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  19. Real Estate: 2%, clause, agents, commission
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  93. NAR changing forecasts 9 times this year: agents, sales, housing, banks - Real Estate
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  95. Listed w/ Agent but found my own buyer, now what? help!: contingency, 2% - Real Estate
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  99. Burying St. Joseph today: sale, agreement, price, contract - Real Estate
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  102. Real estate company charging buyers a fee?!?: RE agent, agent, commission
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  104. Median home price and what you can buy in your area: sale, housing - Real Estate
  105. And the Counter-offering begins!: contingency, appraisal, foreclosure, 3% - Real Estate
  106. Are Homes Disposable - Part Deux: foreclosures, agents, investments, mortgage - Real Estate
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  114. Do you find this to be true.: foreclosure, 2%, mortgage - Real Estate
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  116. Open house - s?: agent, brokers, Realtor, state - Real Estate
  117. No recent offers - starting to panic...: feedback, incentive, mortgage - Real Estate
  118. Trading Houses with Homeowners in a Different City/State -- Can This Be Done?: feedback, documents - Real Estate
  119. Low showings?: conversion, condos, price, construction - Real Estate
  120. looking for non-offensive way to offer low on overpriced house???: negotiation, agent - Real Estate
  121. signed the new house contract, can I still get the new incentives?: appraise, clause - Real Estate
  122. A better way to do business?: RE agent, incentive, negotiation, new - Real Estate
  123. Appraisal: 1%, agent, commission, sales - Real Estate
  124. Home Warranty Paid By Seller...Standard Practice?: negotiation, agent, commission - Real Estate
  125. Now is not the time to buy a new home...: contingency, countertop - Real Estate
  126. Should I list as a 3 or 4 bedroom home?: conversion, agent, bedrooms - Real Estate
  127. Would a federal tax lein on property motivate?: foreclosure, 6%, income tax - Real Estate
  128. House Prices us 5% over last year in L.A. County: sales, housing - Real Estate
  129. Credit Score/Judgment: documentation, mortgage, mortgage, fixed rate - Real Estate
  130. HomeOwners Insurance: appraised, agent, sales, condominium - Real Estate
  131. Hovinian is dumping: incentive, 3%, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  132. New Home Designer over charging in upgrades...: square foot, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  133. What to do?: feedback, appraise, 6%, new agent - Real Estate
  134. Are we in a recession?: mortgage, mortgage, sales, housing - Real Estate
  135. What should be our next step???: foreclosure, agent, commission, mortgage - Real Estate
  136. Why do towns have lots of open houses, and other have none?: RE agent, agent - Real Estate
  137. Things seem to be picking up...: contingent, inspection, rent, broker - Real Estate
  138. Asking for personal things - isn't it TACKY?: agreement, price, contract - Real Estate
  139. about cancelling a contract: 6%, clause, agent, commission - Real Estate
  140. Buyers when do you plan on buying a home?: RE market, incentive, prices - Real Estate
  141. How far in advance to start home buying process?: RE agent, contingencies, agent - Real Estate
  142. Not a Rosy Picture: agent, mortgage, sales, accepting - Real Estate
  143. are buyer's just wasting our time??: feedback, agent, commission, sales - Real Estate
  144. Breaking a contract of sale on a home and in need of views: contingency, auction - Real Estate
  145. Take what we can or hold out??? Help experts!!!!: agent, investment, commission - Real Estate
  146. Has buried a st. josephs statue?: agent, price, offer - Real Estate
  147. Help........MLS shows 385 days on market: agent, sale, fee, price - Real Estate
  148. Mold situtation during final walkthru: contingent, disclosure, recommendation, agent - Real Estate
  149. how do you know how much the house is worth is none like it have sold??: RE agent, appraisal - Real Estate
  150. Comparative Sales Information: documents, 5%, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  151. When more than one person makes an offer: contingencies, appraisal, negotiating - Real Estate
  152. Making an offer on a house that is overpriced.: agent, sales, prices - Real Estate
  153. Calling all lenders: housing, banks, agreements, percentage - Real Estate
  154. Default profession??: new agent, sales, legal, broker - Real Estate
  155. Need Advice?: contingent, feedback, countertop, appraisal - Real Estate
  156. Low balling on overpriced house: appraisal, foreclosures, agent, commission - Real Estate
  157. Home Survey: appraisal, mortgage companies, mortgage, construction - Real Estate
  158. Tile vs carpet: expensive, state, kitchens, bedrooms - Real Estate
  159. about Attorney's action: RE agent, agents, sale, settlement - Real Estate
  160. Trying to sell a home with wrong square footage: documentation, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  161. Title insurance?: waver, cheapest, mortgage, mortgage company - Real Estate
  162. My personal property taxes are late. Will they takemy house?: appraiser, auctions - Real Estate
  163. Home inspections: agents, accept, insurance, agreement - Real Estate
  164. Couples buying a home, who makes the final decision: agent, property, rental - Real Estate
  165. Have you seen this list? Closed/Downsized Mortgage Companies: documents, foreclosures - Real Estate
  166. Price and comps: feedback, square footage, 1%, agent - Real Estate
  167. Fed does something!: 5%, mortgage rates, mortgage, housing - Real Estate
  168. Real Estate Commissions in the USA?: 6%, agent, fees, price
  169. An offer is coming tonight,,,what should we do??advice?: RE market, incentive - Real Estate
  170. Buy or Rent?: income tax, investment, commission, mortgage - Real Estate
  171. Financial a loan for new construction BUT....: contingent, appraisal, clause - Real Estate
  172. Price Reductions - Unhappy Sellers: feedback, agent, sales, prices - Real Estate
  173. How much is too much, or too little?: dual agency, investments, commission - Real Estate
  174. Strange Showing.......: RE agent, disclosures, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  175. Nutcase buyer: tenant, agent, commissions, sales - Real Estate
  176. What do you look for in a home?: feedback, cheapest, agent - Real Estate
  177. Yeah, offer is in hand!!!: sale, renting, contract, counter offer - Real Estate
  178. When will the Real-Estate market turn around?: 2013, appraised, foreclosed - Real Estate
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  183. Bailout Good?: mortgage, mortgage, housing, prices - Real Estate
  184. Getting out of Listing Agreement 9 (relocated: agent, commission, percentage - Real Estate
  185. What if I find my own buyer?: RE agent, documents, 6% - Real Estate
  186. Need Suggestions: mortgage, mortgage, price, property - Real Estate
  187. as PO'ed at Alan Greenspan as I am?: RE market, 1%, mortgage companies - Real Estate
  188. Buying in another State.: agent, mortgages, fees, prices - Real Estate
  189. Contacting Expired Listings...Your Experiences: new agent, price, brokers, value - Real Estate
  190. Model home deals???: countertop, foreclosed, agent, sales - Real Estate
  191. How did you learn about the house you bought?: new agent, commission, sale - Real Estate
  192. Contracting a house???: contingencies, agent, mortgage, mortgage company - Real Estate
  193. What causes 1099s to be issued: appraisal, foreclosure, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  194. Livestock affect home value?: properties, legal, renters, offer - Real Estate
  195. Cost of staging a home?: agent, investment, sale, price - Real Estate
  196. Iggyshouse: feedback, agent, commission, fee - Real Estate
  197. Nation's wealthiest Zip Codes: prices, property, expensive, states - Real Estate
  198. Another tax for all sellers in NJ: 1%, sales, fees - Real Estate
  199. Co-op interview: debt, credit card, finance, purchase - Real Estate
  200. Sellers should answer this ..Do you want to own your home or do you want to sell your home?: state, Florida - Real Estate