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  18. Art/pictures,: feedback, agent, price, contract - Real Estate
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  35. down?: 2014, article, website - Real Estate
  36. How much house can i afford with 50k?: duplex, 1%, mortgage - Real Estate
  37. Listing issues and advice: agent, commission, claim, broker - Real Estate
  38. declaration of trust for HOA board of trustees?: documents, condominium, illegal - Real Estate
  39. on capital gains on land sale: 2014, sales, percentage - Real Estate
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  45. Binding?: contingency, documents, agreement, price - Real Estate
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  49. Need help finding out how much would it cost to fix this house.: stucco, square footage - Real Estate
  50. Remove prayer flags, cairns and booze - the outcome: documents, countertop, sale - Real Estate
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  52. does this house come with the tardis?: contract, Realtor, North Carolina - Real Estate
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  54. More desirable home?: square footage, countertop, price, property - Real Estate
  55. Best optimal plan for someone in my shoes: duplex, investment, price - Real Estate
  56. See How Quickly It Took Detroit’s Neighborhoods to Change in Then-and-Now Photos From Google Street View: 2014, insurance - Real Estate
  57. Nice home/bad neighborhood vs bad home/good neighborhood: investment, prices, construction - Real Estate
  58. Legal questions property after closing.: sale, insurance, price, contracts - Real Estate
  59. Should I feel bad about kicking renters out?: tenants, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  60. How to view a home without a realtor?: feedback, 3%, dual agency - Real Estate
  61. Sellers and agents, is this happening in your market?: disclosure, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  62. If u had $150K to invest in rental property...: tenants, income tax, commissions - Real Estate
  63. Builder screwed up: RE market, countertop, agents, sale - Real Estate
  64. walk away after home inspection?: contingencies, documentation, 2014, clause - Real Estate
  65. HGTV and open concept kitchens: landlord, rental, state, furniture - Real Estate
  66. under contract on a house that may be in a floodzone in a couple months.: 2013, negotiation - Real Estate
  67. Neighbor Encroching: square foot, negotiations, commission, mortgage - Real Estate
  68. House flippers hurt or help: tenants, disclosures, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  69. Did I do the right thing? (Negotiating): feedback, recommendation, 2014 - Real Estate
  70. old farm house on 125 acres: agent, sale, agreement, prices - Real Estate
  71. Can seller change settlement date after AOS is signed??: appraisal, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  72. Is it normal for Seller to take DAYS to Counter?: contingencies, clause - Real Estate
  73. I want to own land in all 50 states: insurance, prices, property tax - Real Estate
  74. what does fee simple mean?: tenants, investment, fees - Real Estate
  75. Put an offer on a house- not the house of our dreams: inspection, state - Real Estate
  76. Selling house with small bedrooms-tips?: feedback, agent, price, property - Real Estate
  77. Shady Realtor (Texas) - What to do?: contingent, foreclosure, agent - Real Estate
  78. Why do people try to (or think they can) buy more home than they can afford: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  79. If cash is king in making an offer, why don't most sell their house first before making their written offers?: contingencies, appraisal - Real Estate
  80. 1st time seller in a tough market: 2013, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  81. Viewing homes w/o pre approved mortgage?: 2014, agent, banks - Real Estate
  82. Do you get keys immediately at closing?: documents, settlements, property - Real Estate
  83. 1st time homebuyer negotiating replacement of knob and tube: disclosure, 2013, mortgage - Real Estate
  84. New house vandalised(over $100,000 damage) 2 weeks before closing-don't want to close now: disclosure, insurance - Real Estate
  85. Other ways to spread the news about my listed home?: 2014, agent - Real Estate
  86. Help, Stupid Seller: tenants, 2014, appraisal, auctions - Real Estate
  87. Property code violations: disclosure, square footage, properties, inspector - Real Estate
  88. apartment conversion, not FHA approved: contingency, disclosure, cheapest, appraisal - Real Estate
  89. Pros & Cons of buying a house in the corner of a very busy road.: sale, price - Real Estate
  90. Under Contract - Hail Storm: recommendation, clause, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  91. Selling home: contingencies, disclosure, documents, appraisal - Real Estate
  92. Maintenance of tree branches growing into easement: documentation, condo, agreement - Real Estate
  93. How To Avoid Problems When Listing With a Realtor?: tenant, agent - Real Estate
  94. Zillow Market Values- accurate?: square footage, appraiser, agent, sale - Real Estate
  95. Upgraded house worth 100K over comps?: square footage, 2015, agent, price - Real Estate
  96. Home inspection cost: square footage, agent, prices, inspector - Real Estate
  97. Where Would You Rather Buy?: investment, price, offer, state - Real Estate
  98. Appraisal: negotiations, mortgage, mortgage, fees - Real Estate
  99. Need urgent help with negotiations!!!: appraisal, agent, commission, sale - Real Estate
  100. House with rodent activity: cheapest, investment, property, inspection - Real Estate
  101. FSBO - Cash buyer, delayed closing: contingency, documents, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  102. Corner Lot Pro's & Cons: sales, price, property, vents - Real Estate
  103. Are investors destroying the real estate market?: appraisal, prices, property
  104. What would you do?: contingencies, square footage, agent, sale - Real Estate
  105. Does my dream home exist?: sale, housing, condos - Real Estate
  106. Buying a house knowing you need to build an addition to fit your family. Yea or nay?: sales, comparable - Real Estate
  107. How to deal with financing in an offer: contingency, appraised, 3% - Real Estate
  108. Inspection as a Buyer's Tool to Get Price Reduction: disclosure, plumber, negotiations - Real Estate
  109. this looks like a beautiful house but...: countertop, sale, Realtors - Real Estate
  110. Help me assess the risk: contingencies, documents, inspection, Realtor - Real Estate
  111. Why are buyers dragging their feet?: RE agent, agent, rent - Real Estate
  112. Selling 4 yr old home with many new builds as competitors: square footage, agent - Real Estate
  113. Builder misrepresented easements on lot: feedback, 2013, negotiation, sales - Real Estate
  114. SolarPanel Hell- Part 2: contingency, negotiations, sale, agreement - Real Estate
  115. Liberty Mutual Home Insurance increase premium 18.5% every year.: agent, illegal, claim - Real Estate
  116. Chance of loan approval with no credit history?: mortgage, mortgage, properties - Real Estate
  117. Inspection issues with owner and relo co.: accept, price, property - Real Estate
  118. How is this house?: agent, prices, state, kitchen - Real Estate
  119. With house as FSBO, can I ask if prospective buyer pre-qualified/approved for loan?: contingent, appraisal - Real Estate
  120. VA Loan Help: contingent, disclosure, appraisal, clause - Real Estate
  121. how to address issues with agent: square footage, appraisal, commission, sales - Real Estate
  122. advice for first time sellers: contingent, feedback, recommendation, appraisal - Real Estate
  123. So what DOES a buyer's agent actually do?: disclosures, 3%, negotiating - Real Estate
  124. Writing contracts with dates not days: 2014, property, inspection, vents - Real Estate
  125. Living by yourself in a big house: incentive, 2013, investment - Real Estate
  126. Accelerated closing and vacating: incentive, sale, price, rental - Real Estate
  127. interviewing real estate agents now: square foot, agent, commission, sales
  128. not happy with MLS listing.: square footage, agent, commission, price - Real Estate
  129. septic tank inspection: 2%, commission, sale, escrow - Real Estate
  130. What would it cost to build this house?: square foot, sale, insurance - Real Estate
  131. Where do you go when house is being shown?: costs, sellers, listing - Real Estate
  132. Can I refuse to close if the seller does not finish all repairs he agreed upon?: contingencies, documents - Real Estate
  133. house in Louisiana: feedback, agents, sale, percent - Real Estate
  134. Barking dogs next door during showings: disclosure, sale, lawsuit, offer - Real Estate
  135. How to know a house is the one you want to buy: 2014, agent - Real Estate
  136. Earnest money in / what options do I have?: contingencies, documents, appraisal - Real Estate
  137. Getting Pictures of your house off Zillow: agent, sale, rental - Real Estate
  138. As a Landlord, is it racist to prefer certain races?: tenants, accept - Real Estate
  139. Help!!??!!: contingency, agent, sale, lawyer - Real Estate
  140. Realtor With More Listing in Our Neighborhood or...: negotiation, agent, percentage - Real Estate
  141. True cost of the property: 2014, investment, mortgage calculator, mortgage - Real Estate
  142. Buyer's Realtors....Can You Explain this to Me?: feedback, agent, accept - Real Estate
  143. Home much renovation can I take on?: contingency, incentive, countertop - Real Estate
  144. how much does price per sq ft drive sales prices in your area?: incentive, square foot - Real Estate
  145. help me understand home equity: investments, mortgage, mortgage, condo - Real Estate
  146. News, A family of 4 lives in this tiny, 260-square-foot home.: insurance, property tax - Real Estate
  147. How far and assessable should a vacation and/or 2nd home be?: 2014, property - Real Estate
  148. Owner finance questions.: clause, mortgage, mortgages, sales - Real Estate
  149. What makes a house hard to sell?: countertop, agent, sale - Real Estate
  150. How much should I spend on my home?: 1%, investments, mortgage - Real Estate
  151. Buying a second home with low credit.: foreclosed, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  152. Drywells with septic tanks - are they legal where you are?: illegal, expensive - Real Estate
  153. a about brokers: RE agent, agent, commission, sales - Real Estate
  154. Buying tenant occupied set of three townhouses in Delaware but would like one of the homes tenants gone for my occupati: foreclosure, mortgage - Real Estate
  155. Seeking advice (post inspection): disclosure, recommendation, insurance, price - Real Estate
  156. Attending Ethics Hearing...what to expect?: documentation, agent, attorney, claim - Real Estate
  157. ZILLOW listing (re-listed several times): 2014, appraiser, agent, commissions - Real Estate
  158. Advice on buying home across country without spouse: contingent, agent, investment - Real Estate
  159. What if the lender denies mortgage application?: contingency, documents, appraisal - Real Estate
  160. Has there been a Vampire Invasion?: agents, property, room, sellers - Real Estate
  161. Looking at buying a house/condo, I don't see THAT much benefit: income tax, investments - Real Estate
  162. Logistics? How to move out when my house sells and I need closing $ to do so?: escrow, renting - Real Estate
  163. When's It Appropriate -- If Ever -- To Have Your Property Resurveyed?: mortgage, insurance - Real Estate
  164. Paying cash for condo - closing costs? other issues?: appraisal, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  165. Poll- New House, Location, Schools: price, value, appreciation, neighborhood - Real Estate
  166. We got an offer - strategywith other buyers?: negotiating, agent, sale - Real Estate
  167. How important is granite REALLY before selling?: countertop, sales, comparable - Real Estate
  168. How to deal with buyer water heater bracing in CA: plumber, documentation - Real Estate
  169. another house selling from me: square footage, agent, sale, price - Real Estate
  170. How many times do you look at a house?: feedback, agent, sales - Real Estate
  171. $300K house to rent out for future investment. Where?: RE market, investments, mortgage - Real Estate
  172. Condo VS Co-Op. Am I making sense: tenant, feedback, 2013 - Real Estate
  173. Personal Stories with Offer vs. Best Offer: agent, price, property - Real Estate
  174. How much to offer on a house?: 2014, appraisal, negotiations - Real Estate
  175. Dual Agency Disclosure: sales, agreement, property, brokers - Real Estate
  176. REO home with underground oil tank: 2014, cheapest, foreclosure, negotiating - Real Estate
  177. What Should Rural Appraisal Cost?: sales, comparable, prices, property - Real Estate
  178. Agressive Agent!: dual agency, prices, property, contract - Real Estate
  179. Reducing Monthly Home Insurance Suggestions: cheapest, agents, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  180. in a down market, should you expect showings only on the weekends?: agent, accept - Real Estate
  181. Neighbor Wants to Buy My House: RE agent, appraisal, agent, commission - Real Estate
  182. home selling issues: feedback, appraise, foreclosure, investment - Real Estate
  183. Do I need to make repairs before putting home on market?: feedback, agent - Real Estate
  184. For Sale by owner: disclosure, 3%, agent, commission - Real Estate
  185. How old were you when you bought your first home?: renting, house hunting - Real Estate
  186. How to price a rural home?: sale, properties, inspection, value - Real Estate
  187. I hate English Basements!: agents, sales, renting, claim - Real Estate
  188. What is your home insurance deductible?: 1%, percentage, claim, state - Real Estate
  189. Real Estate Agent Mobile App: properties, claim, brokers, value
  190. Don't understand this appraisal: disclosing, square footage, negotiations, sales - Real Estate
  191. Inspection - Roofing Permit: contingencies, insurance, construction, inspectors - Real Estate
  192. about Capital Gain Taxes on Second Home: countertop, income tax, investment - Real Estate
  193. for the appraisers: appraisal, agents, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  194. Tell me, what does your Realtor do for you?: appraisal, negotiations, new agent - Real Estate
  195. Condo Rules You Wish You Had: 5%, condos, property, state - Real Estate
  196. Unlicensed Contractors: recommendation, insurance, property, legal - Real Estate
  197. I own a house with previous owners tax lien: auction, mortgage - Real Estate
  198. condo purchase- Toronto, Ontario.: mortgage, fees, condos, prices - Real Estate
  199. Project Manager salary?: builder, residential - Real Estate
  200. Choosing Depreciation Period and depreciation recapture: landlords, property, rental, deductions - Real Estate