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  1. Sellers - what % of your listing price are you looking for in an offer?: contingencies, 5% - Real Estate
  2. Property Manager/Project Manager: tenants, price, inspection, contractors - Real Estate
  3. How is the Commission Split?: incentive, plumber, 3%, agent - Real Estate
  4. Home Tax Values To Drop 8%: prices, sellers, paying, neighborhood - Real Estate
  5. Builders: No more campaign (bribes) contributions: mortgage, housing, prices, state - Real Estate
  6. Refinance Example: mortgage companies, company, fees, property - Real Estate
  7. Toliet or Pantry?: sales, renting, advantage, Realtors - Real Estate
  8. Why is Housing Prices So Out of Whack: appraiser, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  9. 73 out of 150 statistical areas show increaes in prices: foreclosed, 1%, agents - Real Estate
  10. When to list house: mortgages, sale, housing, price - Real Estate
  11. Ok to sell home after 1 year?: appraisal, mortgage, mortgages, sale - Real Estate
  12. How Aggressive Should Realtors Get?: feedback, agent, sales, price - Real Estate
  13. Resonable Offer: RE agent, foreclosures, agents, sales - Real Estate
  14. Lien Rights in North Carolina: fees, properties, lawyer, rental - Real Estate
  15. Down Payment Assistance: 3%, investment, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  16. Will it hurt your sale to have a 4% or 5% commission: 2%, agent - Real Estate
  17. office space: 10%, interest, area, best - Real Estate
  18. Hardwoods in a Rental?: house, neighborhood, walls, floor - Real Estate
  19. Relocating to New Jersey or New York: mortgage, mortgage, housing - Real Estate
  20. Shake roof: agent, insurance, price, inspector - Real Estate
  21. Wanted to rent home.condo Weston/Florida: rental, offering, Realtors - Real Estate
  22. Just when you heard it all...: agent, sales, state - Real Estate
  23. Would this be attractive to a realtor? (variable commission): square footage, 5%, agent - Real Estate
  24. Another Switching from FSBO to Realtor: agent, commission, sale - Real Estate
  25. January 2008 Data -- Fairfax County VA prices plunge 13% in one year !: Realtors, state - Real Estate
  26. Sellers Attempting to Keep My Escrow $$$: contingent, appraisal, clause, agent - Real Estate
  27. Why would a Realtor (not mine) ask to do an Open House at my home?: RE agent, agent - Real Estate
  28. Will banks finance as-is properties?: appraisal, mortgages, price, escrow - Real Estate
  29. Buying home @ Bridgewater, Hollys Springs, NC: feedback, property, value, builder - Real Estate
  30. Get him out of the mobile home!!: tenants, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  31. Commercial Property and business: appraisal, negotiating, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  32. original mortg sold but no deed release?: mortgage companies, mortgages, offer - Real Estate
  33. fair appraisal: sales, comparable, prices, properties - Real Estate
  34. The Next Slum; article: foreclosure, mortgage rates, mortgages, housing - Real Estate
  35. home loan options for foreigners?: tenants, documents, arrears, mortgage - Real Estate
  36. 190E 2ND St N-Y New York is it corect ? - Real Estate
  37. Buyers Agent woes: incentive, commission, percent, property - Real Estate
  38. Interest Rates Just Went UP: 8%, mortgage, value, commercial - Real Estate
  39. Realtor Change??: RE market, contingency, clause, agent - Real Estate
  40. Is binding arbitration a standard clause in the sales contract of a new home?: fees, accept - Real Estate
  41. Gas prices: feedback, agents, properties, Realtors - Real Estate
  42. Have an interesting story of how you bought a house for cheap? Share: appraisal, sale - Real Estate
  43. Section 8 Financial: housing, rent, bedroom, home - Real Estate
  44. Closing Costs: mortgage, mortgage, fees, insurance - Real Estate
  45. Figuring the amount of inventory in my local market?: agent, sale, comparable - Real Estate
  46. How should fair market value affect my price?: property tax, Realtor - Real Estate
  47. I'm making an offer...: negotiation, agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  48. Inflated square footage measurement of homes?: builders, garage, basement, Dallas - Real Estate
  49. What is the best way to sell house to family?: tenants, sale - Real Estate
  50. Listing Agreement signed at time of purchase: commission, contractor, state - Real Estate
  51. whats going on?: agent, sales, price, venting - Real Estate
  52. 2nd request for opinion taking house off market due to tenants: incentive, agent - Real Estate
  53. Selling a home in the DFW area?: prices, rental, expensive - Real Estate
  54. Price...: investment, value, Realtors, sellers - Real Estate
  55. Subprime loans defaulting before resets: state, home loan, financial, credit card - Real Estate
  56. Appraisal assistance: sale, inspectors, value, kitchen - Real Estate
  57. bad on condo ownership?: documents, countertop, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  58. about inspection addendum: agent, sale, settlement, accept - Real Estate
  59. Ho-ho-kus NJ: agents, price, properties, Realtor - Real Estate
  60. Buyer's Inspection Advisory: square footage, property, rental, broker - Real Estate
  61. Investment Property Monthly Rent: price, properties, rental, Realtor - Real Estate
  62. For realtors knowledgeable about real estate law: feedback, clause, agent
  63. GMAC ResCap (Declining markets): price, property, value, commercial - Real Estate
  64. Contract Inked. Now I'm worried..: foreclosures, prices, property, escrow - Real Estate
  65. Investment Property Purchase Analysis: tenants, 3%, investments, mortgage - Real Estate
  66. Have you sold your home to one of home-buying companies?: appraise, commission - Real Estate
  67. existing homes sales: 2%, price, state, disclose - Real Estate
  68. How horrible!!!: house, deal - Real Estate
  69. Deed unrecorded and a bonus: tenant, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  70. Another Revised NAR Forecast!: RE agent, foreclosed, agents, investment - Real Estate
  71. Well we are still working at it: new agent, sales, housing - Real Estate
  72. LLC versus personal names on the deed: tenants, appraiser, investment - Real Estate
  73. Westfiled or Summit New Jersey: value, how much, area, different - Real Estate
  74. How Many?: state, build, companies, houses - Real Estate
  75. Market Analysis: appraisal, inspection, Realtors, house - Real Estate
  76. Buying an Industrial Condo: investment, fees, condos, price - Real Estate
  77. How do I find the agents that sold the comps?: incentive, negotiating - Real Estate
  78. Building code Coffee county: construction, requirements, residential, homes - Real Estate
  79. Rental property travel: investment, townhome, deductible, state - Real Estate
  80. positive outlook for the market by end of 2008?: investment, price, Realtor - Real Estate
  81. Homeowner Disclosure statement: contingent, negotiations, agent, sale - Real Estate
  82. websites that rate realtors?: feedback, agent, sales, brokers - Real Estate
  83. - Pricing in today's market: negotiating, agent, sale, accept - Real Estate
  84. Furniture with house?: sales, property, value, offer - Real Estate
  85. Pricing and Offer: negotiations, agent, sales, price - Real Estate
  86. quit claim deed: clause, mortgage, mortgages, sales - Real Estate
  87. How Many Showings Per week?: feedback, conversion, price, property - Real Estate
  88. Would we qualify for a loan?: mortgage, mortgage, rent, approved - Real Estate
  89. Expensive house in cheap neighborhood: agent, investment, prices, more expensive - Real Estate
  90. Cost vs Value: stucco, appraiser, comparable, price - Real Estate
  91. gifted property: clause, price, lawyer, claim - Real Estate
  92. part of house on neighbors property: sale, fees, properties, lawyer - Real Estate
  93. RE listings: disclosures, documents, auction, negotiations - Real Estate
  94. Is this illegal for agent to do??: agreement, property, contract - Real Estate
  95. Looking To Buy House Next To Cemetary: deeds, historical, Cary - Real Estate
  96. What to do with pets?: agent, offer, Realtor, furniture - Real Estate
  97. Advice on offer for commercial building: contingent, square foot, appraisal, negotiating - Real Estate
  98. ABC news report: foreclosure, 7%, investment, mortgage companies - Real Estate
  99. Just put our house on the market....: appraised, price, advantage - Real Estate
  100. Working with listing realtor as a buyer: disclosures, appraiser, dual agency - Real Estate
  101. Expired listing, buyer still interested: clause, negotiations, agent, commissions - Real Estate
  102. Of all weekends: offer, Realtor, furniture, rooms - Real Estate
  103. Can you give me feedback on my house...: agent, price, construction - Real Estate
  104. To tile or not to tile...: agent, price, property, Realtors - Real Estate
  105. Why has no one come to look? Can you give me feedback?: price, Realtor - Real Estate
  106. Buying a FSBO: disclosure, appraisal, 6%, agent - Real Estate
  107. What slump? Homeowners in Denial: prices, claim, value, Realtors - Real Estate
  108. Land just Land: auction, agent, price, property - Real Estate
  109. How Important ARE Pics on your listing?: agent, investment, sale - Real Estate
  110. Land restrictions/modular homes: sale, housing, properties, value - Real Estate
  111. Let's talk colors: advantage, kitchen, bedroom, builder - Real Estate
  112. Market while empty or furnished?: insurance, property, rental, Realtors - Real Estate
  113. Fed up with low ball offer: RE market, contingencies, appraisal, foreclosed - Real Estate
  114. Under Contract......... !!!!!: appraisal, inspection, offer, home - Real Estate
  115. Will Buyers Agents Show with 2% commision: 1%, agent, commission, housing - Real Estate
  116. Would you buy this house?: mortgage, sales, insurance, prices - Real Estate
  117. When is the best time to buy: incentive, 3%, mortgage - Real Estate
  118. What is going on??: RE agent, feedback, agent, agreement - Real Estate
  119. Fsbo: incentive, recommendation, appraiser, foreclosure - Real Estate
  120. editing incentive, agent, sales, property - Real Estate
  121. sellers-little things make a difference!: townhouse, value, furniture, kitchen - Real Estate
  122. Show me examples of a well-staged home: price, property, expensive - Real Estate
  123. Raffle house for sale: auctions, investment, sales, fees - Real Estate
  124. Good watch on RE and the economy: contingent, foreclosed, 1% - Real Estate
  125. Need everyone's positive thoughts!!: foreclosures, agent, price, construction - Real Estate
  126. Help: Neighbor trees falling into our yard: contingent, accept, insurance - Real Estate
  127. Selling home and moving to cheaper area: mortgage, mortgage, fees - Real Estate
  128. Buyers are killing their agents.: agent, mortgage, properties, broker - Real Estate
  129. Countrywide soft markets index .pdf file: 5%, second mortgage, mortgages, prices - Real Estate
  130. Open Houses: RE market, feedback, 1%, agent - Real Estate
  131. Might have an offer...: agent, escrow, contract, houses - Real Estate
  132. Sq footage vs neighborhood: square footage, agent, fees, prices - Real Estate
  133. I hate waiting for feedback: agent, sale, price, properties - Real Estate
  134. Need help with estimating net from sale of house...thanks!: 6%, agent - Real Estate
  135. Flipped houses: countertop, price, contractors, kitchen - Real Estate
  136. Writing off closing costs?: mortgage, mortgage, fee, claim - Real Estate
  137. sell the house or realtor pays?: agent, mortgage, price, value - Real Estate
  138. My house will not sell!!! (moved from TN forum): square foot, countertop, foreclosures - Real Estate
  139. If At A Low Price, Will It Sell?: feedback, incentive, square footage - Real Estate
  140. How to Buy with Little Money Down: RE agent, 3%, agent - Real Estate
  141. builder lowered prices after we signed contract: incentive, countertop, negotiation - Real Estate
  142. When Will Prices Start Rising Again?: foreclosure, mortgage, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  143. Third showing to same couple today !!!: property, value, kitchen, room - Real Estate
  144. Disappointed with Realtors in General: feedback, agent, banks, percentage - Real Estate
  145. Total assessment property appraiser: mortgages, sales, prices, property tax - Real Estate
  146. What questions can R.E. Agents legally answer?: agent, housing, most expensive - Real Estate
  147. Best Marketing in todays House Slump: feedback, 1%, agent, price - Real Estate
  148. Price to sell or negotiate?: negotiating, mortgage, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  149. More real estate doom and gloom...: RE market, incentive, appraiser, foreclosures
  150. Overused real estate-isms.: agents, insurance, price, property
  151. Dirt cheap real estate.: agents, sale, prices, property
  152. Need advice: rent, venting, state, furniture - Real Estate
  153. Methlabs - Heartache or Buyer's dream?: disclosure, foreclosed, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  154. Open House Today!: 6%, agent, price, legal - Real Estate
  155. Two story vs. one: banks, house hunting, Realtors, bedrooms - Real Estate
  156. House Shopping...what bugs you most when looking at a home?: sale, inspection - Real Estate
  157. Asking Buyers Agents for Feedback: agent, sales, price, properties - Real Estate
  158. Less than 20% Down Payment: 3%, PMI, price, approved - Real Estate
  159. arghh unreasonable husband: agent, mortgage, mortgage company, price - Real Estate
  160. Commission: 2%, agent, fees, accept - Real Estate
  161. Down side of Buying FSBO?: appraisal, 6%, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  162. Are incentives more attractive than a price reduction?: appraisal, negotiations, sales - Real Estate
  163. A burning reason to buy a home.: agent, price, Realtors - Real Estate
  164. Buyer Agent Agreement: commission, sales, fee, price - Real Estate
  165. Is this a realtor's responsibility?: feedback, foreclosed, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  166. Realtor doesn't want sheets outside - normal?: square footage, agent, sales - Real Estate
  167. US Nationwide home prices 35% overvalued: RE market, foreclosed, agents, sales - Real Estate
  168. Guess The 4% didnt matter: 2%, agent, commission, fee - Real Estate
  169. Ready to List With an Agent..... what %?: incentive, 2%, commission - Real Estate
  170. help! Should we take our house off of the market?: tenants, agent - Real Estate
  171. Be careful about what the RE Industry tells you . . .: RE agent, foreclosures, 6% - Real Estate
  172. about realtor behavior: tenants, feedback, agent, properties - Real Estate
  173. HOA and be aware before closing: RE agent, tenant, disclosure, arrears - Real Estate
  174. Real estate: disclosure, agent, fees, price
  175. Real Estate Guru's - How valuable is an unfinished bonus room?: square footage, mortgage
  176. HELP - What home should we do?: agents, sale, price - Real Estate
  177. 2008 Real Estate Market Improved and Rebounding but not according to CNN-Money and Yahoo: foreclosed, agents
  178. HELP! Before I give up.. is there something we are doing wrong?: new agent, price - Real Estate
  179. I want to buy a home!: agents, mortgage, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  180. Buyers on the fence? Is it price, current economy or does the current local inventory just really suck?: incentive, countertop - Real Estate
  181. Do you plan on SELLING a Home, BUYING a Home or BOTH in 2008???: contingent, incentive - Real Estate
  182. Charlotte area sellers-have you had more showings lately?: agent, sales, housing - Real Estate
  183. house inheritance: documents, mortgage, mortgage, insurance - Real Estate
  184. Help!! Option money delivered late - agent says we have to buy?????: contingencies, disclosure - Real Estate
  185. What would you think about this? feedback: agent, price, Realtor - Real Estate
  186. Buyer Questions: negotiating, dual agency, commission, sales - Real Estate
  187. Fair Isaacs spokesperson says Better for your credit score - to just walk away.: foreclosed, mortgage - Real Estate
  188. Stay, Sell, Rent it out???? What would you do?: investment, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  189. Preparing a home for sale: price, Realtors, state, kitchen - Real Estate
  190. Home Inspector - Mercer County NJ: process, area - Real Estate
  191. Market value chart of homes in the USA: sales, percent, state - Real Estate
  192. VA streamline refinance: mortgage, mortgage company, insurance, fixed rate - Real Estate
  193. Era Ibc: agents, company, Orlando, different - Real Estate
  194. House swaping: state, buy - Real Estate
  195. What Incentives is the Government Providing?: buying, interest - Real Estate
  196. Unconventional home purchase: mortgages, city - Real Estate
  197. Relocation - Vermont or New Hampshire: state, versus, Minnesota, Texas - Real Estate
  198. Freaky prediction: foreclosed, cheaper, financial, homeowners - Real Estate
  199. House Prices, predictions?: interest, America - Real Estate
  200. how is the market: comparable, price, seller, home - Real Estate