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  14. What does this mean in real estate lingo?: contingencies, clause, sale
  15. Process to Become an Agent: state, Arizona, Phoenix, Illinois - Real Estate
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  17. Post Your Negative Realor Agent Experiences ........: recommendation, clause, negotiations - Real Estate
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  20. Is the Extended Tax Credit Retro Active at all?: documentation, sale, settlement - Real Estate
  21. Finding a Real Estate Agent: fee, broker, Realtors, companies
  22. Graduate Study on Real Estate Trends-Home Buyer and Seller Surveys: addresses, Arizona
  23. Make sense to buy a condo in a place where rent is cheap?: 5%, mortgage - Real Estate
  24. Congress close to exteding 8K credit for first time buyers: borrow, homebuyer - Real Estate
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  26. Pmi: banks, agreement, lawyer, contracts - Real Estate
  27. Disclosure in CA: agent, insurance, attorney, inspection - Real Estate
  28. Would we qualify for the existing home buyer credit?: housing, contract, offer - Real Estate
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  30. should i sell a house in AZ that i will own in 4 years to buy a house in DC area: documents, mortgage - Real Estate
  31. Insider on Start Creek community in Allen, Tx.: feedback, price, property - Real Estate
  32. New $6500 Tax Credit on New Build?: mortgage, mortgage, housing, construction - Real Estate
  33. Outdoor spigot freezing?: plumber, states, cost, house - Real Estate
  34. People still driving by the house 2 months after it's been off the market: sale, agreement - Real Estate
  35. Another good look at the housing inventory numbers breakdown...: auction, foreclosure, mortgage - Real Estate
  36. real estate contract with no waiting period agreement: clause, negotiating, agent
  37. Looking for a house in Tennessee: agent, sale, property, state - Real Estate
  38. Why are they canceling?: incentive, auctions, foreclosure, clause - Real Estate
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  40. inspectors and prospects: price, states, kitchens, repair - Real Estate
  41. Inspection Repair Negotiation: feedback, appraisal, agent, sale - Real Estate
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  47. Thoughts on this site?: homeowners, articles, interest, owners - Real Estate
  48. Trend: Auction style selling; make best offer by date: feedback, disclosure, foreclosed - Real Estate
  49. Is the HOA responsible for this damage? Thanks for advice.: tenant, foreclosed - Real Estate
  50. Is home prices actually go UP in your area ?: state - Real Estate
  51. Whats the story with We pay cash for your home places?: feedback, mortgage - Real Estate
  52. about home inspection waiver: clause, lawyers, Realtor, state - Real Estate
  53. Viewing occupied mutlifamily homes: tenants, illegal, building, house - Real Estate
  54. Magnolia Estates recent sales ???: square foot, foreclosures, price, property - Real Estate
  55. how quickly after listing are showings expected?: feedback, foreclosures, agent - Real Estate
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  57. buyers agent guidance: recommendation, negotiating, price, value - Real Estate
  58. Keys missing from Supra!: appraisal, agent, price, properties - Real Estate
  59. News, Buyers Sue Trump as Miami’s Condo Prices Plummet.: investments, fees - Real Estate
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  63. Is There a Minimum Home Purchase Price? (Bill H.R. 3548): housing, condominiums - Real Estate
  64. Now that the RE tax credit is signed, will it turn RE into seller's market?: incentive, foreclosures - Real Estate
  65. for seller to reduce the closing costs they are paying for?: agent, fees - Real Estate
  66. builders incentives and lender vs own lender: 1%, mortgage companies, mortgage - Real Estate
  67. Doin' The Happy Dance: contingencies, price, contracts, house hunting - Real Estate
  68. Can a HOA refuses to have an annual meeting?: fees, condo, percentage - Real Estate
  69. Have you ever heard: contingent, feedback, agent, sale - Real Estate
  70. Pre-Approved Loan: Term Limits Expire: contingency, recommendation, appraisal, negotiating - Real Estate
  71. Temporary Certificate of Occupancy: documentation, housing, condo, price - Real Estate
  72. Will the proposed tax credit for existing homeowner's include building a home?: construction, property - Real Estate
  73. Just doing a bit of a happy dance....: appraisal, agent, value - Real Estate
  74. when is it worth it to move?: agent, investment, price - Real Estate
  75. 15 days to close, a little worried: documentation, appraisal, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  76. Disappointed, house I want not for sale: agent, price, properties - Real Estate
  77. how to price your house: incentive, appraisal, foreclosed, clause - Real Estate
  78. Our house sold and then unsold within 24 hours!: contingency, clause, negotiating - Real Estate
  79. Looking for a house for one year--should we settle or keep looking?: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  80. Pulling house off market... good idea or bad?: agent, price, construction - Real Estate
  81. first time selling my house: contingent, feedback, recommendation, appraisal - Real Estate
  82. You really only have three choices: incentive, investments, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  83. Did you hear that?: clause, investments, sale, prices - Real Estate
  84. How much space do we need?: disclosure, square footage, agents, construction - Real Estate
  85. Sticky situation - need help!: contingencies, agent, settlement, banks - Real Estate
  86. Buying a home with a tenant in it: tenants, contingency, agent - Real Estate
  87. PMI Rejection - Is this common?: appraisal, foreclosed, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  88. Upgrading...would love from the experts :): negotiations, agent, investment - Real Estate
  89. Has had THIS happen?: 5%, agent, mortgage, mortgage company - Real Estate
  90. Is it a popular strategy for a buyer to verbally trash a sellers property: feedback, negotiations - Real Estate
  91. methods of house hunting: tenant, disclosure, square footage, agent - Real Estate
  92. Home prices will continue to fall fall fall: incentive, foreclosure, mortgage - Real Estate
  93. High Emotions in real estate: square foot, agent, investment, realty
  94. our she the 'norm'?: RE agent, recommendation, documentation, dual agency - Real Estate
  95. ever had fire damage repair or bought a fire repaired home?: disclosure, agent - Real Estate
  96. statistics, percentages, numbers: recommendation, documentation, lawsuits, inspectors - Real Estate
  97. Ever seen a perfect inspection?: contingencies, clause, construction, inspector - Real Estate
  98. An Offer (Sort of): Rent to Own - Your opinions?: tenants, incentive - Real Estate
  99. How much would you say lack of fireplace would affect a future sale?: foreclosure, offer - Real Estate
  100. Should I sell now, or in the spring?: incentive, appraiser, agent - Real Estate
  101. Agent Quits-Is this legal?: housing, broker, contract, Realtors - Real Estate
  102. Which would appraise higher: 3 bed or 4 bed with same sq footage?: square footage, appraisal - Real Estate
  103. Tenant wants to bolt: clause, mortgage, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  104. What is a true 2 br apartment ?: square footage, accept, agreement - Real Estate
  105. Should I file a Quit Claim Deed or not?: feedback, auction, foreclosure - Real Estate
  106. First-time Homebuyer might pay ALL Cash, Many Questions!: RE agent, foreclosures - Real Estate
  107. Over use of the term TEAM?: appraisal, agents, Realtor, state - Real Estate
  108. JPMorgan-Chase to hire 1,200 Loan Officers: mortgage, mortgage, sales, housing - Real Estate
  109. Buyers remorse-should I sell?: commission, mortgage, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  110. House flip & taxes: investment, fees, property, value - Real Estate
  111. Use caution with title agencies: agent, mortgage, mortgage, fees - Real Estate
  112. How does paying cash affect a sale?: contingent, agent, commission - Real Estate
  113. Checking out realtors: appraisal, foreclosure, dual agency, sales - Real Estate
  114. can a house be puchased contingent on sale of my home?: RE market, contingencies - Real Estate
  115. A law suit pending... I need to find the land that he owns, but how?: contingency, auctions - Real Estate
  116. Can someone help me sell my house?: feedback, agent, commissions - Real Estate
  117. Listing Agent Refuses to submit my cash offer: foreclosed, investment, accept - Real Estate
  118. Is inclusion of detached garage on appraisal optional ?: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  119. Two Bedrooms vs. Three Bedrooms (or More)?: condominiums, legal, more expensive - Real Estate
  120. word on the $8,000 tax credit.: sales, housing, price, property - Real Estate
  121. Seller's SS Lender requested my Personal: agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  122. Million dollar listing: claim, value, offer, Realtors - Real Estate
  123. Shoe Shopping: foreclosed, sales, housing, condo - Real Estate
  124. Do I need to let the agent know advance.: fee, agreement, brokers - Real Estate
  125. FSBO-paying commission to buyers agent?: incentive, 3%, commissions, sale - Real Estate
  126. Home prices resume decline: tenants, foreclosure, agents, mortgage - Real Estate
  127. Not Done 11% Shrink In Home Prices in 90% of the Markets.: 5%, sales - Real Estate
  128. This country is so doomed...: foreclosed, 6%, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  129. 90 Day Flip Rule: foreclosures, mortgage, mortgage, properties - Real Estate
  130. Holmes on Homes: countertop, cheapest, insurance, price - Real Estate
  131. Where are the rates headed for 30 year fixes???: 6%, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  132. My Dog Ate My Mortage - Sorry About That: foreclosures, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  133. Today is the closing on the sale of our home!: disclosing, price - Real Estate
  134. House is off the market and I'm feeling so blue..: feedback, appraisal - Real Estate
  135. How does HOA work?: tenant, documents, fees, insurance - Real Estate
  136. If you sold your house are you excited to buy again?: RE market, 5% - Real Estate
  137. Bringing / Not Bringing Inspection results to Seller: contingency, disclosure, agent - Real Estate
  138. House Prices: True Price vs. Artificial Price: mortgage rates, mortgage, housing - Real Estate
  139. Real Estate Transaction database (sorry if its a dumb: sales, price
  140. Seller took storm door??: agent, insurance, condo, property - Real Estate
  141. ASHI Home Inspector - Doesn't want buyer present?: agent, property, inspectors - Real Estate
  142. Deed in Lieu: foreclosure, investment, second mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  143. What I need know about house inspection?: property, inspectors, contractor - Real Estate
  144. What are your lessons learned in real estate?: agent, investment, commission
  145. Do the old rules apply in this current market?: agents, sales, accepting - Real Estate
  146. Do weekend days count on deadlines?: clause, agreements, attorney, broker - Real Estate
  147. Is it ok to have a builder you know and trust do a home inspection on the house you want to buy or build?: clause, fees - Real Estate
  148. Truila and Zillow???: agent, sales, price, properties - Real Estate
  149. Low Appraisal: 7%, sales, prices, property - Real Estate
  150. Hey the media, NAR, and government have said the recession is over! It must be time to buy if they say so!: appraiser, foreclosure - Real Estate
  151. Buyer's agent exclusive contract?: disclosure, 3%, commission, agreement - Real Estate
  152. illegal or just smart?: appraisal, foreclosure, price, property - Real Estate
  153. Current Market Value: RE market, 2015, appraiser, foreclosed - Real Estate
  154. Real Estate Appraisal Firms Work For The Bank, NOT YOU!!!: accept, banks
  155. Home Inspection:Standing Water in crawlspace: contingency, disclosure, documentation, accept - Real Estate
  156. Water Damage/Leak Not Disclosed: disclosure, agent, sale, fees - Real Estate
  157. Something needs to be done about losers: foreclosed, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  158. Is it going to take forever for the market to get back to where it was?: foreclosures, sales - Real Estate
  159. ?? for Seller Agents (Realtors): RE agent, disclosure, documentation, appraisal - Real Estate
  160. What is the definition of a fixer-upper?: agents, investment, price - Real Estate
  161. real estate seller contract breaking: agent, sale, accept, agreement
  162. Realtors: Which Is It?: incentive, foreclosures, agents, mortgage - Real Estate
  163. Next housing boom?: foreclosed, mortgage, mortgages, insurance - Real Estate
  164. More proof real estate is nowhere near a market bottom: investment, mortgage
  165. Are most FSBO's listed in MLS?: documents, 3%, agent, commissions - Real Estate
  166. Painting: investment, mortgage, mortgage, price - Real Estate
  167. What happened to my bid?: contingent, appraisal, agent, sales - Real Estate
  168. $6500 existing homeowner tax credit for purchases: mortgage, mortgage, property, escrow - Real Estate
  169. homebuyer tax credit extension and expanded income limit: documentation, legal, Realtor - Real Estate
  170. what does this mean?: contingencies, documents, foreclosure, 3% - Real Estate
  171. Tax break for homebuyers....: housing, prices, renters, claim - Real Estate
  172. What do you need to buy a $40-50,000 condo?: tenants, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  173. a must-watch before you buy: RE agent, agent, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  174. What's the logic behind homeowner tax credit extension?: incentive, foreclosed, investment - Real Estate
  175. home price increase, decrease, increase what's up??: agent, sales, properties - Real Estate
  176. Very pleased with our realtor.: incentive, 1%, negotiating, agents - Real Estate
  177. s a New One: contingencies, clause, agent, accept - Real Estate
  178. Home-Buyer Tax Credit Extension - Bad Idea: incentive, foreclosed, commissions - Real Estate
  179. If you buy now, you must be dumb.: foreclosed, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  180. What effect does a back-up offer have after mutual acceptance?: 2%, negotiations - Real Estate
  181. Home Buyers' Credit to Be Phased Out: agents, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  182. Need advice on cancelling contract: contingencies, agent, agreement, lawyer - Real Estate
  183. Expired agreement with our real estate agent: RE agent, clause, commission
  184. we sold our house and it wasn't for sale!: appraised, agent - Real Estate
  185. Buyer Agency Agreement - Breach of Contract: documents, new agent, commission - Real Estate
  186. Getting back my deposit: landlord, property, attorney, renter - Real Estate
  187. Case-Shiller index shows fourth straight month-over-month increase: mortgage, mortgages, prices - Real Estate
  188. Downtown, east hill, north hill specialist: neighborhood, neighbor - Real Estate
  189. Recent stabilization is the mother of all head fakes: housing - Real Estate
  190. Southern california ??: buy, area - Real Estate
  191. Home sales rise 9.4 pct. in Sept., beat forecast. Or. not..: foreclosure, housing - Real Estate
  192. News, Love me (legal) tender: Elvis ranch on market for $6.5 million.: Mississippi, owned - Real Estate
  193. Link to check where you live: mortgage, mortgage, states, interest - Real Estate
  194. Case Shiller Breakdown by Metro Area: city - Real Estate
  195. Looking for a Realator in New Mexico: Realtor, sell - Real Estate
  196. Another since I'm Re 800-sell-now: house, work - Real Estate
  197. Branson, MO condo for rent at Christmas: state, kitchen, bedroom - Real Estate
  198. News, Rescuing Real Estate. How baby boomers are reigniting the housing market.: mortgage rates, mortgage
  199. Doing an interest-credit for closing this week???: house, payment, tax - Real Estate
  200. News, Second homes: Steamboat Springs is more than a ski town.: buyers, bill - Real Estate