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  1. power of attorney: sales, attorneys, contract, state - Real Estate
  2. Closing costs: negotiating, mortgage, mortgage company, fees - Real Estate
  3. Appraisal advice: square footage, fee, prices, properties - Real Estate
  4. Loan for a condo bldg with low owner occupancy: tenants, mortgage, accept - Real Estate
  5. Realtor.con having problems for 3-4 days now?: disclosures, sale, prices - Real Estate
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  8. Pros & cons of new Home yard backing retention pond: property, value - Real Estate
  9. Direct communication between buyer and seller: disclosures, clause, negotiations, agents - Real Estate
  10. Real Estate Contract: feedback, documents, agent, property
  11. News, Spanish Skyscraper, InTempo, Has One Tragic Flaw - No Elevator! How Did Architects Forget A Lift For The 47-Story: 2013, construction - Real Estate
  12. What to expect: Will realtor be frustrated with our timeline?: feedback, 2014 - Real Estate
  13. Apartments or house investment?: fees, renting, most expensive, kitchen - Real Estate
  14. How significant is a gift of 5% of purchase price?: mortgage, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  15. Experiences with Freddie Mac REO?: agent, price, offers, Realtor - Real Estate
  16. NJ Tax certificates and foreclosure: foreclosed, mortgage, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  17. Tax abatement canceled?: condos, properties, attorney, contract - Real Estate
  18. Do your due diligence: disclosure, conversion, accept, price - Real Estate
  19. How much am I costing my Realtor each week/month that my house stays on the market?: price, properties - Real Estate
  20. Why the duplicate listings on and other RE websites??: duplexes, agents - Real Estate
  21. Austin, TX home, selling without permit OK?: 2013, agent, legal - Real Estate
  22. I'm looking for an industrial type of property.: RE agent, contingent, agent - Real Estate
  23. A La Carte Real Estate Services: agent, fee, percentage, property
  24. Help with ohio closing costs: appraisal, 6%, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  25. Conflicting crawlspace observations - wet or not??: feedback, construction, inspector - Real Estate
  26. Title insurance issue: property, attorney, value, company - Real Estate
  27. What to do if 2nd appraisal from pmi is under asking $: countertop, commission - Real Estate
  28. Mortgage co-signer: mortgages, housing, banks, prices - Real Estate
  29. Realtors - taking around someone to see rentals: agent, commissions, mortgage - Real Estate
  30. USDA Loan Closings: clause, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  31. Who is a quality builder for new construction?: agent, sales, inspectors - Real Estate
  32. Buying a home, 0% down (USDA) - Kansas/Missouri: recommendation, 2014, 3% - Real Estate
  33. Commercial Real Estate: Tips for Selling Office Condo?: tenants, recommendation, square foot
  34. Superficial curb appeal vs doing it right: feedback, countertop, foreclosure - Real Estate
  35. Relocating from Europe - what should I do to RENT an apartment?: accept, landlords - Real Estate
  36. bankruptcy in trustees name: foreclosed, mortgage, mortgage, fees - Real Estate
  37. renter with past owner issues..: sale, landlord, agreement, property - Real Estate
  38. Bidding Wars...: appraisal, sale, condo, prices - Real Estate
  39. Back-up offer procedures: contingencies, appraisal, clause, agent - Real Estate
  40. San Diego. a place to invest ?: RE agent, agent, investments, price - Real Estate
  41. Vehicles used for staging homes?: sale, properties, rental, Realtor - Real Estate
  42. Houses stay on the market for more than 124 days, is it normal?: tenants, 2013 - Real Estate
  43. Closed!: mortgages, price, renting, Realtor - Real Estate
  44. Held hostage: settlement, agreement, property, lawyer - Real Estate
  45. RE agent contracts: broker, state, company, seller - Real Estate
  46. to sell our home in GA/debt-loan for down payment? responses: agent, second mortgage - Real Estate
  47. Apraisal 101,: tenants, appraisal, foreclosures, agent - Real Estate
  48. Retention basin and sewer easement a deal breaker?: disclosure, properties, builders - Real Estate
  49. What's Going On With the Investor Who Brought Our House?: appraiser, sale - Real Estate
  50. finance a house with REALLY crappy credit?: foreclosure, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  51. List for Home Inspection and Book for review: inspector, client, buy - Real Estate
  52. Buyers Agent: appraiser, 1%, commission, accept - Real Estate
  53. Finding a prior business name at existing address?: companies, rating, check - Real Estate
  54. Underwriter asked for home owners insurance: loan, house, paying, loan - Real Estate
  55. How to get CLUE Report on a Home Purchasing?: agent, insurance, claim - Real Estate
  56. Texas real estate contracts: offer: appraisal, foreclosures, negotiating, agent
  57. How it works (In parts: agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  58. Situation with putting an offer for a house: 5%, agent, commission - Real Estate
  59. Vegas or Florida for Rental? Tough Decision: RE market, investments, fees - Real Estate
  60. New vs 10 yr vs 20 yr old house: investment, price, construction - Real Estate
  61. What is a Sewer Sanitary Drain? Is it a Sewer Easement reducing property value?: disclosure, plumber - Real Estate
  62. How to bow out of relationship with realtor: commissions, sales, properties - Real Estate
  63. I have a request for realtors showing houses.: feedback, agent, property - Real Estate
  64. What's the best course of action to take in this situation?: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  65. How do I sell my house on 28 acres if land can't exceed 30% of the total value? Am I Screwed?: appraisal, mortgages - Real Estate
  66. Me (as the buyer) offering to pay for closing costs.: contingency, appraiser - Real Estate
  67. Can my elderly mother sue?: RE agent, new, commission, sale - Real Estate
  68. Closing in 2 days and haven't met the seller once...: feedback, agent, price - Real Estate
  69. Does the seller really need to go to closing?: documents, agent, sales - Real Estate
  70. Builder's customer satisfaction survey dilemma: sales, PMI, construction, advantage - Real Estate
  71. How soon after put on market and not sold do you tell seller they need to lower the price?: appraise, agent - Real Estate
  72. site/source revealing both asking/selling price?: 2014, prices, properties - Real Estate
  73. Clearly not getting the hang of appraisal: 2013, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  74. Oh good gawd..more realtor woes: feedback, negotiating, agent, price - Real Estate
  75. Renting your house: mortgage, mortgage, insurance, landlord - Real Estate
  76. Negotiating Fees with Realtor: 2%, agent, commission, sales - Real Estate
  77. How much to sell for?: appraisal, foreclosure, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  78. buyers complaining after closing: feedback, documentation, clause, agent - Real Estate
  79. House sale price just dropped $5K. Bad to make a lower offer?: negotiations, new agent - Real Estate
  80. Do buyers still go to look at houses if they are under contract?: documents, negotiations - Real Estate
  81. HOA bankruptcy: monthly fee, property, attorney, value - Real Estate
  82. Home Purchase Nightmare: contingency, agent, property, attorneys - Real Estate
  83. Quit claim deed ? WA state - bought home with gf and now split up.: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  84. Do sellers usually have an escrow account set up?: agent, fees - Real Estate
  85. Want to purchase the model home: feedback, agreement, construction, rent - Real Estate
  86. Would this house be horrible for resale?: sale, price, legal - Real Estate
  87. Why should I buy a house in This RE Market?: 2013, mortgage rates - Real Estate
  88. Closing costs: appraised, 3%, commissions, price - Real Estate
  89. Refinancing- Divorce: contingencies, appraisal, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  90. How come people like older gentrified neighborhoods so much?: value, state, hardwood - Real Estate
  91. Flat Fee Listing Service: RE market, incentive, 3%, clause - Real Estate
  92. Replacing kitchen cabinets prior to sale. Replace floor too?: contingencies, feedback, negotiating - Real Estate
  93. How many different people will I need to find to fix issues?: plumber, price - Real Estate
  94. Replace floor insulation over crawlspace before sale? Or..: price, inspectors, expensive - Real Estate
  95. What is a good up and coming city to buy investment property?: condos, price - Real Estate
  96. Zillow and Trulia and phantom sale (LA County): foreclosed, 3%, agent - Real Estate
  97. Rehab house: What do you think?: sales, price, state, loan - Real Estate
  98. Should sellers pay for new septic system or should I?: documents, appraisal - Real Estate
  99. How different Centex is from Pulte? Tract home life span?: inspectors, company - Real Estate
  100. Buyers are out of their minds!: contingency, clause, agent, sale - Real Estate
  101. Panic buying setting in?: contingent, disclosure, appraisal, 7% - Real Estate
  102. VA appraiser not returning calls - dayton, OH: disclosure, documents, appraisal - Real Estate
  103. Can the Done be undone?: foreclosure, mortgage, mortgages, agreement - Real Estate
  104. Selling vs keeping as an asset: tenants, insurance, property tax, renters - Real Estate
  105. When to Buy title insurance?: agent, mortgage, mortgage, lawyer - Real Estate
  106. When selling, what is the cut-off time for showing your house?: agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  107. Should single people be concerned with home ownership?: investment, sale, renting - Real Estate
  108. Could this be suspicious?: incentive, 2013, sales, construction - Real Estate
  109. How would you handle this in a listing?: feedback, property, Realtor - Real Estate
  110. Can you tell me about buying Condo Packages: tenants, conversion, agents - Real Estate
  111. Need for a realtor in a hot market with low inventory: contingencies, disclosure - Real Estate
  112. What's the next current trend that will become dated?: 2013, state, kitchens - Real Estate
  113. Indefinite offer (until withdrawn), or give the seller a specific ending time?: vents, contracts - Real Estate
  114. How can I evict the mobile home off my land: tenant, appraisal - Real Estate
  115. What to do with neighbors: housing, construction, properties, commercial - Real Estate
  116. How do you know if a house is built poorly or not?: plumber, appraisal - Real Estate
  117. Moving out of house but parents staying: mortgage, mortgage company, housing - Real Estate
  118. Striking post-possession clause?: contingency, incentive, agent, banks - Real Estate
  119. 72 Hour Clause and Sellers Agent Angry...: contingent, documents, negotiating, second mortgage - Real Estate
  120. The Pushy Realtor: agent, accept, prices, property - Real Estate
  121. What is likely to happen to the Real Estate Market by Year 2013 End?: foreclosures, sales
  122. Parents Agreed To Buy a House Seller Agreed, House Inspected, Then Seller Increased the Price: contingent, agent - Real Estate
  123. First time homebuyers worst nightmare...: documentation, appraisal, clause, agent - Real Estate
  124. Pay Real Estate lawyer if deal falls through?: agents, sales, fee
  125. How to find a buyers agent: RE agent, commission, sales, annual fee - Real Estate
  126. Crazy showing!: feedback, agent, commission, price - Real Estate
  127. Awesome or Aweful, you decide: sales, state, residential, sell homes - Real Estate
  128. Real Estate Attorney to review a standard sale contract?: tenant, contingencies, documents
  129. Seller will entertain offers between...: price, house, listings, process - Real Estate
  130. viewing a home with the owner: feedback, 1%, agents, commission - Real Estate
  131. Paying Cash - downside w/Agent?: dual agency, price, illegal - Real Estate
  132. Determining square footage when listing a house -: appraisal, accept, price - Real Estate
  133. How much does the decor of a house affect the likelihood of a sale?: feedback, agent - Real Estate
  134. the average amount of time to sell a house: 2013, appraisal, agents - Real Estate
  135. I want to lower the list price but realtor advises us to wait: feedback, appraisal - Real Estate
  136. Past sell record for house: 2013, sales, accept, price - Real Estate
  137. Options for getting rid of house that is falling apart: recommendation, countertop - Real Estate
  138. Sales jargon--why do we say it?: price, property, contract, cost - Real Estate
  139. give your opinions of four story townhome/condos: investment, sale, fees - Real Estate
  140. Why don't garages have vent fans? (Hot areas of US): renting, vents - Real Estate
  141. Selling and your tax assessment: appraisal, foreclosures, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  142. Does it bother realtors to post pictures of homes that are messy?: agent, price - Real Estate
  143. Tax Foreclosure Auction...vacant land: feedback, sale, properties, expensive - Real Estate
  144. Sneaky realtor - Buyers agent: foreclosures, commission, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  145. Not sure what my realtor is going to think of this, but I've done it!: agent, price - Real Estate
  146. Severly mentally ill neighbor - what to do with house?: tenants, disclosure - Real Estate
  147. HGTV expectations vs bad economy - how do the two concepts co exist?: foreclosures, 5% - Real Estate
  148. How does new housing development affect value of existing houses in area?: square footage, duplexes - Real Estate
  149. How important is nice landscaping to your home when selling?: appraisal, foreclosure - Real Estate
  150. to sell a house in less than 3 months?: feedback, 5%, agents - Real Estate
  151. Does a long driveway up hill hurt the sale of a house?: properties, cost - Real Estate
  152. Max price change - Purchase duplex / rent half: tenants, feedback, mortgage - Real Estate
  153. Can better interpret the meaning of this document?: sale, agreement, property - Real Estate
  154. Lender asking for too much?: documentation, foreclosure, legal, states - Real Estate
  155. sued their locality for overly high property taxes?: appraisal, mortgage - Real Estate
  156. How to list a house and adjacent empty lot?: incentive, documentation, agent - Real Estate
  157. Looking for advice to help sell my home: feedback, gated community, agent - Real Estate
  158. Seller concealed story of stigmatized home: tenants, 3%, agent, sale - Real Estate
  159. As a Realtor, do you try to always leave feedback after showing a house?: agent, value - Real Estate
  160. Should I get a different buyers agent?: new agent, fee, agreement - Real Estate
  161. De-Listing and Re-Listing of a House: contingent, new agent, price, properties - Real Estate
  162. Beazer Homes and Retainer Walls in General: investment, comparable, inspector - Real Estate
  163. Update on RE issues..need your help!: disclosures, documents, agent - Real Estate
  164. The Pros and Cons of Renting to Section 8 Tenants: agent, housing, landlords - Real Estate
  165. Property in/near floodzone: contingency, agent, insurance, price - Real Estate
  166. Advice HOA Community Issues: clause, fees, condo, agreement - Real Estate
  167. What is the best strategy to afford a perfect house?: cheapest, mortgage - Real Estate
  168. News, Winter Park family builds home then discovers seller didn't disclose $12.6 million lien: 2013, agent - Real Estate
  169. Contingencies a Cash Buyer Should Request?: appraisal, foreclosure, clause, sales - Real Estate
  170. Are realtos compensated or gifts if they spend lots of time with a client if they didn't buy/sell?: agent, commission - Real Estate
  171. How to collect rent electronically?: tenants, incentive, recommendation, mortgage - Real Estate
  172. Um, isn't this illegal?: landlords, properties, offer, Realtor - Real Estate
  173. Scenario: House purchase - tenant won't move out: clause, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  174. Partner homes aka zero boundary line, attached single family dwellings: duplexes, fees - Real Estate
  175. How much to bid on home that's recently been bought?: 7%, negotiating - Real Estate
  176. Don't talk to other agents: RE agent, disclosure, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  177. Does FSBO pay realtor fees??: 3%, agent, commission, sale - Real Estate
  178. Purchasing an older house - over 100 years old. Will you do it?: tenants, housing - Real Estate
  179. Will this home become a money-pit for me: investment, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  180. Home owner repair insurance, is it worth it?: tenant, mortgage, property - Real Estate
  181. Listing our house today, so if you know moving to East Texas, send them our way!: square foot, expensive - Real Estate
  182. Competative Market Analysis - how much do they vary?: 2014, appraisal, 2% - Real Estate
  183. Closing woes/stupidities/getting lost: fee, price, property, attorney - Real Estate
  184. Buyer backing out day before closing (Dallas, TX): contingency, disclosure, appraisal - Real Estate
  185. Back to square one: My home sale saga continues.: countertop, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  186. Is there really such a thing as a buyer's agent , if so are they really working for the buyer?: RE agent, commission - Real Estate
  187. Price per sq ft - how useful is it?: square footage, 2013, appraiser - Real Estate
  188. Should I fire my real estate agent? (WA): appraisal, 2%, negotiations
  189. Realtors, do you have a limit to how many homes you will show a buyer before you are fed up?: contingent, negotiating - Real Estate
  190. For all the RE people: why are rising home prices considered good and falling considered bad?: investments, mortgage - Real Estate
  191. Bigger bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living room & basement: furniture, kitchens, builders - Real Estate
  192. The house has been on the market 3 weeks now.: agent, sale, prices - Real Estate
  193. Seller's counter offer is rejected: agent, price, house, bank owned - Real Estate
  194. What do you think about old 50-60 year old homes that were never updated: sale, price - Real Estate
  195. What's traditional for earnest money in your local market?: contingency, 1%, percent - Real Estate
  196. Buy a house BEFORE filing for divorce?: negotiations, agreement, property - Real Estate
  197. Why in the World Should I Buy A Home?: investment, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  198. Realty Investing Abroad: sales, property tax, legal, state - Real Estate
  199. investor loan restrictions?: state, loans, house, bank - Real Estate
  200. Private Money Lenders Or Hard Money Lenders: state, build, interest - Real Estate