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  1. Does Commonwealth identity exist?: schools, university, legal - World
  2. CD World Forums Is Higher Level, and More Relevant About the World Compared To International Relations in College.: school
  3. U.S. State most like Austria?: ski resort, vacation home, vacation - World
  4. French or Italian - which language sounds nicer?: rated, European - World
  5. Which Cities/ Countries Are You Quite Likely to Get Rubbed the Wrong Way by Strangers?: move - World
  6. Countries to study cosmetology in/famous for beauty industries?: high school, moving - World
  7. Iraq War Overwhelming World's Largest Graveyard: area, cemetery, resort
  8. Canada vs Australia for a teenager: home, school, university - World
  9. Which North American city is good to relocate to from Sydney?: best city, job market - World
  10. What's the most appealing/sexiest accent on the opposite sex for you?: beach - World
  11. Global cities with the highest percentage of millionaires: places, top - World
  12. USA or Australia?: dorms, buy, top schools - World
  13. Roma people - ever live indoors?: house, school, living in - World
  14. Restaurants with food for reasonable prices in Trondheim, Norway?: title, dinners - World
  15. Why didn't the colonization of Southern Africa go the same way as the colonization of the Americas and Australia: condo - World
  16. Young American looking to move...: for rent, credit, find a job - World
  17. What countries: free, travel, union - World
  18. What are the best cities with this criteria: 2013, club - World
  19. American Cities and their Chinese Counterparts.: home, design, architecture - World
  20. Short for expats and repatriation: home, living in, moving - World
  21. Funny or Odd Tourist Reviews of Your City: landscaping, movies - World
  22. differing attitudes of Australians, white Anglo South Africans, and Anglo Canadians: appointed, living in - World
  23. News, This Town Has Been Living Under a Rock for Thousands of Years -- Literally: luxury - World
  24. What are the best cities in the world to start a small business?: restaurant
  25. Meet Mike Spencer Bown- The Most Travelled Man in the World: costs, airport
  26. Mapping Urban Perception: live, safest, wealthiest - World
  27. Italy vs. Australia: calculation, income, quality of life - World
  28. Which cities have the best private transportation?: cars, friendly - World
  29. Has of been in Antarctica?: how much, quality of life - World
  30. Saving Face: how much, law, safe - World
  31. Is this a hallmark of an individualistic country: live, mall - World
  32. Does the US have more people of colonial-era stock or earlier waves of settlers than Australia, Canada, or New Zealand?: live - World
  33. foreign websites that ?: live, Russian, American - World
  34. Your hospitality toward travelers: homes, neighborhoods, wedding - World
  35. Deportations on Commercial Airlines: house, transfer, to buy - World
  36. A for German speakers: vs., accent, used - World
  37. What country do you think of when you think:: income, taxes - World
  38. Whats daily life like in your part of the world?: garden, pictures
  39. What are cultures that encourage premarital celibacy for females AND males?: law, rating - World
  40. $400 BILLION Gas Deal!: 2014, move to, Korean - World
  41. Have Melanesians ever attempted to seek solidarity with Africans?: gated, Australian - World
  42. Are Israel and the US gods favorite countries?: military, vehicles - World
  43. US Considers airstrikes against Iraq militants: place, America, history - World
  44. How to End World Starvation: 2014, how much, living in
  45. US-Singapore: assess, agreement, annual - World
  46. Cultures where men wear brightly colored clothing in mainstream life (not just festivals/costumes)?: live - World
  47. World commuting- experiences?: home, income, live
  48. Is America's Consumerism exaggerated or is it really an outlier?: home, to buy - World
  49. Which cities in the world have the best public transportation? (Outside of Western Europe or the U.S.): safer, nicest
  50. July 4.. Happy Independence Day to America !!!: homes, disposal, taxes - World
  51. What were your childhood impressions of the various Countries of the world?: crime, high school
  52. Barcelona, New York, and Boston: property tax, live in, garden - World
  53. Why proportionally fewer are of Muslim faith in the United States than in other countries in the west )?: neighbourhood, live - World
  54. What city would you say is the Paris of the Pacific ?: 2014, live - World
  55. Thinking of moving to another country?: house, buy, school - World
  56. OECD Quality of Life Report 2014: income, prices, safety - World
  57. Why does England NEED to have the Malvinas?: living, military - World
  58. In most countries, do naturalized citizens have the same legal rights as born citizens?: appointed, houses - World
  59. Worlds 10 worst countries to work/travel/go/live in: hotels, living
  60. Which cities in the world have the best/worst/ interesting public toilets that you have *personally* used!: 2013, hotels
  61. Why does, by percentage, the US have more Jewish people living there than many other western countries do (Europe, UK)?: 2013, stats - World
  62. Global Theft and Security: apartment, how much, home - World
  63. Most Liberal Arab City?: 2014, cities, rain - World
  64. EF English Proficiency Test results by country: hotel, stats - World
  65. The Barometer of Happiness and Hope by WIN/Gallup: 2014, living - World
  66. Recommend movies from your country to us!: wedding, live - World
  67. Cities Full of European Architecture Outside of Europe?: 2013, richest - World
  68. Biggest culture shock going to another country?: live in, shop - World
  69. Places in the western world, states, cities, towns where non-Christian religions are locally very dominant?: 2014, suburb
  70. The Greatest City Ever: 2014, houseboats, earthquakes - World
  71. Other countries' views of U.S. men: high school, clothing - World
  72. What's TOP 5 cities in your country?: 2014, rated, metropolitan - World
  73. How well do you know the world?: 2013, wedding
  74. Best 'smaller' cities?: best cities, live, vs - World
  75. Thai Infant Born To Surrogate Mother Abandoned By Aussie Parents.: to rent, taxes - World
  76. Eat like a Greek?: house, buy, cabinet - World
  77. Does or how does your country get race/ethnicity data on its citizens? What are reasons/uses typically used for it?: live, statistics - World
  78. Does it bother you that you will only get to experience a very thin slice of the world in your lifetime?: middle-class, home
  79. Americans who were living abroad on 9/11, how did people around you react?: house, school - World
  80. Sand dunes by the sea: what are the best in the world?: 2013, credit
  81. Who Does Not Know How to Drive? Is this common where you are?: 2013, house - World
  82. What's the standard size for a box of breakfast cereal in your country?: organic, price - World
  83. A for Spanish speakers: Portuguese, woman, video - World
  84. What do you think of Mexican people: best, teaching - World
  85. Is the US the most disconnected country in the world?: movies, compensation
  86. Strange flight paths: 2014, live, move - World
  87. Where do they have public access AED's, besides France?: hotels, schools - World
  88. World and the USA Population Clock: living in, rated, areas
  89. Most LIBERAL country in the world?: top, working, culture
  90. Non-Rich Safe Countries?: crime rates, high income, live - World
  91. Do Americans, Europeans and Russians ages 18-35 know or care about the current crisis in the Ukraine?: 2013, university - World
  92. Is Africa the most misunderstood continent in the world?: dangerous, authority
  93. Do most Americans and Europeans currently hate Russians? If so, why??: quality, top - World
  94. Which countries are the least 'gendered' in terms of behaviour, appearance Which the most?: construction, versus - World
  95. Current top allies and enemies of your country?: new house, heat pump - World
  96. Most Isolated Nations in the World?: inclusive, island, Australians
  97. How much Commonwealth identity do you feel?: 2014, home - World
  98. Speaking English in non-English speaking countries make you appear Affluent or Sophisticated?: purchasing, luxury - World
  99. Outside of the United States, do other countries think of Hispanics as a single ethnicity/category?: statistics, health - World
  100. Find Europeans to Exude Health and Vitality Far More than Americans?: 2013, home - World
  101. Is the UK more popular in music around the world or American: best, counties
  102. Why and how does the United States come to have more of a college culture than most other countries?: dorms, movies - World
  103. What do you think of this incident that happened ?: crime, stats - World
  104. Lifestyle9: Top 10 Safest Countries In The World To Settle In 2014: crime rate, gated
  105. The Gaza: vs., rating, cities - World
  106. Why is it that couples like my girlfriend and I are rare throughout the western world?: live in, move to
  107. What city has the best natural setting in the world?: 2013, live
  108. Your every day life - post pictures and give descriptions (no insulting, )!: houses, neighborhood - World
  109. What nationalities are portrayed as being and honourable?: friendly, business - World
  110. Has that the United States doesn't really have it's 'own' name?: land, place - World
  111. The large Anglo-phone countries should form an alliance..: 2013, Irish - World
  112. How Big is the World to You?: live in, airports
  113. Which are the most 'fashionable' countries*?: how much, live, land - World
  114. Which cities look much better in pictures/film than in reality? Which cities look much worse?: houses, movies - World
  115. Favorte flags: Korean, photos, Russian - World
  116. From your experience which country's women have the best, most passionate, and strongest lovers?: percent, time - World
  117. Places in the world you wouldn't ever live at your free will: high crime, income
  118. How can a white Zimbabwean move to western country?: crime, houses - World
  119. How are Americans treated on Foreign Social Networks??: live, versus - World
  120. Best city in Europe for an EU citizen who has spent his entire life in America: 2015, apartment - World
  121. Mass shooting in US again.: to buy, dangerous, legally - World
  122. Global Youth Unemployment Mapped: 2014, employment, school - World
  123. Which foreign languages (apart from English) are most popular in your country?: high schools, colleges - World
  124. 40 major emerging economies that will potentially rival the West!: living in, rating - World
  125. What You Reflect Common, Ubiquitous to Qualities, Characteristics, Traits That Is Very Rare .: 2014, houses - World
  126. What You Didnít Expect To Happen Compared To Stereotypes Or Reputation In Regions of the World.: crime rate, houses
  127. Which country in the world do you think is the most holy or sacred ?: living in, church
  128. Why are blacks so worried about race?: racist, area - World
  129. What sources do you refer to for news coverage of world affairs?: 2014, university
  130. Which is easier for you? To speak, or understand a foreign language?: construction, best - World
  131. French or Spanish - which language sounds nicer?: accents, Haitian - World
  132. China proposes to fund and build high-speed rail line from Beijing to Vancouver: 2014, earthquakes - World
  133. Which country is most dangerous for women ..: live, statistics - World
  134. Dating etiquette in your country?: credit, buying, movies - World
  135. Food fads in your country/city: live in, restaurants, bars - World
  136. Which city would you go to for the following...: shop, nightlife - World
  137. How does the average person perceive pizza in your region of the world?: live in, restaurants
  138. How many people in former colonies dream of or aspire to visit or migrate to the country that colonised them?: home, living in - World
  139. (2) Culturally more influential/well-known nation throughout the world: USA, China or UK?: live, military
  140. Do you think people from Anglosphere nations are more vocal than Asian ?: place, Chinese - World
  141. London vs San Francisco: living, cost of, vs. - World
  142. BRICS now including Argentina to counter G7 and MIKTA?: 2013, calculating - World
  143. English speakers: high school, educational, teachers - World
  144. Which states are most like the Netherlands?: live in, architectural - World
  145. What country has the friendliest people?: credit card, how much, taxis - World
  146. Is there a major city U.S. or World, that is the Darkest at night (least lit)?: neighborhood, live
  147. How many countries have you driven in?: insurance, buying - World
  148. English language privilege: 2013, employment, middle school - World
  149. Why do English speaking Border Controls interview/interrogate.: home, legally - World
  150. best country based on this criteria: quality of life, live, safety - World
  151. Does Language Affect Your Moral Judgment?: 2014, Koreans, rain - World
  152. Are East Asians most hated after Middle Eastern/Arabs?: buy, law - World
  153. Which ethnic group of people faces the most prejudice in your area?: how much, living - World
  154. Are you watching the World Cup?: 2014, home, university
  155. What's the furthest from the ocean been?: tenant, areas - World
  156. Are there tourist-accessible 3-country points in the world?: law, agricultural
  157. What foreign country have you traveled most extensively?: live, locations - World
  158. Other countries opinions of American Women: live in, Irish, surgery - World
  159. New York vs London: 2014, home, income - World
  160. Photo game: Guess which country this is...: store, company - World
  161. How much of your country have you seen?: college, live in - World
  162. Culturally more influential/well-known nation throughout the world: Canada or Australia?: house, best
  163. What are postage stamps like now in your country?: 2014, how much - World
  164. Regions/parts of the world where people in general or society don't really care if you choose to get married/have kids.: best, cities
  165. What's Your Favourite Ancient Wonder? (Favourite Landmark by Category: Ancient Wonder): garden, buildings - World
  166. Does your country have an iconic product?: luxury, restaurants - World
  167. What's Your Favourite Famous Palace/Castle? (Favourite Landmark by Category: Palace): hotel, home - World
  168. What's Your Favourite Statue? (Favourite Landmark by Category: Statue): fences, best - World
  169. Does the USA have the best food in the world?: to live in, restaurants
  170. What's Your Favourite Skyscraper? (Favourite Landmark by Category: Skyscraper): building, skyscrapers - World
  171. What's Your Favourite Bridge? (Favourite Landmark by Category: Bridge): rail, pension - World
  172. Americans-If you had to move...: home, live in, area - World
  173. When do most teens/young adults become fully self-sufficient in your area/region of the world?: rent, health insurance
  174. Would I enjoy Moving to the Philippines?: house, job market - World
  175. The most famous fiction book of each country: sales, house - World
  176. Debate of the century: Is the Pacific Rim or the Atlantic Rim more influential?: quality of life, professionals - World
  177. International borders you cannot cross -- casually: live, transport - World
  178. Best America and Europe (map and ranking): 2013, live in - World
  179. How bad is bullying in your country? How bad was it at your school?: fit in, to buy - World
  180. Has Communism Made Women More Gender-Equal in Ways Than the West In Russia and China?: lawyer, home - World
  181. What is this country name fooolishness in Bolivia?: authority, rated - World
  182. What are international perceptions about Malaysia?: beaches, friendly, ranked - World
  183. your first time visiting the U.S..........: hotels, home - World
  184. Cost of living... how much do you pay for...?: cinema, sales tax - World
  185. Which Cities Have the Best Public Transportation?: neighborhood, taxis - World
  186. What's you Internet Speed?: 2014, home, university - World
  187. When did countries become 'first world' or developed?: 2013, primary school
  188. World's best international shortcut: dangerous, bus, cabin
  189. Talking to strangers in your country: apartment, home, shop - World
  190. Most prominent cities in the world (by first letter)?: transport, island
  191. What will the next international language be, and when will it happen?: credit, hotels - World
  192. most messed up video cuz its true: houses, eat - World
  193. World Photography Game. Select One Visual Image in Each Random Destination, or What A Previous Poster Said To Include: restaurant
  194. Nationalities that have huge interest in politics: countries, growing - World
  195. What's Your Favourite Place of Worship? (Favourite Landmark by Category: Place of Worship): church - World
  196. Russia and China cozying up together: to buy, natural gas, agreement - World
  197. News, Ebola Outbreak 'Tip of the Iceberg,' Experts Say: dangerous, health - World
  198. Long layover in Aruba with little kids - What to do?: restaurant, beaches - World
  199. 50 Magical Fairytale Photos all over Planet Earth: 2014, castle - World
  200. Top 2 Places/Countries People Want to Move to (Results from Google): population, top 10 - World