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  14. Real Estate in India: housing, condo, property, rent
  15. using homestead exemption $ in. another state: documents, sale, price, property tax - Real Estate
  16. First Time Home Buyer and Tax Return: 2013, income tax, mortgage - Real Estate
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  18. Buying a Home With a Septic System: sale, properties, inspection - Real Estate
  19. Interest Rates and Home Values - 2014: 5%, mortgage, housing, banks - Real Estate
  20. what is REIT??: investments, prices, value, offer - Real Estate
  21. about property ownership in TX and heirship--: appraisal, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  22. about time it takes to get in delisted house: agent, legal - Real Estate
  23. Don't Understand Closing Costs Estimate: agent, mortgage, mortgage, insurance - Real Estate
  24. Buying vs. Renting: incentive, recommendation, 2%, income tax - Real Estate
  25. Should you have the lease in company name or your personal name.: tenants, investment - Real Estate
  26. No strangers allowed: landlord, agreement, property, attorneys - Real Estate
  27. A home buyer's journey-a cautionary tale.: appraisal, foreclosed, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  28. listing agreement extension how long do you do it?: RE market, feedback, agent - Real Estate
  29. Refinancing (equity or income more important)?: mortgage, mortgage, banks, loans - Real Estate
  30. Making Extra Payments If Not Forever Home?: investments, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  31. Renovations on condo: or nay?: agent, investment, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  32. possibility of buying land in Santa Monica and building on top of it?: accept, price - Real Estate
  33. Other than Word-of-Mouth, how to find a good realtor...: incentive, agent, commission - Real Estate
  34. Close to making purchase on short sale... But then I found this: foreclosure, negotiation - Real Estate
  35. Pros and Cons in Methods of Relocation Home Sale Program (BVO vs Direct Reimbursement): contingency, price - Real Estate
  36. My rental in foreclosure-landlord has 1st time homeowner loan: tenants, feedback, mortgage - Real Estate
  37. Divorce and Mortgage (complicated) -EX MOVED BACK IN HOUSE FLORIDA: tenant, sales - Real Estate
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  39. FSBO Seller responsibilities.: disclosures, negotiating, agent, commissions - Real Estate
  40. Learning to do a proper title search: insurance, properties, legal - Real Estate
  41. Renovations: how complicated is it (LA and Santa Monica)?: condos, properties, contractors - Real Estate
  42. State with Rent to Own or Lease Options: foreclosures, sales, percentage - Real Estate
  43. Purchase price of home vs incentives: 3%, sales, contract, states - Real Estate
  44. West LA: 750K, can I get a nice house in a good school district west of the 405?: price, area - Real Estate
  45. Estate Home Sale Auction: disclosure, documents, auctions, mortgage - Real Estate
  46. What happened?: foreclosed, sale, property, legal advice - Real Estate
  47. Rent a house facing the service drive of a highway?: tenants, landlords - Real Estate
  48. Chicago Real Estate: broker, contracts, houses, closing
  49. Unhappy with Coldwell Banker: contingent, documents, agent, commission - Real Estate
  50. Home closing - what to expect?: disclosures, documents, agent, investment - Real Estate
  51. Buying townhome as investment property? pros -cons: condo, renter, advantages - Real Estate
  52. HO6 vs hazard insurance, is it same or different: agent, condo, escrow - Real Estate
  53. What happens to real estate prices after a natural disaster?: investment, sales
  54. Websites for zipcode specific real estate discussion: agents, renting, Realtors
  55. about selling 2 on a lot property with leased fee interest: tenants, 5% - Real Estate
  56. RA-5 zoning: auction, foreclosure, agents, construction - Real Estate
  57. We can't decide on CA or TX: income tax, investment, sale - Real Estate
  58. Fake housing inflation is KILLING our economy: 2014, foreclosures, 4% - Real Estate
  59. Need advice on home sell - direct with no agent: 3%, commissions - Real Estate
  60. Relocation Company Home Selling Issues: negotiating, agent, commission, sale - Real Estate
  61. Include floor plan on sell sheets: RE agent, appraiser, agent, commissions - Real Estate
  62. during closing I am billed for property tax for period I did not own the place.: 2014, arrears - Real Estate
  63. Real Estate issue...need help: contingent, mortgage, mortgage, sale
  64. Selling land when parties don't agree: appraised, agent, fees, price - Real Estate
  65. Should we use a double agent?: appraisal, negotiating, dual agency, commissions - Real Estate
  66. Price drops, viewed as positive or negative: feedback, sale, property - Real Estate
  67. A nightware of home buying experience- Pflugerville,TX: disclosure, foreclosure, mortgage - Real Estate
  68. American cities with cheap condos.: mortgage, mortgage, monthly fee, prices - Real Estate
  69. Dual agent refused to send written negotiation: appraisal, clause, negotiating - Real Estate
  70. Relocation but house won't sell WWYD?: 2014, appraisal, foreclosure, agents - Real Estate
  71. Inspection was a week ago, no word from buyer. What gives?: negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  72. Owner's Title Insurance: contingencies, mortgages, sale, fees - Real Estate
  73. buyer wants to walk out after the Inspection contingency period: documents, clause - Real Estate
  74. Grocery stores and property values: appraisal, agent, very expensive, state - Real Estate
  75. Rennovating family room - wood floor or replace carpet?: price, points, kitchen - Real Estate
  76. Can a renter love his home as much as a homeowner?: tenants, landlords - Real Estate
  77. might be too Bohemian: agent, housing, price, property - Real Estate
  78. Buyer offering own agent a bonus: 1%, negotiations, commission, sale - Real Estate
  79. Liability Coverage for Property Manager: tenants, 2013, agent, fees - Real Estate
  80. Seeking advice about issues found during inspection ....: price, property, inspector - Real Estate
  81. Low Inventory market home purchase: 6%, clause, agent, commission - Real Estate
  82. A Property Manager and Realtor: tenants, documentation, foreclosed, agent - Real Estate
  83. Buying Home From Family Member (Full Market Price): RE agent, feedback, appraisal - Real Estate
  84. Buyers, who picks what you see, you or the agent?: RE agent, recommendation - Real Estate
  85. How is this 'pocket listing' thing not a breach of duty?: negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  86. Town home vs Detached/single family homes.: gated communities, duplex, mortgage - Real Estate
  87. Conflict of interest?: negotiations, agent, investment, sale - Real Estate
  88. Listing Agent Issue: contingencies, new agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  89. Home insurance really needed?: investments, mortgage, mortgage company, settlements - Real Estate
  90. have luck renting out rooms in their home?: tenants, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  91. How to Sell Safely Using Craigslist: appraisal, agent, mortgage, mortgage company - Real Estate
  92. Renting my House Out: tenants, 2013, foreclosures, agent - Real Estate
  93. If you make an offer on multiple properties and they accept at the same time, then what? (CA): contingency, agent - Real Estate
  94. Hobby- Looking at houses for sale online: sales, housing, price - Real Estate
  95. Condo - Percent of ownership for determining HOA dues: square footage, documents, fees - Real Estate
  96. Wrong lot size: contingent, agent, property, offer - Real Estate
  97. Misrepresentation on Listing (Not Intentional): disclosure, documentation, negotiation, agent - Real Estate
  98. Single Family House in a community with HOA: stucco, disclosure, documents - Real Estate
  99. Need Advice on Selling a Leased House to the Tenants: contingencies, appraisal - Real Estate
  100. What's better: condo building with lots of units or few units?: conversion, mortgage - Real Estate
  101. Homeowner Needs Advice: countertop, sales, price, property - Real Estate
  102. Are you allowed to work with multiple agents/brokers?: RE agent, agent, commission - Real Estate
  103. This is why I prefer stucco. (Home inspection): contingency, agent, sale - Real Estate
  104. Replacing Reserved Items: appraisal, agreement, price, inspection - Real Estate
  105. Special Assessments: documents, foreclosed, mortgage, payment schedule - Real Estate
  106. Is there large demand and market for housing targeting ex-cons, and veterans: tenants, landlords - Real Estate
  107. Third Bedroom or Finished Basement: appraisal, 8%, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  108. HOA orders family to remove welcome home banner: condo, property, state - Real Estate
  109. Interesting Land Contract Situation: foreclosed, agent, mortgage, settlement - Real Estate
  110. Demise of Media Rooms: price, vents, Realtor, furniture - Real Estate
  111. Are one story homes the new trend nationally?: square footage, condos, price - Real Estate
  112. uestion about subdivisions: gated community, documents, clause, fees - Real Estate
  113. Expectations Realistic?: appraisal, agent, sales, comparable - Real Estate
  114. Foreigner buying with cash: 2013, income tax, agent, mortgages - Real Estate
  115. Why are people OBSESSED with owning a house?: investment, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  116. Pitfalls of no Real Estate Attorney?: RE agent, 5%, negotiating, agent
  117. Making Extra Payments Monthly: investments, mortgage, mortgage, advantage - Real Estate
  118. Need advice-- suddenly monthly HOA fees are higher at the 11th hour-- HELP: disclosures, appraisal - Real Estate
  119. Negotiating RE agent commission: feedback, 2014, cheapest, appraiser - Real Estate
  120. HOA + Fence: sale, attorneys, very expensive, offering - Real Estate
  121. VERY messy renter problem: tenant, incentive, disclosing, clause - Real Estate
  122. old underground oil tank: disclosure, sale, property, inspection - Real Estate
  123. Remodeling Rental Home Flooring: tenants, renters, contractor, kitchens - Real Estate
  124. Site to find motivated sellers?: price, properties, value, state - Real Estate
  125. Back taxes owd on property: mortgage, sale, fees, condos - Real Estate
  126. Property Tax Refund: 2013, income tax, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  127. Rental property near college campus--In's and out's advice: tenants, mortgage, landlords - Real Estate
  128. about real estate agencies: 3%, agent, commission, sales
  129. Spring Season, what time period is this by r.e. calendar?: agent, sales - Real Estate
  130. Is seller required to state that home is vacant?: appraisal, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  131. News, Drought or not, brown lawns bring HOA fines.: tenant, 2014, housing - Real Estate
  132. Is this a common solicitation for new buyers?: RE agent, agent, second mortgage - Real Estate
  133. To build or to remodel: foreclosure, investment, sales, fees - Real Estate
  134. I am tired of apartment living! I want a home!: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  135. Down to Two Homes to Choose From - Stuck.: feedback, negotiation, fee - Real Estate
  136. Ignoring a HOA fine: foreclosure, sale, fees, property - Real Estate
  137. How Many Homes Does the Average Person Look At Before Putting in Offer?: agent, investment - Real Estate
  138. New Rental Listing Scam: tenant, agent, sale, fees - Real Estate
  139. Buying another house before selling the old one: contingent, agents, mortgage - Real Estate
  140. Big Pine Key homeowner has gun range in his yard, and it’s totally legal.: 2014, condo - Real Estate
  141. Condo living - Do you like living in a condo?: conversion, clause - Real Estate
  142. Want to walk through my house?: agent, price, properties, kitchen - Real Estate
  143. When Should I Sign a Homeowners Insurance Policy: agent, mortgage, mortgage company - Real Estate
  144. Paying for so little...: sales, housing, prices, renting - Real Estate
  145. Selecting Agent for In-Town Horse Property: contingencies, feedback, negotiating - Real Estate
  146. Buy this summer or wait a year?: 2015, housing, prices - Real Estate
  147. Security system and property: square footage, fee, Realtor, state - Real Estate
  148. California rentals from long-time residents: tenants, income tax, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  149. 20 vs 25% down on purchase-Need insight: contingency, appraisal, 3%, agents - Real Estate
  150. Owning a Mixed Use Property: tenants, disclosing, agent, investment - Real Estate
  151. Ethical obligation to buyer's agent: RE agent, 3%, commission, sales - Real Estate
  152. Approximate % for selling home: 1%, agent, commission, mortgage - Real Estate
  153. Frustrated 1st Time Buyer, RD loan, Unresponsive Realtor: Realtor recommendation, appraiser, foreclosure - Real Estate
  154. Quick about condos: documents, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  155. notice of violation from city: plumber, foreclosed, construction, properties - Real Estate
  156. Planning to buy first home/handy man special: RE agent, agent, investment - Real Estate
  157. Insurance Claim and building's by-laws - legal opinion: tenants, condos, landlord - Real Estate
  158. Fishy situation selling inherited real estate-- Scam?: agent, investments, sale
  159. Is the real estate market overbought?: RE market, foreclosed, 5%, agent
  160. How and why just about every home owner’s title across america is becoming clouded: RE agent, disclosure - Real Estate
  161. School District Boundary and Resale: states, bedrooms, houses, neighborhood - Real Estate
  162. Fracking and House Prices: Buyer Beware: 2014, housing, lawsuits, property - Real Estate
  163. Oil tank filled by renter, then removed by Landlord.: tenant, property, attorney - Real Estate
  164. a about a sale of farmland: tenant, 2014, agent - Real Estate
  165. Credit to closing cost: disclosures, documents, agent, commission - Real Estate
  166. Advice on selling a house with kids: 2014, agent, sale - Real Estate
  167. Real Estate Agents who want to sell you a house before they sell yours: agent, sales
  168. When is an offer not an offer?: contingencies, appraisal, foreclose - Real Estate
  169. And Speaking of Home Inspections...: agent, property, inspectors, Realtor - Real Estate
  170. Gauging the value of your home: RE agent, disclosure, square footage, appraisal - Real Estate
  171. About The Inspection Report: appraisal, negotiating, price, property - Real Estate
  172. New insurance Policy on House Sold Almost a Year Ago?: 2013, agent - Real Estate
  173. Showing House with Large Family: agent, renting, offer, Realtors - Real Estate
  174. Buying land for the first time I have questions.: 2%, fees, price - Real Estate
  175. Is it supposed to be this hard to commit?: tenant, 5%, investments - Real Estate
  176. under contract and the seller wants to fire her listing agent: RE agent, disclosure - Real Estate
  177. 3 Bedroom + Office?: RE agent, feedback, agent, legal - Real Estate
  178. Advice needed - what options do I have if a builder threatens to terminate contract: clause, sales - Real Estate
  179. Neighborhood covenants gone, HOA barely in existence: mortgage, sales, fees - Real Estate
  180. When is a house VACATED ?: tenants, fees, landlord, property - Real Estate
  181. Home Inspection Period: agent, inspector, contracts, Realtor - Real Estate
  182. 1st time home buyer - questions to ask prospective realtors?: documents, foreclosure - Real Estate
  183. Zillow changes?: 2013, agents, sales, prices - Real Estate
  184. Should We Use This Realtor?: negotiations, dual agency, commission, sale - Real Estate
  185. Can The City Do This?: property, renters, value, commercial - Real Estate
  186. Buying a fixer house from smokers: negotiations, vents, expensive, house value - Real Estate
  187. Tenants Asking To Pay Rent On 7th Instead Of First: fee, accept - Real Estate
  188. Get rid of stone cairns before selling?: agent, property, offer - Real Estate
  189. Does seller have to disclose to buyers what we dug up?: feedback, disclosure - Real Estate
  190. Why are affluent people so picky with real estate?: cheapest, agent, expensive
  191. Conflicts w/ family: auction, sale, property, lawyers - Real Estate
  192. Sharing my experience buying a home: this is what I learned: incentive, disclosure - Real Estate
  193. Tenant is gone - ready to list!: incentive, fee, property - Real Estate
  194. Shed in community where they are not allowed: agreement, construction, lawyer - Real Estate
  195. Paying down mortgage if moving soon: 2015, 4%, investment, mortgages - Real Estate
  196. No-Nonsense advice on buying a house: 1%, investment, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  197. Future Resale should not always rule: agent, sales, condo, price - Real Estate
  198. How to find the right real estate agent?: feedback, 2013, sale
  199. Does this make sense?: tenants, duplex, foreclosed, mortgage - Real Estate
  200. triple appraisals.: clause, sales, property, value - Real Estate