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  1. Skyline Battle: Tacoma (WA) Vs. Tucson (AZ): live, state, place - City vs. City
  2. Skyline Battle: Perth (AUS) Vs. San Diego: compared, America, difference - City vs. City
  3. Skyline Battle: Portland (OR) Vs. Providence: better, life, Boston, downtown - City vs. City
  4. Better Skyline: San Francisco or Hong Kong?: comparison, people, size - City vs. City
  5. Estimate That Cities Population!: populations, Atlanta, Los Angeles, people - City vs. City
  6. Which has better schools? Is more liberal? Charlotte or the Triangle?: crime - City vs. City
  7. Camden NJ vs. Rochester NY: live, best, cost, state - City vs. City
  8. Match a neighborhood of your city to another city's: largest, Atlanta, Los Angeles - City vs. City
  9. Socal vs. Sofla cost of living: life, job, parks, expensive - City vs. City
  10. Detroit vs. Miami: live, better, compare, places - City vs. City
  11. sarasota vs boca raton: best, state, compare, place - City vs. City
  12. TX v FL for Jobs: state, salary, place, salaries - City vs. City
  13. Charlotte Vs Nashville: state, better, compared, people - City vs. City
  14. Denver vs Salt Lake City: crime rate, difference, economy - City vs. City
  15. Most ovverrated skyline in the US: comparison, building - City vs. City
  16. Boston Metro Vs Pittsburgh Metro Vs Charlotte Metro: live, best, comparison - City vs. City
  17. Best city for dating?: Atlanta, Los Angeles, life, Phoenix - City vs. City
  18. Boston Celtics vs LA Lakers!!: better, California - City vs. City
  19. Skylines: Sydney vs San Francisco: better, compare, America, beautiful - City vs. City
  20. Which states have the best employment commissions?: live, people, pros - City vs. City
  21. Best Colleges of 2010: America, Atlanta, Los Angeles, ranking - City vs. City
  22. What city/Region music dominated the 90's?: better, comparison, place - City vs. City
  23. Coming to a city near you?: live, better, rates, places - City vs. City
  24. atlantic city vs. Las Vegas: better, comparison, Boston - City vs. City
  25. Hilton Head Island Vs. Myrtle Beach: live, better, restaurant, beautiful - City vs. City
  26. Landmarks of your city!: people, Chicago, building - City vs. City
  27. Detroit or Miami: live, better - City vs. City
  28. Durham vs. Raleigh: place - City vs. City
  29. Waterfront Recreation: Boston, Chicago - City vs. City
  30. Greenwich, CT vs Los Gatos, CA: better, comparison, life, California - City vs. City
  31. Denver VS. Minneapolis: compare, people - City vs. City
  32. Albuquerque, Salt Lake, Boise Comparison: live, best, cost, state - City vs. City
  33. Yuppie: compare, people - City vs. City
  34. Cities with a large 'local' culture.: compared, places, Atlanta, life - City vs. City
  35. The first thing that comes to mind when you hear.... (states) part IV: people, Chicago - City vs. City
  36. Internet Cafes - does your limit use? Compare and discuss (article): live, cost - City vs. City
  37. Kansas City Metro vs. St. Louis Metro: cost, better, living - City vs. City
  38. Texas vs. Florida: state, better, population, people - City vs. City
  39. Crooked politicians in a neighborhood near you: state, life, states - City vs. City
  40. New Hampshire VS. Vermont: better, Boston, difference, live - City vs. City
  41. Philladelphia Native, sometime denizen of St. Paul, MN. Where should I stay?: living, better - City vs. City
  42. Miami Beach vs. Myrtle Beach: best, better, comparison, life - City vs. City
  43. Chicago vs New York City: Better steakhouses: best, places, parks - City vs. City
  44. Higher Education - Atlanta, Dallas, Houston: best, place, America, metropolitan - City vs. City
  45. Jackson, MS vs. Richmond, VA vs. Birmingham, AL: live, best, state - City vs. City
  46. Orlando vs. El Paso: comparison - City vs. City
  47. Niagara Falls VS Grand Canyon: largest, place, America, life - City vs. City
  48. most beachy states in America: best, place, quality - City vs. City
  49. NYC to Charlotte to...??: best, better, compared, place - City vs. City
  50. Which State has the Best Motto?: map, pros, cons, states - City vs. City
  51. Waterfront Cities: Boston, Chicago, cons, size - City vs. City
  52. American cities not as unique as claim....: cost, better, comparison - City vs. City
  53. Most popular/urban cities???: largest, places, America, population - City vs. City
  54. List of world cities with highest gdp top 15: state, metropolitan - City vs. City
  55. new jersey, florida, or california?: living, comparison - City vs. City
  56. Most underrated Skyline: best, people, Chicago, cons - City vs. City
  57. Seattle metro vs Pittsburgh metro: Higher Education: live, better, place - City vs. City
  58. What Urban Legends/Myths Circulate People In Your City Or Town?: largest, size - City vs. City
  59. Massachusetts VS. Connecticut: live, state, better, compare - City vs. City
  60. New York suburbs VS Los Angeles suburbs: live, better, place - City vs. City
  61. Major ciites with low overall crime: live, crime rate, places, America - City vs. City
  62. Which Northeast Corridor City?: Boston, south, living - City vs. City
  63. Charlotte, North Carolina vs. Phoenix, Arizona: better, population, south, live - City vs. City
  64. Boston is A LOT like New York City!!: cost, compared, places - City vs. City
  65. Cape Cod VS. Ogunquit, ME: better, compare, places, life - City vs. City
  66. Top 5 Cities in Each State Game: Los Angeles, cons, beach, Phoenix - City vs. City
  67. Milwaukee vs Kansas City: state, largest, crime, population - City vs. City
  68. Best city in America??: people, Boston - City vs. City
  69. Skyline Competition: San Francisco vs. Boston: better, compare, America, people - City vs. City
  70. Most urban state: NY, MA, CT or RI?: best, better, place - City vs. City
  71. America's most racist cities: Chicago, neighborhood, south, NYC - City vs. City
  72. Southern accent VS. Western accent: best, America, people, difference - City vs. City
  73. What cities in Ameica are MEDIA HOUNDS?EXCLUDE NYC,L.A.,Chicago: place, America - City vs. City
  74. Battle of America's most popular Twin Cities Dallas/Fort Worth vs. Minneapolis/ST. PAUL: live, state - City vs. City
  75. Underated: Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, market - City vs. City
  76. What are sterile cities?: people, pros, cons - City vs. City
  77. Which state has the best rollercoaster???: difference, California, Florida, place - City vs. City
  78. What's the difference between CT, MA, RI, DE, NJ, DE, and MD??: living, state - City vs. City
  79. Random neighborhood Streetview urbanity battle: Lower Haight in SF vs. Ukranian Village in Chicago: compare, bigger - City vs. City
  80. Oakland, CA vs Jersey City, NJ: state, comparison, bigger, population - City vs. City
  81. golden gate bridge vs brooklyn bridge: life, Boston, cons, beautiful - City vs. City
  82. What was your favorite city you have been to in North America?: place, Los Angeles - City vs. City
  83. the more lively,dense and impressive skyline battle: best, better, compared - City vs. City
  84. What are your top 10 best nightlife cities in North America?: state, better - City vs. City
  85. What bank is most dominate in your city?: America, people, quality - City vs. City
  86. What does a skyline do for you?: better, life, Chicago - City vs. City
  87. Most influential American city on the music scene by decade: people, south - City vs. City
  88. Is your city replacing ghetto with new development?: living, crime, places - City vs. City
  89. Bay Bridge vs. George Washington Bridge (The 2 most travelled bridges in the country): cost, state - City vs. City
  90. which coast has more interesting people?: best, life, south, place - City vs. City
  91. Battle of the Ghettos: East St.Louis, MO vs Newark, NJ: live, crime - City vs. City
  92. Hollywood Is Not A Dump!!!: live, better, map, place - City vs. City
  93. The Future of City Skylines: better, place, populations, Atlanta - City vs. City
  94. What is Pittsburgh like?: state, map, crime, place - City vs. City
  95. Orlando vs. Las Vegas: crime, place, America, Los Angeles - City vs. City
  96. Santa Fe, NM vs Savannah, GA: better, places, life, difference - City vs. City
  97. Columbus, GA vs. Newport News, VA: better, bigger, Atlanta, people - City vs. City
  98. Pittsburgh vs. Madison vs. Houston: living, best, cost, largest - City vs. City
  99. What is the Ghettoist Place In america?: crime, places, bigger - City vs. City
  100. Cities with the Best Looking Transvestites/Transexuals: Atlanta, Los Angeles, people - City vs. City
  101. Which City's Skylines Are Best Attentuated By Their Terrain Or Background ?: Los Angeles, Chicago - City vs. City
  102. Which Regions/Cities in Your State Don't Belong?: better, compared, places - City vs. City
  103. San Francisco Versus Philadelphia: state, better, largest, compared - City vs. City
  104. Most popular Northeast city: best, bigger, Boston, skyline - City vs. City
  105. The South's second best skyline?: Atlanta - City vs. City
  106. South Lake(DFW) vs. Sandy Springs(ATL) vs. The Woodlands (HOU): live, state - City vs. City
  107. What's So Special About New York City???: best, better, largest - City vs. City
  108. Central Park vs. Golden Gate Park: best, difference, downtown, districts - City vs. City
  109. Better Sports Town Dallas, Houston or Atlanta: state, largest, places - City vs. City
  110. Which city is most like New York?: live, better, largest - City vs. City
  111. Deceiving Skylines: bigger, population, people, Boston - City vs. City
  112. Buffalo VS Detroit: living, better, crime, compare - City vs. City
  113. Cities with the Most User-Friendly Waterfronts: best, better, Boston, Chicago - City vs. City
  114. Which states citizens have the largest ego.. con't: better, people, size - City vs. City
  115. Memphis, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles: living, best, cost, state - City vs. City
  116. What Is Your Favorite Park(s) In Your City And/Or Favorite Park(s) In The Nation?: state, place - City vs. City
  117. Skyline Battle: Hong Kong vs Dubai: best, better, largest, place - City vs. City
  118. What Style Typifies the Architecture of Your City?: live, state, better - City vs. City
  119. Cities with the sttepest of neighborhood roads.: better, Atlanta, school - City vs. City
  120. Which city is more vibrant San Francisco or Philly?: best, places, downtown - City vs. City
  121. NY vs. LA - Can someone compare?: living, compared, place - City vs. City
  122. Dallas Metro Vs Philadelphia Metro Vs Denver Metro: best, America, life - City vs. City
  123. City with the highest bridge count.: downtown, NYC - City vs. City
  124. Which City Has The Best Baseball Stadium?: better, Boston, Chicago - City vs. City
  125. What is the largest building in your city by square feet!: state, place - City vs. City
  126. The United States of America: the best country in the World?: cost, crime - City vs. City
  127. smallest downtown for a city of 100,000 plus: places, America, population - City vs. City
  128. Do you think Philadelphia is Overrated?: live, better, crime, compare - City vs. City
  129. 18th and 19th century Industrial towns of New England?: best, largest, America - City vs. City
  130. Boston, Austin or Raleigh????: living, best, state, better - City vs. City
  131. Best beer region: state, better, America, quality - City vs. City
  132. Which city has the best logo?: state, cons, skyline, metro - City vs. City
  133. White Plains N.Y. vs. Chicago: best, better, compare, America - City vs. City
  134. Dallas vs. Houston (say something nice and positive about the opposite city)**negative comments not allowed: state, better - City vs. City
  135. Disaster! Which city is more likely to be destroyed in a natural disaster.: bigger, Los Angeles - City vs. City
  136. Which state has the most beautiful asian women?: largest, comparison, populations - City vs. City
  137. Guess the city skyline (part 4): Boston, beach - City vs. City
  138. Myrtle Beach, Sc Vs. Virginia Beach, Va Vs. Ocean City, Md.: places, life - City vs. City
  139. Top 5 West Coast Cities: Los Angeles, life, cons, beach - City vs. City
  140. Surprise it is Shreveport: live, better, place, people - City vs. City
  141. Top 10 MSA's by Millionaires (and Millionaire losses) in 2008: state, largest, America - City vs. City
  142. Houston vs Boston music scene: best, NYC, live, schools - City vs. City
  143. Battle Of The Number 3 States: compare, place, population - City vs. City
  144. Skyline Battle: Toronto vs. Montreal: better, compare, people - City vs. City
  145. Houston Metro vs. Atlanta Metro vs. Seattle Metro: better, place, life - City vs. City
  146. Which state has the friendlier residents, FL or NC?: live, compare, versus - City vs. City
  147. Rank 6 cities, starting from the most dangerous to the least: rates, crime rate - City vs. City
  148. Your top 5 skylines in the US and Canada?: Atlanta, Los Angeles, Boston - City vs. City
  149. OKC vs. STL: live, best, state, places - City vs. City
  150. New York City or California for dating?: live, state, better - City vs. City
  151. U.S. Cities with the Most Attractive African American Women!!! (Rebut): living, state - City vs. City
  152. Skyline Battle:Seattle Vs Miami: best, better, compared, America - City vs. City
  153. Southern California vs North Jersey: largest, Los Angeles, people, job - City vs. City
  154. What cities are most hated on C-D?: place, Atlanta, Los Angeles - City vs. City
  155. If you were to live in the following states, which cities would you choose to live?: Los Angeles, Phoenix - City vs. City
  156. States with the most pride:: life, people, cons, south - City vs. City
  157. Your 3 favorite of mid-sized major cities: Boston, skyline - City vs. City
  158. What us cities have the best hills: place, Los Angeles, people - City vs. City
  159. Worst Metro Area Drivers: state, compared, America, life - City vs. City
  160. Which has a rushed pace of life?: compared, places, Atlanta - City vs. City
  161. Oklahoma's best skyline: better - City vs. City
  162. Best area to Live in Texas: DALLAS, HOUSTON, SAN ANTONIO, AUSTIN, RIO GRANDE VALLEY: living, state - City vs. City
  163. California vs Massachusetts! Which State has better Universities?: ranking, Boston, states - City vs. City
  164. Better city: Jacksonville Vs. Norfolk: live, cost, comparison, places - City vs. City
  165. What is your City Song ?: live, best, cost - City vs. City
  166. Arizona vs. Ohio: living, best, cost, state - City vs. City
  167. Battle of Public Colleges and Universities: Ohio vs. Pennsylvania vs. North Carolina: best, state - City vs. City
  168. Which region/state is most autonmous(besides Ak and ?: comparison, states - City vs. City
  169. Fairus' 2050 Population Projections; Would you still want to live in ur state?: living, place - City vs. City
  170. Shape of Your State: people, Florida, transportation - City vs. City
  171. Which Metro Areas are best basketball hotbeds in America: Boston, Chicago, south - City vs. City
  172. Fairbanks, AK or Baltimore, MD and why?: live, better, crime - City vs. City
  173. Madison, WI vs. Ann Arbor, MI: live, state, better, largest - City vs. City
  174. Moving a City From One Region To Another: better, map, place - City vs. City
  175. Best athlete to play for your city: Boston - City vs. City
  176. What region has the best strip clubs/strippers: state, places, Atlanta - City vs. City
  177. What Is Your City Most Famous For?: largest, life, people - City vs. City
  178. What is your cities most famous square?: place, Atlanta, people - City vs. City
  179. Down South vs Midwest: Chicago, living - City vs. City
  180. Chicago vs NYC weather: best, better, live, statistics - City vs. City
  181. Huntsville Alabama vs. Syracuse NY: better, comparison, America, cons - City vs. City
  182. What Metro has the Best Shopping?: cost, rates, Los Angeles, people - City vs. City
  183. Which southern state would you rather live in?: best, Atlanta, life - City vs. City
  184. Which has produced better hip-hop/rap? Bay Area (Oakland, Vallejo, SF) or Houston?: population, cons - City vs. City
  185. Which Mid-sized Mid-west city is the best?: live, state, cons - City vs. City
  186. What cities has the best zoo?: America, Atlanta, people, cons - City vs. City
  187. The Battle of Latin America!!!!: best, largest, crime, life - City vs. City
  188. Calcutta or Cleveland?: people, Boston, skyline - City vs. City
  189. El Paso, TX vs Ohio: best, state, better, compare - City vs. City
  190. Houston Inner Loop vs. Downtown Minneapolis: compare, bigger, people, Boston - City vs. City
  191. Memphis vs. New Orleans: live, better, crime, comparison - City vs. City
  192. In what region of the US do people look older?: beach, expensive - City vs. City
  193. Which city feels more urban: San Diego or Atlanta?: best, comparison, people - City vs. City
  194. The 9 True Nations of North America: best, state, place - City vs. City
  195. I-75 Battle Royale!!!!!: state, compare, Atlanta, downtown - City vs. City
  196. Skyline competition: San Diego vs Austin: better, bigger, downtown, airport - City vs. City
  197. Cities you think are overated/underated.: best, better, life, people - City vs. City
  198. Westport, CT vs. Shrewsbury, MA: difference, similarities - City vs. City
  199. Columbus, Pittsburgh, St Louis - Higher Ed: best, quality - City vs. City
  200. Better city: Jacksonville Vs. Norfolk - City vs. City