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  1. Can I get a curved shower effect without installing a curved rod?: bathtub, curtain - House
  2. melted gum in fabric - help: heat, vacuum, cleaner, cleaning - House
  3. Help about A/C System...: AC, drain, leaking, cost - House
  4. Programmable Thermostats: furnaces, heaters, costs, warm - House
  5. I need a 65 inch outdoor gate..... ideas where to get it from?: Home Depot, Lowes - House
  6. Hazy residue on wood floor: flooring, laminate, refinish, cleaner - House
  7. gas fireplace - baseboard heating in way: windows, hot water baseboard, stove - House
  8. Sprinkler system questions...: installed, leaking, pipes, electric - House
  9. The $900 Mailbox: furniture, cost, better, energy - House
  10. 60 Plus Yr Old House~Need to Add Air,Has Gas Furnace in Basement-HELP!: roof, furnaces
  11. Hot Water Issues: water tank, drain, bathroom, kitchen - House
  12. About Arsenic in Wood Decks/Playsets,: color, installed, building - House
  13. Public Citizen makes public abuses of arbitration in newly built home contracts.: floors, how much - House
  14. Wood pellet stoves, safe in terms of emmissions in the house?: alternatives, fireplaces
  15. Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters?: tank, cleaning, gas, glass - House
  16. Barely hot water to shower: showers, leaking, cold, replace - House
  17. home, but has cracked basement floor, water seapage, advice?: foundation, drains - House
  18. soft water in pool: drain, installed, build, iron - House
  19. Looking at buying a flat roof house: roofing, pool, drains
  20. Not using appliances- what happens?: dishwasher, conversion, installation, bathroom - House
  21. Deck Lighting with motion photo sensors: heat, installed, family room, detector - House
  22. replacing halogen bulbs with cfl: heat, installing, light, better - House
  23. which bed brands to avoid: springs, couch, cost, pillow - House
  24. Bath tub>>>re_glaze or tub fitter: installed, shower - House
  25. Is the housing market back up?: bedroom, kitchen, prices, worth - House
  26. Stupid about a microwave oven: heating, stove, install, cost - House
  27. Electrician Pricing?: how much, flat, rate - House
  28. Painting brick facing and color choice / finish: floor, vinyl, window - House
  29. New Home: Garage door: opener, Home Depot, installed, hurricane - House
  30. sewer line trap likely under slab: foundation, heating, drain, sink - House
  31. AC unit goes kerplunk...: heat, drain, cleaner, leak - House
  32. My Track Home Building Experience: flooring, roof, granite, foundation - House
  33. bad ants!????: wood, sheets, good, inside - House
  34. Can someone give me on painting my son (5) and Daughters (8) room?: color, bedroom - House
  35. Spray foam estimate: how much, insulate, insulation, glass - House
  36. How are new constructions financed?: appliance, convert, installed, room - House
  37. Window AC: air conditioning, bedroom, cost, square foot - House
  38. bought investment home in bad area - that rebounded later?: foundations, converting - House
  39. Plaster Hanging -- Old Home -- Heavy Mirror: Home Depot, stone, repair - House
  40. Gas Stove Parts Replacement: appliance, standard, vent, purchase - House
  41. What is considered a full overlay cabinet face?: appliance, install - House
  42. Double oven range recommendations?: appliance, gas, pricing, compare - House
  43. Slanted walls and the cost of making them vertical?: floor, roof, windows - House
  44. Have you ever gotten sick from using pesticides in the house?: alternatives, cold
  45. Clunking sound when hot water in the bathroom is turned on!!!: hot water heater, vacuum - House
  46. Ice Maker in Fridge: how much, phone, appliance, refrigerator - House
  47. birds in the bathroom vent: installed, dryer, building codes, standard - House
  48. Home Depot Landscaping?: roofing, installation, prices, best - House
  49. Small night lite nearly caught trailer on Fire!!!!: floor, smell, bedroom - House
  50. What are reasons an upstairs floor in a new house would be angular?: floors, roof
  51. Companies That Compete with Your Electric Bill: cost, company, existing - House
  52. LG Combo Washer/Dryer in one unit: washers, condo, duct - House
  53. Cheapest time of the year to build a deck?: Lowes, cost, best - House
  54. Looking for a door stop / holder - NON magnetic: company, baseboard, ducts - House
  55. Just bought house....think we have termites on porch furniture: stained, company
  56. RANT: Why does everything break/happen at the same time?: floor, how much - House
  57. Buried oil tank not in use from the 1950s-looking to buy the house--Ohio laws?: tanks, conversion
  58. Crawl space -- dampness issue: dehumidifier, smell, room, basement - House
  59. Microwave odors (ewwww): heating, smells, cleaner, appliance - House
  60. Switching outside lights: Home Depot, Lowes, installing, electricity - House
  61. So how many people's ceilings do you think I'll have to tear open before I close on a house?: subfloor, opener
  62. Do it yourself fence??: how much, Home Depot, Lowes, installing - House
  63. Repairing/painting shingle siding: shingles, vinyl, color, installing - House
  64. How much budget we should plan: flooring, granite, jacuzzi, Home Depot - House
  65. HVAC Vents- Shutdown or NO-shutdown in unused rooms?: Lowes, heat - House
  66. Living near conservation trails, annoying? Reduces value?: how much, vent, fence - House
  67. Neighbor: washers, tank, phone, drain - House
  68. Buy a steam cleaner or call for professional cleaning?: vacuum cleaner, smells, furniture - House
  69. Boy/Girl sharing room. Need ideas!: color, furniture, vent, rated - House
  70. What kind of window film should I get?: Home Depot, windows, heat - House
  71. Looking at a saltbox reproduction built in late 70's, what to look out for?: floors, how much - House
  72. Need help with a Plumbing Single mom: washer, sink, install - House
  73. Undermount double kitchen sink: sinks, installed, kitchens, faucet - House
  74. News, Get out of house with Chinese drywall, doctor tells family.: smell, covered
  75. Flourescent Light Problem Diagnosis: cabinet, electric, best, replacing - House
  76. Strange hardwood floor problem: heat, paint, bathroom, kitchen - House
  77. Sewer Rates: tanks, phone, natural gas, costs - House
  78. Land and Wildlife Management: better, green, Georgia, living - House
  79. Maple vs Cherry: color, furniture, bathroom, kitchen - House
  80. benefit to powerwashing Hardiplank & brick house?: roof, foundation, washer
  81. What size garage door opener do I need?: installed, car garage, aluminum - House
  82. dark hardwood floor and sunlight: windows, curtains, color, furniture - House
  83. Radiant Barrier Spray/foil/ blown in insulation: floor, how much, roof - House
  84. Return Air at top of 15 ft vaulted ceiling ok?: how much, AC, heater - House
  85. Outlet Wiring for Entertainment Rooms: install, circuit, best, mount - House
  86. Enclosed Porch *Heated* Turning Into Bedroom. NEED IDEAS.: floor, converting, warm - House
  87. Install Washer/Dryer hook up.: how much, foundation, drain, stove - House
  88. Iron Security Gate at foot of driveway: install, rated, chain - House
  89. Downspout traps/guards always necessary?: cleaning, light, versus, basement - House
  90. Low VOC Paints: painting, smells, kitchen, price - House
  91. Paris,Tn~House has a fuse box, how much to switch over to breaker box???: insulation, cost
  92. Home Warranty: microwave, cost, repair, company - House
  93. water under the house: foundation, pool, leaking, pipe
  94. Moldings lifting off of laminate floor.: subfloor, Home Depot, ceramic, install - House
  95. Undersized garage: floor, ceiling, room, building codes - House
  96. Fireplace~Unknown if works,Can I Install a Ventless Fireplace In It? How Do Things Work???: floor, fireplaces - House
  97. Recommendations for stackable washer and ventless dryer?: washer-dryer, appliance, condo - House
  98. Gutter pitch: drain, install, standard, vent - House
  99. Frozen air conditioner: installation, leaks, cost, circuit - House
  100. HVAC spewing out black stuff when used: insulated, smells, bathroom - House
  101. Ac/heat pump fan: how much, Air Conditioner, heater, install - House
  102. Spring free mattress?: heat, bedroom, pricing, compare - House
  103. A/c heat pump: AC, heater, ceiling, mold - House
  104. Air conditioning vents: ceiling, cold, best, ducts - House
  105. Refinishing cast aluminum bird bath: paint, good, using - House
  106. driveway sealed and its raining: concrete, family - House
  107. Why Are People Ruining Brick by Painting It? (moved from NC): vinyl, fireplaces - House
  108. Noisy Dryer: appliance, dogs, better, replace - House
  109. Vinyl Floor ??: subfloor, foundations, Home Depot, heat - House
  110. I'll buy an antique house, that way there's an excuse for the sagging floors.: hardwood, roof
  111. Central Air Unit for residence - Bryant or Goodman?: window, Air Conditioner, heating - House
  112. Mice: roof, Home Depot, pillow, dogs - House
  113. Ugly exterior - need advice & opinions, help!!: roof, foundation, windows - House
  114. Buzzing walls!!!: windows, ceiling, blinds, kitchen - House
  115. Metal Roof~Can you be electrocuted?????: AC, vacuum, insulated, installed - House
  116. about piers and underpinnings (supports in crawl space: floors, how much - House
  117. Water spilled down floor air vent--problem?: AC, heat, smell, carpet - House
  118. Garbage disposal leaking......: Home Depot, drain, paint, sink - House
  119. Arsenic in water, how close is too close to the MCL?: best, remove - House
  120. Ladder Questions: Home Depot, paint, glass, cost - House
  121. What does it mean when a property has an easement ?: pool, drain - House
  122. My TV Converter Box Coupon is Expired!!: pool, vent, cold - House
  123. Paint over wallpaper: vinyl, heat, dining room, molding - House
  124. Unsolicited bids on houses not for sale. Genius? Or idiotic?: springs, Lowes
  125. professional cooking stoves: heat, installed, cleaning, kitchens - House
  126. Removing smoke smell from house: floors, fireplace, window, air conditioning
  127. Mysterious water spot between slab and flooring: washer, pool, Lowes - House
  128. size of support post for a 6 wide beam?: laminate, steel, code - House
  129. Tankless water heaters: tank, installing, gas, cost - House
  130. Why such a difference in refinishing wood floors?: cleaner, furniture, install - House
  131. Framing Basement Walls: How To attach?: hardwood, laminate, paint, sinks - House
  132. What causes air in only 1 bathroom tap??: floor, water tank, install - House
  133. Pool Guy Broke Pipes...what To Do..what To Do.: installed, cost - House
  134. Stupid Outdoor Light Turns Itself Off And On!: Home Depot, paint, installing - House
  135. Is this a problem?: Home Depot, Lowes, apartment, pipe - House
  136. Aura Paint from Benjamin Moore: Home Depot, Lowes, color, smell - House
  137. Bed bugs!!: floor, fleas, pool, heat - House
  138. Gravel drive overrun with weeds-- need advice!: tank, drain, stone - House
  139. House with golf view--there are balls in my backyard!: pool, windows, gas
  140. New Home inspection: floor, shingles, pool, appliance - House
  141. Sealing Tile and Grout: floor, ceramic, installed, living room - House
  142. Hiring a housekeeper: smell, furniture, cleaning, cost
  143. what kind of siding is this??: vinyl, color, asbestos, installation - House
  144. Whose responsibility it is if our tree hits neighbor's house in a storm?: roof, hurricane
  145. How close is too close to a flood zone?: how much, hurricane, cost - House
  146. SunSetter awnings: fireplace, colors, installed, price - House
  147. Using the flow diversion valve on a septic tank.: tanks, drain, installed - House
  148. Need to make basement stairs: floor plans, how much, washer, install - House
  149. MTBE found in the well water: tank, smell, installed, gas - House
  150. Water Softeners: granite, dishwasher, hot water heater, phone - House
  151. Bath/Shower and value of home..: floor, drain, bathtub - House
  152. siding?: vinyl, washer, insulated, color - House
  153. Central A/C Fan Keeps Running: Home Depot, furnace, heat, gas - House
  154. Solar Lights: room, hurricane, cost, electricity - House
  155. Is the Fireplace important to you?: fireplaces, heater, natural gas, apartment - House
  156. Are GE Profile appliances worth the money?: dishwasher, pool, heat - House
  157. How Much Propane Use on a Propane Range?: fireplace, furnace, tank - House
  158. How do you get food off of stainless steel pots: dishwasher, heat - House
  159. Need suggestions for a house-warming gift: Home Depot, detector, kitchen
  160. Brick wall: foundation, color, sink, slab - House
  161. Central Air Installation Cost: how much, furnace, heat, installing - House
  162. Lcd/home theater hook up: how much, fireplace, Home Depot, sofa - House
  163. When Do You Need 2nd AC Unit: heating, ceiling, install - House
  164. Bootleg ground at outlet: appliance, install, bathroom, kitchen - House
  165. Alarm system with no monitoring: window, phone, install, bedroom - House
  166. Gas heating, safe?: air conditioning, tank, tanks, smell - House
  167. Will you hire a contractor who refuse to apply village permit for your project?: building codes, electrical - House
  168. Galvanized and copper pipes: floor, how much, roof, Lowes - House
  169. Front loading washer: front loader, warm, load, vinegar - House
  170. Heavy rain, puddles, I don't get it!: foundation, pool, drains - House
  171. building choice: 30 amp, 50 amp, 60 amp circuit?: how much, heat, vac, install - House
  172. Laundry: dishwasher, color, stain, dryer - House
  173. Going back and forth on cabinet finish selection - pointers?: hardwood, granite - House
  174. Chemical Vapor from Pads Under Stainless Sink - New Construction: Home Depot, paint - House
  175. Electric Timers for Lights while Away: Home Depot, installing, living room, lighting - House
  176. SS Cleaner: granite, Home Depot, smells, appliance - House
  177. Water Softener Connection Questions: pools, heater, sink, install - House
  178. Monthly gas bill (forced air heat vs. hot water radiator): furnace, windows - House
  179. Kitchen appliances: your Most- and Least- used?: opener, heating, vacuum - House
  180. Has done an Eco-friendly Bathroom Renovation?: tank, install, showerhead - House
  181. Historic Homes: hardwood floors, vinyl, granite, fireplaces - House
  182. I think I figured out why the floor is tilted, is this going to be a big issue?: flooring, roof - House
  183. Garages: for parking or storage?: fireplace, stove, paint, sink - House
  184. Why can't I wash cotton/poly spread?: washer, dryer, washing - House
  185. Top 3 Things you love most about your house: hardwood floors, vinyl, granite
  186. Lawn maintenance / neighbors fences: installed, cleaning, codes, dogs - House
  187. Fujitsu ductless HVAC systems: window, Air Conditioner, heating, ceilings - House
  188. Dug Well problem: tank, color, ceramic, mold - House
  189. ants in my bathroom: foundation, Home Depot, sinks, dining room - House
  190. Legal advice needed.............. help.: hardwood floors, how much, roof, color - House
  191. What to look for in a home inspector?: flooring, roof, countertops - House
  192. Pics inside my home: Need interior design advice!!!: floor, curtains, stove - House
  193. Hammary Furniture: dining room, company, dealers, table - House
  194. Porcelain steel cleaner for black stovetop?: cleaning, free - House
  195. Before you decide, read this report.: build, construction, forced, builder - House
  196. water sealer - House
  197. on siting fencing: fence, backyard, table, area - House
  198. The Floating House: pictures
  199. Arizona Renters Insurance: rate - House
  200. Uneven Floors/Moisture Underneath In Older House~Can You Fix This and Have It Last?: mold, between