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  11. Finance Contingency - blown by apprasial - but still 10 days left?: appraisal, agent - Real Estate
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  13. power of attorney for RE purchase?: fees, construction, lawyer, very expensive - Real Estate
  14. Are conditioned crawl spaces a good thing for resale?: value, Realtors, room - Real Estate
  15. Buyer interested in my home, but it's not on the market: clause, negotiation - Real Estate
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  18. to become a real estate appraiser in pa: appraisal, states, requirements
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  20. Missing a response deadline: clause, agent, legal, contract - Real Estate
  21. Oh, ky, in: states, tax, Indiana, Cincinnati - Real Estate
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  26. Need Help Finding Home In South O.C. and/or Temecula: Realtor recommendation, auctions - Real Estate
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  28. News, 'Skinniest house in Britain' for sale at £550,000.: agents, price, property - Real Estate
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  31. Title search: appraisal, agent, sale, insurance - Real Estate
  32. need: landlord, property, rent, commercial - Real Estate
  33. Florida-Lease states Landlord pays Sewer but I am getting billed: documentation, investment - Real Estate
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  47. Windmill: agent, company, check, electricity - Real Estate
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  49. Subdivisions = Bad always?: accept, banks, properties, contract - Real Estate
  50. Taking over someone elses house payments instead of starting from scratch?: tenant, appraiser - Real Estate
  51. What is a net lease? - Real Estate
  52. Taxes: agent, sale, price, property - Real Estate
  53. Real estate analysts predict continued gloom for Las Vegas: contingent, square foot, foreclosed
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  59. Obtaining an FHA loan with missing appliances: appraisal, sale, accepting - Real Estate
  60. Appraisal is $30,000 less than construction cost: cheapest, foreclosures, banks, property - Real Estate
  61. is this a good investment?: agent, comparable, price, renter - Real Estate
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  63. Tax Credit: Do qualifying sellers need to sell current home to get the credit?: price, renting - Real Estate
  64. contacts from Russia - Real Estate
  65. Where's the money in reserve fund?: HOA, check, best, neighbor - Real Estate
  66. Disclosure Fraud: disclosures, documents, agent, landlord - Real Estate
  67. Realtors - how do you think this will affect markets?: second mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  68. offer coming; what to do next?: agent, sale, renting, broker - Real Estate
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  70. Losing a house on contract to bankruptcy: tenants, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
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  72. First-time buyer: condo, SFR, or MFR?: tenant, duplex, monthly fee, landlord - Real Estate
  73. Lazy Agent?: commission, sales, price, properties - Real Estate
  74. realtors: square footage, agent, sale, comparable - Real Estate
  75. Housing Market data 3q 2009: price, average, area - Real Estate
  76. valuation on property w/septic vs. sewer: appraisal, monthly fee, percentage - Real Estate
  77. October Home sales up 32% year over year: foreclosures, prices, property - Real Estate
  78. Wood foundations: inspection, repairs, builders, money - Real Estate
  79. about Sheriff sales....: tenants, auctions, foreclosed, agent - Real Estate
  80. Condo Buying corner unit: condominium, price, construction, legal - Real Estate
  81. Which property should I mortage: mortgage, mortgage, insurance, condo - Real Estate
  82. American drywall investigation: commission, mortgage, mortgage, housing - Real Estate
  83. map: contingencies, agents, sale, broker - Real Estate
  84. Hows that for Real Estate depreciation 55 million to 583k: sale, building, cost
  85. about contingency contracts: contingent, feedback, clause, agent - Real Estate
  86. Insurance Co. dump us based on incorrect from an inspector: feedback, agent - Real Estate
  87. FHA title transfer/ seasoning requirements: mortgage, mortgage, insurance, attorney - Real Estate
  88. home inspectors before buying house: RE agent, recommendation, agent, Realtor - Real Estate
  89. Agent is the buyer...: commission, housing, agreement, percentage - Real Estate
  90. what's most important for resale value, BESIDES location?: square footage, prices, kitchen - Real Estate
  91. Relatively low appraisal: or .............?: 1%, agent, mortgage, mortgage company - Real Estate
  92. Would you sell your house for $60,000.00 less than what it is tax appraised: appraisal, sales - Real Estate
  93. What is the Fair Market Value of all Federally-Owned Land?: foreclose, property - Real Estate
  94. APPRAISAL met sales price: negotiations, property, inspection, contract - Real Estate
  95. clear this up for me: agent, agreement, percentage, price - Real Estate
  96. Seller won't address issues found in Inspection: plumber, appraiser, 9% - Real Estate
  97. In between houses, do we need renter's insurance?: landlord, property, renters - Real Estate
  98. Realtor gave me a vague answer.: RE market, disclosures, agent, sale - Real Estate
  99. Can seller request buyers proof of financing and money prior to closing date?: contingencies, appraisal - Real Estate
  100. Home inspection for as-is property?: negotiation, investment, price, inspector - Real Estate
  101. seller isn't supposed to see the appraisal, but what if: agent, commission - Real Estate
  102. Another 'wacky buyer': agent, sale, accept, price - Real Estate
  103. Preparing for inspection: agent, inspector, offer, kitchen - Real Estate
  104. Is it to dump your realtor?: documents, foreclosures, negotiating - Real Estate
  105. help with who pays for home repairs: negotiations, agent, price - Real Estate
  106. is this too low an offer?: agent, sales, percent, comparable - Real Estate
  107. What is really seller motivated ?: tenants, agent, sales - Real Estate
  108. buyer wants to cancel contract: RE agent, contingency, disclosure, documents - Real Estate
  109. how to find successful rehabbers in my area?: investment, sales, fee - Real Estate
  110. Buying in Florida but getting Cold Feet!: foreclosures, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  111. HOA's - How Do You All Feel About Them?: 5%, fees, condo - Real Estate
  112. Just Closed On Occupied Rental....Contract is WAY OFF: tenants, contingent, documents - Real Estate
  113. how long is good for prospective buyers to view your home?: feedback, agent - Real Estate
  114. Do I have to?: price, offers, Realtor, furniture - Real Estate
  115. New Tenant and LL want us to move out...but we don't have a closing date: contingent, documentation - Real Estate
  116. marketing my house when listed with an agent...: feedback, incentive, dual agency - Real Estate
  117. Listed, Pending, Sold: contingent, auction, agent, sales - Real Estate
  118. Qualities You Look For When Purchasing a Condo: sales, percentage, property - Real Estate
  119. Helping Buyer With Down Payment??: appraise, agent, sale, banks - Real Estate
  120. Underwater, what's missing in this analysis?: foreclosure, 5%, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  121. Stop beating me over the head about buying a house!: RE agent, 3% - Real Estate
  122. your experience concerning asking price to sale price: 5%, agent, accept - Real Estate
  123. Illegal Activities: feedback, documents, foreclosures, attorney - Real Estate
  124. If closing date needs to change because of buyer - can seller change terms?: contingency, appraised - Real Estate
  125. Existing home sales at highest level since 2007: feedback, clause, mortgage - Real Estate
  126. A Vexing: property, state, cheaper, interest rate - Real Estate
  127. Pricing in a volatile market: feedback, appraisal, foreclosures, agent - Real Estate
  128. Homegain to find realtor? Help me decipher realtor-speak!: RE agent, feedback, recommendation - Real Estate
  129. Rust Belt Mansions: prices, properties, build, cheaper - Real Estate
  130. very unusual repair request from buyer after inspection: state, repairs, cheap - Real Estate
  131. Sell With Tenants In or Out?: insurance, landlords, property, escrow - Real Estate
  132. Showings and offers: square footage, agent, sales, comparable - Real Estate
  133. When interest rates go to 8% home prices will fall 20%: 6%, mortgage rates, mortgage - Real Estate
  134. Hypothetical Home Sale Poll: contingent, disclosure, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  135. Real Estate agents: feedback, 1%, agent, price
  136. Is it worth paying for MLS listing if I'm it's a FSBO: appraiser, agent - Real Estate
  137. you get an offer; accept; and appraisal comes in too low. now what?: contingent, foreclosed - Real Estate
  138. Sytuaction with Our Buyer Agent.: documents, commission, settlement, agreement - Real Estate
  139. oh oh. Doom and gloom ahead for 2010?: incentive, foreclosed, commission - Real Estate
  140. Craig's List for Real Estate?: agent, investment, realty, properties
  141. Economic turn-around will require higher tax rates: 5%, income tax, investment - Real Estate
  142. convert bedroom into dining room?: agent, comparable, price, value - Real Estate
  143. how does the homeowners warranty work?: agent, property, escrow, inspector - Real Estate
  144. is cyberhomes good: cheapest, appraisal, sales, banks - Real Estate
  145. Ripped off by real estate and seller's agent: disclosure, documentation, insurance
  146. For sale by owner: agents, properties, attorneys, value - Real Estate
  147. Got the counter, need advice: appraisal, 2%, agent, sale - Real Estate
  148. Need professional advice on fair/standard compensation for my buyer/broker: documentation, agent - Real Estate
  149. In a Buyers Contract but am looking to purchase a FSBO: 3%, negotiation - Real Estate
  150. should appliances come with the house: RE market, incentive, agent, sales - Real Estate
  151. Questions from an underwater homeowner: foreclosures, investment, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  152. Help one of my tenants keep calling cops on tenants above: landlord, price - Real Estate
  153. What amount is considered a lowball offer?: contingency, feedback, appraisal - Real Estate
  154. A fourth visit is a good thing: appraisal, agent, sale - Real Estate
  155. If there is no perfect house, how do you choose?: disclosure, cheapest - Real Estate
  156. Tryinging to buy real estate without an agent is like...: RE agent, Realtor recommendation
  157. When are house values going to stop dropping?: incentive, foreclosures, 3% - Real Estate
  158. Very lower offer; how to: contingencies, feedback, appraisal, negotiations - Real Estate
  159. Days on Market: RE market, foreclosures, sales, price - Real Estate
  160. Do I have to repay tax credit if I sell?: conversion, clause - Real Estate
  161. Shower instead of bathtub will lower price of house???: value, offer, state - Real Estate
  162. For Sale By Owner: recommendation, negotiating, agent, sales - Real Estate
  163. How many photos do you prefer in a property listing?: agent, furniture - Real Estate
  164. What is the point of a buyer's agent?: disclosures, 3%, negotiations - Real Estate
  165. Should I drop the price?: feedback, agent, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  166. Curious...what do you think of zillow?: sales, property, value - Real Estate
  167. What to do with my agent...: stucco, appraisal, auction, sale - Real Estate
  168. Would you buy a home that has a $400 light bill?: foreclosed, percent - Real Estate
  169. Underwater Homeowners Should Just Walk Away: auction, foreclosed, mortgage companies, mortgages - Real Estate
  170. If things are so great out there now.....: incentive, sales, state - Real Estate
  171. Real Estate Commissions?: 4%, agents, percent, illegal
  172. What is going on with wacky buyers?: contingencies, 3%, negotiations - Real Estate
  173. Using a RE Attorney for a Property Sale: RE agent, tenant, negotiations - Real Estate
  174. FTHB.. Is it rude to ask for a concession...: contingency, appraised, negotiations - Real Estate
  175. about windows during home inspection?: appraiser, agent, sale, insurance - Real Estate
  176. New home sales up - fueled by strength of Southern markets...: housing, condos - Real Estate
  177. Inspection: appraiser, agent, illegal, inspectors - Real Estate
  178. Can I PAss Half Cost Onto Tenant?: tenants, duplex, landlord - Real Estate
  179. HELP! New Rule about 'WELL' to be 25 Ft away from house?: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  180. managing TWO (2) interested buyers: RE agent, negotiating, agent, agreement - Real Estate
  181. Help with a Sellers Contract what a nightmare. Help: disclosure, appraisal - Real Estate
  182. This is all so foreign to me: documentation, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  183. Marketing My Own Property: RE market, agent, fees, housing - Real Estate
  184. Selling: staging with Christmas decorations: RE market, feedback, agent, sales - Real Estate
  185. $200/sf? $64/sf?: square footage, appraisal, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  186. Buying Without Buyer's RE Rep: contingent, clause, negotiating, dual agency - Real Estate
  187. Why do people list their property without having multiple photos online?: tenants, foreclosures - Real Estate
  188. Not rich, just want a few acres for a winter get-away...Bad Idea?: comparable, price - Real Estate
  189. Earnest Money: contingency, agent, fees, agreement - Real Estate
  190. Ready to buy our 1st home...: cheapest, mortgage, mortgage, housing - Real Estate
  191. cost of staging empty house: price, property, rent, inexpensive - Real Estate
  192. open house: recommendation, agent, commission, sales - Real Estate
  193. finder's fee: agent, commission, sale, fees - Real Estate
  194. comes the appraiser: feedback, appraisal, agent, construction - Real Estate
  195. Cash for Caulkers could seal $12,000 a home: price, economy, homeowners - Real Estate
  196. Am I politely being told to take a hike? Or am I being unreasonable?: clause, negotiating - Real Estate
  197. Video, Home auctions: To bid or not to bid.: sales, property, state - Real Estate
  198. Middle class warfare - it will keep home prices from appreciating: wage, deal - Real Estate
  199. Need National and/or Regional-Local Title Company(s) to help with Back-To-Back Fully Funded Closings in Michigan & Other: sales, states - Real Estate
  200. Bond financing for properties: tenants, mortgage, building, company - Real Estate