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  1. Electronica/dubstep musician just moved to l.a. Doesnt know where to play: Los Angeles: fit in - California (CA)
  2. Malibu Creek State Park: camping, beach, pool - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  3. Healthcare Administration jobs: Pasadena: how much, job market, living in - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  4. Relocating -- North Kenmore Ave. (North of Franklin): apartment, safe area - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  5. Looking For Something to Do: Los Angeles, Santa Monica: neighborhood, movies, living in - California (CA)
  6. UCLA reverse commute: working, traffic, better - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  7. Seeking advice on schools/area for two totally different kids: Glendale: rentals, condo - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  8. Just moved to Orange County: Long Beach, Anaheim: apartment, rent, how much - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  9. 91405 Zip Code (Van Nuys): Orland: apartments, lease, crime rate - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  10. Give me a shortcut to bypass the three lanes congested part of the 5 north freeway around Artesia: Long Beach: home - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  11. want to learn something about la: Los Angeles, East Los Angeles: transplants, neighborhoods, beach - California (CA)
  12. Are there canyon roads west of the 405 that go from Sunset to Mulholland?: Brentwood: near - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  13. LAT article on the history of the evolving pronunciation of Los Angeles: Bradley: office - California (CA)
  14. Who pays common area expenses?: apartment, rental, house - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  15. Favorite Weekend Getaways/Day Trips from LA: San Diego, Santa Ana: moving to, horseback - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  16. LA resident with severe problem dog barking from neighbor?: Los Angeles: quality of life, ordinances - California (CA)
  17. decent downtown lofts?: Santa Monica, Santee: apartment complex, leasing, appliances - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  18. Angelino's - where is the best hotel pool/sundeck in LA?: Huntington Beach: rooftop, price - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  19. How many total lanes will there be on the 405?: Glendale: construction, rail - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  20. northridge?: apartments, safe area, living - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  21. sakach: school, company, phone number - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  22. Tell me about Lakewood: Los Angeles, Long Beach: apartments, to rent, condo - California (CA)
  23. Redondo Beach: Los Angeles, San Diego, August: rental, home, neighbourhood - California (CA)
  24. Suggestions for living in Cerritos area.: Long Beach, Orange: rentals, neighborhoods, school - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  25. IT Jobs: Los Angeles, Orange: headhunters, moving, money - California (CA)
  26. Questions on moving to Silver Lake/Echo Park/Los Feliz area: Long Beach: apartments, rentals - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  27. Red Light ticket? But program is ending soon: Santa Monica: wages, legally - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  28. home purchase in Santa Clarita Valley: Lancaster: for sale, real estate - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  29. Looking for a commercial/industrial kitchen space: Burbank, Highland: rentals, kitchens - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  30. Vernon: houses, gangs, warehouse - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  31. Long Beach: Belmont: neighborhoods, live in, dangerous - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  32. My Garmin GPS & California Windshield Law: Los Angeles: rental car, rental - (CA)
  33. The not-so-good parts of Mar Vista: Los Angeles, Culver City: apartments, crime, safe area - California (CA)
  34. Moving with children...: Los Angeles, Long Beach, Torrance: apartment, for rent, condos - California (CA)
  35. What happened to traffic signal synchronization?: Lincoln: costs, rating, deal - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  36. Driving 4th of July Weekend LA to Vegas: Long Beach, Burbank: best, town - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  37. is from Hawaii?: Los Angeles: pros and cons, live in, moving to - California (CA)
  38. Can you guys tell me the exact location 2 pictures were taken?: cinema - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  39. 2-3BR short term rentals between Camarillo and Woodland Hills: San Jose: apartments, townhouse - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  40. how much time to allow at LAX before flight to MSP ?: live, airport - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  41. New to LA. From UK - Meeting people: San Diego, Santa Monica: house, school - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  42. Healthcare Market & Wages: home, salary, living in - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  43. Disney on this Sunday or Monday (4th of July)...which day will be less crowded?: eat - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  44. John C Reily opens a new movie this weekend!: theater, high school - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  45. Parking near Pershing Square?: Pasadena, Sierra Madre: home, garage, train - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  46. storage shed: home, camp, live in - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  47. Canadian citizen offered commission sales job in US. Taxes?: insurance, contractor - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  48. moving to Calabasas for work: living in, shop, safe - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  49. New to the area - realistic commuting to Santa Monica: Los Angeles: elementary schools, quality of life - California (CA)
  50. Moving to states for a year from OZ, prefer west coast.. Suggestions?: San Diego: to rent - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  51. Living in Seal Beach without a car -: Los Angeles: house, buy - California (CA)
  52. How to get to address from Union Station: Los Angeles, San Diego: transfer to, bus - California (CA)
  53. Best locations for fireworks on 4th of July?: Los Angeles, Long Beach: house, high school - California (CA)
  54. Public transportation in Culver City: Long Beach, Santa Monica: 2015, rental, appliances - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  55. Working East LA Saturday: Los Angeles, Orange: eat, best, area - California (CA)
  56. Searching for a beautiful townhome in Lancaster,Ca: Palmdale, Nice: apartments, townhomes - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  57. What is the best way to start out living in Hermosa/Manhattan beach area for housing?: Orange: apartments - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  58. Best time to drive from UCLA to Azusa, CA and back?: Pasadena: commute, business - Los Angeles, California
  59. What's the avg for utilities for a studio apt?: Burbank: apartment, rent - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  60. LA's best clubs + paparazzi: hippest, live, club - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  61. Commute from Valencia to CSUN/Burbank: apartment, for rent, condo - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  62. Mass Transit in LA: Los Angeles, Highland: to live, metro, areas - California (CA)
  63. Looking For Work In West Hollywood: restaurants, internships, nightclubs - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  64. Moving from Europe to Los Angeles: apartments, best hotels, how much - California (CA)
  65. Recent College Grad ====> LA: Los Angeles, Vista: sublease, apartment, lease - California (CA)
  66. Want to sell Real Estate in LA: short sales, real estate market - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  67. Best Neighborhood for 3 Artsy Friends: Los Angeles: rental, townhouse, to live in - California (CA)
  68. Safe or borderline safe area?: Los Angeles, Culver City: apartments, rentals, lawyers - California (CA)
  69. are there really over 200,000 gangs members in the Greater LA Metro Area?: county - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  70. Relocating to LA from NYC -> DMV Questions: Burbank: leasing, vehicle registration - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  71. Banks in Southern California: Los Angeles, Long Beach: credit, moving, beach - (CA)
  72. Hotel in good neighborhood outside Sherman Oaks or Hollywood: Los Angeles: extended stay, apartments - California (CA)
  73. LA neighborhood b/w LMU & Burbank: West Hollywood, Beverly Hills: rentals, neighborhoods - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  74. Moving to LA next summer from Pittsburgh: San Bernardino, San Gabriel: sales, lease - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  75. What do you think of Rancho Park / Westwood & Pico area?: Santa Monica: apartments, rent - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  76. Possibly moving to calabasas for job: Woodland, Agoura Hills: apartments, rental, living in - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  77. Old Yearbooks - George Washington High: Los Angeles, Inglewood: high school, live, price - California (CA)
  78. Trouble brewing in LA/Oakland with Mehersle being released: buy, live - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  79. Help !! Norwalk , La Mirada, Beuna Park: Anaheim, Downey: apartments, rental, find a job - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  80. moving how safe is it: Los Angeles, Atwater: crime rate, safe area, landlord - California (CA)
  81. Wilshire Blvd. Bus Lanes Only: Los Angeles: condo, metro, cities - California (CA)
  82. Moving to SoCal:Long Beach and have questions about internet providers: Belmont: live, FIOS - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  83. Metal Detector VS Full Body Scanner @ LAX: Los Angeles, San Francisco: theater, airport - California (CA)
  84. What suburbs/cities should I look at around LA?: Pasadena: apartment complexes, lease - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  85. Vehicles In The Beverly Hills Area (Help :): Merced: sales, leasing - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  86. The future Century City subway station: Santa Monica, Highland: high school, centers, train - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  87. Leaf Blower Guy... blowing the street: move, yard, cars - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  88. Traffic - passing through LA: Los Angeles, San Diego: live, delivery, car - California (CA)
  89. L.A. Noire: Los Angeles: apartment, shop, train - California (CA)
  90. Moving to Santa Monica from Charlotte: Brentwood: apartments, transporting, rentals - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  91. Using Metro in LA: San Diego, Pasadena: condos, homes, transfer - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  92. Trying to buy on the East Side, which city do you rec?: Glendale: apartment - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  93. The Nitty Gritty on Los Angeles: appointed, home, live - California (CA)
  94. what's the most low-cost residence i can put on a lot in l.a.?: Los Angeles: how much - California (CA)
  95. School in Fullerton: Long Beach: living, beach, commuting - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  96. who moved to LA had a dream for one career and chose another??: salary - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  97. Large land areas close to the coast?: San Diego, Temecula: big house, safe neighborhood - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  98. Car Shipping Companies: Huntington Beach: car rental, rental, insurance - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  99. Multiple loans while in escrow?: foreclosure, house, to buy - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  100. Driving to San Bernardino During Carmageddon 405: tickets, studio, violations - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  101. Areas/Neighborhoods That Are The Most Walkable?: Los Angeles, Santa Monica: apartments, safe area - California (CA)
  102. 2+ bedroom rental: Burbank, Woodland, San Fernando: apartment complex, low crime, townhouses - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  103. Best beach to visit for the day, only using public transit!: Los Angeles: transfer, mall - California (CA)
  104. 80's Club Nights in Los Angeles: clubs, good, Monday - California (CA)
  105. Is this rental price too good to be true?: Burbank: apartments, townhouses - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  106. West Hollywood clubs/bars: Los Angeles, Santa Monica: restaurants, best, area - California (CA)
  107. Moving to Los Angeles next weekend (June 26th): West Hollywood, Jackson: apartment, rent - California (CA)
  108. Junk phone calls: clubs, bills, phone number - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  109. Malibu: Los Angeles, Burbank, Santa Barbara: living in, shopping centers, beach - California (CA)
  110. Studio City VS Brentwood: Riverside, West Hollywood: apartments, house, neighborhoods - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  111. best time of day to drive from the valley to city of ind: Los Angeles: home - California (CA)
  112. Moving to los angeles... from sweden. help me: Orange: apartments, how much - California (CA)
  113. Cool Restaurants Around Eagle Rock: Los Angeles, Pasadena: neighborhoods, live, shops - California (CA)
  114. South Bay Beaches: Torrance, Vista, Redondo Beach: best neighborhoods, apartments, house - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  115. California state income tax: Merced: condos, homes, incomes - Los Angeles, (CA)
  116. surfing in Long Beach: Huntington Beach, Seal Beach: area, water, hunting - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  117. New Job in Culver City: Suggested Nice Family-Oriented Cities within Close Proximity?: Los Angeles: condo - California (CA)
  118. Coming to Los Angeles/San Diego (405): hotel, beach, commuter - California (CA)
  119. Safe/small-town but not snobbish neighberhood in LA? Advice wanted! :): Los Angeles: houses, safe area - California (CA)
  120. Working in Bellflower. Suggestions for places to live?: Downey, Norwalk: home, neighborhood - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  121. Date Ideas: Los Angeles: club, shops, garden - California (CA)
  122. Best Route for Drive to San Diego from LA on a Friday afternoon: Orange: beach, county - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  123. Moving to Pasadena: Los Angeles, San Diego, South Pasadena: apartments, rent, condos - California (CA)
  124. Work in Pasadena + Friends on Westside = Live in DT?: Santa Monica: lease, lofts - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  125. Is downtown LA safe for tourists?: Los Angeles, Pasadena: city hall, houses, theater - California (CA)
  126. What do you value about your location/community?: Los Angeles, West Hollywood: real estate, apartments - California (CA)
  127. First Beach Wknd in LA, What's the best beach?: San Diego: where to live, young professionals - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  128. I need help from the CA locals lol: Vista: apartments, rentals - Los Angeles, California
  129. Moving to LA from west. Washington-Neighborhood Advice Needed!: Los Angeles, Glendale: apartment, rent - California (CA)
  130. East LA: Neighborhoods,Things to do,Fun,Crime: Los Angeles: houses, theater - California (CA)
  131. Your favorite or least favorite restaurants in LA: Culver City, Laguna: hotel, price - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  132. 2nd Jury Summons in 6 months: Monterey: hotel, attorney, house - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  133. 23 yr old female moving to LA from ATL... What are the good/safe areas??: Long Beach: hardwood floors, apartments - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  134. downtown wow :): Long Beach, Orange, Santa Monica: for rent, condo, mortgage - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  135. Job in Santa Monica Family Friendly Community?: Los Angeles, Torrance: rentals, hotel - California (CA)
  136. Los Angeles pattern of growth: San Francisco, Oakland: transplants, neighborhoods, live in - California (CA)
  137. What's a GOOD, INEXPENSIVE Hotel for a Apt Hunting Wknd Trip?: Glendale: apartment, hotels - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  138. Sherman Oaks or Studio City to Hollywood (to children's hospital): Riverside: bus, car - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  139. Is housing the only MAJORLY expensive part of LA?: Los Angeles: sales, rent - California (CA)
  140. Living in West Los Angeles: Culver City, Paradise: sublet, for rent, daycare - California (CA)
  141. Los Angeles Residents - How Do you DO it??: apartments, rentals - California (CA)
  142. GOLD CUP FINAL @ Rose Bowl this weekend: Pasadena: vs., stadium - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  143. Where to live with kids in Los Angeles: Torrance, Pasadena: renting, home - California (CA)
  144. New Yorker who wants to move to Los Angeles: San Diego: apartment, how much - California (CA)
  145. What are decent cities to raise a family around LA?: Los Angeles: apartment complex, rental - California (CA)
  146. Walk of Fame/Hollywood: Orange, Santa Monica: buy, theatre, live in - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  147. How Long Have LA Gangs Existed?: Los Angeles, Bishop: violent crime, how much, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  148. Which era was the LAPD the most brutal towards its residents?: Los Angeles: real estate market, living in - California (CA)
  149. Charming LA neighborhoods for mid-20s couple?: San Diego, Long Beach: apartment, home - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  150. Am I Crazy or Are There no Santa Monica House Rentals?: Vista: for sale, real estate - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  151. Does think LA is overrated as a tourist destination?: Los Angeles: amusement parks, credit - California (CA)
  152. June Gloom - 2011: Los Angeles, Oxnard, Ross: moving, area, build - California (CA)
  153. Bloody Christmas: Los Angeles, Riverside, Santa Monica: appointed, theater, gated - California (CA)
  154. Middle-class Family an NYC to LA Move: Los Angeles, Torrance: fit in, real estate - California (CA)
  155. Do you think residents in the San Fernando Valley behave differently than the rest of Los Angeles?: Burbank: house, neighborhoods - California (CA)
  156. WANTING to move to California: The Paradox: Brea, Paradise: student loans, how much - Los Angeles, (CA)
  157. Which DMV in Los Angeles do you think is the friendliest?: Long Beach: how much, garden - California (CA)
  158. Traffic: Los Angeles, Anaheim, Fullerton: apartments, live in, moving - California (CA)
  159. Palmdale/Lancaster/Santa Clarita: Los Angeles, Pasadena: apartments, to rent, salary - California (CA)
  160. W/D hook ups: real estate, apartments, rentals - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  161. My chances of renting a 3 BR House.: Santa Clarita, Lakewood: renter, HOA fees - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  162. Move to LA as a graduate accountant from a very small country - need advice: Needles: schools, university - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  163. South Central Gentrification: Vista, Santa Monica, Culver City: crime, jumbo loan, safest area - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  164. Are there areas in Long Beach I should stay away from when looking to rent an apartment?: Huntington Beach: apartments, transferring to - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  165. Baldwin Hills/Ladera Heights/View-Park-Windsor Hills area???: Los Angeles, Brea: apartments, rent - California (CA)
  166. Driving on suspended license, court date in July: Los Angeles: flat fee, insurance - California (CA)
  167. Moving to L.A.: Hawthorne: apartments, to rent, unemployment - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  168. What to wear to a movie premiere (red carpet event): consignment, theater - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  169. What Beaches in So Cal have the Hottest Females?: San Diego: beach, richest - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  170. The Rebirth of Downtown Los Angeles: lofts, neighborhood, construction - California (CA)
  171. LA For 3ish Days: Long Beach, Santa Monica: hotel, transferring to, bankruptcy - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  172. Monterey Park Alhambra, Arcadia: apartment, crime, homes - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  173. Trees with purple flowers / Vons reopening: Pasadena, Del Mar: store, parking, park - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  174. Planted a Peach Tree. 2 days later somebody stole all the peaches!: Los Angeles: fence, eat - California (CA)
  175. Redondo Beach or Manhattan Beach to raise a family?: Beverly Hills: crime, house - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  176. Los Angeles Dodgers File for Bankruptcy: Montclair: sale, buying, taxes - California (CA)
  177. Help...Struggling College Student: Santa Monica, August: rentals, how much, living - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  178. When is the date for the next big quake?: insurance, home - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  179. Venice Beach= Horrible: Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Redondo Beach: homes, to live, vs - California (CA)
  180. New Neighbor Difficulty...: Paradise: house, neighborhood, buy - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  181. Woodland Hills and Sherman Oaks Neighborhoods?: apartment complexes, rent, homes - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  182. Best Way to Visit L.A. and Avoid Traffic: Los Angeles: rental car, rental - California (CA)
  183. Moving to San Fernando Valley and have a few questions: San Diego: apartment complexes, renting - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  184. what percent (%) of your take-home-pay goes to your renting/housing?: to rent, house - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  185. Why No Fridge???: apartments, renter, houses - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  186. BEST RAP EVER. Presidential Car Wash Commercial: small businesses, rain - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  187. Cable internet in Downtown LBC? - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  188. Access to Hoover's online database: community college, businesses, student - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  189. how much time to allow at LAX before flight to MSP: immigration, around - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  190. Vanpools from Cerritos or Buena Park area to Pasadena?: work, ending - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  191. picture postcard Long Beach, CA: live, club, cities - Los Angeles, California
  192. What studio tour is best (WB, Paramount, others)?: Long Beach: live, beach - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  193. Palace lofts (the old roller rink) in long beach?: neighborhood, live - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  194. How is Elaine Ave in Artesia?: house, to buy, middle school - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  195. Is this a safe area in Northridge? - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  196. malibu: to live, vacation, island - Los Angeles, California (CA)
  197. have experience with the OPG impound auto auctions?: Los Angeles: sales, garage - California (CA)
  198. One-way Cargo Van Rental: Los Angeles: rentals, mover, drive - California (CA)
  199. Private buyer vehicle: Los Angeles: sale, transfer, DMV - California (CA)
  200. Gang Map: for sale, gangs, cities - Los Angeles, California (CA)