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  1. Celebrations from around the world: deal, area, market
  2. Have you bought things made in your country for less money in another?: to buy - World
  3. Next vacation destination?: 2015, price, safest - World
  4. Global AgeWatch Index: 2015, live, lawsuits - World
  5. The Lancet: Chinese in 6 provinces/areas live longer than Americans: 2015, centers - World
  6. What are problems, or difficulties you faced while teaching in South Korea?: living - World
  7. One's Dwelling-Place Preferences: lease, home, neighbourhood - World
  8. Is Brazil suffering a currency crisis?: foundations, robberies, Brazilian - World
  9. Report: World's Most Competitive Economies 2015/16: to live in, rankings, best
  10. Which country has the tastiest watermelon in the world?: eat, car
  11. Favorite People-watching city or counry.: houses, beaches, best place - World
  12. Currency war? The devaluation of currencies has huge effect on countries' GDP: 2015 - World
  13. How do you think North African countries rank, in Per-capita GDP?: oil, registered - World
  14. Another mass shooting in America: school, community college, most dangerous - World
  15. retiring early in Central/South American countries: best neighborhood, real estate - World
  16. QUIZ - multiple choice - street patterns of world cities: 2015, location
  17. Indigenous artists from your country: stations, radio, roach - World
  18. That ocidentales countries have more muslims immigrants - World
  19. List of independence movements in the world: land, best
  20. World inequality: sales, living, centers
  21. New Year's lights in Shanghai China: 2015, construction, building - World
  22. Walking in 3rd world large cities: 2014, live in, rail
  23. Ranking the countries with more than 10 million people by percent of urban population: houses - World
  24. Happy New Year, World!!: health, best, great
  25. 5,000 years world history map in 10 minutes: dating, Chinese, teenagers
  26. ISIS published the first Chinese propaganda song: how much, Arabic - World
  27. Monopoly Board streets around the world: 2014, insurance, luxury
  28. Richest U.S. Family vs the World: 2014, how much
  29. City - Data demographics poll: live in, population, Persian - World
  30. where the people are kind and they love to dance: club, move to - World
  31. Happy Antarctica Day Everyone!!: safety, steaks, Asian - World
  32. Volunteering Programs: safety, budget, expenses - World
  33. can you explanation of the phenomenon of the invasion of the spanish fast fashion in world,Zara,Mango,Custo: universities
  34. Industrial Explosions and Fires around the world: 2015, house
  35. Turkey is now on Google Street View: cities, place - World
  36. Shanghai's tax revenue has surpassed both Indian and Russian government revenue: 2015, year - World
  37. Amazing pictures of Afghanistan in the 60's: 2013, park - World
  38. Do you think every origin decades should be their own reservats?: 2015, unemployment - World
  39. Do you think after Jews the Nazis would do the same to other races?: crimes - World
  40. War in Middle East: subsidized, military, manufacturing - World
  41. - matching cities by culture, economy and climate: how much, living - World
  42. If English can be considered a Roman(ce) language then................: elementary school, agriculture - World
  43. Who are the most mixed people ?: live in, Lebanese, population - World
  44. Most Brutally Nationalities?: top 10, Dutch, government - World
  45. Which country you visited felt the most far away from your home?: 2014, living in - World
  46. Is the greatest of the U.S. due to its location?: new home, buy - World
  47. Blonde vs. Brunette?: 2015, single, countries - World
  48. Canada a better place than western Europe: low income, high crime - World
  49. People from Latin America, the Middle East and India look similar to you?: credit, Lebanese - World
  50. How much of the food you eat is of your own country's cuisine?: home, live in - World
  51. What do non-Americans think of Trump: authority, oil, approval - World
  52. What is the dumbest thing been asked about your country?: ski resort, live in - World
  53. I envy christian countries for having better vibe than mine: wedding, living in - World
  54. Who are Arabs?: vs, racist, rated - World
  55. NATO country shot down russian warplane: gated, territory, resident - World
  56. As an adult can your accent change after relocating to a different country: live, move - World
  57. Introduce weird Surnames: school, teacher, Japanese - World
  58. If WWIII started within the next decade...: fit in, vs. - World
  59. Supermarket Culture: live, price, shops - World
  60. Do you think Antarctica should be colonized?: centers, food - World
  61. Which countries have high levels of migrants & non-locals: 2013, stats - World
  62. Are you happy with the country you live in or would you prefer to be a different national?: home, earthquakes - World
  63. Suggest a country for me to expatriate to (culture, nightlife, beaches): purchasing, living - World
  64. Attacks in Paris: Media Coverage in your country: how much, home - World
  65. Brain drain: rent, buying, universities - World
  66. Your favorite national park (world Versison): 2013, home, vehicles
  67. Does the recent migration crisis in Europe now mirror the situation of illegal migration to America?: live, legally - World
  68. Countries that are similar: crime, how much, big house - World
  69. Quietest Countries on Earth?: island, population, climate - World
  70. Are the indigenous of the Americas basically Asian people?: 2014, rating - World
  71. Public demographics poll: live in, architecture, island - World
  72. Are East Asians more integrated in Canada or the U.S?: big house, buying - World
  73. Language similarity/comparison: school, vs, Korean - World
  74. Country for a peaceful life?: crime rate, move to, suburbs - World
  75. Don't you hate it when people claim to have seen half of the world...: cities, island
  76. List of Largest Marginal Seas: land, American, concrete - World
  77. Most United/Least Divided Country (Population at least 50 mil.)?: island, ethnic - World
  78. A person born in the city of Novosibirsk is an European or an Asian?: population, ethnicity - World
  79. Modern genesis of Russian propaganda: sales, 2015, loan - World
  80. NUMBER 1 CHRISTMAS SONGS - Merry Xmas: skyscraper, Colombia - World
  81. Texas vs Argentina: to live, vs., safety - World
  82. Where Would You Rather Live? Game, World Version: living, cost of living
  83. Are landlocked countries at a disadvantage?: transport, wealthy, pay - World
  84. Patagonia vs British Columbia vs New Zealand: live in, beaches - World
  85. How do you pronounce Countries?: rain, Dutch, American - World
  86. Geographical coverage/regionalisation of sports: 2015, codes, stats - World
  87. Street level scenes -- Russia-China border cities Vladivostok-Sui Fen He: 2015, resort - World
  88. Most easy to become wealthy Non-Islamic Countries?: real estate, apartment - World
  89. Warning: Grapic Content, torture of Polar Bear in Russia: construction, contractors - World
  90. How informative is the etymology of a person's name?: live, estate - World
  91. Free Airfare (Can't Decide Where To Go): camping, living in - World
  92. Asia is the place if you want safety!: 2015, crime - World
  93. anti-Semitism in France vs. Argentina: living in, safe, kosher - World
  94. Can Israel survive without foreign aid?: 2015, incomes, standard of living - World
  95. importance of religion in people's life, by country: rating, Korean - World
  96. Brazilian Nightmare on Elm Street: 2015, neighborhoods, living - World
  97. Best Countries for Business 2015: hotels, house, quality of life - World
  98. Dublin the worlds last Anglo/Germanic city?: live, cities
  99. Do you think we can say that people from countries are more emotionally immature than others?: low crime, how much - World
  100. What are the sources of humor in various countries?: neighborhoods, area - World
  101. Wikipedia map of Muslim countries that punish apostasy with death or prison: 2013, legal - World
  102. Are all Terrorists Muslims?: 2015, schools, university - World
  103. Best Place to Be Expat (Cheap, Clean, Safe, ): low crime, house - World
  104. Countries whose ethnic population is going to dissapear in the next 50 years.: transplants, distance - World
  105. Low Income & Low Homicide Rate vs. High Income & High Homicide Rate: condo, crime - World
  106. Kazan, Russia: is it more like Istanbul than Istanbul?: how much, hotel - World
  107. Will all coastal cities be drowned by sea levels?: 2015, how much - World
  108. Geneva Switzerland look like, but by the sea: live in, linear - World
  109. Which Country has longest school day/year?: spring break, home - World
  110. Montreal or Barcelona: fit in, how much, to live - World
  111. East Asia vs Eastern US: houses, gated, exemption - World
  112. World's Xmas Lights ☆: 2015, live, installation
  113. Muslim-majority countries were gays will NOT go to jail for private sexual activity: living in, eat - World
  114. Where is the Middle East?: area, venues, rain - World
  115. Your views on the Palestine / Israel conflict: homes, to live - World
  116. Is Armenia in Europe or the Middle-East?: suburbs, land - World
  117. Americans need not apply: home, to buy, to live - World
  118. Which of the list of 10 most livable cities in the world you wish to live in?: 2015, income
  119. Describe How You Feel Towards Each City, Town, Regional Area, Or Country Game. Objective Subjective Analyzing.: how much, hotel - World
  120. Nightlife Variation Entertaining Vibrancy. Best & Worst Areas Of Countries Nightclubs, Bars, Discotheque, Hookah Lounges: 2015, hotel - World
  121. expensive countries vs. cheaper countries for traveling: crime, hotels - World
  122. Cost of going to college: how much, dorm, schools - World
  123. What is your political inclination?: income, activities, money - World
  124. Do people all get dressed the same way?: living in, eat - World
  125. why is the middle east so war torn? Is the US to blame?: sales, 2014 - World
  126. World Class Cafes According To Ambiance, Cafe Bar Restaurant Vibe, Wifi, Menu. My Favorite Cafes Discovery Everywhere.: neighborhood, inspectors
  127. World's most diverse cities: Filipino, population, ethnic
  128. Have you ever crossed a polar circle?: live, military - World
  129. Part II: What do Russians living in the United States and the EU think of Putin and the Ukraine & Syria Crises?: school, college - World
  130. Comparing Latin America and Southeast Asia in terms of economy and crime: 2015, law - World
  131. Your Choice: home, taxes, live - World
  132. Which national anthem has the most pleasing music to you?: live, castle - World
  133. Free trade & movement - a new union: how much, buy - World
  134. Cultures where accidental farting or burping isn't as embarassing?: eat, title - World
  135. Songs that remind you of a country.: live, radio - World
  136. Japan and Germany dislike China the most?: 2015, military - World
  137. Which foreign Administrative/Geopolitical Capital do you most often hear about in your country's media outlets?: 2015, house - World
  138. Top refugee hosts in the world: you may be surprised: 2014, legally
  139. The future of the ISIS Caliphate ?: Russians, single - World
  140. Laziness! Countries With The Largest Percentage of New Smokers !: income, living - World
  141. If you're a citizen that....: fit in, home, living - World
  142. is it to ''seek asylum'' from U.S ?: how much, home - World
  143. Most legendary sports clubs in the world by sport: college, club
  144. How widespread is the feeling that your country is ruled by corporate elites and rich people?: how much, university - World
  145. Countries allowing children to drink alcohol: crime, house, buy - World
  146. Most Muslim Countries: live in, area, population - World
  147. Pakistan's rise to regional power: 2015, construction, live - World
  148. Most Valuable American Client State?: military, rated, best - World
  149. What period were you born in?: university, live, car - World
  150. Do you think that the United States is an empire with respect to the rest of the world?: live in, military
  151. If YouTube existed 1,000 years ago...: theatre, live, military - World
  152. Diasporas: calculation, living in, farms - World
  153. Does the average third worlder really live worse than a poor/homeless American?: apartment, crime rate
  154. The World without transportation: living in, airports, agriculture
  155. Culture and being a good spouse: home, university, pools - World
  156. Which country has the best healthcare system?: 2014, pros and cons - World
  157. Is good nightlife cultural?: theater, living, restaurants - World
  158. Wich new NZ flag you choose?: place, panel, status - World
  159. More liberal - Canada or Australia?: job market, theatre, places to live - World
  160. Sense of humor, most and least?: quality of life, live, rated - World
  161. The UK and China: 2015, lawyer, home - World
  162. Best-loved heads of state, by their own people: 2015, rated - World
  163. Worst Countries to Live in (GDP (PPP) per capita of at least $20.000)?: ferry, best - World
  164. Moscow vs. Istanbul vs. London vs. Paris, which feels the largest?: apartments, houses - World
  165. International Relations Game. What Each Regional Area Thinks Of Another One Ultra Specific Pairing Combination.: to buy, living - World
  166. Do you think Google Street View will be eventually be available on every street in the world?: 2013, land
  167. Over Population: how much, house, luxury - World
  168. (OECD Stats) Germany, France, and UK would be the very poorest states if they joined the US: purchasing, luxury - World
  169. Can you read or speak the old versions of your language?: school, live - World
  170. Where life is better in USA or in Europe?: homes, pros and cons - World
  171. Do outside the US see the having of a Pick Up truck in the same bed as having guns?: 2014, apartment - World
  172. Inuit look closest to which nationality in Asia?: live, Korean - World
  173. Are basketball and volleyball popular sports in your country?: 2015, high school - World
  174. Does country in the world comes close to the USA in terms of funding of top universities?: good schools, costs
  175. Why do I never hear about English speaking expats relocating to Russia for jobs?: standard of living, cost - World
  176. Citizenship different countries: 2015, credit card, home - World
  177. Russia emerging as the new puppetmaster in the Middle East?: 2015, credit - World
  178. World class cities with the most amazing energy and night life: neighborhood, safest
  179. Innovative Countries Index: 2015, design, offices - World
  180. Will English be the one world language?: 2015, house
  181. Do you think the caste system in India will ever be abolished?: 2015, schools - World
  182. If you were granted one wish concerning a way in which to change a favorite city of your choice ...: home, live in - World
  183. Cities similar to Bangkok?: live, shoppers, beach - World
  184. Ask me anything!: purchase, construction, living in - World
  185. Where Have You Lived Long Term. Tell Your Experience.: best city, 2014 - World
  186. Which city is more European between Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA?: home, living in - World
  187. Travel Advisory Index Maps. Encompassing Travel Safety, All Of The Right Areas To Travel.: 2015, hotels - World
  188. Great Resources to explain the Middle East: live in, vacation - World
  189. Relative relationships across cultures and countries: rent, house, university - World
  190. World's Best Cities for Food, 2015: restaurants, farm, ranking
  191. The hardest language you had to learn: school, move to - World
  192. International Organizations: rental, salary, tax - World
  193. Islam is the enemy number 1 for muslim (but they love it): houses - World
  194. Wich country has the best parties (fiestas)for You ?.-: cities, famous - World
  195. Energy Giant: We Found 'Largest Ever' Gas Field which could hold a 30 trillion cubic feet of gas: office - World
  196. AllPepole Software for all people: sale, office, property - World
  197. Santa Lucia Christmas festival Scandinavian style: event, different, interest - World
  198. Looking for information about King Abdullah Economic City.: car rental, rentals - World
  199. China's economy is bigger, not smaller , by Center for Strategic & International Studies: real estate - World
  200. China Far Western City of Kashgar Uyghur Muslim Bazarr/Market Street Level Scenes: close to - World