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  1. Green Lizard - Nature
  2. bothered by spider silk strands sticking to their face?: recluse - Nature
  3. What happened to my Gulf Fritillaries? - Nature
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  7. I never understood Permafrost before today: Alaska - Nature
  8. Police warn of aggressive turkeys after flock chases patrol car: birds, chicken - Nature
  9. Video, Principal spots cougar watching him through school window;: dog, coyote, windows - Nature
  10. New Species of Orangutan Discovered: look - Nature
  11. Gas-addicted monkey caught drinking fuel from parked motorcycles - Nature
  12. The most naughty giant Panda ever. very cute and funny. I watched >20 times - Nature
  13. Heater option for overwintering hummingbirds: geese, chicken, evolution, cold - Nature
  14. Wild otter as an friend, not pet - Nature
  15. Man saves iguana miles offshore: pet - Nature
  16. Weird start to Halloween - animals: coyote - Nature
  17. Decades old dead tree with dozens of woodpecker holes: insects, birds, mice - Nature
  18. 42 of the world's most radiant creatures: bird - Nature
  19. Wild Rabbits Surfing Flood on Sheeps' Backs - Nature
  20. How to find mean high tide line ?: California, Maryland, Virginia - Nature
  21. Boa Constrictor Wraps Around Ohio Woman, Bites Her Nose: rabbits, snakes, mice - Nature
  22. Still waiting for his wings!!!: bug, birds - Nature
  23. Feral Rhesus Macaque Monkeys Are Taking Over Florida: birds, snakes, snake - Nature
  24. A WT Deer (a buck) decides that the lush green ground cover...........: birds, turkey - Nature
  25. Planet of the Ravens: bird, tame, pet, Washington - Nature
  26. News, Florida man bitten by a poisonous snake slapped with 6-figure bill: snakes, wildlife - Nature
  27. Does lightning cause this when hits the water? - Nature
  28. Zola the Gorilla goes ape in kiddie pool at Dallas Zoo - Nature
  29. Ever Hiked Chimborazo/Aconcagua/Kilimanjaro?: wildlife, wild, look - Nature
  30. Questions about gorillas: leopard - Nature
  31. Jaguars in Northern California: leopard, wildlife, wild, Arizona - Nature
  32. Do Great White Sharks Deserve to be Called Apex Predators?: wild, Hawaii - Nature
  33. Interested in Dinosaurs? - Nature
  34. Rare natural phenomenas - slideshow: spider, spiders, look - Nature
  35. The dark market for baby apes: wildlife, wild - Nature
  36. Eagle Cam - Nature
  37. Earthquakes in Northeast: New York - Nature
  38. Albino bird w. pennsylvania: birds, look - Nature
  39. Helping Nature in London: Making the City More Accomodating to Hedgehogs.: birds, beetle
  40. Pet crayfish suddenly develop ability to reproduce without mating: bug, insect, wild - Nature
  41. Komodo: cam, wild - Nature
  42. A strange thing to collect.: look - Nature
  43. Couple catches cow eating letters from their mailbox: Iowa - Nature
  44. Musical elephant shows off harmonica skills in India - Nature
  45. a bee hybernating in a branch?: bug, beetle, look - Nature
  46. another invasive insect species -- this one's a doosie: bugs, destructive, look - Nature
  47. Bird of Paradise mating dance: feathers, cam - Nature
  48. The life and death of the Big Trees: cold, survive, California - Nature
  49. National Geographic: Gorilla Youngsters Seen Dismantling Poachers' Traps—A First - Nature
  50. Tiny Bug w/Ladybug like casing. Size of a ballpoint pen head (the ball).: beetle, pet - Nature
  51. Flamingo's, who knew!: bird, Alabama, Florida - Nature
  52. Man learns lesson about messing with Oklahoma buffalo.: dog, wildlife, wild - Nature
  53. Amazon's new rainforest for employees: look, Washington - Nature
  54. Brown Bears Turning White/Silver: birds, snakes, snake, look - Nature
  55. The Lynx make a return vist & video this time.: birds, wild - Nature
  56. Video, Iowans witness deer leap to their deaths as seen in viral video: evolution, wildlife - Nature
  57. Can't imagine it was about pic-a-nic baskets....: wild, look - Nature
  58. Great video, restoring nature. It can be done!
  59. Tennis ball on tree: look, Kansas, Tennessee, Texas - Nature
  60. A Face That Makes You Want To Say Awwwww: look - Nature
  61. Wild lands encounters...: dog, coyote, noise, cold - Nature
  62. Judi Dench and Trees - Nature
  63. Rented Christmas trees: California - Nature
  64. She performed a wing transplant on a butterfly!: wild - Nature
  65. Red Fox in NC: insects, birds, mice, dog - Nature
  66. This was murder.: Wyoming - Nature
  67. Whale protects diver from shark: look - Nature
  68. Are guys fighting or playing?: look - Nature
  69. Bedside Komodos - Nature
  70. Mullet mouth, what a way to die. - Nature
  71. What sort of bird did I see?: birds, Kansas - Nature
  72. News, Experts say massive chicken from viral video is real: bird, dog - Nature
  73. Help me ID this eagle (?) in Mendocino county, CA: bird, turkey, look - Nature
  74. Sounds Of Nature For Sleep Or Relaxation: birds
  75. Chickens are really funny/weird.: rabbit, birds, noise, beetle - Nature
  76. Killer whale or dolphin? - Nature
  77. Hawk Revenge: birds, feathers, dog, pet - Nature
  78. Best Place to try to see Aurora Borealis in Eastern North America???: Alaska - Nature
  79. URGENT Hummingbird Health Alert CRISIS!: birds, wildlife, wild, Tennessee - Nature
  80. Mid-Atlantic Birds Really Taking A Hit With This Screwy Weather: insect, mice - Nature
  81. What happens when a tree is struck by lightening and catches on fire: bug, wild - Nature
  82. Saw 2 Bobcats: dog, wildlife, wild, look - Nature
  83. Let's play, Identify this Beetle.: bugs, look - Nature
  84. Do you consider teaching parrots curse words, animal abuse?: birds, parakeet, pet - Nature
  85. For the Bird Lovers: birds - Nature
  86. Why did large mammals die off after the last ice age?: evolution, wild - Nature
  87. Small Fly Identification?: gnats, look - Nature
  88. Snake gets its comeuppance after attacking a porcupine and getting pierced by spikes.: snakes, look - Nature
  89. Saving Sloths Today Only: pet - Nature
  90. Nature Kindergarten
  91. Reviving extinct species: birds, pigeons, coyote, noise - Nature
  92. Stone piling causes more harm than just visible blight - Nature
  93. 10 scary things about Ants - Nature
  94. Large alligator killed in florida: wildlife, pet, wild, look - Nature
  95. ........... Tennessee and Birding....: wildlife, wild - Nature
  96. Spiders, Spiders, Spiders: bugs, insects, snakes, snake - Nature
  97. ......... Little Burrowing Owl & German Shepherd .... - Nature
  98. ......... Little Burrowing Owl & German Shehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhpard ... - Nature
  99. White...Doves?: birds, pigeons, feathers, windows - Nature
  100. Why are baby chicks, baby ducks, baby geese, and baby turkeys yellow or partly yellow?: birds, feathers - Nature
  101. Bald eagle family in the wild adopts baby red tailed hawk: birds, survive - Nature
  102. Is this what a Natural Feature bucket list would look like?: eruption, cold - Nature
  103. Camels frolic in snow in Turkey - Nature
  104. Which type of insect is this?: bug, look - Nature
  105. Attack of the Killer Mayflies: bugs, insect, birds, pet - Nature
  106. News, Fish Can't Talk, So They Pee Instead: pet - Nature
  107. The hunt for mammoth tusks - Nature
  108. Spin cycle - Nature
  109. Time for the 2017 backyard bird count: birds - Nature
  110. White Tail Doe in standoff with **** (male) Pheasant: chicken, wildlife, wild - Nature
  111. How climate change could be making polar bears healthier: cold, wildlife, survive - Nature
  112. I saw a dead pigeon: pigeons, dog, robin, look - Nature
  113. Michigan Man Tries to Use Fireworks to Remove Bees - Nature
  114. IMPOSTER!!!! Robot Wild Dog.: wildlife - Nature
  115. Can Eggs Still Hatch?: birds, raccoon, dog, cold - Nature
  116. Alligators and frozen waters: snakes, snake, cold, survive - Nature
  117. The Ranch in the Texas Hill Country has Hummingbirds: ant, chicken, wild - Nature
  118. The Last Redwood Forests: birds, dog, wild, Alaska - Nature
  119. Lightening strikes moving car: noise, windows, cold, survive - Nature
  120. Quantum mechanics, Quantum-mechanical analysis of the MO method and VB method from the position of PQS.: look - Nature
  121. Late-season barn owl brood: mice, feathers, survive, wild - Nature
  122. Are European hornets typically aggressive? How to kill them?: dog, coyote, look - Nature
  123. A Gentle Request from a Nature Lover: birds
  124. HUNTERS!!! Is This Necessary?: birds, raccoon, dog, pet - Nature
  125. Man mauled to death by bear while taking selfie with it. GRAPHIC: dog, wild - Nature
  126. A hummers nest almost next to my door: bugs, bird, look - Nature
  127. best place in U.S. for backyard birds: mouse, noise, windows - Nature
  128. Man save wild rabbit from CA wildfire video: wildlife, bunny, survive - Nature
  129. Woodpeckers: bugs, insect, feathers - Nature
  130. Foolproof way to keep squirrels out of the bird feeder. Ingenious!: birds, raccoon - Nature
  131. Law abiding herd of Canadian deer: dog, coyote, look, Colorado - Nature
  132. Rare yellow cardinal spotted in Alabama: bird - Nature
  133. Can rats open the toilet lid?: look - Nature
  134. Moose charges at man trying to pet it in Colorado: dog, tame - Nature
  135. Barred Owl Cam Online w/2 eggs thus far: birds, eagle - Nature
  136. Maniacal Birds: parakeets, pet, wild - Nature
  137. southern state with the most tropical trees?: look, Florida, Hawaii - Nature
  138. Bird calling: Come on! Let's go!: insect, birds, mouse, geese - Nature
  139. Norway bans fur farming.: wild - Nature
  140. 99.9 percent of all life forms on Earth eventually go extinct: pet - Nature
  141. I Made What To Be A House Sparrow-free Bird Feeder: bug, birds - Nature
  142. OK, Where do the Ducks Go?: birds, raccoon, geese, wildlife - Nature
  143. Is it natural for a mountain lake to be this emerald in color?: pet, look - Nature
  144. Little Downey: bugs, birds, mice - Nature
  145. My friend killed squirrel on purpose now I feel horrible.: bugs, wildlife - Nature
  146. Is War and Part of Our Nature? Is it in human DNA?: evolution, pet
  147. What animal, insect, reptile are you afraid of...?: insects, snakes, mice - Nature
  148. New to hiking.: bugs, insect, cold, look - Nature
  149. Do you consider the animal life outside your pets as well?: rabbit, insects - Nature
  150. What kinds of wildlife abound in YOUR area???: rabbits, birds, snakes - Nature
  151. Ever Encounter a Coyote or Other Wild Animal? WWYD About Future Walking?: rabbit, snakes - Nature
  152. Do big cats purr?: birds, mice, dog, Florida - Nature
  153. Local Wildlife That Needs To 1)Reappear 2)Disappear: rabbits, birds, snakes - Nature
  154. Biting, Red Ants: bugs, fleas, insect, birds - Nature
  155. Geese dump droppings on Disneyland guests, hitting 17 people: birds, look - Nature
  156. The monumental hypocrisy of industrial wind energy: cold, pet, wild - Nature
  157. Apex predators turned maneater..: Yellowstone, wildlife, pet, wild - Nature
  158. passenger pigeon and rocky mountain locust extinction: birds, pigeons, survive - Nature
  159. It’s Done: Trump Signs HJR 69 into Law Allowing Slaughter of Alaskan Bear Cubs, Wolf Pups: coyote, wildlife - Nature
  160. Annoying fearmongering: insects, snakes, spider, snake - Nature
  161. Argentinian Hunter Trampled And Killed By Elephant In Namibia: wildlife, survive, wild - Nature
  162. Left the outdoors light on to attract bugs so I can take pictures of them!: insects, spider - Nature
  163. Man severely burned after falling into Yellowstone hot spring: pet, North Carolina, Wyoming - Nature
  164. Are types of bees useful?: cold, survive - Nature
  165. What Killed The Bear Lady: look, North Carolina - Nature
  166. Bed Bug Extinction: bugs, birds, eagle, survive - Nature
  167. A WHITE DEER in our front yard!: wild - Nature
  168. New to MT neighbor sees his first Golden Eagle & loses his kitty.: birds, dog - Nature
  169. The case of the disappearing dog toy: birds, snakes, raccoon - Nature
  170. How to attract wild turkeys: birds, raccoon, coyote, wildlife - Nature
  171. Opossum Breaks Into Liquor Store, Gets Drunk on Bourbon: bug, bird, dog - Nature
  172. This little girl doesn’t have a care in the world with her pet python wrapped around her.: snakes, snake - Nature
  173. Unidentifiable type of blood suckling bug.: bugs, insects, dog, look - Nature
  174. The insect population on earth is vanishing!: bugs, fleas, insects - Nature
  175. Teen herpetologist fights for life after snakebite.: snakes, New York - Nature
  176. Giant Bunny found dead in cargo hold on United Airlines plane: rabbits, dog - Nature
  177. What kind of bird is this?: birds, look - Nature
  178. Prodigal Barn Cat Returns: evolution, coyote, pet, wild - Nature
  179. What animals are the WORST street crossers (roadkill) in your area?: rabbits, raccoon - Nature
  180. A Is a butterfly color blind?: insects, birds, look - Nature
  181. Curious! Can Rivers Flow Uphill?: snake, look, Colorado, Idaho - Nature
  182. Orcas ganging up on Alaska fishermen: wild - Nature
  183. Katydid hunter - Nature
  184. The Most Satisfying Video In The World || Nature In Motion - Timelapse Compilation 2017
  185. Great Lakes Wolves to Remain on Endangered List: Yellowstone, pet - Nature
  186. Aspen, Snow Pack, River and Stream flows and wild flowers.: wildlife - Nature
  187. What kind of tiny bug is this?: bugs, look - Nature
  188. Major League Ballplayers And Ump Dive For cover: wild - Nature
  189. News, Arizona police chief swears-in drug-sniffing bearded dragon: look - Nature
  190. Climate change and river piracy - Nature
  191. Polar bears crowd on Russian island in sign of Arctic change. - Nature
  192. Hooray for Fiona - Nature
  193. CPR doesn't work on unconscious Valley Quail,......: birds, wild - Nature
  194. Nearly 400 migratory birds die from striking Texas skyscraper: feathers - Nature
  195. Teamwork AKA I Got Your Back, Buddy. - Nature
  196. For that Want to Keep Mice & Rats as Pets Tame or Wild....: Illinois, Wisconsin - Nature
  197. Cliffhanger - Nature
  198. Tree Cutter And Stripper - Nature
  199. News, s How a Python Can Swallow a Man Whole.: snake - Nature
  200. Houdini the Goat spends years evading police around Kentucky highway: pet - Nature