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  1. Thermostat to Controller Wiring: furnace, basement, outside, better - House
  2. Adding additional bath??: floor, install, bonus room, kitchen - House
  3. Leaking oil tank removed, with pending clearance from NJDEP: foundation, installed, cost - House
  4. Tiny ants: sink, smell, dogs, outside - House
  5. Evaporator Condensor Fan Won't Shut Off--smokes: heating, installed, electric, replace - House
  6. Safe to live in an actual boiler room?: fireplaces, appliance, convert - House
  7. Using Sched 40 PVC for sprinkler system plumbers?): vacuum, installation, pipe - House
  8. Easiest way to find water leak in window?: ceiling, installed, kitchen - House
  9. Milk in floor vent: vacuum, smell, refrigerator, mop - House
  10. Is this oven problem DIY?: heat, gas, repair, replacement - House
  11. Homes of the Billionaires: bedrooms, cost, square feet, average - House
  12. Window Sill problem: granite, windows, drains, color - House
  13. Hydronic baseboard heaters vs regular: install, plumbing, gas, leak - House
  14. Home Insurance Rates - Working Hours: granite countertops, sink, cabinets, shower - House
  15. The perfect neighborhood??: opener, pool, couch, electric - House
  16. Flakeboard...I know I did it wrong but........: paint, installation, glue - House
  17. Moosquito Control With Garlic Spray: smell, price, warm, outside - House
  18. Would like advice on insect problem: floor, townhouse, room, kitchen
  19. New carpet: hardwood floors, windows, AC, refinish - House
  20. What do you use to clean your kitchen cabinets?: granite, color, smells - House
  21. Replacing laminate with quartz or granite: how much, window, appliance, stone - House
  22. Rocker Light Switches...: paint, installed, replace, remove - House
  23. painting unfinished wood patio door: countertops, color, stain, cabinets - House
  24. about the rusty weep screed?: leaking, building, between - House
  25. News, Charity Joins Top Home Builders' Ranks.: heat, square foot, repair - House
  26. News, Cape's outside showers violate law.: iron, green, door, outdoor - House
  27. What's your favorite vacuum for hardwood floors?: HEPA filter, sofas, vacuum cleaner - House
  28. Feng Shui: furniture, room, basement, vent - House
  29. Super Old House -- Wood Floors/Walls Advice?: flooring, how much, roof
  30. Cork flooring for basement--pros and cons: subfloor, Home Depot, color, sink - House
  31. Hiring a contractor to stain a deck?: how much, washer, painting - House
  32. Air Purifier Suggestions: HEPA filter, humidifier, bedroom, kitchen - House
  33. Attic fan issue: heat, install, electric, circuit - House
  34. Kitchen cabinet sink: sinks, install, cabinets, plumber - House
  35. Form-A-Drain: floors, roof, pool, drains - House
  36. Furniture of the Future: sofa, bedroom, kitchen, apartment - House
  37. Central Air Install Questions: windows, air conditioning, heating, appliance - House
  38. News, Official: spiders are not afraid of conkers.: smell, green, London - House
  39. News, Are You Living in a Former Meth Lab?: painting, furniture, bedrooms - House
  40. cleaning patio chair cushions: AC, drain, smell, cleaner - House
  41. Looking for Mosaic Tiles: how much, countertop, color, ceramic - House
  42. Install laminate over vinyl flooring?: washer, appliance, installing, laundry room - House
  43. Surface Bonded Cement: build, concrete, ducts, driveway - House
  44. Entire House Rehab: subfloor, roof, fireplace, Home Depot
  45. is a stove / range mandatory: grill, phone, microwave, plumbing - House
  46. How Does A Microwave Oven Work?: heating, electrical, circuit, refrigerator - House
  47. Skylights: Glass or plastic? Hurricane prone area, have-flat roofed condo: laminate, leak - House
  48. Flies in my pool: pools, smell, warm, filter - House
  49. Removing vinyl from tile, how to clean?: flooring, worth, efficient - House
  50. Roof leaking/home warranty: hardwood floors, roofing, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  51. Toilet Flushing Issue: tank, repair, sealing, ducts - House
  52. Vacuum cleaner: flooring, how much, carpeting, glue - House
  53. Water Softener: how much, heater, appliance, installed - House
  54. could this cause structure damage?: foundation, couch, downstairs, replace - House
  55. Hardwood floor refinshing questions: refinishing, stain, light, best - House
  56. Renovation Realities: granite, bathroom, cabinet, natural gas - House
  57. Quarter round: flooring, laminate, installing, kitchen - House
  58. Door Stop Caps: better, replacement, existing, cement - House
  59. Waterproofing a shower: tiling, floor, paint, cleaner - House
  60. Condensation on outside of windows...: Air Conditioner, glass, cold, cracked - House
  61. house kits: window, heating, installed, kitchen
  62. Alside Excalibur: HOMEOWNERS ONLY: windows, installed, brands, best - House
  63. Closet help: floor, Home Depot, Lowes, ceiling - House
  64. Which professional would do jobs?: fireplace, railing, installation, family room - House
  65. Removing Decoupage???: Lowes, painting, bathroom, toilet - House
  66. cellar, basement: floor, foundation, drains, ceilings - House
  67. Has ever used Mythic brand paint?: interior, good - House
  68. New home construction headache: hardwood floors, phone, price, building - House
  69. Help for mildew on exterior fabric?: paint, patio, good - House
  70. Can someone help me figure this out?: how much, roofing, Lowes - House
  71. At what point do you fire your contractor?: phone, family room, build - House
  72. Moving a mobile home that has attached interior mirrors: ceiling, glue, vent - House
  73. Am I being taken for a ride?: microwave, stove, installed - House
  74. Drop ceiling installation?: color, ceilings, installing, bathroom - House
  75. 3/4 Solid Hardwood - Glue down over concrete: hardwood floor, AC, paint - House
  76. Engineered Hardwood - above ground slab installation: townhouse, carpet, glue
  77. Need advice on building wood stairs outside: railing, paint, stains - House
  78. Gas fitting classification/certification mandatory for installing gas furnaces?: appliance, plumbing - House
  79. Loud Noise Flushing Toilet after 20 Seconds: washer, Lowes, AC, drain - House
  80. Pressboard Siding: Is it ok to use pressure painter to paint?: alternatives, washer - House
  81. Vents open, vents closed...what's the final verdict crawlspaces?: floor, dehumidifier - House
  82. Flooring opinions for new house: hardwood, laminate, color, ceramic
  83. Grout stained, how to remove the stain?: floor, color, cleaner - House
  84. Kitchen Design Ideas: how much, window, microwave, color - House
  85. Why can't dishwashers clean themselves?: dishwasher, install, cleaning, staining - House
  86. HELP re Hardiplank siding: heat, color, installation, glue - House
  87. Sump Pump - Crawlspace: foundation, pool, drain, installing - House
  88. Engineered Wood Floor Installation Estimate Questions: hardwood floor, Lowes, window, refinish - House
  89. Moisture Management Know How to Prevent Mold: insulating, ceiling, furniture - House
  90. Need advice: Best way to permanently cap a toilet?: tiling, installation, plumber - House
  91. Is that normal dehumidifer blow out heated air?: dehumidifier, heat, warm - House
  92. Unable to decide on my bathroom: flooring, curtains, color, sink - House
  93. Crawlspace Dehumidifier won't idle: drain, price, basement, electricity - House
  94. Stain/seal new cedar deck: railing, concrete, vents, fencing - House
  95. how to clean terrazzo: cleaning, repair, vent, sealer - House
  96. Gap between roof tile and gutter?: roofing, heat, drain, installed - House
  97. Seal New Concrete Patio: floor, pool, paint, cleaner - House
  98. Mineral Spirit Odor in Clothing: washer, paint, smells, cleaner - House
  99. how to handle condo leak from another unit: floor, painting, sink - House
  100. News, Celine Dion's home water park leaves Jupiter Island code enforcer all wet.: cost, construction - House
  101. Filling 3/4 joints between terracotta tiles on deck: Home Depot, pool, leaking - House
  102. wood floor: hardwood floor, Home Depot, cleaner, furniture - House
  103. clicking sound from a/c unit: window, lighting, outside, between - House
  104. Where to put my cleaning tool? can give s?: hardwood floors, Home Depot - House
  105. Cooling hot concrete: shingles, springs, pool, heat - House
  106. when husband helps with housework: floor, sink, kitchen
  107. What is the normal responsibility of landlord?: air conditioning, heating, phone - House
  108. Replacing fluorescent light fixture how to get same amt of light: floor, how much - House
  109. Why are my drill bits burning?: cleaning, cabinets, vent, existing - House
  110. What determines 150 or 200 amp service?: heater, install, resale value, dryer - House
  111. Exterior Decorating....Help!: shingles, windows, color, warm - House
  112. Bathroom sink problem: drains, toilets, pipes, vent - House
  113. Who can install a stackable washer and dryer?: drain, appliance, installing - House
  114. Mattress help??: springs, heat, room, cost - House
  115. Shipping Container Homes...: floors, AC, heat, insulated - House
  116. Unique quarter round issue...: floor, installing, stain, molding - House
  117. Problems with dish washer, part 2: dishwasher, drain, cleaner, cleaning - House
  118. AFCI nuisance!: opener, Home Depot, heat, insulated - House
  119. Weird Plumbing Issue: washer, tank, bathroom, shower - House
  120. Help! Need new washer/dryer set, have a problem.: washers, vacuum, drains - House
  121. When did U.S. homes get indoor plumbing?: tank, install, bathrooms - House
  122. Sound proof windows with ventilation?: traffic noise, vinyl, soundproofing windows, AC - House
  123. Dark stained trim in 100yr old home, don't know what to do....: Home Depot, heat - House
  124. What to do about large bathroom sheet mirrors?: alternatives, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  125. Water pressure: washer, sink, cleaner, install - House
  126. Foundation Repair on a Sloping Lot: flooring, roof, drains, sink - House
  127. Non-Clog Toilets... American Standard Champion 4: Home Depot, Lowes, tank, drains - House
  128. Debating DirecTV (TWC lied to me). Need help with one thing...: shingles, home phone - House
  129. how much do you put down @ time of contract signing?: furnace, windows - House
  130. Why doesn't everyone put in crown moulding?: hardwood, Air Conditioner, painting - House
  131. Should I ask for my money back?: code, electrical, dogs - House
  132. Hot water heater advice: wood floors, drain, install, room - House
  133. Best flooring for dry basement: hardwood floors, how much, vinyl, laminate - House
  134. How often do contractors' estimates go over or under original estimate?: tiling, shingles - House
  135. Putting up 6 foot high wood fence and now wish we had bought 8' high fence: pool, stone - House
  136. 100,000 worth of mobile home insurance: hurricane, cost, compare, building - House
  137. HUD house: roof, heat, paint, kitchen
  138. What is one feature you cannot live without?: wood floors, washer, air conditioning - House
  139. Orkin vs Terminex pest control, opinions?: cost, standard, outside, cracks - House
  140. Hot water heater: tank, drain, leaking, pipes - House
  141. Attic AC Duct Installation Repair: Home Depot, pool, insulated, paint - House
  142. AC does this sound right?: furnace, heater, drain, ceiling - House
  143. Unreliable professionals: washer, Home Depot, Lowes, phone - House
  144. what is this in my garage?: floor, furnace, water heaters, vacuum - House
  145. Attic insulation: floor, how much, roof, vacuum - House
  146. Anything to know about septic systems?: floors, washer, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  147. What is the smallest a bedroom could be?: floor, how much, windows - House
  148. Beware of Lowe's installation: flooring, how much, roofing, Lowes - House
  149. Big bathtubs, looking for one. Help Thank you: Lowes, install, bathroom - House
  150. Keep finding hidden rooms and passages: stone, light, basements, outside - House
  151. Bathroom Mirror Just Fell Off The Wall !?!!!!!???: hardwood floors, foundation, dishwashers - House
  152. Kitchen cabinet renew: overlay, countertops, refinish, painting - House
  153. Would you say something?: ceilings, dining room, kitchen, cabinets - House
  154. Would this bother you?: drain, codes, cold, better - House
  155. What is this noise in the wall?: floors, how much, washer - House
  156. Dis.Vet Gets screwed on house: roof, heat, leaks, cost
  157. Generators: foundation, furnace, windows, AC - House
  158. Has ever had a lipstick makeover that really was?: tiling, floors - House
  159. Outdoor hot tubs, no thanks!!: jacuzzi, pool, installed, mold - House
  160. Could you stand living next to...?: costs, building, stairs, energy - House
  161. Split Level Basement Moisture - Help: hardwood, engineered, vinyl, dehumidifier - House
  162. HVAC - Need to replace entire system?: floor, furnaces, Air Conditioners - House
  163. Power Outage and Refrigerator: appliance, install, kitchen, circuit - House
  164. Dryer Issues...: flooring, painting, plumbing, gas - House
  165. HVAC randomly starts blowing VERY HOT air when its set at 75 for cooling: furnace, Air Conditioner - House
  166. At what temperature for upstairs?: floor plans, windows, Air Conditioner, heaters - House
  167. Treating mildew in tile grout?: Home Depot, color, cleaner, installation - House
  168. Air in water line - community water: water tank, tanks, sink - House
  169. Need recommendation on a mower: gas, apartment, prices, compare - House
  170. Ethical: roofing, pool, painting, ceilings - House
  171. I need to find carpet that does not smell (offgassing): flooring, engineered - House
  172. large pond on acres: how much, foundation, tank, drains - House
  173. Best place to get bathroom mirrors and vanities: floor, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  174. Duct Cleaning ?: how much, furnace, heating, furniture - House
  175. Removing stains from bottom of fiberglass pool: pools, vacuum, stain - House
  176. Dish washer haze?: dishwasher, conditioner, sinks, cleaner - House
  177. Bees inside wall of house- HELP!!: microwave, smell, warm, best
  178. Investment Prop Rehab Materials: hardwood floors, laminate, paint, sinks - House
  179. Painting brick: engineered, vinyl, window, color - House
  180. New Construction Contract: floor, slate, price, building - House
  181. Kitchen table, glass or wood--which is better?: cleaner, kitchens, stains - House
  182. love their dishwasher?: pool, kitchen, stains, apartments - House
  183. Bladder-type pressure tank: dishwasher, Lowes, bathtub, install - House
  184. Historic House Tours: hardwood floors, how much, windows, sofa
  185. tankless water heater: how much, dishwasher, tank, insulated - House
  186. My refrigerator stinks!: fireplace, smells, living room, cleaning - House
  187. What style/type of house is this: floor plans, convert, dining room
  188. Kitchen: granite, dishwasher, pool, Lowes - House
  189. How To Raise A Platform Bed?: laminate, color, carpet, building - House
  190. Help - floating floor over concrete: subfloor, engineered, ceilings, furniture - House
  191. ADT Home Security -- the most absurd call I've ever received!: phone, installation - House
  192. Slab leak insurance coverage (or lack there of)?: flooring, foundation, alternatives - House
  193. Carbon Monoxide Alarm Randomly Activating: my fireplace, furnaces, grill, tank - House
  194. about Air Conditioner...: drain, sink, ceiling, install - House
  195. News, One insurer makes exception, covers flood damage.: standard, homeowners, home - House
  196. If the obvious wasn't obvious enough-: build, builder, using - House
  197. What color paint?: blue - House
  198. News, Noisy peacocks annoy neighborhood: crack, Canada - House
  199. Salt-free water softeners: ceramic, table, pros, type - House
  200. Fisher & Paykel refrigerator: cabinet, space, small - House