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  82. Unusual situation to me,: documents, property, lawyer, states - Real Estate
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  91. Dog shot by real estate agent: sales, property, attorney, claim
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  96. Neighbors Realtor is trespassing: agent, sales, price, property - Real Estate
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  98. How to Change Perceptions on Mobile/Manufactured Homes?: square footage, agent, investments - Real Estate
  99. Would this make sense to do?: tenants, foreclose, 6%, investment - Real Estate
  100. Airbnbs vs Long term rental: plumber, fees, landlord, price - Real Estate
  101. Ok, WTH is that?!?!?: Realtor, kitchen, builder, sellers - Real Estate
  102. Deferring Capital Gains: investment, commissions, property, deductions - Real Estate
  103. Income tax as a landlord: tenant, investment, landlords, price - Real Estate
  104. Before buying land to build a custom home: agent, investment, sales - Real Estate
  105. Real Estate Agent Fined & Suspended After Drinking Milk Directly From Carton From Client's Home: sale, housing
  106. Property Owner Returns to Find a New $1.5M House on his Land.: sale, insurance - Real Estate
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  110. If ever wanted to live in your own gothic cathedral...: fees, condos - Real Estate
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  112. Home warranty: agents, price, inspection, contractor - Real Estate
  113. Shared septic system: agreement, property, attorney, escrow - Real Estate
  114. Photography with enhanced color and reflection: agents, sales, property, Realtor - Real Estate
  115. Using google maps to gauge distance: state, house, work, options - Real Estate
  116. Common area vandalism: insurance, condo, attorney, vents - Real Estate
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  120. How to find old real estate listing photos?: 2015, appraiser, agent
  121. What do buyers think of glass-top stoves ?: points, cheaper, house - Real Estate
  122. Why is hooking up to the city's sewer system safer and more sanitary than a septic?: price, property - Real Estate
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  124. Stanford Study- Do brokers add sufficient value to justify commissions?: 1%, negotiating - Real Estate
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  126. Townhomes vs SFH: documents, fees, insurance, prices - Real Estate
  127. Ladybird deeds Florida: condo, property, lawyer, broker - Real Estate
  128. There are five cities where over half of real estate listings are over 1 million dollars: investments, condos
  129. Is a cave a liability or an asset?: lawsuit, properties, expensive - Real Estate
  130. Why are new new houses less expensive than used homes?!: square foot, sale - Real Estate
  131. What month to list-avoiding capital gains.: documentation, sale, price, construction - Real Estate
  132. school zoning change: agent, construction, property, value - Real Estate
  133. Real estate market July 2023: incentive, 1%, mortgage, mortgages
  134. Dangerous Tree on neighbors land - property in dispute - how to resolve?: tenants, incentive - Real Estate
  135. inherited House - Rent or Sell: tenants, mortgage, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  136. Deferred Capital Gains: 5%, agent, commission, sale - Real Estate
  137. Living the Dream: fee, housing, condos, price - Real Estate
  138. ways to use existing home equity to buy investment real estate: investments, mortgage
  139. Opinions needed, sell?: 5%, mortgage, mortgage, housing - Real Estate
  140. Real Estate Attorney: RE agent, Realtor recommendation, agent, fees
  141. Why are housing prices so high? No one can afford them.: property, rent - Real Estate
  142. If a high voltage power line goes through my neighborhood do we all get compensation?: appraisal, accept - Real Estate
  143. Went to an open house today - tell me if the realtor dropped the ball: disclosure, negotiation - Real Estate
  144. NAR, Zillow et al stronghold on the real estate market: disclosures, 6%
  145. How do we find home price drop opportunity in this higher rate environment?: 8%, mortgage - Real Estate
  146. Company selling tiny homes from $130K sparks critics: ‘This is the new affordable housing market’: sales, price - Real Estate
  147. How difficult to buy a home with SS income: 2014, appraisal, investment - Real Estate
  148. Buying a home in cash in CA: RE agent, contingency, documents - Real Estate
  149. Above refrigerator obstruction cabinet: kitchens, builders, sell a house, buy - Real Estate
  150. Purchasing an old house and inspections: agent, investments, commission, prices - Real Estate
  151. What would you immediately change in a recently purchased home?: price, Realtor - Real Estate
  152. FHA mandated water test to close on purchase: mortgage, construction, properties - Real Estate
  153. Escalation Clause Cap - strategy: RE agent, agent, commission, sales - Real Estate
  154. Portable air conditioner used throughout the year: recommendation, rental, vents - Real Estate
  155. Does have firsthand knowledge/experience with a 'Reverse 1031 Exchange'?: fees, property - Real Estate
  156. How can I view a house if I don't want to have an agent for now?: commissions, lawsuit - Real Estate
  157. What's the benefit of having a buyer's agent?: RE agent, documents, appraisal - Real Estate
  158. Buy this 7Bd / 8ba home for $4.8 Million - get a Ferrari for free.: agent, fees - Real Estate
  159. Buying a house next to a race-track: disclosures, accept, construction - Real Estate
  160. Another Deceased Homeowner: documents, income tax, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  161. Seller Disclosure - Unknown or No ?: agent, property - Real Estate
  162. Class action lawsuit in favor of home sellers: waver, appraisal, negotiation - Real Estate
  163. Financial responsibility: agent, insurance, property, lawyer - Real Estate
  164. Challenging Garage Ownership Discrepancy: documentation, appraisal, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  165. Gas Conversion...Permit: sales, price, property tax, attorney - Real Estate
  166. Investment companies offering to buy your land.: agents, sales, fees - Real Estate
  167. Homes and Trees....: property, rental, very expensive, value - Real Estate
  168. Cost for New Plumbing and Electric: plumber, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  169. Problems with abandoned commercial property.....: appraiser, properties, lawyer, state - Real Estate
  170. Can sellers weigh offers by person making the offer?: investments, commission - Real Estate
  171. HOA Fees Due Diligence: contingent, documents, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  172. What are the implications of buying a house that doesn’t have a certificate of occupancy?: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  173. Tourist town living, do you like it?: price, property, offer - Real Estate
  174. for realtors: who was bidding up real estate past three years?: investment, sales
  175. Poor Pictures in Online Real Estate Ads: agent, sale, properties
  176. Primary bedroom (phrase): attorneys, rental, value, state - Real Estate
  177. Real Estate Experts Trump Judge's Mar-a-Lago Valuation: appraiser, properties, lawyer
  178. ZILLOW: States & Metro Areas With the Most Million-Dollar Cities - Real Estate
  179. Same old ..... - Real Estate
  180. Cities with luxury real estate listings worth over $5 million: percent, California, Los Angeles
  181. Odd HOA - Real Estate
  182. Top 50 Metros by Median Days on the Market for Homes, Aug 2023: Birmingham, Phoenix - Real Estate
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