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  1. Out-of-the-box thinking: hire a broker to run your real estate company until you become a broker: agents, legal
  2. Buying run down homes in run down neighborhoods next to nice or gentrifying areas?: appraised, sale - Real Estate
  3. I am moving into an apartment and I am concerned if the stains on the tile are a health issue see photos inside): landlord, Florida - Real Estate
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  11. No kids - Average school in good school district?: price, value - Real Estate
  12. 2nd Option Fee: agent, attorney, state, money - Real Estate
  13. This Week's Zillow Lawzuit!: Corus vs. Zillow for patent infringement: realty, attorneys - Real Estate
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  15. Is wholesaling/contract assignment a viable real estate investment strategy?: contracts, commercial
  16. Non-Ground Floor Condo Egress: condos, property tax, Realtor, bedrooms - Real Estate
  17. Georgia city sued by fed-up residents over 'ridiculous' fines for chipped paint, driveway cracks: HOA, fund - Real Estate
  18. For Sale by Owner Site: disclosure, documents, agent, commission - Real Estate
  19. house flipping company lawsuit: insurance, property, lawyer, claim - Real Estate
  20. Have Agreement to purchase land; now I'm upset: 2015, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
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  24. In-House Realty buys commission, mortgage, mortgage, sales - Real Estate
  25. Sold by sherrif bought by Danitch LLC?: auction, Realtor, states - Real Estate
  26. What would you do ? Need advice.: investment, construction, expensive, value - Real Estate
  27. Realtor lied ?House is listed for sale: new agent, property, attorney - Real Estate
  28. Does know about the Good Neighbor Next Door Programs?: foreclosures, investment - Real Estate
  29. Top Million Dollar Agent (TV Show): homes, vs, buyer, buy - Real Estate
  30. Buying when you can realistically expect to lose ground to inflation.: flocking, cheapest - Real Estate
  31. Will NY Department of State Stick a Fork in Zillow?: 2015, agent - Real Estate
  32. Value of property and depreciation if the house was built on a former landfill?: sales, insurance - Real Estate
  33. Condominium regime - Concern resolution ?: disclosures, agent, fee, insurance - Real Estate
  34. Seeing double? Nope, are not the same condo: agent, construction, broker - Real Estate
  35. Location - How are you with the area before buying?: appraisal, investment - Real Estate
  36. In a competitive market, does list price mean anything?: recommendation, appraisal - Real Estate
  37. Selling HOuse in Foreclosur for more than mortgage: auction, foreclosed, sale - Real Estate
  38. Townhouse plat vs townhouse?: agent, fees, condos, legal - Real Estate
  39. Floor Plan App for Android phone: state, listings, city - Real Estate
  40. Cost of constructing prefab concrete shop building: construction, commercial, companies - Real Estate
  41. Termination of easement based the doctrine of merger: agreement, properties, attorney - Real Estate
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  45. Exclusive Listings(Office exclusive listing): agent, property, broker, contract - Real Estate
  46. Fannie Mae Rental Investment (Need Advice): price, construction, property tax, renting - Real Estate
  47. Best waterproof practices: building, house, basement, digging - Real Estate
  48. Work Order asking me to pay for all Upgrades Now: sale, construction - Real Estate
  49. Nationwide shortage of home inventory?: 2014, appraisal, 1%, sale - Real Estate
  50. Do you like buying new property?: 2015, investment, fees, condo - Real Estate
  51. experience with bored wells?: agent, price, properties, inexpensive - Real Estate
  52. Replace your mortgage HELOC strategy: mortgage calculator, mortgages, percent, property - Real Estate
  53. Do you think this place is outdated?: square footage, duplexes, fees - Real Estate
  54. for Realtors. why can't clients bring a friend with them to a showing?: new agent, agreement - Real Estate
  55. Declarant refusing to create HOA despite divesting itself of all properties: auction, commission - Real Estate
  56. Kevin and The Jills working together to expose corruption in high end Miami real estate: RE market, agents
  57. Do realtors generally drive their clients?: agent, commission, construction, offer - Real Estate
  58. Vermont will pay you $10,000 to move there and work remotely: sales, prices - Real Estate
  59. 100% Ownership Separate Property?: documents, duplex, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  60. foreign tax: documents, agents, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  61. The live in girlfriend and the inheritance property: sale, landlord, percentage - Real Estate
  62. Lot line adjustment/selling portion of lot to neighbor: RE agent, gated community, square foot - Real Estate
  63. Would you let a person visit your home out of nostalgia?: sale, price - Real Estate
  64. Interested, should the seller fix?: agent, price, property, inspectors - Real Estate
  65. how does condo suffer compared to house during recession: foreclosed, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  66. Non-traditional loan/agreement for family home sale: contingent, appraisal, 6% - Real Estate
  67. House on the Market - Buyers overstay showings: agent, investment, price - Real Estate
  68. So if I bought a $50-70K Flophouse ...: foreclosure, mortgage - Real Estate
  69. Realtors what hours days do you work?: 2015, new agent, commission - Real Estate
  70. Making peace with grey: tenant, renting, Realtors, furniture - Real Estate
  71. Do you need liability insurance on vacant rural land?: price, lawsuit, property - Real Estate
  72. Adventures in house-hunting: 2015, agent, commission, price - Real Estate
  73. I want to make a Quit Claim Deed..whats a cheap website for me to use their template?: price, property - Real Estate
  74. Buyers putting in multiple offers at the same time: clause, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  75. Repeat listing for overpriced home: agent, investment, sales, prices - Real Estate
  76. Retirement, Mortgages, and Timeline: recommendation, documents, investments, mortgage - Real Estate
  77. Would you be more likely to see a home if you saw an entertaining video? or not bother to click at all?: sale, state - Real Estate
  78. Selling now, buying again later.. timing questions: tenants, 6%, mortgage - Real Estate
  79. Turn old empty malls into modern villages: housing, condos, construction - Real Estate
  80. Buying a house with airbnb bookings in place: sales, agreement, property - Real Estate
  81. Converting aging trailer parks to micro home developments?: conversion, settlement, condos - Real Estate
  82. Children and showing our home: agent, sale, housing, prices - Real Estate
  83. for agent: incentive, negotiation, housing, property - Real Estate
  84. Spreadsheet for Analysis of cities and towns: sales, condo, price - Real Estate
  85. MLS location filters: agent, price, property, rental - Real Estate
  86. Renters in hard times but l need the rent. s?: tenants, investment - Real Estate
  87. Previous owners take things from property after close: agent, sale, broker - Real Estate
  88. What's the use of a buyer's agent?: contingencies, 3%, negotiating - Real Estate
  89. Zero money down-- as a seller, is it a bad sign?: RE agent, appraisal - Real Estate
  90. Partnering with another person on buying/renting property: feedback, documents - Real Estate
  91. Closing soon: documents, agent, insurance, property - Real Estate
  92. Unrealistic high appraisal - does this happen?: negotiations, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  93. Seller balking, and we’re not happy: appraisal, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  94. Why did people start thinking a draped afghan was the secret to selling a house?: sale, ARM - Real Estate
  95. New Canaan CT has a 6 Month ban on For Sale signs.: agents, accepting - Real Estate
  96. Inspection objections about something that doesn't exist?: RE agent, price, property - Real Estate
  97. Are seller's screening more than your offer? ..: appraisal, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  98. What cities are handling the housing shortage correctly?: cheapest, sale, condos - Real Estate
  99. about Making an Offer: agent, sale, accepting, price - Real Estate
  100. Finding out something big after the offer.... what to do?: disclosure, 2015 - Real Estate
  101. How did they do title searches before computers?: documents, agent, lawsuit - Real Estate
  102. High tension wires: percentage, prices, property, buy a house - Real Estate
  103. changing from 3 br to 4 br: plumber, price, renting, state - Real Estate
  104. USAA Real Estate Rewards Network: RE agent, feedback, documents, appraisal
  105. Is the seller supposed to leave curtain rods in the house?: agent, sales - Real Estate
  106. Making an offer on a foreclosed home - precautions or special advice?: contingencies, auction - Real Estate
  107. Home insurance in NJ, is Geico ok?: cheapest, agents, comparable - Real Estate
  108. What is this escrow garbage?: appraisal, investment, mortgage, mortgages - Real Estate
  109. Best way to buy / sell houses?: recommendation, clause, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  110. Tell me about owning rural property with acreage: insurance, properties, rental - Real Estate
  111. pending offer, under contract, conditional: contingencies, documents, appraisal, clause - Real Estate
  112. Something to consider when buying in an HOA inadequate liability insurance: fees, settlement - Real Estate
  113. I've been a victim of this recently....: foreclosed, new agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  114. Realtor didn't keep his word: incentive, agent, commission, sales - Real Estate
  115. Why the American Dream of owning a big home is way overrated, in one chart: legal, value - Real Estate
  116. Buy an undesirable home or keep renting a nice place?: square footage, investments - Real Estate
  117. Houses that are difficult to see: contingent, agent, sale, property - Real Estate
  118. Property tax cap: 1%, sales, percentage, price - Real Estate
  119. Buying a house as an investment ($17,000 House in city where I live): fee, insurance - Real Estate
  120. Do abandoned properties still exist?: sales, legal, claim, expensive - Real Estate
  121. Is it to finance a land purchase?: agent, banks, percentage - Real Estate
  122. Condominium Frustration: mortgage, mortgage, fees, price - Real Estate
  123. Problem with getting tenant out?: tenants, landlord, prices, properties - Real Estate
  124. Do people ever need to sell right after buying a home? Our dream home went to someone ..: contingencies, agent - Real Estate
  125. Have you ever been fooled by house listing photos?: agents, mortgage, price - Real Estate
  126. Square feet “hidden” in MLS?: square footage, agents, offers, Realtor - Real Estate
  127. Finding Realtor Who Visits Listings (IA): RE agent, agent, fee, prices - Real Estate
  128. Pulling Comps: RE agent, disclosure, appraised, 4% - Real Estate
  129. Code of Ethics - Realtor tampering with neighbor's survey stakes: tenant, agent - Real Estate
  130. Grass is greener...can't stop looking at houses: investment, sale, condos - Real Estate
  131. 7% commission: agent, investment, sale, insurance - Real Estate
  132. Can you buy a cheap run-down house and fix it up as you live in it?: agent, condo - Real Estate
  133. Low ball offer: appraise, agent, price, properties - Real Estate
  134. South Dakota farmland ( sell or not): auction, sales, fee, agreements - Real Estate
  135. Buyer's agent wants more commission: 1%, sale, fees, property - Real Estate
  136. Redfin - how much does it REALLY cost?: tenants, feedback, 1% - Real Estate
  137. Soggy Lawn: plumber, price, property, inspector - Real Estate
  138. FSBOs who use MLS forms: disclosures, documents, agent, commission - Real Estate
  139. Seller's market, why list low just to incite a bidding war?: feedback, appraisal - Real Estate
  140. Zillow is entering the home-flipping business: RE agent, dual agency, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  141. Did Zillow revolutionize home buying?: appraisal, agent, fee, condo - Real Estate
  142. Are home repairs worth it???: RE agent, countertop, agent, investment - Real Estate
  143. Air BnB guest survey: feedback, condos, price, properties - Real Estate
  144. When a tree falls...: insurance, property, legal, repairs - Real Estate
  145. Are asbestos tiles a deal-breaker for you?: negotiation, inspector, bedrooms - Real Estate
  146. If someone was murdered in a house, must it be disclosed?: property, states - Real Estate
  147. Twenty five offers...: contingency, square footage, appraisal, auction - Real Estate
  148. Sell to Contractor or Through Realtor: appraisal, 6%, agent, commissions - Real Estate
  149. Have you seen bad flips when you were house hunting?: RE agent, cheapest - Real Estate
  150. The future of percentage based RE commission: agent, commissions, fixed rate - Real Estate
  151. Adding comments to Zillow (Realtor Trulia, Redfin,...) listings: agent, price, property - Real Estate
  152. Opinions/Advice on Florida (lack of) Seller Disclosure(s): plumber, agent, commission - Real Estate
  153. Garage cabinets: value add?: sale, offer, house, buyers - Real Estate
  154. How do I deal with a difficult seller in real estate?: agent, mortgage
  155. If a house has flooded, must it be disclosed?: disclosures, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  156. Negotiating: contingencies, appraisal, 3%, negotiations - Real Estate
  157. Renting home to family- do I need landlord insurance?: tenants, investment, mortgage rates - Real Estate
  158. Lender is asking me to alter tax documents: mortgage, mortgage, accept - Real Estate
  159. Why would somebody build a brand new nice house right in front of a run down small trailer park??: contingent, investment - Real Estate
  160. How to keep from being nickel and dimed to death: cheapest, mortgage - Real Estate
  161. Do you know who is still underwater with their property?: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  162. Searching for a property by price per square foot: square footage, agents, sales - Real Estate
  163. Why isn't land easier to look for?: agent, commission, sale - Real Estate
  164. FSBO-For Sale By Owner: RE agent, appraise, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  165. Buying a Recession proof house: mortgage, mortgage, housing - Real Estate
  166. Do you own a house for income?: tenants, investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  167. Not available for Owner/Occupant purchase?: tenant, investment, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  168. Peak in the U.S. Real Estate?: appraise, 3%, investment
  169. Is it crazy to want to buy and island?: 2014, investment, property - Real Estate
  170. Should I buy a house at the height of the market?: investment, mortgage - Real Estate
  171. Rental Property Advice, would you rather buy 1 Lake House at $400k or Two Townhouses at $200k each?: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  172. Am I expecting too much from an agent?: properties, Realtor, state - Real Estate
  173. Do you think home ownership will still be viable for younger people today and in the future?: prices, renting - Real Estate
  174. Appraisal based offers.: contingencies, clause, negotiating, agents - Real Estate
  175. Signing Sales Contract - have questions: contingencies, documents, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  176. Merging adjacent lot: recommendation, commission, sale, housing - Real Estate
  177. House sold by owner and sherrif lf the county?: arrears, auction, foreclosure - Real Estate
  178. Seller agreed to our price, but want alerting addition to the contract: contingencies, documents - Real Estate
  179. How NOT to showcase your client's house...: tenant, recommendation, appraiser - Real Estate
  180. Should I ask agent or call myself? Want to look at a house that was on market and recently pulled...: 6%, commissions - Real Estate
  181. Closing Costs: tenant, incentive, appraisal, mortgage - Real Estate
  182. What is with the term “Oversized” garage?: 2013, agent, construction - Real Estate
  183. Stoping the sale of my house: housing, lawsuit, rental, expensive - Real Estate
  184. best excavating equipment for container size hole: fees, price, renting - Real Estate
  185. Buying home delima?: plumber, cheapest, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  186. Is it better to be next door to best house on block?: square footage, cheapest - Real Estate
  187. My Experience with Open Door and Offer Pad Real Estate: RE agent, appraisal
  188. Why Use a Buyers Agent to Buy New Construction?: appraisal, commission, price - Real Estate
  189. What are the pros and cons of having a PUBLIC road through your property?: value, developer - Real Estate
  190. What Should I Do?: agent, sales, insurance, property - Real Estate
  191. Going over offer contract paperwork: contingencies, documents, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  192. Does seller ALWAYS pay the Real Estate Agents’ Commissions?: 3%, agent, mortgage
  193. Are we on the cusp of another real estate crash?: appraised, mortgages
  194. Selling in Hot Market: tenants, feedback, countertop, 5% - Real Estate
  195. What Lurks Beneath: disclosure, price, properties, inspectors - Real Estate
  196. What might actually disrupt the current real estate brokerage model: RE agent, 6%
  197. Is it better to sell As Is ?: disclosure, appraisal, foreclosures - Real Estate
  198. An interesting study on housing finance methods, boom-bust cycles, and the macro economy.: state, residential - Real Estate
  199. What's the sales history to your home?: prices, rent, Realtor - Real Estate
  200. What Can Assistant Do Without A License: inspection, state, houses - Real Estate