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  11. First time home town vs semi-rural???: mortgage, mortgage, housing - Real Estate
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  15. Is a Basement Always a Basement?: feedback, square footage, appraise, agent - Real Estate
  16. Goliath vs David or Craigslist vs Padmapper: lawyer, state, Denver - Real Estate
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  18. Renovate or Buy Bigger?: price, more expensive, state, cheaper - Real Estate
  19. North Carolina Transfer Tax: agent, mortgage, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
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  21. Nuisance Apartment: tenants, agent, housing, insurance - Real Estate
  22. Pmi: mortgage, mortgage, fixed rate, broker - Real Estate
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  24. News, Your house is blocking my view ... s $4.2 million: 1%, value, homeowners - Real Estate
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  27. Investment properties: where and what to choose?: tenants, duplex, 2013 - Real Estate
  28. Listing agents to save money: agent, commission, sale, accept - Real Estate
  29. Home Inspection found termite damage in floor joists. Should I walk away?: disclosure, agent - Real Estate
  30. how does the appraiser get access: agent, builders, house, converted - Real Estate
  31. Advice for young first time buyer.: RE agent, recommendation, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  32. Squatters living in house For Sale :/ (WA): 2013, agent, commission - Real Estate
  33. be there for home closing, do i need to grant power of attorney: documents, fee - Real Estate
  34. Private showing wasn't private?: agent, price, property, offer - Real Estate
  35. News Video, Is Millionaire a Real Estate Tycoon … or Robin Hood?: auction, sale
  36. RE friend never contacts me: agent, property, contracts, Realtors - Real Estate
  37. New Condo Developments in NYC?: percent, townhouse, approved, states - Real Estate
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  39. Have you ever found a condo for someone with many cats?: condos, bedroom - Real Estate
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  42. real estate investing books: agent, construction, illegal, value
  43. News, Woman uses story of cheating former husband to sell house: sale, settlement - Real Estate
  44. inspection, appraisal, closing: negotiation, agent, attorney, escrow - Real Estate
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  46. local bank vs. internet bank: appraisal, mortgage, mortgages, price - Real Estate
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  48. Negotiating w/builder?: square foot, foreclosed, agents, price - Real Estate
  49. News, No One Wants In on New WTC.: tenants, square footage, construction - Real Estate
  50. HUD homes: appraisal, auction, agent, price - Real Estate
  51. Buying something on a camping: price, expensive, cost, houses - Real Estate
  52. Is New Construction Negotiable?: agent, accept, prices, builders - Real Estate
  53. Carpenter Bees - Boring Bee's - Beware!: inspector, claim, Realtor - Real Estate
  54. thinking about moving to cleveland: agent, property, Realtor, state - Real Estate
  55. Should we hire a separate stucco inspector?: recommendation, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  56. Trustee Sale - Help: appraised, auction, agent, realty - Real Estate
  57. What are the chances a buyer wil back out of buying?: negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  58. Contingency for selling buyer's home - what triggers the end?: contingent, clause - Real Estate
  59. I hope my buyers will back out of buying my home: tenants, disclosure - Real Estate
  60. incarcerated/auction (CA): property tax, loan, default, debt - Real Estate
  61. Praetorian Insurance Company?: commission, construction, property, contract - Real Estate
  62. usd loans and debt to income ratio?: mortgage, mortgage, insurance - Real Estate
  63. Which would be a better investment?: fees, housing, condo, banks - Real Estate
  64. Can you get credit if you have the builder not include a standard feature: prices, contractor - Real Estate
  65. Does commute to sell real estate?: agent, sales, monthly fee
  66. Downpayment assistance for first time homebuyer with a cosigner? (MN): foreclosure, clause - Real Estate
  67. 5 new rights for property owners in HOAs in Texas: fee, condos, properties - Real Estate
  68. What would you expect a builder to do in this situation?: fees, accept - Real Estate
  69. News, New apartment building is geared for motorcycle owners.: garage, built, apartments - Real Estate
  70. Listing agreement expired 12 months ago, can seller buyer work out deal with getting sued?: clause, agent - Real Estate
  71. about Language in Counteroffer (house purchase with tenant moving out): tenants, agent - Real Estate
  72. Is Model/Inventory Homes have special homestead in appraisal value or taxable value in Texas?: deductions, state - Real Estate
  73. Missed the chance to sell at good price? What now?: agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  74. In General - Heating and Cooling Cost - 1,200 SQFT vs 1,900 SQFT: square foot, price - Real Estate
  75. Picking up my bootstraps: agent, contract, company, rating - Real Estate
  76. Inspectors obligation?: feedback, disclosures, appraiser, agent - Real Estate
  77. benefits of closing credits: appraisal, negotiating, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  78. Sale held hostage by agent's demand for more commission: appraised, 3%, fees - Real Estate
  79. Biggest Loss...: foreclosure, investment, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  80. The U.S. Housing Bust is Over - WSJ: foreclosed, agents, mortgage rates - Real Estate
  81. Underwriter/Appraisal issues: sales, accept, banks, price - Real Estate
  82. When County Records are Wrong: foreclosures, agents, sales, insurance - Real Estate
  83. Is this treatment common?: disclosure, recommendation, documents, negotiating - Real Estate
  84. Stunned about what?: disclosures, appraise, foreclosure, agent - Real Estate
  85. buy or bid on an auction property???: disclosures, documents, cheapest - Real Estate
  86. Who puts together an open house: buyers or realtor? When to lower price?: new agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  87. Complicated Property Purchase / Financing Questions: tenant, investments, second mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  88. Purchasing a home without a buyer's agent?: RE agent, disclosures, recommendation - Real Estate
  89. Cool Colors to paint a Home: state, HOA, buying a home, buying - Real Estate
  90. Square footage includes open area (PA): agent, sales, legal - Real Estate
  91. House: Is it an investment or home?: investments, housing, property - Real Estate
  92. Owed BA commission?: contingencies, appraisal, agent, fee - Real Estate
  93. Appraisal - Relationship of Comps to Appraised Value: square footage, foreclosure, sales - Real Estate
  94. Sticky Condo Situation, Need serious advice: plumber, insurance, agreement - Real Estate
  95. What Does HOA Board Ask During Interview?: agent, fees, housing - Real Estate
  96. Realtor commission: 6%, negotiations, new agent, commissions - Real Estate
  97. Bypassing the realtor.: feedback, incentive, clause, agent - Real Estate
  98. found home myself (never shown home) but requested it be shown by realtor, now owner wants to sell directly to me?: 2013, clause - Real Estate
  99. Communicating offer to seller (commission issue): incentive, appraiser, 3%, negotiating - Real Estate
  100. House Assessement - what should we offer on purchase?: RE agent, disclosure, appraisal - Real Estate
  101. Problem with over-friendly neighborhood kids?: property, company, rating, house - Real Estate
  102. i am taking the real estate salesperson exam.: percent, contracts, Missouri
  103. Good book on Flipping a House?: recommendation, countertop, cheapest, foreclosures - Real Estate
  104. Appraiser has quit ... what are my rights as a buyer?: contingency, appraisal - Real Estate
  105. Extras when Buying a home - How much are they really worth ?: negotiations, sales - Real Estate
  106. Cost of Selling (and buying) a Home?: 2013, commission, mortgages - Real Estate
  107. How to reduce 'Living Area' from saving Appraised Value of a home: income tax, comparables - Real Estate
  108. 3,000 Square Foot House - Is it Really a Deal ?: foreclosure, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  109. Agent lied about counter-offer: commission, sale, accept, property - Real Estate
  110. Dog Registration in HOAs: documents, insurance, rental, state - Real Estate
  111. Yes or No to House in Smalltown Ghetto: square foot, sales, price - Real Estate
  112. buy investment properties...with cash but about to lose my mind!: agent, banks - Real Estate
  113. LLC and Rental properties: agent, insurance, lawyer, renters - Real Estate
  114. What outdoor space adds more value to the house?: investment, property, most expensive - Real Estate
  115. Buying a Home that is For Sale by Owner: RE market, documents, 5% - Real Estate
  116. Real Estate advice for 23 yr old.: RE market, tenants, duplex, agent
  117. Value of a home in the 1980s: sale, prices, historical - Real Estate
  118. Using Real Estate Transaction Forms From Staples?: tenant, agent, landlord
  119. Trying to ask seller about delicate matter ...: tenant, disclosure, plumber - Real Estate
  120. Contract for house - flood zone not indicated on sellers disclosure: documents, agent - Real Estate
  121. buying without an agent - economic incentive's for the seller's agent: 3%, negotiations - Real Estate
  122. Maryland non dual agents: disclosure, negotiation, dual agency, commission - Real Estate
  123. kitchen appliance brand name - resell issues?: cheapest, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  124. Is this Zoning Ordinance Constitutional?: appraiser, mortgage, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  125. About Custom Home Building: square footage, countertop, sale, insurance - Real Estate
  126. what to ask after inspection: tenants, contingencies, agent, accepting - Real Estate
  127. Father Passed Away- Need for Children About Estate: duplex, 4%, investment - Real Estate
  128. Buyer Changing Agents?: RE agent, documents, new, agreement - Real Estate
  129. Predict the best future cities for real estate investing: appraise, foreclosures, investment
  130. ARGH!! Just sell my house !: feedback, Realtor recommendation, 5%, new agent - Real Estate
  131. Does my offer stand a chance against an in-house offer?: contingencies, appraisal - Real Estate
  132. National Housing forecast from the NAR: foreclosure, prices, rental, contract - Real Estate
  133. House sold, now buyers want to bargain: contingency, appraisal, mortgage - Real Estate
  134. Style of House: agent, condo, price, townhouse - Real Estate
  135. Flat Roof Home - Pros and Cons: square foot, insurance, inspection - Real Estate
  136. Buying and Selling a House Process...Tips!: price, renting, contract - Real Estate
  137. Realtors: Describe the Ideal Buyer...: negotiations, agent, sale, price - Real Estate
  138. How long for buyer to show proof of lending for purchase.: contingent, documents - Real Estate
  139. using inspection contingency in lieu of a contingent offer: contingencies, clause, agent - Real Estate
  140. Need Help to Fight Ridiculously Undervalued BPO.: RE agent, incentive, square footage - Real Estate
  141. RedFin: contingencies, negotiations, agent, commission - Real Estate
  142. How Much to Reduce the Price on House for Sale by Owner?: commission, sales - Real Estate
  143. Lease option sellers perspective: tenants, appraisal, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  144. Builder fail to close on time: negotiation, construction, lawyers, rental - Real Estate
  145. Rant from a Buyer: negotiations, agent, sales, price - Real Estate
  146. Use the bathroom when viewing a house: agent, state, houses - Real Estate
  147. Dying of curiousity: RE agent, contingent, agent, sale - Real Estate
  148. How much real estate business is profitable?: 3%, agent, investment
  149. What do words really mean...: foreclosure, agent, commission, sales - Real Estate
  150. Purchasing a home as a single woman: tenant, plumber, foreclosures - Real Estate
  151. Sell my house to a buyer with FHA Loan or Conventional?: appraiser, 5% - Real Estate
  152. Re-Negotiate Offer(septic issue): contingencies, appraisal, sale, accept - Real Estate
  153. Backing out on the day of closing: fees, lawyer, escrow - Real Estate
  154. How to trust a real estate agent?: RE agent, recommendation, 5%
  155. Why use a Realtor for New Construction?: documents, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  156. renovating or move?: feedback, appraisal, investment, sale - Real Estate
  157. Can't find insurance company to insure home with aluminum wiring: property, inspector - Real Estate
  158. Seller wants to close 2 weeks early!: agent, mortgage, mortgage, renting - Real Estate
  159. Sellers remorse.. did you have it after your house sold?: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  160. Who Is Responsible for Non - Disclosure: disclosures, agent, property - Real Estate
  161. Issues with buying a home with seller's furniture in it: contingencies, appraisal - Real Estate
  162. Feeling a lot of pressure to buy a house...: condos, price, renter - Real Estate
  163. help... how do I get old disclosures from a PRIOR sale?: agent, commission - Real Estate
  164. I was right about our agents: appraisal, 6%, agent, sales - Real Estate
  165. Tell me your BUYERS SCARING OFF THE SELLERS Story: negotiations, agent, sale - Real Estate
  166. 3 months on the market - no offers - should remove listing? (Roswell, GA): feedback, appraisal - Real Estate
  167. Lowball offer on major fixer-upper - thoughts?: contingencies, feedback, disclosure - Real Estate
  168. News, Is the drama of HGTV's 'House Hunters' fake?: sale, housing, contract - Real Estate
  169. Can I list my house for less than I will accept?: negotiation, agent - Real Estate
  170. Sprinkler system problem: disclosure, inspector, disclose, cost - Real Estate
  171. Help me understand feedback, # showings,: agent, accept, price, properties - Real Estate
  172. Would you buy a home in a neighborhood that has had sinkhole activity?: settlement, insurance - Real Estate
  173. 53-ft access: company, house, street, personal - Real Estate
  174. Is this considered a low-ball offer?: disclosure, square footage, new agent, sale - Real Estate
  175. Evicting Seller Tenants Due to VA Loan Occupancy Requirments: foreclosed, landlord, agreement - Real Estate
  176. Buy property without viewing?: agent, sale, condos, price - Real Estate
  177. Garage converted to bedroom--is this OK?: appraisal, legal, inspection, value - Real Estate
  178. Let's Talk HOAs (Homeowner Associations): sale, housing, condo, property tax - Real Estate
  179. Limited Representation Broker?: disclosure, dual agency, legal, brokers - Real Estate
  180. Suicide house: disclosure, property, value, offering - Real Estate
  181. HOA Constantly Sending Illegitimate Violation Letters: tenants, documentation, agreement, property - Real Estate
  182. What's up with the real estate market (this summer), listings down? rents way up?: appraisal, auction
  183. Making first time purchase (condo): contingent, disclosures, documents, agent - Real Estate
  184. Teens and vandalizing: fees, property, value, furniture - Real Estate
  185. Real Estate Experts: New Medicare Tax (Real Estate Sales Tax) in the ACA: 3%, income tax
  186. Are we being rude?: agent, sale, construction, property - Real Estate
  187. HOA's Tree roots uplifting pool deck, who is responsible???: documents, fee, insurance - Real Estate
  188. Does my friend have recourse?: documents, agent, condo, property - Real Estate
  189. News, Hamptons couple tears down house after construction error.: property, contractor, builders - Real Estate
  190. BPO vs. Appraisal?: contingent, agent, sales, condo - Real Estate
  191. Listed home 6 days ago...: negotiation, housing, prices, construction - Real Estate
  192. living next to unstable people..: appraisal, foreclosure, agent, sale - Real Estate
  193. Should I re-list or sell this house at auction?: foreclosures, agent, price - Real Estate
  194. How's my RE agent doing?: recommendation, sale, price, properties - Real Estate
  195. Found a house we like but need to sell ours, need advice: contingent, disclosing - Real Estate
  196. Give Reasons why NOT to buy fire damage house...: disclosures, appraiser, sale - Real Estate
  197. News, George Jones says no sale to auction of estate.: property, offering - Real Estate
  198. Expired Contract: agent, short sale, seller, buyer - Real Estate
  199. News, New York City Seeks Lilliputian Living Units.: article, apartments, closet - Real Estate
  200. H03 versus H05 Insurance for 100 yr old home.: broker, house, New Jersey - Real Estate