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  9. Cheapest State/Location To Buy An Event Venue and Make It Profitable?: vents, very expensive - Real Estate
  10. Soft job markets. Why doesn't that usually show up in real estate?: plumber, 3%
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  13. Winter slowdown: sales, housing, price, construction - Real Estate
  14. How Do I Find a Builders Previous Developments?: sales, inspectors, Realtors - Real Estate
  15. New mailbox: legal, rental, Realtor, state - Real Estate
  16. Doing real estate in sunny Florida?: price, renters, contractors, Realtors
  17. Insurance, Asbestos Siding: disclosures, sale, property, legal - Real Estate
  18. Big Landlords Are So Hungry for Houses They’re Building Them: investment, commissions - Real Estate
  19. Building in a brand new 'subdivision': fees, price, property, disadvantages - Real Estate
  20. Need real estate investment advice: investments, property, rent, house
  21. Entry way: construction, room, garage, homeowners - Real Estate
  22. Is there problem with having a “buyer” email a listing agent?: documents, negotiations - Real Estate
  23. Normal to interview multiple buyer's agents from same agency?: incentive, documents, appraisal - Real Estate
  24. Why is there no forum for people who are building?: construction, contract - Real Estate
  25. HOA board President served with lawsuit at quarterly meeting: lawsuits, attorney, claim - Real Estate
  26. What is going on with sale, property, house hunting - Real Estate
  27. Buying Rural Parcel Of Land: insurance, property tax, building, homeowner - Real Estate
  28. Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff replaced as Zillow announce $120m Loss: appraisal, auction - Real Estate
  29. Are there resources (for fee) to learn about RE out of state, or out of local municipality: RE agent, agent - Real Estate
  30. Buying a second home to live in...rates/how to qualify?: 5%, investment - Real Estate
  31. Should I Hire My Own Appraiser? Builder Offering To Buy: appraisal, mortgage - Real Estate
  32. cracks on foundation wall: 2013, settlement, inspector, build - Real Estate
  33. selling house w/reverse mortgage: appraisal, agent, price, offers - Real Estate
  34. How HQ2 would affect housing prices in eachof the finalist cities: claim, disclose - Real Estate
  35. Double garage door width: square footage, percentage, price, townhome - Real Estate
  36. Unexpected fsbo: documents, appraisal, 2%, agents - Real Estate
  37. Trouble selling home: feedback, agent, fees, condos - Real Estate
  38. Housing Predictions for 2019: Housing Market will Cool.: investments, sales, percent - Real Estate
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  40. Which Offer to Take? Need to decide today: contingent, countertop, appraisal - Real Estate
  41. When to change realtors for location?: new agent, sales, fee, accept - Real Estate
  42. Agent makes offer, anything to be concerned about with this?: disclosing, commission - Real Estate
  43. Be careful what you say in a house you are showing or viewing...: negotiating, sales - Real Estate
  44. Is a Starter Home One of the Worst Purchases You Can Make?: 3%, commission - Real Estate
  45. When your home is listed for sale using MLS, how many and which sites will the listing be on?: RE agent, 5% - Real Estate
  46. Do you take the first offer on a home?: feedback, appraised, 5% - Real Estate
  47. Cheapest Safe City To Live In?: room, cheap, costs, paying - Real Estate
  48. Existing-home sales slide to a 3-year low as housing market stumbles: mortgage rates, mortgage - Real Estate
  49. New Build.Nightmare in SC: duplex, foreclose, agents, mortgage - Real Estate
  50. Baby Boomer affect on housing supply: RE market, property tax, attorney, more expensive - Real Estate
  51. Real Estate: For sale by owner: 3%, agent, commissions, fee
  52. Pros and Cons of using a friend as a realtor: tenant, agent - Real Estate
  53. And, the winner is..... Zillow's crowd-sourced appraisal scam improvement winner to be announced: RE agent, negotiating - Real Estate
  54. Did profit from the housing collapse?: 2015, foreclose, investment - Real Estate
  55. What made you buy your home?: duplex, 2015, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  56. Escrow Shortage & Escrow Deficiency: mortgage, mortgage, insurance, property tax - Real Estate
  57. Buying a new construction without REA, now we want to hire one: incentive, documents - Real Estate
  58. The most random real estate ever...: agent, sales, properties
  59. Entry room: appraisal, sales, inspected, bedroom - Real Estate
  60. Are mobile homes worth it?: cheapest, appraise, fee, accept - Real Estate
  61. What do you think are of) the best states to live in?: offers, requirements - Real Estate
  62. Negotiating move in date...: agent, mortgage, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  63. Flippers who watch too much HGTV: 2015, price, most expensive, contractors - Real Estate
  64. News, California house where parents allegedly tortured kids sells for over $300,000: appraised, housing - Real Estate
  65. Buying without an agent: disclosures, recommendation, appraisal, dual agency - Real Estate
  66. Selling My House and Not with Financial Part: commission, price, property - Real Estate
  67. Which real estate website has the most accurate estimate: square foot, appraisal, agent
  68. What was your home buying experience like?: agent, commission, price - Real Estate
  69. Septic inspection - drywell failed ABNORMAL RAINFALL: 2015, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  70. Rent Back Agreement or Delay Closing: mortgage, mortgage, sale, price - Real Estate
  71. Large lots wasted on huge front yards: but why?: sales, properties, developer - Real Estate
  72. Renting vs Owning (A Few Other Questions) A Novice looking to buy:: feedback, recommendation - Real Estate
  73. Living near high voltage tower and power lines going through backyard: wage, electricity - Real Estate
  74. Good Real Estate Photos Make a Huge Difference: property, renters, offers
  75. Why do people tolerate undemocratic homeowners’ association boards?: fees, condo, price - Real Estate
  76. What do you love about your new home?: rental, kitchen, room - Real Estate
  77. Real estate career advice: foreclosures, investment, mortgage, mortgage
  78. Best Retirement / Investment properties right now?: tenants, condo, landlord, renters - Real Estate
  79. Worst closing experience ever! (NC): recommendation, agent, agreement, attorneys - Real Estate
  80. Living near a sewage treatment facility: price, claim, state, cost - Real Estate
  81. Boomers, Millennials, and the McMansions No One Wants: price, townhouse, claim - Real Estate
  82. Rot row, blizzard may get in the way of closing. What now?: contingencies, fee - Real Estate
  83. Do buying and selling agents ever conspire to make a profit?: appraise, 5% - Real Estate
  84. New construction closing: tenant, condo, landlords, agreement - Real Estate
  85. Living next to or near a cemetery.: condominiums, construction, building - Real Estate
  86. Which are you? Renter seeking good location? Buyer seeking financial gain?: duplex, housing - Real Estate
  87. Seller refused to sign cancellation document and sold to someone can I sue for breach of contract and bad faith?: disclosures, plumber - Real Estate
  88. 50 Shades of Maple Glen: investment, rental, house, listing - Real Estate
  89. 55 plus active communities.: fees, price, property, illegal - Real Estate
  90. What's the point of a walk-through on an as-is sale?: agreement, property - Real Estate
  91. Millennials are ditching the cookie-cutter McMansion for the 'McModern': housing, price, construction - Real Estate
  92. What type of buyer requires the most effort?: agent, investment, commission - Real Estate
  93. Laundry list of credit for repairs from buyers...long: disclosure, 2013, appraisal - Real Estate
  94. Small Claims - seller did not disclose encroachment: disclosure, fees, settlement - Real Estate
  95. What is the cost to build in your area? (custom, low to middle/not fancy): square foot, housing - Real Estate
  96. Buying a house and renting out a room?: tenants, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  97. Best use of bottom level in tri-level?: recommendation, illegal, renters - Real Estate
  98. How do homes pass appraisal?: documents, price, value, offer - Real Estate
  99. Help with realtor suggestions: agent, investment, price, offers - Real Estate
  100. The effect on real estate due to the government shutdown: 1%, agents
  101. New Construction - Closing on Thursday - delay: sales, settlement, agreement - Real Estate
  102. How Much Land Is Enough?: RE agent, agent, sale, prices - Real Estate
  103. Flipping - need advice on business or not: auction, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  104. Real Estate Agents Commission: appraisal, 6%, negotiating, agent
  105. Security set aside after buying a house: 2%, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  106. How long would you plan to live to buy a house?: property, value - Real Estate
  107. Obnoxious realtors: duplex, agent, accept, housing - Real Estate
  108. New Agent Questioning the whole point of Realtors: appraiser, new agent, commissions - Real Estate
  109. Made a unwise decision 11 years ago. Bought a house in rural NY (Rockland County). Mixed feelings: sale, prices - Real Estate
  110. Lookers: agent, property, rental, contract - Real Estate
  111. Sellers...pricing for concessions?: appraise, negotiating, agent, commissions - Real Estate
  112. Shut off Electricity in Condo for Sale?: agent, fee, price - Real Estate
  113. Impression on selling house with pool in winter + choosing an agent: 2015, sales - Real Estate
  114. Last-minute rent back?: negotiation, agent, inspection, contract - Real Estate
  115. Moving out of house before closing?: RE agent, contingencies, documents, clause - Real Estate
  116. Why is it for businesses to have concertina wires, but not for residential areas?: properties, illegal - Real Estate
  117. Active Under Contract: contingencies, appraisal, agent, sale - Real Estate
  118. Zillow never ceases to amaze me in it's inaccuracy.: 2014, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  119. Where to look: Affordable Housing + Great Public Schools: mortgage, mortgage, PMI - Real Estate
  120. Fustrated with my real estate agency (seller): disclosures, appraisal, agent
  121. Got a mortgage, but unable to get a loan for additional acreage.: sale, percent - Real Estate
  122. Wooded lots in mostly rural areas: property, value, offer, state - Real Estate
  123. File this under Buyer Beware (Water Intrusion): stucco, plumber, duplex - Real Estate
  124. A driveway or a street: What to do?: fees, insurance, property - Real Estate
  125. Opinions carpet or paint allowance: negotiation, agent, investment - Real Estate
  126. Landlord-renter disagreement on shrub/bush trimming: tenants, percentage, property, inspection - Real Estate
  127. People on property without a Realtor: agent, sale, Realtors, state - Real Estate
  128. Nip It In The Bud... Sabotage Home Sale: agent, property, attorney - Real Estate
  129. Do people move from condos/townhomes to detached homes...: duplexes, sales, fees - Real Estate
  130. Being too picky, or no one has courtesy?: agent, sale, property - Real Estate
  131. Offer pending review of HOA Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs): contingency, documents - Real Estate
  132. Cooling housing market could bode well for buyers: contingency, 8%, sales - Real Estate
  133. House that's been on the market 'forever'...: contingent, disclosures, agent - Real Estate
  134. If LoopNet is for commercial, what is the multi-family equivalent: duplexes, sale - Real Estate
  135. Tips -advice for real estate agents: recommendation, agent, properties, attorney
  136. Narrowing areas when house shopping?: commission, sale, price, property - Real Estate
  137. Buyers who make appointments to see a house and then don't show: feedback, agent - Real Estate
  138. Dry close: documents, sale, agreement, attorneys - Real Estate
  139. Taking a home off the mls with the inention of relisting in 90 days: incentive, agent - Real Estate
  140. Trying to buy a house -- how much???: incentive, cheapest, 1% - Real Estate
  141. Do All Property Sellers of High-Priced Homes Have To Pay the 3.8% Medicare Tax?: 2014, investments - Real Estate
  142. Is hiring property Mgmt for far away property always bad idea: tenants, agent - Real Estate
  143. Should I stage my home after it's been on the market?: feedback, recommendation - Real Estate
  144. Obligation to property management company: tenant, auction, 7%, clause - Real Estate
  145. Sale offers on rentals: tenants, agent, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  146. Credit Score to buy a House: agent, mortgage, mortgage, percent - Real Estate
  147. Owner financing with or without mortgage: tenant, disclosure, documentation, foreclosure - Real Estate
  148. Housing is tanking in the Northeast: 2%, income tax, mortgage rates, mortgage - Real Estate
  149. Survey Issue lot size????: agent, price, property, attorney - Real Estate
  150. Do realtors know when the market is turning?: RE agent, feedback, incentive - Real Estate
  151. Trees on property line: properties, legal, expensive, contractor - Real Estate
  152. Pros and cons of short sale: foreclosed, mortgage, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  153. Best Home Warranty Companies Recommendations: insurance, claim, most expensive, contract - Real Estate
  154. Lender sent SSN to others not authorized people.....: agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  155. Real Estate Miscellaneous Commission Fee: 6%, agents, sales, fees
  156. Seller says very eager to sell, then....: agent, commission, sale - Real Estate
  157. Carpentry Estimate Opinions: claim, expensive, contractors, state - Real Estate
  158. Need title insurance on inherited property?: agent, mortgage, mortgage, properties - Real Estate
  159. Home seekers - The road to finding a new home: agent, investment - Real Estate
  160. House flipping company subrogation: accept, insurance, lawyer, claim - Real Estate
  161. Is buying a junk house a wiser move than a house that is livable ?: cheapest, investment - Real Estate
  162. about as is sale of home: disclosure, income tax, negotiating - Real Estate
  163. Does the value of condo go up if: investment, sales, housing - Real Estate
  164. Putting 20% down on a house: investment, second mortgage, mortgages, PMI - Real Estate
  165. Selling Equity on a Sold House?: documents, mortgage, mortgage company, payment schedule - Real Estate
  166. Buying a House With Student Loan Debt?: documentation, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  167. Selling house - advice about nonfunctional split AC in master bedroom: stucco, 2015 - Real Estate
  168. 5% Mortgage rates and no bubble IMO: income tax, agents, second mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  169. Seller won't fix problems: disclosure, plumber, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  170. Mortgage rates and Real Estate Price Historical Trends: 7%, investment, mortgages
  171. Has the bubble burst ?: duplex, auction, foreclosures, 5% - Real Estate
  172. Making an offer water damage): disclosure, plumber, appraiser, agent - Real Estate
  173. How much did your Real Estate Property Taxes increase this past year?: appraisal, investments
  174. Worried about appraisal: square footage, foreclosures, agent, price - Real Estate
  175. The 200 day close?: contingent, appraisal, agent, sale - Real Estate
  176. California renter able to buy a “second home” out of the area...: tenant, investment - Real Estate
  177. Buying & Selling Financing: RE market, contingencies, plumber, foreclosed - Real Estate
  178. MLS- From offer to contingent time frame?: agent, property, broker - Real Estate
  179. Can Zillow ever get acreage right?: square footage, auction, agent, sales - Real Estate
  180. Appraisals: Do fixer-uppers count as comps?: RE market, 2015, sales - Real Estate
  181. Bye bye appraisals: mortgage, mortgages, accept, housing - Real Estate
  182. New Hot spots due to climate change: condos, prices, townhouse - Real Estate
  183. Is this a scam?: investment, state, costs, debt - Real Estate
  184. A word to Realtors about email: agent, properties, inspection, venting - Real Estate
  185. Choosing the right (production) new construction builder?: countertop, sales, lawsuits - Real Estate
  186. Dispute between HOA and owner: who would you be mad at?: documents, fees - Real Estate
  187. Caribbean real estate dream turns into $100 million nightmare for retirees: commission, property
  188. Rent or Buy?: RE market, foreclosures, negotiating, agents - Real Estate
  189. Sold My 91 Year Old Home on the First Offer: appraiser, auction, price - Real Estate
  190. 5% down vs 20% down: foreclosed, agent, mortgage, mortgage company - Real Estate
  191. Looking for interior design opinions: furniture, sample, builder, rating - Real Estate
  192. Do you think the market slowdown will continue into Spring 2019??: tenant, agents - Real Estate
  193. Single women are more likely to buy their own home, but single men tend to rent instead.: investments, condo - Real Estate
  194. 'Fixer Upper' home nicknamed 'The Prickly Pear House' hits market at $499G: square footage, prices - Real Estate
  195. Realtor not getting us the information bank is requesting: documents, agents, fees - Real Estate
  196. One house, three different square footage values- who is right?: appraisal, sales - Real Estate
  197. Rental Properties For Dummies: investment, mortgage, sales, insurance - Real Estate
  198. Condominium board lets director run a brothel in her condo, and president trashes residents: acceptable?: condominiums, attorney - Real Estate
  199. Pulte Homes? New Build Construction Anxiety: incentive, sales, accept, condos - Real Estate
  200. Master Lease your building - Saw this in Forbes: interest, apartment - Real Estate