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  1. When to purchase home warranty: accept, Realtor, seller, house - Real Estate
  2. Would be considered low ball offers in today's market?: RE market, recommendation - Real Estate
  3. Help working with my seller’s realtor,: new agent, commissions, sale - Real Estate
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  5. Condition to be Cleared to Close: mortgage, mortgage, approved, loan - Real Estate
  6. Never good at do you: appraisal, sales, price - Real Estate
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  8. Early Possession offer after breach of contract...: mortgage, mortgage, lawyer - Real Estate
  9. How long to keep closing docs?: disclosures, documents, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  10. Oregon real estate - three people own a house: tenants, agreement, lawsuit
  11. deadlines after loan is approved?: appraisal, clause, negotiating, agent - Real Estate
  12. cheap down payments: incentive, appraisal, sales, fees - Real Estate
  13. onepercentUSA: feedback, agents, commission, mortgage - Real Estate
  14. Buying to let in Tampa or Miami. Pitfalls: tenant, foreclosure, agent - Real Estate
  15. Military HAP timeframe: escrow, offer, Realtor, state - Real Estate
  16. Worst Case: The OIL Leaks For Years: property, value, Florida - Real Estate
  17. Abandoned Well: disclosure, property, lawyer, state - Real Estate
  18. corp relo pkgs/negotiations: appraisal, 3%, sales, comparable - Real Estate
  19. Permanent extension of the FTHB credit has been proposed: incentive, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  20. Which is easier/cheaper Garages)?: price, vents, more expensive, contractors - Real Estate
  21. Strategic Default Double Standard?: mortgage, government, personal - Real Estate
  22. Need advice on meeting with agent: feedback, commission, sale - Real Estate
  23. Interest on Debt: 1%, mortgages, fixed rate, loans - Real Estate
  24. Can no reserve auctions ask you to bid higher after you won?: contingency, appraisal - Real Estate
  25. Real Estate / Legal: mortgage, mortgage company, property tax, lawyer
  26. recommendations for a good appraiser: appraisal, bank, buying, county - Real Estate
  27. TimeShare: investment, fees, condominium, price - Real Estate
  28. remodel - or not: recommendation, plumber, price, value - Real Estate
  29. Is a housing shortage coming?: state, housing bubble, money - Real Estate
  30. Penalty free IRA withdrawal for first time home buyer: duplex, 3%, income tax - Real Estate
  31. Do insurance companies rate up houses with aluminum wiring: repair, company, buying a house - Real Estate
  32. about beach property: seller, Louisiana, Mississippi, money - Real Estate
  33. Contractor trying to take advantage: foreclosure, banks, escrow, contractors - Real Estate
  34. Contractor trying to take advantage: lawyer, escrow, states, lender - Real Estate
  35. needs work: feedback, agent, investment, price - Real Estate
  36. buying homes or apt complex for investment: tenant, condos, landlord - Real Estate
  37. Agnet: disclosure, agents, broker, states - Real Estate
  38. Graebel Relocation Company: price, value, economy, house - Real Estate
  39. What's everyone paying for Homeowner's and Auto Ins: square foot, insurance, townhouse - Real Estate
  40. HOA Nickles and Dimes: disclosures, documents, agent, sale - Real Estate
  41. Contingency Not Met and Closed Land: contingent, clause, sale, property - Real Estate
  42. Unpermitted Room (HVAC...) - implications for Buyer?: contingency, accept, insurance - Real Estate
  43. Walkthrough Inspection for new construction home: stucco, escrow, inspector, contractor - Real Estate
  44. Dispute with HOA over rental limits: tenant, 1%, condos, property - Real Estate
  45. Lease Termination: tenant, mortgage, mortgage, landlord - Real Estate
  46. what are the %'s are categories of buyers and sellers?: feedback, foreclosures - Real Estate
  47. What to consider when buying?: foreclosed, new agent, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  48. 2nd FHA loan?: rent, house, refinance, buying - Real Estate
  49. lease agreements: price, attorney, rent, contract - Real Estate
  50. Presenting Offer to Principal: clause, agent, escrow, broker - Real Estate
  51. Contracts with real estate agents: agent, commission, mortgage, mortgage company
  52. should i sell it or sublet: tenant, 2%, mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  53. Upscale Rental Triplex for a first time buyer, am I crazy?: tenants, contingent - Real Estate
  54. Am I forced to use city utilities?: price, property tax, expensive - Real Estate
  55. deleted - Real Estate
  56. Seller's responsbilities: incentive, attorney, contracts, state - Real Estate
  57. How will the sale of a vacant house effect the sale of mine?: appraiser, comparable - Real Estate
  58. Does know how to run the MLS on their MAC?: contracts, state - Real Estate
  59. Using the same attorney for selling and purchasing?: RE agent, contingency, dual agency - Real Estate
  60. What does offers subject to third party approval: foreclosure, sales - Real Estate
  61. Changing buyer's agent on new construction?: incentive, appraiser, 5%, commission - Real Estate
  62. Survey - Townhouse: documents, fee, settlement, condos - Real Estate
  63. Credit Score: mortgage, mortgage, points, loan - Real Estate
  64. Purchasing a home found to have Radon problems...: price, value, company - Real Estate
  65. have my heart set on buying a condo in san diego... advice needed: mortgage, mortgage - Real Estate
  66. Trying to avoid probate.: mortgage, property, lawyer, value - Real Estate
  67. Real Estate Market is Southern NJ appears to be dead: foreclosures, agents
  68. How much would it cost?: 9%, commission, sales, fees - Real Estate
  69. What's the difference on two warranty deeds?: fees, property, attorney - Real Estate
  70. Commission on Rental: documentation, agent, commissions, fee - Real Estate
  71. When does the inspection period start?: documents, agent, sale, banks - Real Estate
  72. House Value( Estimated Market Value for taxes and real value): documents, appraisal - Real Estate
  73. Power of Attorney for buying a house?: tenant, documents, mortgage - Real Estate
  74. Selling a Pet-Free Home: incentive, price, offering, buying a home - Real Estate
  75. Need important advice about a careless real estate agent.: feedback, disclosures, clause
  76. sales allowance: agents, price, property, inspection - Real Estate
  77. Non-refundable earnest money?: contingencies, price, property, value - Real Estate
  78. Fireplace vs. wood stove for resale value?: homes, Phoenix, Denver - Real Estate
  79. Tax Credit ..I have to be missing something: documentation, settlement, state - Real Estate
  80. home inspection during attorney review?: contingencies, negotiations, agent, accept - Real Estate
  81. End of Tax Credit Effect: 5%, sales, housing, percentage - Real Estate
  82. Need to move, what are choices: mortgage, price, rent, Realtor - Real Estate
  83. News, Salesman offers doomsday safe-haven at bunker under California's Mojave Desert.: property, company - Real Estate
  84. about purchasing land, need steps in how to go about things?!: appraisal, 5% - Real Estate
  85. Mail for multiple homes: price, offers, credit card, addresses - Real Estate
  86. House I want to offer on was sold only 2 months at a fraction of its current asking price: appraisal, mortgage - Real Estate
  87. How can I find out if there's a lot survey on file for my property?: offers, house - Real Estate
  88. Our offer was accepted: negotiation, price, property, state - Real Estate
  89. Latest Case Shiller by Metro Area: 2014, interest - Real Estate
  90. Do you like your above-ground pool?: buying a house, Ohio, buying, city - Real Estate
  91. Pending Clear to Close - hopeful!!: documentation, mortgage, mortgage, insurance - Real Estate
  92. Buying new house before selling old on - tax implications?: mortgages, rent - Real Estate
  93. Dallas area foundation: sales, price, inspection, repairs - Real Estate
  94. I'm only the appraiser: appraisal, mortgage, mortgage, banks - Real Estate
  95. Health Law Tax on Home Sales: clause, investment, percent, price - Real Estate
  96. Recommendations on real estate courses: disclose, Denver, Seattle, clients
  97. How does for sale by owner work?: negotiations, agent, commission - Real Estate
  98. What is a reasonable inspection period and deposit?: disclosure, foreclosure, clause - Real Estate
  99. Do you like having an inground pool?: insurance, price, property - Real Estate
  100. Could we have been FOOLED by a high appraisal (like the old days)?: disclosure, documents - Real Estate
  101. Obligated by accepted bid?: clause, agent, commission, sale - Real Estate
  102. Selling home - agent doesn't want to put home on MLS?: documents, 6% - Real Estate
  103. Driveway issue with Home Builder: agent, sales, insurance, construction - Real Estate
  104. Real Estate Rant: negotiating, new agent, sales, percent
  105. Tell me about FLIP HOUSES: sale, price, inspectors - Real Estate
  106. When Will the Housing Market Recover?: feedback, investment, condos, price - Real Estate
  107. New Home Owner Help: tenant, agent, insurance, property - Real Estate
  108. gift for real estate agent?: RE agent, value, Realtor, sellers
  109. Housing Market Slows as Buyers Get Picky: RE agent, agents, mortgage - Real Estate
  110. Two closings on the same day: negotiating, mortgages, sales, condo - Real Estate
  111. My RE agent just hit me with surprise fee: 3%, negotiating, commissions - Real Estate
  112. May 2010 New house sales lowest on record: RE market, 5%, mortgages - Real Estate
  113. How close or * off * is Zillow ?: disclosure, appraisal, 7%, mortgage - Real Estate
  114. Advice: documents, mortgage, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  115. Buying a home that you saw with your previous agent: foreclosure, new agent - Real Estate
  116. Need Advice on Counter Offer: contingency, dual agency, sale, agreement - Real Estate
  117. Real Estate Administrative Fee: feedback, agent, realty, price
  118. Do I need another agent?: feedback, foreclosures, new agent, accept - Real Estate
  119. Negotiating Repairs-- what is reasonable?: square footage, insurance, price, construction - Real Estate
  120. Refinance/Spouse ?: feedback, documents, mortgage, mortgage company - Real Estate
  121. general about dual agent from the sell side: disclosure, 1%, dual agency - Real Estate
  122. Does a home with history a plus or a minus: disclosing, documentation - Real Estate
  123. Seller Attendance at Inspection: disclosure, negotiation, agent, accept - Real Estate
  124. House hunters on HGTV: agent, sale, offers, state - Real Estate
  125. Failure to disclose noisy neighbors after recent home purchase: disclosure, recommendation, sale - Real Estate
  126. REALTORS: Should we add a bathroom to our house?: feedback, plumber, square foot - Real Estate
  127. Is it tacky for a Realtor to take a buy commission on their own home purchase?: income tax, negotiating - Real Estate
  128. Selling home soon but doubtful if I get out without paying: mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  129. when an agent says a seller's selling cost could be up to 10% or more, what...........: 3%, commission - Real Estate
  130. Zillow & Comps Match but ....: RE agent, disclosure, appraisal, agent - Real Estate
  131. Selling home with 2 dogs/work during day: agent, properties, offer - Real Estate
  132. Real Estate Destiny: conversion, appraised, agent, prices
  133. taking house off market: RE agent, clause, agent, commission - Real Estate
  134. HOA Fees: contingent, foreclosure, mortgage, sale - Real Estate
  135. Good examples of BAD MLS photos/staging: RE agent, agent, property - Real Estate
  136. What's Next for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?: appraisal, foreclosed, mortgage - Real Estate
  137. How Much Equity have you made off of your home?: appraised, investments - Real Estate
  138. Prequal for a cash offer?: foreclosure, agent, fees, accept - Real Estate
  139. Florida realty disclosure form: agent, commission, property, lawyers - Real Estate
  140. Strange / Absurd requests from buyers: negotiating, agent, price, lawsuits - Real Estate
  141. acceptable or not - home sale contingency clause: contingent, incentive, negotiations - Real Estate
  142. Advice needed: appraised, foreclosed, mortgage, mortgage company - Real Estate
  143. Real Estate Search Engines: agents, realty, condos, price
  144. No more 1st time homebuyer credit. How will it affect market?: foreclosure, 5% - Real Estate
  145. Y-O-Y Home price trends (USELESS) right now: mortgages, sales, prices - Real Estate
  146. How do I handle this?: agent, commission, sale, fee - Real Estate
  147. Can a Home seller refuse buyer right to have property inspected for termites?: contingency, agent - Real Estate
  148. Selling Home--Can Agent Contract be Renegotiated: contingencies, negotiating, commission, sale - Real Estate
  149. Figuring out a counter-offer: appraisal, foreclosure, 3%, negotiating - Real Estate
  150. Am I expecting too much from my agent?: incentive, 6%, commission - Real Estate
  151. Offer Accepted-Inspection Problem: negotiating, agent, commission, sales - Real Estate
  152. Earnest money HELP: appraisal, price, attorney, escrow - Real Estate
  153. How do I go about suing my real estate attorney?: appraised, mortgage
  154. Listing Agreement Cancelled and.... Help.: RE agent, clause, agent, commission - Real Estate
  155. First time seller: documents, agent, sale, fees - Real Estate
  156. No More Patience...or Time...Advice: agent, sale, prices - Real Estate
  157. We closed today!: appraiser, agent, sale, price - Real Estate
  158. Can spouse who is not on mortgage documents still have name on contract?: property, attorney - Real Estate
  159. News, Teen buys house with 4-H winnings.: renting, offer, state - Real Estate
  160. Do I have to tell new agent that old agent showed house to me?: commission, agreement - Real Estate
  161. about sale contingency offer (sell's rights)?: contingent, agent, accept - Real Estate
  162. on contract: disclosure, agent, illegal, brokers - Real Estate
  163. satellite dish staying with house: negotiations, fees, contract, repairs - Real Estate
  164. for Realtors from a seller: RE agent, feedback, incentive, foreclosure - Real Estate
  165. Great shower or usual bath/shower combo?: property, renting, townhouse - Real Estate
  166. Is a realtor contract legally binding in court?: documents, agent, commission - Real Estate
  167. Horizontal Crack in the foundation wall - Go with it or back out now?: agent, price - Real Estate
  168. When should you sell your house? Is it wise to go the distance with home?: incentive, foreclosures - Real Estate
  169. Which would you gamble? $14700 depost or lose the contract/house??: contingency, appraisal - Real Estate
  170. Septic Tank Mess: contingency, recommendation, documentation, commission - Real Estate
  171. Trouble getting copy of signed purchase contract from seller: contingencies, documents, agent - Real Estate
  172. Lever Door Handle - Supra Lockbox Dilemma: agent, property, room - Real Estate
  173. Best books for 1st time home buyers to learn: recommendation, agent, mortgage - Real Estate
  174. Buyers keep calliing me after closing: agent, attorney, contractor, Realtors - Real Estate
  175. Septic system problems: recommendation, plumber, price, property - Real Estate
  176. Are agents lowballing the selling price for reasons?: appraiser, agent, commission - Real Estate
  177. Unincorporated towns??: housing, percentage, property tax, legal - Real Estate
  178. Dual Agent Commission - 2 Way.: disclosures, appraisal, 3%, dual agency - Real Estate
  179. Seller trying to be patient....: feedback, countertop, agent, sales - Real Estate
  180. Property line issue: attorney, renter, state, repairs - Real Estate
  181. Is real estate a good investment?: 3%, agent, mortgage, mortgage
  182. How Would You Define “Walking Distance”?: properties, state, building, residential - Real Estate
  183. inspections before offer?: RE agent, tenants, negotiations, agent - Real Estate
  184. I believe we will have a breach of contract ..: contingency, agent - Real Estate
  185. Discrepancy in Ad and Appraisal: RE agent, disclosure, agent, commission - Real Estate
  186. Houses Under Tax Value: agent, commission, sales, realty - Real Estate
  187. House offer advice needed: 6%, agent, commission, mortgage - Real Estate
  188. I just closed WOHOO!: foreclosure, mortgage, mortgage, price - Real Estate
  189. Buy house near a power substation?: investment, price, properties, value - Real Estate
  190. How long?: agents, sale, price, escrow - Real Estate
  191. Have a buyer- do I need a Realtor?: contingencies, disclosure, 6% - Real Estate
  192. Does this sound like fraud? Or just shady business?: appraisal, auction, 5% - Real Estate
  193. First time investor in rental property, where to start?: RE market, tenants, auctions - Real Estate
  194. Buying a house in an unfinished new development: foreclosure, agent, investment - Real Estate
  195. Selling a mfg home myself: comparable, property tax, state, houses - Real Estate
  196. News, Field of Dreams up for sale.: property, Iowa, article - Real Estate
  197. Condo swap: Milwaukee, website - Real Estate
  198. Superior Homes of Fife (WA): Alaska, insulation - Real Estate
  199. Renter's Property Tax Credit: percentage, renters, claim, states - Real Estate
  200. I was half right; looks like bond yields are down, but LIBOR is heating up: 1%, mortgage - Real Estate