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  1. Cheapest between SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, or San Diego.: Long Beach: rental, job market - California (CA)
  2. where to live..have a job opportunity in Foster City: Fremont: to rent, HOA - California (CA)
  3. Petaluma Ca? just general ?'s: San Francisco, Santa Rosa: crime, house, theater - California (CA)
  4. To CA from TX-where to live?..i have read: Los Angeles: credit, teaching jobs - California
  5. Small cities with symphony orchestras: Stockton, Paradise: home, schools, colleges - California (CA)
  6. Has that Stockton is the only large California city that gained in black %?: Fresno: vs. (CA)
  7. Rent Increase: single, year, control - California (CA)
  8. Wait for it - Tsunami debris: homes, deposit, market - California (CA)
  9. Moving to Silicon Valley for job: Redwood City, Mountain View: living, vs., things to do - California (CA)
  10. Has sold a new-ish 49 state car in CA?: DMV, law - California
  11. Moving from Italy, investing and: Los Angeles, Santa Barbara: apartment, rental, house - California (CA)
  12. PA to Santa Cruz: San Jose, Santa Clara: neighborhoods, schools, to live in - California (CA)
  13. Transplants Vs does the pay compare?: San Diego, Sacramento: home, income - California (CA)
  14. New case of mad cow disease in California: food, design (CA)
  15. Meteor Shower in the foothills: Sacramento: house, live, tree - California (CA)
  16. New Clairvaux in Vina changes plans: Chico, Red Bluff: house, codes, cost of - California (CA)
  17. EA Desiring To Transition to Human Resources - Which School?: universities, professionals - California (CA)
  18. Sir Anthony Hopkins visits Thomas Aquinas College: chapel, school - California (CA)
  19. Best city to live in CA: Napa, Chico: for sale, leasing, new home - California
  20. How do you appeal commercial property tax?: appointed, rent - California (CA)
  21. moving to Southern California from NoVa, Should we?: Thousand Oaks: renting, buy (CA)
  22. Can California's 'desert miracle' be saved?: home, agriculture, rating (CA)
  23. Best restaurants in Bakersfield?: live, food, business - California (CA)
  24. Modesto / San Joaquin Area: Where to live for 3 months this summer?: Los Angeles: apartments, condo - California (CA)
  25. Merced/Turlock: buying a house, buying, school district - California (CA)
  26. PT couple want to move to CA: San Diego, San Jose: day care, home - California
  27. Suspect arrested in disappearance of Californian teen Sierra LaMar: Milpitas: crime, safe (CA)
  28. RN endorsement from MO: Palm Springs: fingerprints, move to, license - California (CA)
  29. Missouri takes a lesson from California - 1923: to move, associations (CA)
  30. Housing is cheaper?: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose: buying, prices, cities - California (CA)
  31. Are Redwood Trees Endangered/ Protected in CA?: San Marino: buying a house, landscaping - California
  32. Young professional new to entire area: Fresno, Sacramento: extended stay, apartment, hotel - California (CA)
  33. Redding, CA - Food Recommendations....: Highland, Brea: oceanfront, hotels, organic - California
  34. CA High Speed Rail Authority under fire for purging 5 years of emails: San Francisco: credit - California
  35. Where to stay in Fresno with no car?: Clovis, Calwa: how much, theater - California (CA)
  36. Silicon Valley foreign worker search speeds up after lull: San Jose: apartment, unemployment - California (CA)
  37. Do cars tend to rust in Santa Cruz and vicinity?: Gilroy: live, deal - California (CA)
  38. Why is Stockton going bankrupt?: money, offer, illegal - California (CA)
  39. Wedding Venues in the Tehachapi Mountains: Vineyard, Bear Valley Springs: rental, hotel, live in - California (CA)
  40. Are cities as vibrant in winter months?: Napa: home, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  41. Coarsegold: Nice: rentals, crime, vacation home - California (CA)
  42. Economic and housing forecast: assess, title, problems - California (CA)
  43. Left CA - DMV Plate Surrender?: August: insurance, car, area - California
  44. Cost of moving from chicago to california: San Diego, Orange: apartment, rent - California (CA)
  45. Future of California Farm Cities/Towns: Santa Paula, Industry: how much, job market, income (CA)
  46. My California Friends: San Diego: apartments, high schools, college (CA)
  47. Natural boundaries.: Los Angeles: lawyers, camp, mall - California (CA)
  48. Buying a second home: Mendocino: homes, to live in, price - California (CA)
  49. the pepper spraying incident reports are out: Davis: crimes, university - California (CA)
  50. rent to own reasonably: Lake Isabella: for sale by owner, rent, homes - California (CA)
  51. Bakersfield: Tejon Club: Oildale: living, bars, eat - California (CA)
  52. Looking for Live Wood Saw Mill: college, company, program - California (CA)
  53. Intentional Communities in California: moving, locations, vegan (CA)
  54. Moving to SoCal not sure where to go: Long Beach, Santa Cruz: best city, apartment - California (CA)
  55. Internship in Palo Alto - looking for housing: Menlo Park, Stanford: apartment, train station - California (CA)
  56. Going with the flow at 101 in California: apartment, condo (CA)
  57. CALPERS Having Difficulties With New $500 Million Computer System: Sacramento: purchaser, contractors - California
  58. Stories of California: Chico: houses, public schools, college (CA)
  59. Moved to California from out of state confused on getting CA license: DMV
  60. Insightful Perspective on State Budget: Sacramento: sales, how much, house - California (CA)
  61. Glenn County's most famous resident: Los Angeles, Long Beach: live, beach, association - California (CA)
  62. California: The Solution: Empire: live, moving to, map (CA)
  63. What are women like in California?: college, vs., agricultural (CA)
  64. CA housing market collapse tied to demographics: real estate market, big house - California
  65. Ethnic towns and cities in California: Los Angeles, San Diego: home, live, garden (CA)
  66. Have houses made people permanently rich?: Sacramento, Oakland: sale, real estate, oceanfront - California (CA)
  67. Why do Southern Californians move to Vegas/Phoenix for affordability? Why not just the IE?: Riverside: sales, houses (CA)
  68. CA's hidden epidemic: Loneliness: Sacramento: renting, homes, employment - California
  69. Iowa governor warns California: We are coming to take your jobs: Orange: tornadoes, taxes (CA)
  70. Santa Cruz or San Diego?: Sacramento: to live in, military, move to - California (CA)
  71. Selling Out-Of-State Vehicle in CA: sale, transfer, buying - California
  72. Pat Brown: Father of Modern California?: Sacramento, Ross: schools, taxes, live (CA)
  73. Property Tax value increase after purchase?: sale, assessor, mortgage - California (CA)
  74. Kern County: Lancaster, Palmdale, Ridgecrest: sale, appliances, new house - California (CA)
  75. Alumni donation rankings for California universities: Berkeley, Santa Cruz: best school, high income, taxes (CA)
  76. Chico CA photos: homes, college, Mennonites - California
  77. Is Goleta CA considered progressive?: Orange, Berkeley: real estate, how much, unemployment - California
  78. California's budget still sucking wind: 2013, taxes, live (CA)
  79. Big Pumpin': Gas Prices Shoot Up Over Past Two Days: sales, real estate - California (CA)
  80. Napa Weather: Petaluma: buying, living in, stations - California (CA)
  81. Califronia's Big Exports: Jobs and People: Sacramento, Montclair: renting, tax rates, money - California (CA)
  82. Candidates for Senator: home, public school, activity - California (CA)
  83. Why so much crime in Oroville?: Chico, Yuba City: violent crime, home, neighborhood - California (CA)
  84. Need to find cheapest place to rent within 45 minutes of Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA.: San Jose: apartment, rental - California
  85. Do Grizzlies exist in the Wild in California?: Tulare: pros and cons, safe (CA)
  86. How many of you were born in CA? - Interesting Stats: Los Angeles: live, population - California
  87. Will you be voting for the tax measures this fall?: Los Angeles: transplants, sales - California (CA)
  88. U.S. News - California governor calls for higher taxes, 4-day state workweek to fill $16 billion gap: 2013, school (CA)
  89. Slab City, California: Imperial: club, land, business (CA)
  90. California facing higher $16 billion shortfall: home, schools, tax (CA)
  91. Should I not be so worried about moving to Cali?: Alameda: transporting, house - California (CA)
  92. Stockton in crisis: house, income, living in - California (CA)
  93. Arroyo grande, ca. Help: Los Angeles, Santa Maria: rental, credit, how much - California (CA)
  94. California's population growth to slow in coming decades: Los Angeles: fit in, quality of life (CA)
  95. Which California city had the hottest girls?: San Diego, Bakersfield: laguna, people (CA)
  96. CA belongs to the Native Americans!: Los Angeles: live, land, companies - California
  97. Apples and oranges in the same place in CA?: Sacramento: live in, farmers - California
  98. CA parents may need doctor's permission to opt out of vaccinations: homes, school - California
  99. Moving to Cali-Help: San Jose, San Francisco: best cities, high crime, house - California (CA)
  100. DMV fines: San Diego, Bellflower, Bell: credit report, house, living in - California (CA)
  101. bad areas in Chico?: apartments, rental, crime rates - California (CA)
  102. Expired Car Registration Questions: San Diego, Long Beach: school, DMV, taxes - California (CA)
  103. Californians are very biased: transplants, skateboarding, home (CA)
  104. Another indicator that California is slipping away from being number one: Los Angeles: appointed, unemployment rate (CA)
  105. active small mountain towns: Redding, Truckee: real estate, camping, living - California (CA)
  106. A Medieval Castle in the Napa Valley: Calistoga, Nice: to rent, chapel - California (CA)
  107. How do I legally go about doing this in Cali?: San Francisco: live, law - California (CA)
  108. Significant Concerns Over the Safety of the New Bay Bridge: Sacramento: construction, earthquake - California (CA)
  109. Summer weather forcast for ca: San Diego, Sacramento: living, beaches, eat - California (CA)
  110. Cut CHP budget and divert to local police?: Los Angeles, San Diego: real estate, vehicle registration - California (CA)
  111. Moving to the Sierra Nevada foothills -- but where??: Madera: school, camping - California (CA)
  112. Sunny, Liberal, Cheap(ish) Place to Live: San Diego, San Francisco: fit in, find a job - California (CA)
  113. LA women vs. San Diego women: Los Angeles, Irvine: school, college, live in - California (CA)
  114. Los Osos - Pros and Cons: Truckee, Auburn: rental, schools - California (CA)
  115. Which employer is more stable in California? State/County jobs or federal jobs?: Sacramento: credit check, loans (CA)
  116. Good Places to Live in California: Los Angeles, San Diego: condo, townhouse, find a job (CA)
  117. 'Cause dem guns are just so, so awful...: San Francisco, Oakland: camps, law - California (CA)
  118. Can't Make it in California? -- Check out Cain's Arcade: Montclair: living, cost of living (CA)
  119. Trying to decide between Sacramento County and Solano County: Fairfield: apartments, crime - California (CA)
  120. How the California Teachers Association betrayed the schools and crippled the state: crime, public school (CA)
  121. Disneyland ticket prices to increase again: live, parking, parks - California (CA)
  122. Another Way Around the Housing Bust - We Want Our Money Back: Sacramento: real estate market, how much - California (CA)
  123. Bakersfield Rentals: Tulare, Oildale, Wasco: apartments, evictions, credit - California (CA)
  124. Will my uncle be allowed to grow his medicine?: for rent, house - California (CA)
  125. Which is more IRREVERENT (not in the religious sense) - San Francisco or Los Angeles?: Long Beach: live, metro area - California (CA)
  126. No More 4th of July Fireworks: Sacramento: tax, air pollution, land - California (CA)
  127. Gay families in San Luis Obispo or Paso Robles?: San Francisco: for rent, home - California (CA)
  128. Best Architecture in California?: San Diego, San Francisco: homes, train, design (CA)
  129. Mtn cabin for under 150k: Susanville, Pollock Pines: for sale, real estate, homes - California (CA)
  130. Affordable & Safe Citites in California: Los Angeles, San Diego: where to stay, real estate, lease (CA)
  131. Bill Cuts Tuition By Closing Corporate Loophole: middle-class, student loan - California (CA)
  132. California True, of us still dream, and we live our dreams, beats dreamin our lives.: Sacramento: houses, neighborhood (CA)
  133. Where have you gone, Cesar Chavez?: San Jose, Stockton: home, high school, law - California (CA)
  134. Sixteen Reasons to Leave California.: mattresses, how much, to live (CA)
  135. California named worst state for business in magazine survey: ranked, best (CA)
  136. Redding - the GOOD points: Sacramento, Burney: houseboat, employment, organic - California (CA)
  137. My California political hero: office, atheist, rain (CA)
  138. First judges, now contractors: Sacramento, Orange: public schools, camp, legal - California (CA)
  139. Scared of Termites in California: apartments, renting, how much (CA)
  140. Best place for families to live in SoCal?: Riverside, Mission Viejo: home, safe neighborhood - California (CA)
  141. Apple doing its part to short California of tax revenue: Cupertino: college, wages (CA)
  142. CA: no longer is the destination for entrepreneurs, free spirits and dreamers: Sacramento: go bankrupt, closing - California
  143. How much influence do LGBTs have in CA?: tax, to live - California
  144. Why is Obama ahead in this state which he has screwed over?: Davis: unemployment rate, taxes - California (CA)
  145. SB-1172 gains traction: appointed, section 8, credit - California (CA)
  146. to Relocate to the Bay Area: San Jose, Sunnyvale: apartment, rentals - California (CA)
  147. How social conservatives survive in California: San Francisco: homes, homeschooling, contractors (CA)
  148. Unemployment up in California: Sacramento, San Bernardino: unemployment rate, taxes, agriculture (CA)
  149. Retiree Health Care Cost Straining Local Budgets: Sacramento, Stockton: sales, rent - California (CA)
  150. When Hollywood came to Chico: Los Angeles, Sacramento: rent, house, movies - California (CA)
  151. Are low-income people a protected class as tenants?: low income, section 8 - California (CA)
  152. Mandatory kindergarten on the way?: day care, homes, public school - California (CA)
  153. What California cities have you been to?: Woodland, Arvin: eat, stations (CA)
  154. Wild horses in California: Carson, Susanville: houses, dangerous, move (CA)
  155. Fertility rates by county: San Diego, Fresno: live, statistics, eat - California (CA)
  156. City Nickname List: Sacramento, Santa Ana, Anaheim: live, garden, farmers - California (CA)
  157. The Great California Exodus: San Francisco, Sacramento: truck rental, middle-class, real estate market (CA)
  158. Death Valley visit: Joshua Tree, Furnace Creek: motel, live, prices - California (CA)
  159. Which city do you want to live in CA?: Los Angeles: living, housing - California
  160. The legislative onslaught continues: exemptions, law, legal - California (CA)
  161. As a Software Engineer, which city do you want to live in?: San Jose: house, college - California (CA)
  162. Farmin' 2: Nice: lawyers, home, neighborhood - California (CA)
  163. Goodbye California: Nice, Columbia: sale, taxes, living (CA)
  164. Japanese Tsunami debri field the size of Texas headed your way!: closing, beach - California (CA)
  165. Brain drain: college students are fleeing California: Los Angeles: home, schools (CA)
  166. If you decide to leave CA, what's the most reason?: San Luis Obispo: homes, job market - California
  167. owning and operating a motor bike in california: San Diego, El Cajon: fit in, insurance - California (CA)
  168. Landlord rights in CA?: Chico: renter, attorney, house - California
  169. Fishy business in northern California: Sacramento, Klamath: camping, live, gardens (CA)
  170. Darwin, the town trapped by dial-up internet.: San Mateo: Walmart, rated - California (CA)
  171. New jersey was drier than california for brief moments in 2011 proof: live, beach - California (CA)
  172. What can you tell me about California? Best cities?: Los Angeles: real estate, home (CA)
  173. Federal tax dollars are being used to bail out CA homeowners: mortgage, loan - California
  174. Where can i buy the scrap bottle?: to buy, business - California (CA)
  175. California Assembly committee rebukes Boy Scouts: schools, camp, law (CA)
  176. June Vote - Prop 28 and Prop 29: purchase, taxes, law - California (CA)
  177. Vandals attack Santa Cruz church: Monterey, Empire: chapel, house, tax - California (CA)
  178. Tour of California's Transverse Ranges: San Bernardino, San Gabriel: camping, horse, best (CA)
  179. Best small-er town in Nor Cal?: San Francisco, Napa: house, theatres, schools - California (CA)
  180. AB-1527 to ban open carry of unloaded rifles: crime, buy - California (CA)
  181. California crowds drunkest cities list: Fresno, Sacramento: insurance, unemployed (CA)
  182. College?: Los Angeles, Berkeley, San Luis Obispo: construction, schools, universities - California (CA)
  183. is there anywhere left in CA where you can find a decent house for 500k?: Los Angeles: neighborhoods, prices - California
  184. Stagnation: Three cities in Butte County decline in population: Fresno: apartment, home - California (CA)
  185. Templeton or Arroyo Grande in SLO County?????: San Luis Obispo, Atascadero: foreclosures, renting - California (CA)
  186. Windfall? Or kinda par for California's course?: tax, rich (CA)
  187. AB 2109 threatens parental rights: insurance, homes, school - California (CA)
  188. Patterson Job- Move to Tracy?: San Jose, Stockton: apartments, rental, condos - California (CA)
  189. Then I will be an imbecile Republican, -- Arnold Schwartzenegger: housing market, deal - California (CA)
  190. What school has a better nursing program UCI or CSULA?: accepted, about - California (CA)
  191. Clovis, CA for my retirement years?: Sacramento, Visalia: home, school district, place to live - California
  192. Rental Wanted for July 1st - Petaluma to San Luis Obispo: rentals, credit - California (CA)
  193. San geronimo: place, small town, quiet - California (CA)
  194. LTD disability taxability after six months: insurance, unemployment, wages - California (CA)
  195. Just rented a house on Fergusan in Bakersfield: neighborhood, moving to - California (CA)
  196. Tahoe neighborhoods: Paradise, South Lake Tahoe, Truckee: real estate market, houses, living in - California (CA)
  197. Stop SB48 video in Chinese: message - California (CA)
  198. Medical Coverage in CA: insurance, vs., work - California
  199. Looking for People from Stockton (CA) to Interview: San Francisco: bankruptcy, living in - California
  200. Moving to Palm Springs as a EU Citizen: to buy, property - California (CA)