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  1. What is causing the toilet water to be suddenly cloudy?: tank, tanks - House
  2. Freshing up the kitchen/questions about cabinet resurfacing: hardwood, granite countertops, Lowes - House
  3. How to remove cigar smell from wooden kitchen drawers?: pipe, outside, best - House
  4. When the Gospel of Minimalism Collides With Daily Life: dining room, apartments, building - House
  5. HVAC and incoming stinkbugs: floor, roof, window, ceiling - House
  6. Black Stainless Steel Appliances: floor, pool, Lowes, interior - House
  7. securing deck for dog: how much, Home Depot, railing, building - House
  8. Laundering: washer, color, buy, inside - House
  9. How to align garage door sensors correctly: opener, paint, install - House
  10. Need advice on broken range vent hood button: how much, phone, appliance - House
  11. Help me decide on my metal building!: cost, slab, worth - House
  12. Bees in the belfry?: roof, ceiling, light, warm - House
  13. Outside bottom of steps?: Home Depot, installation, concrete, cracks - House
  14. Need an architect to design house addition: how much, living room, cost
  15. Closing on new construction - year end or beginning of next year: homestead, costs - House
  16. Build Built-ins on Top of Flooring or Not?: subfloor, how much, window - House
  17. granite coutertop installers I've got a problem.: stove, installation, room - House
  18. HVAC, Heat Pump, or C/A?: furnaces, window, AC, heater - House
  19. Shake Roof Insurance: roofing, Lowes, heat, install - House
  20. Low refrigerant pressure, using an electronic leak finder: furnace, Lowes, installed - House
  21. Tiny Black bugs in mu home that bite.: fleas, window, bedroom - House
  22. Mattress king or two twin XL?: springs, bedroom, cost - House
  23. Water dripping from lid of toilet tank: floor, washers, Home Depot - House
  24. Estimate on this beautiful all wood storage ...: floor, how much, shingles - House
  25. Drain bladder stuck in pipe: how much, vacuum, sink, kitchen - House
  26. Fences and property lines - Texas: Lowes, heat, staining, cost - House
  27. looking for a new roof? Do you like that patchwork look?: roofing, color - House
  28. What is the status of R32 REFRIGERANT IN THE US?: window, warm - House
  29. Experience with gutter guards/shields?: roof, installed, insulation, cost - House
  30. Just had the bathroom redone...: floor, window, paint, ceiling - House
  31. The Shed: shingles, foundation, repair, concrete - House
  32. Roof leak after yesterday's rain: roofing, townhome, ceiling, installed - House
  33. electric goes off an on: rooms, pricing, electrical, repair - House
  34. Window has no flashing tape or sill pan?: windows, drain, color - House
  35. How to clean and fix concrete cement foundation stains?: Lowes, cleaner, building - House
  36. Skylight cover help: roof, vinyl, window, heat - House
  37. Cable ready house wiring cost?: floor, how much, living room
  38. New Cedar Deck...transparent stain/preservative?: sink, vs, building, vent - House
  39. Own An Air Hawk?: Home Depot, AC, tank, dryer - House
  40. Looking for ideas for an easy DIY screen porch: room, outside, cement - House
  41. Powder-Coated Steel Cross ...: glass, concrete, cracking, between - House
  42. $150 asbestos testing but would need 3 testing if its negative on first test is this normal: cost, basement - House
  43. Yorktown vs Fieldstone cabinets: laminate, kitchen, cost, compare - House
  44. How do I remove Blueskin from ICF foundation: roofing, install, best - House
  45. Washable area rug: hardwood floor, paint, sink, couch - House
  46. Rough idea what it would cost to add a small porch: how much, roof - House
  47. Bad roof job? Exposed radiant barrier?: roofing, windows, apartment, building - House
  48. Air sealing attic penetrations: floor, roof, heating, ceiling - House
  49. garage flooring (3 car): installed, cost, concrete, replace - House
  50. Values: how much, cost, purchase, property - House
  51. Questions about a tall crawl space.: floor, dehumidifier, foundation, insulated - House
  52. PVC trim expansion/contraction: Lowes, window, paint, install - House
  53. How Can A Larger Capacity Refrigerator Have the Same Dimensions as a Comparable Smaller Capacity Model: townhouse, Home Depot
  54. I'm curious what this paper behind the insulation is?: Lowes, plumber, building - House
  55. Plantation Shutters - whole house: installation, blinds, cost, sq ft
  56. Can channeling water away prevent hill slide? Or what's best option?: installing, pipe - House
  57. Repairing Appliances: washers, heat, microwave, stove - House
  58. A/C options: how much, windows, AC, heating - House
  59. No power from sub panel: AC, electrical, fence, best - House
  60. Putting a batting cage in the backyard: how much, pool, cost - House
  61. Rotten Wood Moldy Odor: Home Depot, window, air conditioning, paint - House
  62. Adding a 2nd hot/cold water tap and washer drain?: floor, washers - House
  63. Termite protection in FLorida: cost, repair, vent, between - House
  64. Videos: Bricklaying Does And Dont’s: vs, material, brick, Maui - House
  65. Wine Fridge?: phone, sink, appliance, kitchen - House
  66. Concrete foundation crack? What's the appropriate way to fix?: townhouse, windows, phone
  67. Grounding old outlets: washer, loading, microwave, paint - House
  68. What tool is better to cut hardi backer board?: roofing, vac, molding - House
  69. Houses you saw but felt were overpriced?: flooring, how much, roof
  70. Wiring for 100 amp Panel and 60 amp Heat Pump: Home Depot, pool, room - House
  71. Electrical Help 220V Tanning Bed issue: wiring, breaker, outlet, new - House
  72. A/C Blower Motor Went Out: furnace, heat, installed, cost - House
  73. Storing things at home: vacuum, loading, bedrooms, cleaning - House
  74. Do I live too close to a highway?: light, damage, Louisiana - House
  75. Fan will not shut off with A/C, but does with heat?: Home Depot, furnace - House
  76. opening leaking faucet help: Lowes, sink, bathroom, mount - House
  77. What is the technical term for windows?: glass, light, cost - House
  78. Can you rebuild a boiler?: furnace, hot water baseboard, installed, plumbing - House
  79. Wood dowels and hole space on a bookshelf I'm assembling: glue, brands - House
  80. Bathroom venting: how much, roof, drain, bathtub - House
  81. Hybrid Joists and Flooring: subfloor, engineered, vinyl, laminate - House
  82. New deck and porch staining/sealing: how much, paint, installing, stain - House
  83. Which trade to call for fireplace remodel? Guesstimate on cost?: hardwood, refinish - House
  84. what are your mattress needs: hard, medium, or soft: springs, window, bedroom - House
  85. Nests in the attic: outside, removing, seal, wall - House
  86. Barn Door too short: installation, laundry room, molding, cost - House
  87. Stupid central air compressor: townhouse, AC, condo, building
  88. Driveway options: drains, cost, sq ft, concrete - House
  89. HVAC Maintenance/Servicing schedule: humidifier, furnace, AC, installed - House
  90. Mini Fridge: how much, Home Depot, refrigerator, efficient - House
  91. Can identify this outlet on the exterior of my home?: phones, basement - House
  92. GX24Q Compact Fluorescent - Dimmable conversion?: floor, ceiling, convert - House
  93. Water Damage / Mold or Welding Grease?: heater, color, leaking, pipes - House
  94. Need to kill a bush permanently...: Lowes, paint, better, remove - House
  95. Last change you had done to your house?: floor, vinyl, fireplace
  96. Is it worth it? MOLD issue: windows, AC, paint, sink - House
  97. seized motor: dishwasher, pool, appliance, kitchen - House
  98. Interior paint cost..: wood floors, color, ceilings, rooms - House
  99. Wood floor cupping problem: hardwood floor, engineered, foundation, laminate - House
  100. Small bathroom remodel & electrical - 25-27k, is this too much?: subfloor, granite - House
  101. Battery Back-up Sump Pump: floor, how much, furnace, AC - House
  102. Visually identifying hardwood vs. laminate: hardwood floors, engineered, vinyl, plank - House
  103. Should I replace my 7 year old tank water heater?: dishwasher, Lowes, drain - House
  104. Making a key for locks with no key: cost, code, worth - House
  105. Buying refurbished fridge a bad idea?: floor, dishwasher, appliance, room - House
  106. Dual Zone and Furnace Upgrade?: floors, townhouse, furnaces, window
  107. oh no!!!: floor, vinyl, vacuum, painting - House
  108. Wood rot on windows...: how much, roof, vinyl, wooden windows - House
  109. Pooling Near Foundation After Shrub Removal: leak, code, basement, vent - House
  110. House Filters: HEPA filter, furnace, AC, heating
  111. Water Filters For The Whole House: how much, pool, tank, smell
  112. Urgently want a house; can I ask bank if they've received an offer without my realtor?: how much, cost
  113. Can roofing felt be used as housewrap?: Lowes, window, installed
  114. Lead bend for toilet - needs to be changed (safety concerns re small children in the house)?: subfloor, how much
  115. What does people who leave their yards junky say to you?: furniture, cleaning - House
  116. Contractor using my bathroom: painting, smell, bathrooms, interior - House
  117. Abandoned House Vent: stove, install, kitchen, steel
  118. Rain Dispersion gutter alternatives.: roof, washer, stone, installation - House
  119. Sump pump: how much, foundation, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  120. Bathroom Musty Smell when A/C is ON?: dehumidifier, grills, window - House
  121. No power at wall outlet: ceiling, installed, bedrooms, kitchen - House
  122. Do You Rinse Your Paint Rollers or Toss and Use New Ones?: how much, sink - House
  123. How long can thin pressure treated wood last in soil?: Lowes, building - House
  124. do you wash new bedsheets before using them?: smells, dryer, standard - House
  125. Pool Maintenance for Intex/Coleman 18x48 (Keeps Turning Green): pools, heater, vacuum - House
  126. Portable Air Conditioners: how much, window, heat, ceilings - House
  127. Painting exterior brick: kitchen, cabinets, building, interior - House
  128. Picking A Roofer: how much, roofing, installing, cost - House
  129. Old and kinda ugle bathroom: floor, how much, windows, insulate - House
  130. Replace Bathtub With Walk-in Shower: tiling, floor, how much, drain - House
  131. Getting a roofing estimate is like pulling teeth: how much, ceiling, installation - House
  132. Ceiling fan lifespan: AC, installed, electric, repair - House
  133. Historic Preservation presentation (help: roofing, vinyl, window, phone - House
  134. Cooling a room to below normal range: windows, Air Conditioner, heat - House
  135. Suggestions for how to keep concrete floor dust down?: flooring, townhouse, color
  136. Building a covered deck: roof, pool, ceiling, steel - House
  137. What's this weird bump in the roof?: roofing, plank, installation - House
  138. Security screen doors: Home Depot, installed, steel, electric - House
  139. Options for filling in a Garrison style colonial overhang: floor, how much - House
  140. Help!! Why is this so difficult :/: living room, lighting, electric, replacing - House
  141. Old House Love: wood floors, vinyl, windows, ceilings
  142. Can You Recommend Home Inspectors and Pest inspectors in the Houston Area: foundations, phone - House
  143. Do you go nekkid in your house?: windows, curtains, shower
  144. Getting new (shingle) roof but**** (SOUTH FLORIDA HOME): flooring, how much, roofing - House
  145. New home construction - regrets with choices?: floor, granite, pool - House
  146. What is starting to look dated ?: flooring, roofing, granite - House
  147. Decoding new construction laundry room: subfloor, washer, townhouse, drain
  148. Strange ceiling fan light problem: installed, cleaning, cost, warm - House
  149. PSA: Unused showers can be dangerous: floor, windows, drains, sink - House
  150. Central Air Conditioning - Reliability??: furnace, window, heat, insulated - House
  151. Cooking with Electric vs much energy used: furnace, water heater, insulated - House
  152. Strange clogging problem: floor, drain, sink, cleaner - House
  153. How bad is lightning damage to electrical system?: opener, window, AC - House
  154. Good idea? Replace wood panel wall with sheetrock: vac, color, ceilings - House
  155. Two Storey Home with young children?: bedroom, carpet, square feet, siding - House
  156. Repairing wrought iron fence panels: how much, Home Depot, painting, steel - House
  157. Houses With Names: apartment, building, vent, replace
  158. New Smart-home thermostat, old furnace?: Lowes, heating, smells, install - House
  159. Are Flat roofs a big problem?: roof, washer, townhouses, Air Conditioner
  160. Got Rid of Cable for TV: floor, roof, convert, steel - House
  161. Is your refrigerator packed full?: room, vent, energy, oven - House
  162. Animal Under Shed: Not Skunk, What could it Be?: foundation, chimney, dogs - House
  163. Living in a House with Demo'd Ceilings: flooring, foundation, window
  164. Unhappy in new house and town: costs, vent, iron, outside
  165. what's most expensive thing had to fix in your house: wood floors, shingles
  166. Refrigerator: pool, appliance, room, kitchen - House
  167. House Itself Vs Location: kitchen, condo, price, mount
  168. Color and f hardwood floor: how much, granite countertops, furniture, bedroom - House
  169. Installing kitchen range hood: roof, Home Depot, tank, microwave - House
  170. AC problem- blank stat screen: furnace, heat, outside, replacement - House
  171. I'll just go upstairs/downstairs to get.....: floor, furniture, room - House
  172. Home Security Panel Napco Magnum Alert blown transformer: AC, phones, install - House
  173. What does cookie cutter mean to you?: roof, build, vents - House
  174. Longest you haven't left your home for?: bathroom, cold, average - House
  175. Gutter Caulking: roofing, vinyl, Home Depot, paint - House
  176. Just upgraded Kitchen Range hood huge difference in air quality: Lowes, grill - House
  177. Weed infestation: company, cheaper, yard, property - House
  178. Moisture in Concrete Slab: flooring, engineered, foundation, heater - House
  179. A/C Scam to empty our pockets?: AC, appliance, installation - House
  180. Attic Ventilators: shingles, install, stained, insulation - House
  181. Way to Replace Laminate Without Replacing Wood Trim?: granite, Lowes, color - House
  182. Ugly Exterior House-- Would you buy one?: paint, price, repair
  183. My first new Lawnmower!: cleaning, gas, electric, weather - House
  184. Do you make your bed every day?: floor, vacuum, bedrooms - House
  185. Diving board or No Diving Board or New Diving Board??: pools, paint color - House
  186. Snake Risk Living Next to a Wooded Area: heat, install, cement - House
  187. New Windows -: engineered, vinyl, Home Depot, heat - House
  188. Do you go barefoot in your house?: wood floors, bathroom, shower
  189. Cleaning kitchen garbage disposal: dishwasher, sink, plumber, replacing - House
  190. Ordering linear gas fireplace: how much, fireplaces, heating, installation - House
  191. Concrete v. Asphalt driveway for central Illinois: floor, heat, color - House
  192. Water heating systems: furnace, tank, tanks, sink - House
  193. Old Hardwood Floors vs New Hardwood Floors: engineered, vinyl, refinish - House
  194. for lawyers on ....: how much, cost, load, best - House
  195. Type of hardwood: standard, mount, wood, yard - House
  196. Did you ever mix and pour your own concrete? what size?: Home Depot, pool - House
  197. Finding a quality roofer?: roof, replacement, company, cement - House
  198. teak: colors, furniture, price, best - House
  199. Spruce Up Your Solar Lights: paint, outside, remove, coat - House
  200. Refrigerator ice makers replacements: floor, pool, kitchen, cost - House