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  2. Antichristianic propaganda:: beliefs, Jesus, Bible, faith - Christianity
  3. Peace with your Gender: women, Jesus Christ, sexuality, Christians - Christianity
  4. The Discipline of God the Father, Cleansing the flesh from all my Sins Chastisement & Chastening my life with the Lord: testimony, church - Christianity
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  8. Follow After Righteousness:: faith - Christianity
  9. For sin shall not have dominion over you.: Jesus, verses, grace - Christianity
  10. From the Bible. Sanctification: the passion, Holy Spirit, Jesus, salvation - Christianity
  11. Close relationship with Jesus: hell, punishment, woman, agnostic - Christianity
  12. Father Tom Uzhunnalil has been released, is headed to India: church, Jesus - Christianity
  13. the heavens will be shaken! a Kilinova explosion ?: coffins, myth, scriptures - Christianity
  14. of my strongest beliefs after a serious wake-up call: paradise, doctrine - Christianity
  15. another form what do you think?: Gospel, beliefs, ritual, blood - Christianity
  16. Deaf Muslim Healed in Jesus' Name!: believe, God, miracle, Muhammed - Christianity
  17. Disciples families: Biblical, wife, mentioned, married - Christianity
  18. Comprehension & Humility: crucifixion, traditions, Gospel, testimony - Christianity
  19. Three Thousand People die, Three Thousand Saved.: Torah, woman, believers - Christianity
  20. Like it has been written:: Jehovah, Jesus, Kingdom, salvation - Christianity
  21. The New Apostolic Reformation movement: Gospel, doctrine, churches, Revelation - Christianity
  22. so universalists and fluffy and stuff folks: believe, scriptures, praying - Christianity
  23. coming to terms with the lowest common denominator: hell, pray, Jesus - Christianity
  24. found a church: Lutherans, Antichrist, Revelation, Deuteronomy - Christianity
  25. The Period of Grace, Grace has an end: Tanakh, Gomorrah, Gospel - Christianity
  26. Benjamin Lay, Quaker Abolitionist: testimony, Jesus Christ, blood, prophet - Christianity
  27. The God of Judaism is a False God: Jehovah, church, believe - Christianity
  28. Dispensationalism Errors: How could we not be Israel, if we are now citizens of Israel?: Gospels, church - Christianity
  29. The Biblical Dead Sea Scrolls Online: Torah, Tanakh, Bible, Old Testament - Christianity
  30. Mind Blower: God swore on His own Life that this would happen...: Messiah, Israel - Christianity
  31. Jesus and Great Commission like a parody of Jeremiah: Gospels, messages - Christianity
  32. 2017 ~ 500th Anniversary of the Reformation ... the 5 solas that about Christianity is based on.: traditions, Gospel
  33. A word for today:: believe, sin, Jesus Christ, salvation - Christianity
  34. If you have EWTN---: prayers, Jesus, Bible, Jewish - Christianity
  35. Who Is This Man Called Jesus? David Shawkan – Former Muslim: testimony, woman - Christianity
  36. Books on Prayer***: philosophy, study, people, Psalm - Christianity
  37. Genesis 6:3: belief, Jesus, verse, Matthew - Christianity
  38. Ex-Child Bride Wins $16 Million Lawsuit Against the FLDS Church . . .: Latter-Day Saints, tradition, Mormons - Christianity
  39. From Isaiah: Torah, mercy, Yahweh - Christianity
  40. The Boys at the Lake: churches, pray, God, bless - Christianity
  41. I have come for you to live an abundant life...meaning?: doctrine, beliefs - Christianity
  42. At what age of your child did you know they were a Christian?: scriptures, sin - Christianity
  43. Religion can't save our soul...: beliefs, dogmas, Holy Spirit, Christ - Christianity
  44. Will You Be sealed Today?: traditions, Revelation, exodus, Jesus - Christianity
  45. Can you forgive, not trust?: believe, prayers, Jesus, God - Christianity
  46. Forgiveness, love, belief, deeds...coming Home to Paradise: Eden, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  47. September 23rd end of the world: suicide, Jesus, Kingdom, Biblical - Christianity
  48. La Luz Del Mundo: doctrine, women, church, believe - Christianity
  49. Christians, at what point do you feel Islam fell from the truth?: Gospel, church - Christianity
  50. Utah Polgamy is legal..........: Latter-Day Saints, Mormons, women, church - Christianity
  51. If we repent and trust in jesus as the son of god to be our savior and lord we shall be saved: hell, believe - Christianity
  52. Have you been deceived by Satan through your church?: crucified, Gospel, Epistles - Christianity
  53. News, Hurricane Harvey a sign of the END OF THE WORLD, according to Texan preacher.: Jehovah, believe - Christianity
  54. The end of the world?....Don't look at progeessives...: Gospel, church, believe - Christianity
  55. more people praying in the world today than most days: prayers, Kingdom - Christianity
  56. the Nephiliim: myth, church, believe, priest - Christianity
  57. For our book readers on -- s a good book to read: Gospels, Messiah - Christianity
  58. All who IGNORE what Christ actually said.........: Gospels, hell, doctrine - Christianity
  59. Did Barnabas save Pauls life at point?: myth, punishment, church - Christianity
  60. Do you fast and what purpose do you feel it serves for you?: woman, scripture - Christianity
  61. The Christian Life is Impossible: Solomon, Jesus Christ, Baptist, God - Christianity
  62. Is it really so bad for a non Catholic to receive communion?: Lutheran, presbyterian - Christianity
  63. Jeremiah 16:19 (Surely our fathers have inherited lies), Is this God's will for us to be confused?: Torah, traditions - Christianity
  64. The Essenes were determinists: crucified, celibacy, Gospel, believe - Christianity
  65. Judgment upon america: church, fanaticism, believe, evolution - Christianity
  66. If you are 55 years or less right now...: women, church, believers - Christianity
  67. Matt 22, What the heck is the meaning? Thanks: punishment, Messiah, Revelation - Christianity
  68. The Mark of the Beast - AMAZING: traditions, abomination, woman - Christianity
  69. Why do Christians accept adulterers' weddings but not same-sex weddings?: woman, Revelation - Christianity
  70. 1 Maccabees: abomination, churches, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  71. Give me Jesus: Earth, song - Christianity
  72. John Lightfoot - creation was year 3960: crucifixion, dinosaur, believe, exodus - Christianity
  73. Are there actual Bible haters Or just that believe it is not all true?: traditions, myth - Christianity
  74. God is holy: Jehovah, believe, ritual, Jesus - Christianity
  75. The body of Jesus: crucifixion, tradition, Gospels, testimony - Christianity
  76. Halloween is Evil. Street Preacher Shows Jesus' Forgiveness & Love: churches, beliefs - Christianity
  77. Do unsaved babies and children go to Heaven?: hell, church, zealous - Christianity
  78. Is god pleased with us having so many denominations?: doctrine, believe, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  79. Why I love the Atheist: beliefs, pray, Israel, experience - Christianity
  80. Seeing and being beauty and love: Holy Spirit, Christ, prophecy, faith - Christianity
  81. Is all life really sacred?: testimony, women, preach, believe - Christianity
  82. Easy way to find the year of the Crucifixion: exodus, dogma, sin - Christianity
  83. The West is Sick: Gospel, pray, Christ, Bible - Christianity
  84. The wisdom of God: Gospel, women, sinners, disciples - Christianity
  85. Catholics - heard of demonic oppression?: messages, hell, scrutiny, doctrine - Christianity
  86. There is NO Revival: Gospel, churches, Revelation, preach - Christianity
  87. What is a fisher of men ?: Gospels, Sodom, women - Christianity
  88. From the Letter of Paul to Alexandria: gnostic, scriptures, Jesus - Christianity
  89. With Support of Parliament, Scotland Consecrated to Immaculate Heart of Mary: women, sinners - Christianity
  90. 2.5 min to midnight They fall from their idolaters: crucified, Gospel, Sodom - Christianity
  91. Reciting the rosary and hearing growls: woman, church, believe, prayer - Christianity
  92. Celebrating 100 Years of Fatima: prayer, Matthew, vain, Baptist - Christianity
  93. YOU ARE GOING TO HELL FIRE AND DAMNATION~~ Would It Bother You If Somebody Thinks You Goin To Hell?: after life, beliefs - Christianity
  94. if you are are a Christian are you healing?: church, belief, scripture - Christianity
  95. There is No greater Love than a Man lay down his life for his friend: crucified, woman - Christianity
  96. Where did the soul come from?: punishment, Revelation, beliefs, scripture - Christianity
  97. what day do you think is Jesus Birthday ?: Torah, traditions, Revelation - Christianity
  98. Last Jubilee: Leviticus, Jesus, verse, Lord - Christianity
  99. Jesus was just an idea, according the 1st Peter: crucifixion, Gospels, Epistles - Christianity
  100. want to expound on the glories of being an heir?: believer, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  101. Why is Prosperity Gospel so popular in american churches?: woman, preach, scripture - Christianity
  102. Responsibility - Miss Hepburn: testimonies, beliefs, pray, soul - Christianity
  103. Have you left the LDS church but your family hasn't rejected you?: Lutheran, Mormon - Christianity
  104. example of a small miracle (trusting the Lord): believe, Jesus, verse - Christianity
  105. Which day was the Crucifixion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus?: church, exodus - Christianity
  106. Are you a member of the only true church?: Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, LDS - Christianity
  107. Download the FREE Prayer Card: churches, beliefs, praying, disciples - Christianity
  108. Do you revere the Bible? Feel you need it everyday?: beliefs, scriptures - Christianity
  109. finger prints of the old testament God ?: Jehovah, women, church - Christianity
  110. What were the many reasons Jesus walked on water, do u think?: churches, believers - Christianity
  111. Not many talk about this verse John 8:15: believe, scriptures, Jesus - Christianity
  112. Will our pastors become free agents ?: church, preach, Matthew, Lord - Christianity
  113. Loss of interest in attending church: Gospel, messages, churches, preach - Christianity
  114. From the hard copy UNIVERSAL RECONCILIATION library of Rodger Tutt: Gospel, hell - Christianity
  115. So how can someone put their trust in God if: believer, pray - Christianity
  116. Real Life Catholic: KAUAI CATHOLIC Tonight on Real Life Catholic: KAUAI CATHOLIC It’s not just perfect beaches that make: preacher, believe - Christianity
  117. Fictional Matthew: crucified, Gospel, Jehovah, believing - Christianity
  118. Ron Wyatt- The Ark of the Covenant: crucifixion, Gomorrah, Sodom - Christianity
  119. he blood of bulls and sheep and hegoats I do not want...But...: church, believe - Christianity
  120. Salvation for the Dead: Gospel, Leviticus, hell, punishment - Christianity
  121. Your opinion. Is Jesus, God manifested in the flesh?: Gospels, incarnation, doctrine - Christianity
  122. Killing in self-defense.: church, believe, prayer, sin - Christianity
  123. The love only theology vs the Jesus theology.: believe, disciples, verses - Christianity
  124. grafted in to what?: traditions, church, belief, evolution - Christianity
  125. Just what are our priorities?: church, believe, sinners, Jesus - Christianity
  126. Is Jesus' Resurrection After 3 Days an Old Testament Prophecy?: Messiah, believe, scriptures - Christianity
  127. As a Christian, is it ok to use positive affirmations?: scripture, Jesus - Christianity
  128. Warning for the Rich:: crucified, women, churches, preacher - Christianity
  129. Salvation: Are you worth the price?: Mormonism, believe, Jesus Christ, Matthew - Christianity
  130. Translated to wrong English words from original scripts?: church, Revelation, Deuteronomy - Christianity
  131. Have I not chosed you, the 12, and one of you is a devil?: believe, scriptures - Christianity
  132. Gluten-free communion? No.: church, believe, ritual, mystic - Christianity
  133. Did all the things in scripture really happen?: myth, preaching, believe - Christianity
  134. For Troutdude: Have you ever seen or experienced a demon or evil spirit?: woman, believe - Christianity
  135. Instruction of Amenemope: woman, scripture, prayers, Jesus - Christianity
  136. The Christians job according to the book....: crucify, Gospel, doctrine - Christianity
  137. Confusion***: Gospel, messages, hell, doctrine - Christianity
  138. Are repentance and humilty the key?: Micah, pray, sinners, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  139. The Red Letters (Jesus' Words): doctrine, believe, scripture, Moses - Christianity
  140. Thoughts***: Gospel, church, preacher, believers - Christianity
  141. Devotional Magazine***: Torah, churches, Deuteronomy, believers - Christianity
  142. Im Bi sexual (Im a Christian): Leviticus, women, churches, believe - Christianity
  143. Unfulfilled messianic prophecies: punishment, Messiah, Deuteronomy, believe - Christianity
  144. No, the Church did Not Knowingly accept forgeries, known as Pseudepigraphical writings into the New Testament Canon: Gospels, Epistles - Christianity
  145. I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.: believe, scriptures - Christianity
  146. Ex-Christian conquered substance addiction after becoming an atheist: Jehovah, testimony, belief - Christianity
  147. Blessed Assurance: Gospel, hell, punishment, doctrine - Christianity
  148. The Future of The Episcopal Church in The US: Gospel, hell, churches - Christianity
  149. Why Are Protestant Bibles Smaller?: scripture, Jesus, Old Testament, protestants - Christianity
  150. The most beautiful story about love: paradise, crucified, testimony, woman - Christianity
  151. What doctrines did you grow up believing or were taught and is still taught in the church, but you no longer believe?: hell, scriptures - Christianity
  152. on Matthew 15:13: Gospel, Jehovah, hell, woman - Christianity
  153. Why i believe that christianity can bring world peace: Micah, crucified, hell
  154. Why is God so ANGRY that he wants to destroy the earth or it's countries?: Jehovah, Revelation - Christianity
  155. Love: Gospel, hell, preach, pray - Christianity
  156. Conflict resolution: how to make love work: believe, scriptures, Jesus - Christianity
  157. Are you living for now or the afterlife?: after life, believe, praying - Christianity
  158. Does God need?: woman, Holy Spirit, trinity, Baptist - Christianity
  159. The mark of Passover was a cross on the forehead.: Revelation, scripture - Christianity
  160. Have you ever personally exp'd God get angry?: beliefs, sinners, translate - Christianity
  161. Decisions Decisions....: Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormonism, beliefs, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  162. How much does God love us?: crucified, Jehovah, believe, sinners - Christianity
  163. How do you demonstrate your faith?: believe, Bible, God, study - Christianity
  164. The Solar Eclipse that will Cross America Aug 17th, 2017: believe, God, Christians - Christianity
  165. what is to come.: Torah, Tanakh, churches, Revelation - Christianity
  166. Do you have a mission to bring people to Jesus?: Gospel, preach - Christianity
  167. Peace be unto YOU: hell, believe, scriptures, disciples - Christianity
  168. Is the God of Israel an angry God?: Torah, crucified, Gomorrah - Christianity
  169. A rational presentation of the Christian narrative: tradition, doctrine, believe - Christianity
  170. Shincheonji “New Heaven and New Earth” cult infiltrating churches: presbyterian, testimony, doctrine - Christianity
  171. Sociopath: crucified, Gospel, hell, Revelation - Christianity
  172. Jews got a new messiah .. claim he raised from the dead: crucified, testimony - Christianity
  173. Did Jesus get mad or frustrated? Yes.: gnostic, praying, disciples - Christianity
  174. did someone find a type of the red dragon ?: Gospel, testimony - Christianity
  175. Why I Don't Think I Can Be a Christian Anymore (Long): hell, woman - Christianity
  176. The Phrase 'Word of God' and its usage in the New Testament.: Gospel, Epistles - Christianity
  177. Philokalia, selections: purification, church, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  178. The Bible is the source of great truths, but inerrant?: believer, scripture - Christianity
  179. Love always hopes: Jesus, Bible, verse, Baptist - Christianity
  180. Do you think all directions said to someone in the Bible are for you, too?: Torah, birth control - Christianity
  181. Kids before marrying Mary?: Gospel, churches, believe, scriptures - Christianity
  182. OK, so what is your understanding or concept of the Kingdom of Heaven?: paradise, Eden - Christianity
  183. you wouldn't believe it ..: church, pray, Solomon, disciples - Christianity
  184. Do you think poverty is something holy? Do you deliberately choose it then?: believe, prayer - Christianity
  185. Does Jesus tempt people?: after life, allegory, believe, scripture - Christianity
  186. Shall we sin because we are not under law, but under grace?: church, disciples - Christianity
  187. MY HOUSE WAS DESTROYED BUT I'M GRAWe must pray TEFUL I LOST NONE F MY FAMILY: praying, Apostle Paul - Christianity
  188. If its not Gods will, do your prayers matter when you pray for things??: believe, Bible - Christianity
  189. Hebrews 9:27 it is appointed men once to die, then judgement: purification, hell - Christianity
  190. Why did Christ say he was the Way to the Father, what signifcance is this?: Jehovah, doctrine - Christianity
  191. Sequential logic: punishment, doctrine, church, Jesus - Christianity
  192. Netanyahu: Israel Has No Better Friends Than Christians: sunday, world, Jerusalem - Christianity
  193. Overcomer Ministry: church, beliefs, prophet, service - Christianity
  194. christian video.. what you think. - Christianity
  195. Be Not Deceived:: faith, God, eternal - Christianity
  196. A HisStory of the Anglo-Africa Diaspora in America: Jehovah, blood, history - Christianity
  197. From Neo-Nazi Skinhead to Literary Scholar—Joseph Pearce - Christianity
  198. Just pray for this small church vision: Gospel, churches, believers - Christianity
  199. William Law (1686-1761): church, prayers, mystic, worship - Christianity
  200. Peter Sterry (1613-72): mystic, creation, spiritual, God - Christianity