: incentive, 2013 - Real Estate
  33. How do you check the insulation on a gabled roof w/vaulted ceilings/exposed beams?: construction, inspectors - Real Estate
  34. live in a yurt? Or at least, have a vacation home as a yurt?: kitchen, interest - Real Estate
  35. Depreciation on High-Rise Condos?: price, rental, state, building - Real Estate
  36. HOA roofing responsibility: disclosure, fees, insurance, condo - Real Estate
  37. Title and tax planning: tenants, property, lawyer, disadvantages - Real Estate
  38. remodel: price, value, house, neighborhood - Real Estate
  39. Delays in getting documents: documentation, appraisal, agent, investment - Real Estate
  40. Moving out before close date....: contingencies, feedback, documents, agent - Real Estate
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  44. 4 Realtors: how many fall out of escrow?: contingencies, 1%, agent - Real Estate
  45. Home appraisal - quick: recommendation, agent, sale, accept - Real Estate
  46. Buyer who backed out is now holding up the title?: contingencies, mortgage - Real Estate
  47. Typical web traffic for house listed on feedback, agent, sales - Real Estate
  48. Loan options with less than perfect credit?: mortgage, mortgage, banks - Real Estate
  49. Interview with Kyle Lagow - Man Who Blew Whistle on Countrywide: appraisal, mortgage - Real Estate
  50. Home Sellers: housing, property, house hunting, Realtor - Real Estate
  51. Auction on a home that is NOT a foreclosure/short sale: contingencies, appraisal - Real Estate
  52. find a website: square footage, appraiser, sale, property tax - Real Estate
  53. Closing Advice: incentive, agent, sales, settlement - Real Estate
  54. Signs of a bad seller's agent: RE agent, commission, agreement, comparables - Real Estate
  55. Ignorant sorry.: agent, sales, brokers, Realtor - Real Estate
  56. Using a realtor to find rental property?: tenant, agent, fee - Real Estate
  57. 2008 Tax Credit- A few questions (now selling): appraised, 6%, commission - Real Estate
  58. Advice on house after death.: lawyer, check, process, sell - Real Estate
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  60. Money spent on purchase of the house: mortgage, mortgage, value - Real Estate
  61. Agent photos on listings: sales, advantage, Realtor, state - Real Estate
  62. HOA fee disclosure: RE agent, 2013, appraiser, foreclosures - Real Estate
  63. Help! Bank Screwed Us. Sellers Taking Earnest Money!: contingencies, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  64. Can't understand this market: contingency, appraisal, foreclosures, agent - Real Estate
  65. Refinancing - appraiser got me on a few things: appraisal, 1%, insurance - Real Estate
  66. Selling an oddly outdated house: countertop, sales, comparables, price - Real Estate
  67. Can power co put above ground lines in deed restricted community?: documentation, settlement - Real Estate
  68. Why Housing Stalled: $1 Trillion in Student Debt: incentive, 3%, mortgage - Real Estate
  69. Cost to build home in SoCAL/LA market: square foot, foreclosure, investment - Real Estate
  70. Property management: tenant, condominium, construction, properties - Real Estate
  71. Dumping your agent: 2013, new agent, sales, price - Real Estate
  72. Closing on new house tomorrow,seller will stay one month. Should we still do final walkthrough before closing?: tenants, landlord - Real Estate
  73. First Time Home Buyer (lost): recommendation, agent, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  74. Factory wants to take our property: appraisal, negotiating, mortgage, price - Real Estate
  75. Buying a home from family member read unusual situation: tenant, contingent, appraisal - Real Estate
  76. First time selling a house, showings are going to be a pain!: price, value - Real Estate
  77. Unethical List Agent - Walking away: contingency, appraisal, negotiating, price - Real Estate
  78. unethical/creepy to listen in on people viewing your home?: feedback, agent - Real Estate
  79. going on after an inspection: disclosures, insurance, price, inspector - Real Estate
  80. Storm water Easement under home: price, lawsuits, property, lawyer - Real Estate
  81. Third round of offer/counter offers: agent, settlement, property, inspection - Real Estate
  82. Just put the bullet in me now: 2013, appraisal, new agent - Real Estate
  83. Country home in VA for under 100k?: foreclosure, sales, housing - Real Estate
  84. Americans using homes as ATM again: 2015, foreclosures, 2%, sale - Real Estate
  85. Need suggestions for Title Issues 101 education: contingency, recommendation, documents - Real Estate
  86. How long is too long on market?: tenant, 2013, agent - Real Estate
  87. Real Estate Agent Representing Buyer (CA): commissions, agreement, construction, attorney
  88. real estate commission average?: 2013, 6%, agent, sales
  89. Property Tax Savings: 5%, price, value, appreciation - Real Estate
  90. If you had to choose between homes?: mortgage, mortgage, price - Real Estate
  91. Is this normal timeline/expectation of inspection process?: 2013, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  92. Would you ask sellers to pay fees?: plumber, 2015, appraiser - Real Estate
  93. When foreclosures are listed in MLS...: foreclosure, agent, sale, offer - Real Estate
  94. Listing agent has basically disappeared: commission, mortgage, sale, price - Real Estate
  95. Can Seller Back out ?: contingencies, appraisal, agent, accept - Real Estate
  96. Capital gains on primary home sale: recommendation, conversion, 6%, housing - Real Estate
  97. Should I close?: documents, auction, settlement, property - Real Estate
  98. Highest Price Ever: prices, property, value, cheaper - Real Estate
  99. Major mold problem: insurance, inspector, building, company - Real Estate
  100. $2,700 Mortgage Insane?: PMI, loan, cost, house - Real Estate
  101. cleanup after possession, I've lost perspective!: agent, settlement, insurance, construction - Real Estate
  102. 40k over asking, round robin auction , what's going on with the market?: RE agent, contingencies - Real Estate
  103. Realtor wants me to sign blank contract: contingency, sale, properties - Real Estate
  104. Nice house in a bad neighborhood or bad house in a nice neighborhood?: price, value - Real Estate
  105. Buying a condo that's 1,500 miles away?: tenants, contingent, documents, negotiations - Real Estate
  106. Property listing is Pending -- do you still view/make offer, or let it go?: contingencies, foreclosures - Real Estate
  107. Inspection BEFORE listing house??: recommendation, agents, sale, accept - Real Estate
  108. Research for building your own home?: mortgage, mortgage, kitchens, bedroom - Real Estate
  109. Backyard is a mess. New house: sales, contract, state, builders - Real Estate
  110. Unethical dirtbag of a REA: feedback, foreclosure, 2%, agent - Real Estate
  111. Interested in land but unsure on house?: agent, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  112. Buying in cash vs. mortgage: incentive, investments, mortgages, housing - Real Estate
  113. downsizing... ups and downs: housing, condo, landlord, price - Real Estate
  114. Rent the town home out or short sale: second mortgage, mortgage, housing - Real Estate
  115. Property ownership and easement: tenants, landlord, attorney, vent - Real Estate
  116. Lost Original Warranty Deed: documents, insurance, landlord, agreement - Real Estate
  117. Rent to own...ever a good idea?: foreclosed, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  118. How much do upgrades add to the value of a house?: stucco, sales - Real Estate
  119. Leasing agent/consultant vs real estate agent: negotiating, sales, property
  120. What steps should a realtor take: feedback, incentive, recommendation, square footage - Real Estate
  121. Listing agent posted incorrect property taxes: tenant, contingency, disclosure, 2013 - Real Estate
  122. Condo Vs. Townhouse Vs. House - Which is a better choice?: investment, fees - Real Estate
  123. Mom is paying cash for house. Should she still get an appraisal?: contingency, agent - Real Estate
  124. How Often do Sellers/Buyers Become Friends?: agent, sale, settlement - Real Estate
  125. Confused about my FHA appraisal....: documents, mortgage, mortgage, banks - Real Estate
  126. Steps to sell house?: contingencies, agent, mortgages, prices - Real Estate
  127. Benefits of a buyer's RE agent for a new condo: contingencies, feedback - Real Estate
  128. FSBO and multiple offers?: negotiation, agent, insurance, lawsuit - Real Estate
  129. Are mortgage brokers usually shady?: investment, fees, settlement, insurance - Real Estate
  130. Getting ready to list: feedback, sales, house hunting, offers - Real Estate
  131. What's Your Opinion? Two Homes, Both Ends of the Budget: price, property tax - Real Estate
  132. Are seller assisted closing costs a REQUIREMENT when accepting an fha loan home offer? Unethical realtor?: 6%, agent - Real Estate
  133. HOA BOD Conduct Restrictions Effect on Homeowners: feedback, fees, insurance - Real Estate
  134. Can you change build options mid-build on new construction?: 2013, clause, agent - Real Estate
  135. Will undersold houses in neighborhood lower appraisal of mine? Durham, NC: square footage, foreclosed - Real Estate
  136. If I don't buy a house now, am I screwed?: 2013, mortgage - Real Estate
  137. Lot Values vs Structure Values: mortgage, mortgages, housing, points - Real Estate
  138. To buy or not to buy?: flocking, 2013, foreclosures, housing - Real Estate
  139. Opinions on getting the home ready to put on the market: HOA, buyers - Real Estate
  140. What additions to landscaping and outdoor features help with home value?: contingencies, 2013 - Real Estate
  141. Has sold a house shortly after moving in? questions?: agent, commission - Real Estate
  142. Two interesting phenomena as we look to buy a home: RE agent, appraisal - Real Estate
  143. The appeal of an energy efficient home?: feedback, square footage, documentation - Real Estate
  144. Vacation Home - Investment Property: 2014, agent, mortgages, sales - Real Estate
  145. Urgent need help, selling a house: appraised, 2%, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  146. Senior Sell-Off = Housing Bust in ~2020?: 2013, investment, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  147. Owning 2 homes - what are the basics?: gated community, mortgages, accept - Real Estate
  148. Why Redfin, Z and T haven't killed off agents: 2013, agent, commissions - Real Estate
  149. Worried that I might miss out on the house!: contingent, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  150. agent caught looking in drawers: 2013, commission, banks, state - Real Estate
  151. What IS wrong with buying a mobile home?: tenant, investment, fees - Real Estate
  152. Saving Anxiety: 5%, mortgage, mortgage, housing - Real Estate
  153. PITI based on 15 year fix mortgage: tenant, negotiating, agent, commission - Real Estate
  154. Slate roof good, bad or neutral?: inspection, expensive, advantage, repair - Real Estate
  155. Items included in Purchase and Sale Agreement: agent, condominium, property - Real Estate
  156. What happens when owner occupied lies to purchase Fannie Mae REO?: tenants, documents - Real Estate
  157. Insured escrow and cash offers?: appraisal, foreclosed, sales, price - Real Estate
  158. Backing to?: property, value, state, garage - Real Estate
  159. Questions about buyers' mortgage commitment: contingencies, appraiser, agent, sales - Real Estate
  160. Earnest Money Back?: contingencies, 2013, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  161. Do open houses really work?: agent, commission, sales, property - Real Estate
  162. Taking Photos Inside Occupied Houses for Sale: tenant, price, properties - Real Estate
  163. Interfering with other peoples' deals: contingent, negotiating, agent, commission - Real Estate
  164. zoning laws - whom to call?: feedback, duplexes, attorney, expensive - Real Estate
  165. Utility Bills and High Ceilings/Less Walls: condo, construction, kitchen - Real Estate
  166. selling my home woes: contingencies, agent, commission, sale - Real Estate
  167. Offer Full price for house No counter from seller in PA confused??: 2013, 4% - Real Estate
  168. Negotiating new construction flooring upgrades: incentive, 3%, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  169. Is this house a steal for this price?: appraiser, agent, sales - Real Estate
  170. Can I get my earnest money deposit back?: property, legal, broker - Real Estate
  171. Renovating a purchase on a tight budget.: investment, sale, housing - Real Estate
  172. Buyer's agent blew off final walkthrough appointment.: documents, broker, contract - Real Estate
  173. I want to sell to a house flipper... is it attractive?: appraisal, 8% - Real Estate
  174. Gift Fund For Home Loan Down Payment: 3%, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  175. Selling when builder still building: incentive, sales, fees, prices - Real Estate
  176. Buying a tenant-occupied townhome/duplex: tenants, contingent, duplexes, foreclosures - Real Estate
  177. Buying vacant land and waiting?: 6%, agent, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  178. First time buying a house...: feedback, 4%, agent, investments - Real Estate
  179. Obnoxious Seller threatening to pull a fast one ?: tenants, contingent - Real Estate
  180. Frustrated with investor buyer: contingency, auction, foreclosed, clause - Real Estate
  181. LL selling house renting and realtor is over the top: tenants, agent - Real Estate
  182. In what situations would I get my earnest money deposit back?: contingencies, appraisal - Real Estate
  183. Market Improvement but Price Still Falling?: 2013, appraiser, sales, accept - Real Estate
  184. Photoshopping pictures on a listing?: agent, investment, fees, price - Real Estate
  185. Advertising in MLS's: agent, properties, state, building - Real Estate
  186. Staging home and color of curtains....: RE agent, agent, prices, bedroom - Real Estate
  187. Can I back out of this?: contingency, appraise, negotiating, sales - Real Estate
  188. like the market is really picking up!: agent, contracts, offers - Real Estate
  189. What, exactly, is a McMansion?: gated community, square foot, state, kitchen - Real Estate
  190. First time home buyer.....Inspection and Attorney approval: contingent, recommendation, negotiating - Real Estate
  191. Has ever discovered 'treasure' in a home they bought?: price, inspector - Real Estate
  192. Seller did not disclose water damage and grading issues: stucco, disclosures, agent - Real Estate
  193. Who needs a big house? Tiny houses on the market nationwide.: prices, building - Real Estate
  194. Help finding Realtor In NW Indiana: contingency, 2013, appraisal, foreclosure - Real Estate
  195. Cash Buyer thru Realtor, No Contract: disclosure, dual agency, commission, sales - Real Estate
  196. Flash Sales: 2013, agent, mortgage rates, mortgage - Real Estate
  197. Despite Emaar Case Allegations The Construction Giant Continues to Grow: properties, value - Real Estate
  198. NYC home building: contractors, process, work, plumbing - Real Estate
  199. Cash out re-fi or line of credit? Advantages or disadvantages: prices, very expensive - Real Estate
  200. Philosophical interest in appraisal process: sales, condo, prices, value - Real Estate