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  1. back to eugene?: Portland: apartment, health insurance, find a job - Oregon (OR)
  2. Eugene Unemployment Declines 1.0% Month over Month !: Springfield, Bend: find a job, assessment, statistics - Oregon (OR)
  3. Single mom looking to move closer to family: Eugene, Medford: employment, elementary schools - Oregon (OR)
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  5. Rough driving time from South Hills or Friendly area to Santa Clara: Eugene: rentals - Oregon (OR)
  6. Mental Health Therapist: Portland, Eugene: houses, job outlook, school - Oregon (OR)
  7. Eugene - Questions - Bad News Or Good News ?: Portland: real estate market, mortgage - Oregon (OR)
  8. How would we like Eugene?: Portland, Springfield: real estate, apartments, houses - Oregon (OR)
  9. Is Eugene a better place to move to than Portland?: Salem: fit in, hotels - Oregon (OR)
  10. spring water: Eugene, Springfield: apartments, best time, place - Oregon (OR)
  11. Public Transportation: Eugene, Springfield: neighborhoods, live, bus - Oregon (OR)
  12. What are outside labor jobs, both freelance and hiring: Eugene: school district, contractors - Oregon (OR)
  13. Daily commute between Salem and Eugene: Portland, Hillsboro: university, place to live, move to - Oregon (OR)
  14. Salem or Eugene?: Portland: crime, find a job, college - Oregon (OR)
  15. Willamette River: eat, office, guidelines - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  16. Arctic air in Eugene?: Portland: how much, live, retirement - Oregon (OR)
  17. Entertaining Young Visitors: Eugene: theater, college, pub - Oregon (OR)
  18. Train in Sweet Home: Portland, Eugene: city hall, to rent, house - Oregon (OR)
  19. Culture in Eugene: Portland, Cottage Grove, Oakridge: school, university, to live - Oregon (OR)
  20. Pet-friendly rental home?: Eugene, Springfield: real estate, houses, tenants - Oregon (OR)
  21. Young couple move to Eugene area--advice??: Portland, Salem: apartment, home - Oregon (OR)
  22. University of Oregon (K-12 Licensure and Masters Program) completed this?: Portland: appointed, private schools - Eugene area, (OR)
  23. Noise from i-5 freeway: Eugene, Springfield: rent, houses, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  24. Eugene economy: sales, unemployment rate, income - Oregon (OR)
  25. Dr Glenn Keiper/Spinal Surgery: Eugene, Bend: rain, job, therapists - Oregon (OR)
  26. Lost / Stolen Laptop at Eugene Airport 6/3 10:30pm: eat, station - Oregon (OR)
  27. Moving to the area: Eugene: find a job, live, best - Oregon (OR)
  28. Moving To Eugene - Need Help!: Portland, Phoenix: real estate, affordable apartment - Oregon (OR)
  29. Looking for: DISH HD subscriber Eugene OR: area, time - Oregon
  30. Boxing gyms/heavy bags in Eugene?: to rent, gym, money - Oregon (OR)
  31. Eugene's Solar System: bike, location, pictures - Oregon (OR)
  32. alternative elementry schools (art, music, nature based) and rural-ish living around Eugene?: Junction City: real estate - Oregon (OR)
  33. on Lane County Fair in Eugene...: sales, fence - Oregon (OR)
  34. 'Sprawl' In Eugene?: Springfield: transplants, rentals, buyers - Oregon (OR)
  35. ukulele jams in eugene?: university, live, shopping center - Oregon (OR)
  36. Eugene or Medford area?: Ashland: low income, best city, apartment - Oregon (OR)
  37. Lane Tower 16th & Olive - live/d there?: Eugene: apartments, living in - Oregon (OR)
  38. Prison locations: Eugene, Salem, Junction City: construction, living, assess - Oregon (OR)
  39. Relocating: Portland, Eugene, Corvallis: homes, wedding, community college - Oregon (OR)
  40. Best cell phone carrier in Eugene?: Coburg: apartment, crime, live - Oregon (OR)
  41. House-Hunting Visit: Eugene, Union: rental homes, neighborhoods, school - Oregon (OR)
  42. Bike Rental / Downtown: Eugene: rentals, university, transport - Oregon (OR)
  43. 55 Single female wants to move from MI to OR: Portland: fit in, how much - Eugene area, Oregon
  44. Guy Lee Elementary in Springfield: house, schools, teachers - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  45. Camas Ridge Community school: Eugene: low income, best neighborhood, renting - Oregon (OR)
  46. Is there such a thing as a homestead community in oregon?: Portland: living in, food - Eugene area, (OR)
  47. Terrible moving experience: Portland, Eugene, Springfield: rental car, apartment, rental - Oregon (OR)
  48. Downtown living?: Eugene: apartments, rental, condos - Oregon (OR)
  49. found what im looking for: Portland, Eugene: high crime, home, job market - Oregon (OR)
  50. Looking for short term housing lease near UO: Eugene: apartment, rental - Oregon (OR)
  51. Out-of-State Teacher Needs Advice: Bend: school districts, license, relocating to - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  52. Single straight 40's female, dog lover, gluten free in oregon: Portland: living, eat - Eugene area, (OR)
  53. Good neighborhood for young family: Eugene: homes, transfer, safe neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  54. Need Sunshine...where do I go????: Portland, Eugene: violent crime, house, purchase - Oregon (OR)
  55. Eugene observations: Portland, Corvallis, Albany: apartment, house, landscaping - Oregon (OR)
  56. Allen Court Cottages: Salem: apartment, renting, university - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  57. Lane ESD: Eugene: homes, neighborhoods, school district - Oregon (OR)
  58. Eugene isn't a crime ridden place, right?: Ashland: apartment, to rent - Oregon (OR)
  59. i am moving from atlanta ga to the springfield eugene area,looking for advice in housing,crime,recreation and employment: for sale - Oregon (OR)
  60. Eugene Daily Crime Map: police, color - Oregon (OR)
  61. What are best areas in Eugene or: real estate, how much - Oregon (OR)
  62. Routes from Eugene to Crater Lake: Roseburg: rent, camping, price - Oregon (OR)
  63. Truffels: train, areas, rain - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  64. Kayaking/canoeing on Willamette or around Eugene?: rent, live - Oregon (OR)
  65. Willo Villa Motel: Portland, Eugene: mobile home, live, park - Oregon (OR)
  66. been to or seen the Eugene Mobile Village & RV Park? ? about fishing in Eugene: Cove: apartment - Oregon (OR)
  67. Cross Country Relocating: Eugene, Lebanon: houses, job market, centers - Oregon (OR)
  68. I need rental home in eugene: apartments, rentals, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  69. Realtor/Real Estate Agent Recommendation Wanted?: Eugene, Springfield: lease, purchase, property - Oregon (OR)
  70. Cancer in Coos County: power lines, home, moving - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  71. Buyer's Agent: Eugene, Salem: real estate, estate, recommend - Oregon (OR)
  72. Thinking of moving to Ashland: Eugene, Albany: fit in, house, good schools - Oregon (OR)
  73. Religion in Coos Bay: Portland, Eugene: crime, home, living in - Oregon (OR)
  74. Public transportation from Portland to GP: Medford, Grants Pass: living, bus, airport - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  75. Boston to Eugene: Portland, Springfield, Green: apartments, high crime, townhouses - Oregon (OR)
  76. Looking for a church: Eugene: buying, high school, live - Oregon (OR)
  77. Eugene Solar System: bike, pictures, weather - Oregon (OR)
  78. Where to recycle your christmas tree?: apartment, house, buying - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  79. Lost Dog 7 month old Australian Shepherd: Eugene: house, live in, dinner - Oregon (OR)
  80. Finding Eugene/Springfield Apartments: fit in, apartment complexes, homes - Oregon (OR)
  81. Safe Apartments in Eugene!: townhouses, safe area, college - Oregon (OR)
  82. Moving this coming year (2009) Questions/Help: Portland, Eugene: low income, apartment, rent to own - Oregon (OR)
  83. need a new life: Portland, Salem: living, cost of living, to move - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  84. University of Oregon: Portland, Eugene: crime, house, neighborhood - (OR)
  85. How much do you spend on food for your family?: Eugene: utilities, living - Oregon (OR)
  86. Accepted by the UofO.: Portland, Eugene: sales, violent crime, employment - Oregon (OR)
  87. Adult Co-Ed Softball Teams?...??: Eugene, Salem: best, recreation, community - Oregon (OR)
  88. Moving from Lakeland, Fl to Corvallis, OR: Albany: insurance, job market - Eugene area, Oregon
  89. Retiring in Eugene?: Portland, Corvallis: sales, condos, townhomes - Oregon (OR)
  90. Looking to move to Eugene: apartment complexes, crime, house - Oregon (OR)
  91. Single Life in Eugene?: neighborhood, buying, school - Oregon (OR)
  92. CPA recommendations?: Eugene: attorney, taxes, business - Oregon (OR)
  93. assisted living/independent living in eugene: Albany: apartment, condos, house - Oregon (OR)
  94. Pictures of Oregon's Big Snow 2008: Eugene: house, cars, winter - (OR)
  95. lookin for on unsolved murder from 80's: Eugene: high school, live in - Oregon (OR)
  96. Where Can I find a good Dealership: Portland, Eugene: crime, how much - Oregon (OR)
  97. Best take out chinese around Eugene: house, school, live - Oregon (OR)
  98. Fern Ridge Reservoir, what happened?: Eugene, Springfield: rent, home, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  99. Moving for LAS VEGAS,nv to Oregon...: Eugene, Corvallis: real estate, apartments - (OR)
  100. looking for land: Eugene: home, moving to, county - Oregon (OR)
  101. Dog care day care: Eugene: home, zoning, garage - Oregon (OR)
  102. SW Eugene Drug Problem: Springfield, Fairview: crime, to buy, groceries - Oregon (OR)
  103. watch basketball?: Eugene: chapel, school, college - Oregon (OR)
  104. Age-old - Is Eugene for me?: Corvallis, Grants Pass: fit in, homes - Oregon (OR)
  105. Posted photos: Eugene: direct, message - Oregon (OR)
  106. ? Rentals ?: Eugene, Springfield, Cottage Grove: real estate, apartments, houses - Oregon (OR)
  107. Advice for family driving in December: camping, live, safety - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  108. a trip to Eugene: Springfield, St. Paul: crime rate, credit, houses - Oregon (OR)
  109. Safe areas to live in and around UO?: Eugene: apartment complexes, to rent - Oregon (OR)
  110. What do Oregonians think of New Yorkers: Portland: condo, homes - Eugene area, (OR)
  111. The University of Oregon: Eugene: credit, dorm, school - (OR)
  112. WoW.... Gas prices: Junction City: shop, dinner, required - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  113. a move from Flagstaff to Eugene...: Springfield: houses, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  114. Birdwatching in Eugene: apartments, houses, moving to - Oregon (OR)
  115. PhD student salary: school, university, tuition - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  116. Stupid Crimes: live in, homeless, building - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  117. Hobbies and Interests: Eugene: home, schools, moving to - Oregon (OR)
  118. Home prices vs. unemployment: Portland, Eugene: new home, employment, construction - Oregon (OR)
  119. Rain/allergies: Portland, Eugene, Bend: how much, living, cost of living - Oregon (OR)
  120. Where does one meet accepting people in Eugene.: school, community college - Oregon (OR)
  121. Waitress work: Portland, Eugene: lease, credit, find a job - Oregon (OR)
  122. Christmas Light Displays?: Portland, Eugene, Salem: cul-de-sac, houses, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  123. Which college for a journalism major?: Eugene: school, universities, admission - Oregon (OR)
  124. Visiting Eugene, looking for a close beach: Florence, Yachats: move, park - Oregon (OR)
  125. TONS of questions.: Eugene, Corvallis: crime, transfer, schools - Oregon (OR)
  126. I want to live in a rainy city.: Portland, Eugene: transfer to, safe area - Oregon (OR)
  127. Snow! :): Eugene: home, news, family - Oregon (OR)
  128. Need from Eugene and Portland area people.:): Springfield, Cottage Grove: apartment, homes - Oregon (OR)
  129. Eugene Daily Air Quality Report: Portland, Salem: allergies, living, air pollution - Oregon (OR)
  130. a Move to Eugene from Austin, TX: Portland, Corvallis: home, schools - Oregon (OR)
  131. Goin' Fishin': Eugene, Springfield, John Day: to live, legal, shops - Oregon (OR)
  132. Moving to Oregon from Delaware: Eugene, Medford: apartment, to rent, homes - (OR)
  133. Can i walk at night ?: Eugene, Springfield: high crime, home, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  134. More Questions...Possibly moving to Eugene.: Bend, Corvallis: fit in, crime rate, home - Oregon (OR)
  135. just received my NW Natural GAS BILL !!!: Eugene: wood floors, apartment - Oregon (OR)
  136. Where is downtown Eugene?: Portland, Springfield: neighborhoods, construction, college - Oregon (OR)
  137. Eugene Weather Watch: apartment complex, house, buying - Oregon (OR)
  138. If I liked Portland, will I like Eugene?: Springfield, Corvallis: transplants, renting - Oregon (OR)
  139. Can u help. My landlord is charging me 160$ late fee's.: Portland: low income, section 8 - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  140. Good cable & internet provider?: Eugene: new house, movies, taxes - Oregon (OR)
  141. Top 10 things to do in Eugene: Springfield, Bend: rental, hotel, home - Oregon (OR)
  142. Economic outlook - 5 years: Portland, Eugene: crime, buy, university - Oregon (OR)
  143. Eugene or Corvallis: Portland, Albany, Grants Pass: real estate, renting, crime - Oregon (OR)
  144. What do you like about Eugene?: Portland, Salem: ski resorts, sales, to buy - Oregon (OR)
  145. Randy Pepe Highway?: Eugene, Springfield: house, schools, college - Oregon (OR)
  146. Cheap Extended Stay Hotels/Motels?: Eugene: cheap apartment, to rent, month to - Oregon (OR)
  147. Renting in Eugene: Dallas, Coburg: apartment complexes, renters, crime - Oregon (OR)
  148. Are Eugene Schools dumpy or what?: Portland, Springfield: lawyers, homes, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  149. Came From Portland-Where Are Stores????????: Eugene, Grants Pass: appointed, buy, high school - Oregon (OR)
  150. Weather in Sweet Home, OR: Portland: college, living in, price - Eugene area, Oregon
  151. Eugene and athma&allergy sufferer don't mix??? frm TX...: Bend: college, allergies - Oregon (OR)
  152. Moving to Eugene/Springfield: rentals, house, job openings - Oregon (OR)
  153. Eugene night life, clubs, bars, resturanunts: Portland, Green: theater, college, live in - Oregon (OR)
  154. Eugene - Great local places to EAT & DRINK: Coburg: appointed, home - Oregon (OR)
  155. How many Comedy Clubs are in Eugene?: Springfield, Florence: university, casino - Oregon (OR)
  156. EUGENE vs. BOULDER, CO.: Portland, Corvallis: fit in, homes, employment - Oregon (OR)
  157. Towns near Eugene: Springfield, Cottage Grove, Junction City: fit in, rent, homes - Oregon (OR)
  158. So tell me about Eugene: Portland, Medford: transplants, salon, how much - Oregon (OR)
  159. Is Eugene Friendly Or Cliquish?: Corvallis: cliquey, hotels, employment - Oregon (OR)
  160. What's interesting in Eugene?: Florence: for sale, rentals, home - Oregon (OR)
  161. What is the Job Outlook for Dentists and Teachers: Eugene: transplants, health insurance - Oregon (OR)
  162. Why Eugene has high unemployment.: Cove: real estate, rent, health insurance - Oregon (OR)
  163. summers in Eugene: Portland, Bend, Newport: sublet, renting, mortgages - Oregon (OR)
  164. Crime Stats, Eugene the Lowest of the low: Grants Pass: crime rate, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  165. Eugene's happy yellow signs: neighborhood, middle school, living - Oregon (OR)
  166. Whats the Lowdown on the Weather in Eugene?: Riverside: house, living in - Oregon (OR)
  167. Greetings Oregoneers and Oregonisms :D Snowboarding??: Portland, Eugene: ski resort, how much, unemployment - (OR)
  168. OSU or UofO?????: Portland, Eugene, Corvallis: theater, schools, universities - Oregon (OR)
  169. Must-Sees, Beachwear, and other Tid-bits: Eugene, Coos Bay: rent, hotel, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  170. House Hunting Trip: Eugene, Springfield, Redmond: for sale, real estate, apartments - Oregon (OR)
  171. Chipotle opens Friday June 5th!!!!!: Eugene, Corvallis: appointed, restaurant, shop - Oregon (OR)
  172. Is Eugene really a racist place?: Portland, Bend: fit in, crime, hotels - Oregon (OR)
  173. Help us make a smart move out of Iowa!: Eugene: motorhome, university - Oregon (OR)
  174. Is Eugene a good place to raise kids?: Ashland, Dallas: appointed, fit in - Oregon (OR)
  175. What to do in Eugene when you're broke?: Springfield: sales, buying a house - Oregon (OR)
  176. From desert Southwest to Eugene--hard adjustment?: Portland, Medford: to rent, crime, co-op - Oregon (OR)
  177. Finding a job: Eugene, Roseburg: home, employment, statistics - Oregon (OR)
  178. Good place to get a fade\haircut in Eugene: Springfield: hairstyles, school - Oregon (OR)
  179. looking to rent a room in Monroe: car, bike - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  180. Health care jobs: Eugene: job market, market, industry - Oregon (OR)
  181. Acupuncture in Eugene: home, places to live, move - Oregon (OR)
  182. One of the prettiest spots in Oregon to stay cool this summer!: Roseburg: camp - Eugene area, (OR)
  183. FOUND Black dog with white patch in Eugene: Coburg: young - Oregon (OR)
  184. Assistance for Children and Families in Lane County, Oregon: home, school - Eugene area, (OR)
  185. taco trailers: Eugene: deal - Oregon (OR)
  186. on North High School: Eugene: renting, high schools, teachers - Oregon (OR)
  187. Incoming Graduate Student Looking For Housing: where to live, price, drive - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  188. Suggest Targeted Market for the Healthy Business ?: best, area - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  189. relocating with a autistic adult child, are services available?: kids, offer - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  190. Taiwanese Association of Eugene (Taiwan): living in, cities, visit - Oregon (OR)
  191. Eugene Alternative Schools: work, children, network - Oregon (OR)
  192. Alaska to Eugene: live in, to move, oil - Oregon (OR)
  193. How conservative are the outlying communities near Eugene?: co-op, housing - Oregon (OR)
  194. Newport Apartments?: house, moving to, area - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  195. Small town: North of Seattle vs South of Portland?: job transfer, living - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  196. Whats the Medical situation in Eugene for Seniors on Medicare: quality, hospitals - Oregon (OR)
  197. Student Housing?: Eugene: safest area, theater, university - Oregon (OR)
  198. Looking to relocate our Wood Finishing Co to area?: relocate to, rated - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  199. Medford?: homes, public schools, move to - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  200. Blacksmithing: schools, title, people - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)