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  1. Who gets the commission?: clause, new agent, commissions, sale - Real Estate
  2. ushomeauction site scam?: price, company, sellers, houses - Real Estate
  3. To sell or to rent: property, renting, claim, residential - Real Estate
  4. How does refinancing work?: appraisal, negotiations, mortgage, mortgage company - Real Estate
  5. Free market and government can not co-exist.: state, bill - Real Estate
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  11. 2009 Arizona real estate - single family resells: foreclosures, housing, insurance
  12. Terms Available in real estate listings: appraisal, agent, mortgage
  13. Low Ceilings: square foot, housing, prices, bedroom - Real Estate
  14. Commercial-NNN?: tenant, landlord, property tax, attorney - Real Estate
  15. Getting a Non Paying Renter Out?: tenants, agreement, property, lawyer - Real Estate
  16. Real Estate - dumb): mortgage, sales, accept, price
  17. Radical cheap: $1,000 homes: auction, foreclosures, agent, commission - Real Estate
  18. Increase the earnest money: contingencies, documents, appraise, 1% - Real Estate
  19. title insurance coverage: construction, property, attorney, very expensive - Real Estate
  20. Comparative market analysis: square footage, countertop, agent, condo - Real Estate
  21. construction insurance need advice: property, state, kitchens, hardwood - Real Estate
  22. Real Estate Tax Policy: 2%, income tax, mortgage, mortgage
  23. Mechanics of Swapping Land: disclosure, documents, agent, sale - Real Estate
  24. Property disclosure is false: clause, insurance, agreement, lawyer - Real Estate
  25. Appraiser in McKinney/Collin Co. Texas: appraisal, mortgage, mortgage, lender - Real Estate
  26. A Must-Read for RE Bulls: 5%, agent, commission, prices - Real Estate
  27. Would you buy a $1,000 house?: foreclosures, price, property, rental - Real Estate
  28. Las Vegas Real Estate: square foot, foreclosure, sales, percent
  29. Explain mining claim ownership ?: documents, annual fee, property, state - Real Estate
  30. One Time Showing Are We Crazy?: appraisal, 3%, dual agency, commission - Real Estate
  31. Where would you live to invest and have fun?: RE market, investments, housing - Real Estate
  32. Use or not use Realtor to build Meritage home?: 2%, agent, commission - Real Estate
  33. Drywall from China has safety concerns--: housing, construction, contract, commercial - Real Estate
  34. Yes, Virginia, There is a Great Realtor: commission, price, inspection - Real Estate
  35. Is it true?: fees, points, bankruptcy, loans - Real Estate
  36. Web valuation sites-Interesting article: agent, price, property, value - Real Estate
  37. Assessed vs. Appraised: appraisal, sale, banks, percentage - Real Estate
  38. Closing Costs Breakdown by State: mortgages, inspection, Realtors, states - Real Estate
  39. Housing crash!!!....just the beginning.: agent, mortgage, mortgage, prices - Real Estate
  40. can I qualify for a morgage ?: agent, mortgage, mortgages, sales - Real Estate
  41. Income Tax Home Interest: mortgage, mortgage, properties, attorney - Real Estate
  42. FHA 203(k) loans: agent, mortgage, mortgage, fees - Real Estate
  43. Website on For Sale, Sold, Foreclosures: foreclosure, realty, Realtor - Real Estate
  44. Assessed Values of land and FHA loan.: appraisal, sales, housing - Real Estate
  45. House value changes by State: foreclosure, 5%, sales, housing - Real Estate
  46. Home Owner Association prejudice against renters.: tenant, fees, condo, landlord - Real Estate
  47. mold and disclosure: inspectors, Realtor, state, sample - Real Estate
  48. How does one pick a real estate lawyer?: contingency, recommendation, cheapest
  49. Looking for Land: Maine, Virginia, area, best - Real Estate
  50. Contract language: contingencies, agent, mortgages, sale - Real Estate
  51. Historical LA cash-on-cash CAGR: Los Angeles - Real Estate
  52. Real Estate Law: mortgages, agreement, construction, property
  53. Crafting a Rent-to-Buy deal?: appraisal, agent, price, property - Real Estate
  54. Land or House?: mortgage, mortgage, prices, construction - Real Estate
  55. Co- Borrower: mortgage, mortgage, broker, state - Real Estate
  56. New interior doors?: agent, sale, price, rental - Real Estate
  57. What deals are getting done today ~or~ what to sell at/offer?: RE market, feedback - Real Estate
  58. Happy Obama Inauguration Day!: check, website, job, best - Real Estate
  59. Is Condo Good Investment Property?: tenant, mortgage, mortgage, fees - Real Estate
  60. Broker Price Opinion?: agent, sales, fees, banks - Real Estate
  61. How do I find an agent for an office in Beijing, China: feedback, negotiations - Real Estate
  62. 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty: fee, insurance, claim, deductible - Real Estate
  63. Banks making loans for raw land?: appraised, foreclose, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  64. PNW coastal property prices: foreclosures, value, state, investing - Real Estate
  65. Financing Residential vs Commercial Real Estate: mortgage, mortgages, fees, fixed rates
  66. The mechanics of being a landlord: tenants, investment, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  67. RE Ad Lies: Why Do They Bother?: agents, sale, properties - Real Estate
  68. New tax laws on 2nd homes?: claim, capital, profit, sell - Real Estate
  69. Person who signed Unpaid Condo Fee statement on behalf of Assoc isn't actually a Trustee: closing - Real Estate
  70. Home value with repaired termite damage: appraisal, mortgage, price, property - Real Estate
  71. Buying a house before 1978?: tenants, negotiations, lawsuit, properties - Real Estate
  72. experince with Ryan Homes: Ohio, built, area, best - Real Estate
  73. Can someone explain how construction loans work?: banks, approved, bankrupt - Real Estate
  74. Is this within code?: agents, landlord, illegal, inspection - Real Estate
  75. Refinancing and taking cash out: recommendation, mortgage, mortgage, fees - Real Estate
  76. Purchase Offer on Relocation Company owned home: contingent, feedback, appraisal - Real Estate
  77. Assistance in first-time home buying w/cash sale: recommendation, foreclosures, agent - Real Estate
  78. Need Help...Roommate breaking lease, Landlord not communicating: landlords, legal, rental - Real Estate
  79. need appraisal advice: agent, mortgage, mortgage, comparables - Real Estate
  80. issue with the hotwater at the townhome, s? (about to close): property, inspector - Real Estate
  81. Are there scammers in appraised, 1%, investment, property - Real Estate
  82. News, Home Seller Puts $100,000 Bounty on Buyers.: agents, fees, housing - Real Estate
  83. Power of Attorney - for a Closing: documents, agents, lawyer - Real Estate
  84. Lease to own land?: tenant, incentive, fees, landlord - Real Estate
  85. disclosure lie: agreement, attorney, inspectors, claim - Real Estate
  86. Auctioned Homes (((((deal or NO deal))): RE agent, auctions, foreclosure, agent - Real Estate
  87. ideas on how the new Home Buying Credit will work?: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  88. professional engineer's inspection?: prices, inspectors, more expensive, contractors - Real Estate
  89. How is this going to effect the market?: homes, article, interest - Real Estate
  90. Buying/Selling land on Craiglist: agent, property, lawyer, rental - Real Estate
  91. *Very general* rental investment advice: tenant, 1%, insurance, landlords - Real Estate
  92. Agent recommendations for McMinnville & Salem OR?: property, state, Oregon - Real Estate
  93. Covenant Deed?: auction, foreclosure, agent, realty - Real Estate
  94. Building a stand alone loft style home.... needed.: check, buy, signing - Real Estate
  95. Builder fixing open items: clause, lawyer, contractors, approved - Real Estate
  96. How long to wait to get a deposit back from an offer?: contingencies, agent - Real Estate
  97. Purchase Agreement: acceptable operating condition: contingency, disclosing, appraisal - Real Estate
  98. Remember the $7.5K First Time Home Buyer credit?: advantage, Realtors, borrow - Real Estate
  99. Prognostications, Pundits and Poo: mortgage, mortgage, housing, prices - Real Estate
  100. Need Advice on a Crazy Scenario: contingencies, negotiations, agent, sales - Real Estate
  101. Selling my house - agents fees: 6%, negotiations, agent, commission - Real Estate
  102. Builder - Realtor relationship: plumber, 6%, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  103. Jim Cramer calls a bottom in Real Estate in 2009: RE market, 9%, sales
  104. does having a Virtual Tour spoil it??: countertop, agent, condo - Real Estate
  105. Whats the Rule of Thumb in Re-Financing: appraisal, 2%, mortgage - Real Estate
  106. Realtor Speak, Translated: mortgages, price, Realtors, building - Real Estate
  107. Bad time to buy!: prices, claim, value, points - Real Estate
  108. Interesting City-by-City Case Shiller analysis: 4%, sales, housing, percentage - Real Estate
  109. Due dilligence on a land deal: documents, negotiating, agents, properties - Real Estate
  110. Real estate: Bubble or Ponzi Scheme?: 1%, investment, mortgage, mortgage
  111. Can you get into a house for zero down anymore?: 5%, second mortgage - Real Estate
  112. just bought a home in South Florida !: rent, value, offer - Real Estate
  113. The real estate arguement irony....: RE market, 3%, investments, mortgage
  114. NEED HELP with an offer AGENTS: contingencies, appraisal, 3%, clause - Real Estate
  115. What is your intake on the market?: RE agent, stucco, agents - Real Estate
  116. Tenant Rights in Pennsylvania: insurance, landlords, property, escrow - Real Estate
  117. Home Appraisal......can't give a value: documentation, agent, sales, accept - Real Estate
  118. My unit turns out no door, can I cancel my pre-construction contract because of it?: agent, sales - Real Estate
  119. Don't Buy Now...Rent Instead.: 1%, mortgage rates, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  120. My property, their driveway, who's right?: documents, agreement, attorney, offer - Real Estate
  121. NAR President on Fox News Rising this am: sales, housing, prices - Real Estate
  122. Companies that find renter to rent while your house is for sale: tenants, incentive - Real Estate
  123. Wait for dream home or take a good deal?: agent, investment, sales - Real Estate
  124. Worst realtor websites - I vote Coldwell Banker Commercial: agent, sales, realty - Real Estate
  125. Hold, Do Not Show: feedback, agent, price, broker - Real Estate
  126. Agent saying 'Offer', but Listing Agt. said None: feedback, commission, price - Real Estate
  127. Buying a primary home for investment: RE market, incentive, foreclosures, agent - Real Estate
  128. Finding a buyer's agent: feedback, documents, appraisal, foreclosures - Real Estate
  129. Sellers are DELUSIONAL!!!!: appraisal, foreclosures, 1%, agent - Real Estate
  130. Dear Professionals: What is this kind of house called?: square footage, fee, percentage - Real Estate
  131. Listing Agreement Help - what if the buyer doesn't want to use a Realtor in order to save money?: appraisal, 2% - Real Estate
  132. Elements of a Home Appraisal: agent, mortgage, mortgage company, banks - Real Estate
  133. Someone buy my house!: foreclosures, sales, prices, renters - Real Estate
  134. Home values may take decades to recover: recommendation, foreclosure, investments - Real Estate
  135. Advice about my father's house: Transferring the house to my name: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  136. How do I choose an buyers agent?: new agent, sales, accept - Real Estate
  137. Have to counter by 7pm tonight: agent, sale, price, offers - Real Estate
  138. Really bad news for the market: foreclosures, 3%, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  139. A ? to agents who put boxes in front of their listings: agent, price - Real Estate
  140. 5 Good Reasons NOT to Buy: RE agent, foreclosures, 6%, agents - Real Estate
  141. I this was supposed to be a buyers market?: foreclosures, mortgage rates - Real Estate
  142. Inherited a house. Want to sell.: appraiser, clause, agent, investments - Real Estate
  143. Raffling your home off??: auction, income tax, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  144. Thoughts on the Real Estate Market from a buyer: incentive, appraised, foreclosures
  145. does title insurance cover issues after closing, but against the previous owner?: agent, banks - Real Estate
  146. What is closing costs?: agent, commission, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  147. How hard is it to pass a home inspection?: appraiser, price, property - Real Estate
  148. Is it to get a 5 percent down loan?: appraisal, 3%, mortgage calculator - Real Estate
  149. How does one become a real eastate Agent??: broker, Realtor, houses - Real Estate
  150. Don't Judge a Book by its Cover/One on the Line?: contingencies, appraise - Real Estate
  151. explain 'as-is': tenant, contingent, disclosure, sale - Real Estate
  152. The Law of Housing Equilibrium: sales, fees, percentage, prices - Real Estate
  153. No crystal ball required, 2009 will be tough: foreclosure, mortgages, sales - Real Estate
  154. We closed ..using Redfin.: RE agent, disclosures, agent, commission - Real Estate
  155. News, Time to Buy a House or Still Rent?: foreclosures, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  156. Using real estate agent just for negotiation, worth it?: RE agent, contingencies, disclosure
  157. just bought a house cash/outright need advice: investment, mortgages, sale - Real Estate
  158. I want to live in a Rustic Area: 5%, fee, price - Real Estate
  159. Five good reasons to buy now: appraisal, agent, commission, mortgage - Real Estate
  160. Higher property taxes on corner lots?: square footage, appraiser, sales, price - Real Estate
  161. Has sold or bought recently?: feedback, duplex, appraised, 3% - Real Estate
  162. commission: documents, 6%, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  163. Sleazy news about RE Agents and fees from WaMu: disclosing, agent - Real Estate
  164. suit for intention infliction of emotional distress: fees, settlement, accept - Real Estate
  165. breach of real estate contract: appraised, auction, 6%, clause
  166. Bad Agent: RE agent, property, legal, broker - Real Estate
  167. Don't buy in 2009!: square foot, investment, sales, prices - Real Estate
  168. disagreement between my husband and I on whether to buy: foreclosures, agents - Real Estate
  169. The ULTIMATE Sleazy tactic by an agent and bank to rip-off the seller: documents, sales - Real Estate
  170. Redfin versus traditional real estate agent: incentive, 1%, negotiating, commission
  171. Things to remember if your on the fence about a house: RE market, negotiations - Real Estate
  172. apartment lease termination in case of death: tenant, fees, landlord - Real Estate
  173. If you were working with a buyers agent, but then bought a fsbo: negotiation, commissions - Real Estate
  174. Older homes vs new models: appraiser, price, construction, inspection - Real Estate
  175. Keep Correcting--Only 50K more to go!: countertop, mortgage, mortgage, housing - Real Estate
  176. Square foot controversy on new home: square footage, appraisal, agent, sales - Real Estate
  177. Best construction material- Wood- Stucco- Brick -Stone?: price, commercial, building - Real Estate
  178. Listing Agents: how aggressive are you after buyer loves the house: RE agent, agent - Real Estate
  179. Conflict of interest?: appraisal, foreclosed, clause, agent - Real Estate
  180. Realtor Responsible for High Gas Bill?: agent, mortgage, mortgage, agreement - Real Estate
  181. Expired lsiting: 1%, negotiating, agent, commission - Real Estate
  182. FSBO questions HELP!: 3%, agent, commission, sales - Real Estate
  183. How much house will this income get me?: 5%, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  184. I'm ready to sell - what do I do first?: recommendation, agent - Real Estate
  185. Is this Buyer Agent behavior typical?: feedback, new agent, sale, agreement - Real Estate
  186. Hallelujah!, we have a buyer!, wish us luck: mortgage, mortgage, insurance - Real Estate
  187. Will buy a house with textured walls and ceilings?: new agent, commissions - Real Estate
  188. Sherrif sale: auctions, foreclosed, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  189. environmental checks before closing on home: disclosure, countertop, property, inspectors - Real Estate
  190. Calling all lowballers! Planning to lowball, would love advice: disclosing, appraise, negotiating - Real Estate
  191. Listing agreement - on ready, willing, able buyer: contingencies, clause - Real Estate
  192. What is best indicator of value - Median, Avg, Per Sq Ft?: RE agent, square foot - Real Estate
  193. Purchasing a second/investment home?: 5%, income tax, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  194. America's Extreme Home-Sale Tricks: sales, property, state - Real Estate
  195. Article on Yahoo/Housing Market Hopes for 2009: state - Real Estate
  196. Los Angeles 4-plex cap rate: properties - Real Estate
  197. or sugestions on a buyer's agent in the Bronx, NY?: negotiation, Realtor - Real Estate
  198. What consumers want from agents??: brokers, Realtors, state, investors - Real Estate
  199. Real Estate Agencies: feedback, agent, company, NYC
  200. North Carolina: Mountain Land Company: rating, sell - Real Estate