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  81. Guys, help me out! :): women, love, family, call - Relationships
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  107. Do you enjoy a good Motor boat: love, husband, Latin - Relationships
  108. GUYS - do you find women who are not afraid to EAT: dating, marry - Relationships
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  112. take substance to boost your sex drive?: women, too young, alcohol - Relationships
  113. What percentage of people are like this?: wife, married, women - Relationships
  114. how do i get rid of a stalker?: date, how to, guy - Relationships
  115. Where did you meet your spouse/partner?: wife, boyfriends, marriage - Relationships
  116. Tears in my eyes: wife, love, children, beautiful - Relationships
  117. If youre walking down the street and you see someone you know: friend, people - Relationships
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  120. for men: Do you look down upon women who have sex?: date, girlfriend - Relationships
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  124. feeling sad over breaking up: dating, marriage, women, love - Relationships
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  127. Marriage of convenience ...A redundancy?: wife, lover, single - Relationships
  128. Location of sex matters?: clothes, people, Texas, never - Relationships
  129. Is it ok to ask somone out when they are on the Job ?: dating, wife - Relationships
  130. For who lost your husbands and wives: dating, marriage, women - Relationships
  131. have you ever met a person who like to date but there kids make it hard to date them: dating, wife - Relationships
  132. Ladies: What is your opinion of a guy who is taken and Whines?: dating, married - Relationships
  133. Should I have m a chance?: dating, boyfriends, girlfriend - Relationships
  134. BF getting fat!!: dates, how to, sex, straight - Relationships
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  142. Do most men feel the need to be submissive/dominated of the time?: wife, marriage - Relationships
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  147. Common Law Marriages/Marriage: wife, long-term, marriage, husband - Relationships
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  149. What is the 'spark' and how can you create one?: dating, married - Relationships
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  151. Does The Word Relation-ship, Itself, Scare You a Bit?: lover, family, Latin - Relationships
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  157. who says personality is the #1 trait they look for is lying: date, wife - Relationships
  158. Well, it's about to happen: wife, marriage, love, single - Relationships
  159. just want to let it out: date, girlfriends, married, girls - Relationships
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  169. 25 years old & dating a guy with 2 young kids?: marry, women, love - Relationships
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  171. Single girls in their 20s - do they exist?: boyfriend, women, kids - Relationships
  172. Is this friendly teasing,flirting or a childish way of showing attraction: women, single - Relationships
  173. A month per year post breakup as recovery time?: dating, boyfriend, marriage - Relationships
  174. What's It Mean?: date, women, singles, attracted - Relationships
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  178. help! Forgive or forget?: love, cheating, younger, family - Relationships
  179. I am addicted to Porn do you think i am a weirdo?: women, single - Relationships
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  181. Dealing with past lovers: dating, wife, boyfriends, women - Relationships
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  187. Bipolar ex-Girlfriend - questions: dating, boyfriend, married, women - Relationships
  188. Hurt by racial bullying, overthinking interracial relationships, feeling left out, depression?: dating, wife
  189. Totem Pole of race Attractiveness: dating, women, attracted, kids - Relationships
  190. People are finding love through Warcraft?: dating, married, woman, cheat - Relationships
  191. Tips on moving on?: date, boyfriend, girlfriend, girls - Relationships
  192. Why would someone ask you out but always cancel?: dating, girls, love - Relationships
  193. CL Missed Connections: marry, women, romantic, internet - Relationships
  194. Unemployed and want to date: dating, how to, women, college - Relationships
  195. My friend is married to someone with constant ailments: wife, how to, marriage - Relationships
  196. Do Southern European men enjoy heavy success with the ladies because they are Southern European: date, how to - Relationships
  197. Being asked on what my parents do for a living?: dates, guy - Relationships
  198. Best Female Friend....: boyfriend, women, lover, single - Relationships
  199. Do You Think Women Take Men For Granted?: wife, married, love - Relationships
  200. Swept off your feet or feel the spark ? Have you been a VICTIM of a PICK UP ARTIST (worse than a racial slur)? - Relationships