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  24. So what exactly should I buyers agent be doing for them?: feedback, conversion - Real Estate
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  53. I signed contract, so can't get out of it. I made a mistake.: contingencies, appraisal - Real Estate
  54. Advice on radon test cheating - who to tell, what to do?: appraiser, negotiations - Real Estate
  55. dang taxes are high when selling a property!: percent, value, state - Real Estate
  56. Will I lose my earnest money?: contingent, agent, sale, accept - Real Estate
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  61. Covering or getting rid of built in tv cabinets over a fireplace: recommendation, price - Real Estate
  62. how does one renovate and update properties without using mediocre materials bought from Home Depot?: 2015, 3% - Real Estate
  63. Bought a house you don't like: tenant, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
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  75. Real estate relationship disclosure: disclosures, agent, insurance, property
  76. The family compound and estate sales: mortgages, agreements, lawsuit - Real Estate
  77. As Seinfeld says for spite ...: agent, commission, accepting - Real Estate
  78. Do buyer need an agent ?: 3%, negotiating, commission, mortgage - Real Estate
  79. No Zillow or Trulia: agent, accept, prices, claim - Real Estate
  80. Recourse For Botched Listing?: 6%, dual agency, commission, sale - Real Estate
  81. WSJ on blaming the Millennials for the Housing Crunch: appraised, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  82. Should listing agent send listing/photos to seller before putting on market ?: square footage, 2014 - Real Estate
  83. Transferring property ownership to next generation and gift taxes: sales, lawyer, value - Real Estate
  84. FSBO and Buyers Agent Commission: incentive, 2015, appraiser, negotiating - Real Estate
  85. Seller Delaying Closing in CT: agent, investment, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  86. Sellers remorse and realtor problems: recommendation, documents, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  87. which city in the U.S. sells cheap condos due to over saturated market?: cheapest, foreclosures - Real Estate
  88. Zillow Accept that Zestimates are Crap as they launch $1.2M Prize to improve Algorithm: 2015, appraisal - Real Estate
  89. Stable, liquid and affordable RE markets in USA: condos, prices, property - Real Estate
  90. When are offers usually presented to seller ?: feedback, agent, accept - Real Estate
  91. Help - No showings on my FS house: disclosures, agent, comparables - Real Estate
  92. Zillow's CEO Proclaims on CBS This Morning, Houses Are Worth Whatever Someone Is Willing To Pay: appraisal, sales - Real Estate
  93. Would an appraiser include solar panels in the price?: RE agent, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  94. Zillow views on listing - how many views are typical ?: agent, price - Real Estate
  95. From real estate perspective, anything wrong with metal garage?: housing, value, HOA
  96. Does buying still make sense in a high property tax area?: appraisal, 3% - Real Estate
  97. s deceased relative's home for sale: tenants, documents, 2014 - Real Estate
  98. How much would it cost to prepare raw land for a mobile home?: contingent, agent - Real Estate
  99. If you're sensitive about noise, don't share walls...: condos, renting, townhouse - Real Estate
  100. experience a 1.5% per diem penalty if closing date missed??: clause, agent - Real Estate
  101. Title name remove (CA): mortgage, mortgage, sale, property - Real Estate
  102. Shared Fence - Neighbor wants new fence: 2015, property, builder - Real Estate
  103. Do Homeowner Associations help people with noisy neighbors?: 2013, condo, lawsuit - Real Estate
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  105. Slight downturn in hot Texas market?: foreclosures, agents, housing, percentage - Real Estate
  106. What happens at closing if paying cash?: investment, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  107. Contractor for Renovation & Addition - 203k financed?: recommendation, appraiser, housing - Real Estate
  108. Realtor Not Willing to Discuss Pricing?: agent, sales, prices, properties - Real Estate
  109. Is this guy for real?: mortgage, mortgage, property tax, attorney - Real Estate
  110. Sign listing agreement before we know when we are going to list?: RE market, disclosure - Real Estate
  111. One reason to appreciate HOAs: investment, sales, condo, prices - Real Estate
  112. How do we cancel.....: appraisal, clause, agent, sale - Real Estate
  113. Buying Home - Low Appraisal: contingency, square footage, agent, sale - Real Estate
  114. In a hot market are buyers asking sellers for repair credits?: feedback, agent - Real Estate
  115. Best way to market a Quality Sustainable Built Passive Solar / Cooling home in North Texas: RE market, 2014 - Real Estate
  116. New Construction.. Worth it?: square footage, 2014, sales, condo - Real Estate
  117. Home Inspection failed due to cut joist in basement. !: property, inspector - Real Estate
  118. Choosing between 3 very different houses- help: cheapest, investment, fee, price - Real Estate
  119. Neighbor's Tree Trimming Endangering My House: insurance, property, legal, vents - Real Estate
  120. With such low inventory, is it smart to wait a year and assume inventory will go back up?: sales, housing - Real Estate
  121. Realtors Cut ?: RE agent, 5%, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  122. putting my condo on the market tomorrow: tenants, feedback, agent - Real Estate
  123. Time to upgrade?: sale, price, construction, properties - Real Estate
  124. How many ppl at a successful open house: negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  125. Don't understand this tax situation: appraisal, 1%, agent, property tax - Real Estate
  126. buying my first rental property: tenants, duplexes, investment, landlord - Real Estate
  127. real estate lawyer sends me bill 3 years later.: feedback, 2014, sale
  128. How to get good value from Realestate (MLS) Listings?: appraiser, agent, properties - Real Estate
  129. Hail storm Between inspection and closing, now what?: contingency, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  130. Buying a residence a long way from your employment.: mortgage, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  131. Reports say buyers want smaller houses. Builders only build McMansions. What do you make of this?: square foot, cheapest - Real Estate
  132. News, An Untouched Frank Lloyd Wright Home from 1960 Is on the Market.: price, state - Real Estate
  133. Smoking Prohibition in Condominium: agents, percentage, construction, property - Real Estate
  134. Do you want your realtor to give you advice?: recommendation, documents, agent - Real Estate
  135. Is a real estate agent really worth it?: 2014, 3%, negotiations
  136. Another Property Line Neighbor Discussion....: feedback, construction, offer, default - Real Estate
  137. Are buyers less attractive to realtors than sellers??: agent, commission, sales - Real Estate
  138. Instant equity deals: foreclosure, agent, investment, mortgages - Real Estate
  139. If I sell a house on 4/1 and closes 5/1 when do i see the $: banks, attorney - Real Estate
  140. can a home close faster than 30 days?: contingencies, appraisal, sale - Real Estate
  141. Is There A Website to see which realtor sells the most condos in my area?: RE agent, foreclosures - Real Estate
  142. What is an Escrow account?: RE agent, 2013, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  143. Is it my imagine or did prices go up quite a bit? (Midwest): 2015, condos - Real Estate
  144. What's the stigma with mobile homes?: sales, housing, insurance, banks - Real Estate
  145. Buyers requests: contingency, appraiser, negotiations, comparable - Real Estate
  146. do sellers prefer cash deals?: contingencies, appraisal, negotiating, agents - Real Estate
  147. is this normal behavior for a seller's agent?: feedback, disclosures, new agent - Real Estate
  148. Low Inventory In Your Area Too?: contingencies, 2015, appraisal, investment - Real Estate
  149. Can you tell when a house is staged?: RE market, construction, Realtors - Real Estate
  150. Tankless water heater have an effect on home value?: incentive, appraisal, investment - Real Estate
  151. What would you do (sell or hold) in this scenario?: countertop, appraised - Real Estate
  152. Need advice about property lines: 2014, lawyer, claim, state - Real Estate
  153. Living in a tourism area: condo, percentage, property tax, illegal - Real Estate
  154. Realtor/Lender Ethical Breach?: agent, sale, housing, price - Real Estate
  155. Pictures added! inspection found water stain and mold in crawl space, walk away?: price, inspector - Real Estate
  156. Real Estate Buyer's Agent Agreement Questions: clause, commission, properties, legal
  157. I feel like I have to beg for Non traditional buyer: agent, properties - Real Estate
  158. Why is gentrification a bad word?: 2014, housing, landlords - Real Estate
  159. a house 645 ft from a bank of electrical transformers: insurance, price - Real Estate
  160. Closing Date: contingencies, recommendation, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  161. Build On Your Lot Companies, What's Your Opinion/Experience?: mortgage, fees, accept - Real Estate
  162. Buying home w unpermitted renovations: contingency, square footage, conversion, 2013 - Real Estate
  163. Does renting make sense ??: housing, insurance, condos, landlord - Real Estate
  164. Attorney sues Zillow over Zestimate...: appraisal, sales, price, lawsuit - Real Estate
  165. Lowball offfer made in April, now seller wants to know if I want to do a FSBO: contingency, clause - Real Estate
  166. Strangest things you have been told at a house viewing?: tenants, 2015 - Real Estate
  167. save or pay off debt: appraisal, 1%, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  168. Is it legal for a buyer to make an offer on another house...: contingent, agent - Real Estate
  169. Are roof streaks bad enough to be a red flag?: negotiating, inspected - Real Estate
  170. As Is sales: negotiating, agent, mortgage, mortgage company - Real Estate
  171. Do good photos make a difference?: recommendation, agent, sale, properties - Real Estate
  172. Zillow estimate: appraisal, 5%, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  173. House Purchase Decision: comparable, price, property, inspector - Real Estate
  174. What happends to my rentals if I die?: tenant, banks, properties - Real Estate
  175. HOA Fees: Do They Impede Urban Development?: contingency, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  176. First time buyer, can you review my plan?: 3%, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  177. LOL, Just What Is Going On At This House?: tenant, sale, percentage - Real Estate
  178. People still living in the house you bought: RE agent, auctions, foreclosure - Real Estate
  179. everything electric: agent, claim, more expensive, furniture - Real Estate
  180. Misleading Listing Photos: documents, agent, mortgage, banks - Real Estate
  181. What happens if seller backs out?: clause, commission, fees, attorney - Real Estate
  182. Buying Moldy House?: foreclosure, insurance, price, property - Real Estate
  183. House is 12 yrs old, would it pay off to buy new construction?: commissions, price - Real Estate
  184. Responsibilities of rental-managment Broker: tenants, insurance, lawsuit, property - Real Estate
  185. what would cause u to withdraw a bid?: agent, settlement, price - Real Estate
  186. Ever fallen in love with a house you have no intention of ever moving to?: sale, price - Real Estate
  187. CC&R's say Stick Built but.....: RE agent, agent, properties - Real Estate
  188. how does one get back on track after simply abandoning a house?: foreclosed, mortgage - Real Estate
  189. Contract cancelled due to no clear title: disclosure, documents, 2014 - Real Estate
  190. Selling mother's house after death: documents, investments, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  191. House transacted at unrealistically low price: sale, prices, property, contract - Real Estate
  192. Hot Market- should we hurry up or slow down?: contingency, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  193. Is it OK to leave a letter to the new owners?: agent, state - Real Estate
  194. Do you look to Zillow for listings?: agent, accept, price - Real Estate
  195. Calling out the low inventory sales pitch: appraise, auctions, agent - Real Estate
  196. The style of home I want is on the wrong half of the city: agent, condos - Real Estate
  197. Pre possession agreement: tenants, settlement, landlords, property - Real Estate
  198. Buying a cheap house in a run down but safe area?: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  199. Realtor broke confidentiality - now what?: clause, agent, commissions, mortgage - Real Estate
  200. Houses very close to a busy road: price, cost, listing - Real Estate