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  1. Having trouble deciding flooring options...: hardwood, engineered, humidifier, laminate - House
  2. plumbers out there?: drain, sink, smell, glass - House
  3. Stamped Concrete Patio: cost, build, square feet, weather - House
  4. Keeping the Pool?: how much, pools, heater, cleaner - House
  5. The First Baby Boomers & New Homes: build, plastic, mount - House
  6. about closing day check list: condo, build, repair, replacement - House
  7. News, $8,000? That's Our Water Bill?: plumber, pipes, repair, cracked - House
  8. small boards on driveway: stone, replace, remove, built - House
  9. black caulk between house & patio: price, concrete, replace, rated
  10. Folding glass wall: roof, installation, cost, building - House
  11. Wood floors smokey?: flooring, Home Depot, refinish, cleaner - House
  12. Stainless steel??: heat, paint, sinks, cleaner - House
  13. brick front repairs: paint, installing, plumber, build - House
  14. sandless floor refinishing: hardwood floors, company, screen, liquid - House
  15. Water in my wall?: floors, roof, dishwasher, insulate - House
  16. which comes first,carpet or trim?: hardwood, colors, installing, stained - House
  17. Electrical Water Heater With A Timer?: water tank, shower, plumbing, gas - House
  18. Cleaned Leather Sofa with Dawn Dish Detergent: conditioner, smell, cleaning - House
  19. Tracking down the water leak: floor, shingles, furnace, window - House
  20. News, 'Sniff Squad' to Rate Landfill Odors.: homeowners, surround, living - House
  21. dewinterizing a home: dewinterize, roof, washer, water tank - House
  22. Insulated fiberglass doors: windows, refinish, paint, stained - House
  23. Crawl Space Care: dehumidifier, foundation, pools, Lowes - House
  24. older homes: subfloor, roof, foundations, furnace - House
  25. Wainscoting - How do I handle a bay window?: windows, color, bedroom - House
  26. Home Buyers Warranty: cost, building, company, location - House
  27. flooring: cleaning, kitchens, stain, tile - House
  28. wood laminate floor: flooring, vinyl, company, home - House
  29. Building a Garage: room, price, construction, resale - House
  30. Pink Insulation: floor, color, crawl space, between - House
  31. updating to sell: flooring, how much, engineered, laminate - House
  32. Dilemma with use of room....need your thoughts: slipcovers, floor, sofa - House
  33. How do I take care of a granite TILE countertop?: cleaner, stone - House
  34. new heat gas water heaters: floor, tank, tanks, drain - House
  35. Jenn Air ???: washers, pool, stove, color - House
  36. News, Tennessee Builders fail test but get licenses.: foundations, install, electrical - House
  37. Roller Shades for Glass Block Window: heat, curtain, shower, light - House
  38. Cable Monopolies!: heater, best, company, inexpensive - House
  39. ceiling vents for airconditioning: floors, windows, air conditioning, heating - House
  40. Kitchen Cabinet Refacing: floors, how much, granite, laminate - House
  41. Stucco!: how much, foundation, color, stone - House
  42. Ceiling leak, what to look out for?: wood floors, staining, mold - House
  43. Hardwoods for small rooms: townhome, windows, paint color, living room - House
  44. News, Couple warned over house painting.: colors, light, code, best
  45. News, House for Sale: Non-Earthlings Welcome.: mount, Ohio, Tennessee, Chattanooga
  46. gas propane: heater, installed, dryer, pipes - House
  47. appraisal: how much, Lowes, paint, ceilings - House
  48. A two-bedroom now, a three bedroom later?: wood floors, how much, sofa - House
  49. Urgent Needed, Answer Required Monday: comparison, better, company, estimates - House
  50. swivel sweeper?: HEPA filter, wood floors, vacuum, couch - House
  51. mold problems, hygric buffering capacity & builders solutions: floor, roofing, foundation - House
  52. News, Woman, 89, Uses Ax to Break Into her own Home.: phone, installed - House
  53. burning smell from fridge: grill, heating, phone, cleaning - House
  54. What are the best fake logs to use in the fireplace?: smell, chimney - House
  55. News, Residents Warned of Splashing Toilets.: sewer, range, using, household
  56. appliance deals-always ask: floor, how much, Lowes, phone - House
  57. Wood Pellett or Wood Stove?: floors, fireplaces, heating, stoves - House
  58. Condos v. Mobile Homes: windows, heating, appliance, installed - House
  59. Snow removal on gravel driveway?: vent, worth, best, buying - House
  60. Orlando, FL - Lanai: roof, cost, build, fence - House
  61. cheapest way to get screens: windows, repair, better, company - House
  62. How much does it cost?: vinyl, Home Depot, slate, basement - House
  63. crawl space vents: dehumidifier, pipes, build, basements - House
  64. Adding a chimny?: roof, fireplace, stoves, chimney - House
  65. How to tell if tile floors are sealed: granite countertops, cleaner, stone - House
  66. septic smell: roof, Lowes, drains, sinks - House
  67. Silestone - Max Length?: countertop, dishwasher, Lowes, stove - House
  68. Roman tubs set in tile?: installation, cleaning, showers, removing - House
  69. Cost of a new home: modular homes, appliance, building, standard - House
  70. Grass stain: cleaner, carpet, washing, remove - House
  71. Frozen deadbolt?: heating, cleaning, stairs, vent - House
  72. digging a basement, on my own?: floor, phone, ceilings, room - House
  73. Do you use your dryer?: washer, smell, radiators, stains - House
  74. converted thier bathtub to a whirlpool?: floor, paint, ceramic - House
  75. Water heater too small: hardwood floors, how much, hot water heater, bathtub - House
  76. hardwood floors in the kitchen: hardwood floor, engineered, vinyl, dishwasher - House
  77. Paint Spraying a house: Home Depot, sq ft, interior, worth
  78. Hardi-plank, Hardi-board: vinyl, windows, color, stone - House
  79. unusual idea for energy efficiency: windows, heating, insulated, insulation - House
  80. Water dispenser on fridge quit working today: appliance, plumbing, glass - House
  81. Alarm system: go with local co. or Brinks/ADT?: townhome, phone, installation - House
  82. how much happiness should your house bring you?: hardwood floors, townhouse, windows
  83. Baseboard heating ..: water heater, install, master bedroom, plumber - House
  84. Screeeech - Garage Door: opener, springs, Home Depot, install - House
  85. Advice Needed For Staining New Cedar Fence: vinyl, installed, stain - House
  86. Making this old house energy efficient - HVAC, soffits and turbines??: floor, roofing
  87. Neighborhood break-in: Home Depot, Lowes, windows, couch - House
  88. Converting from oil heat: how much, furnace, tank, conversion - House
  89. Whoops! ... paint on the carpet: laminate, color, cleaner, room - House
  90. Vacuum cleaners: how much, installed, family room, cleaning - House
  91. pillow top mattress...can't find sheets: prices, mattresses, outlet, cheap - House
  92. Modular homes: countertops, foundation, heating, curtains - House
  93. Roof Rats...ewwww: steel, warm, standard, vent - House
  94. Gadgets you can't live without?: opener, furniture, bathroom, kitchens - House
  95. New Construction Basement Crack: foundation, Lowes, windows, insulation - House
  96. What is the going rate for a housekeeper days?: bathrooms, cleaning
  97. Copper pipe soldering hard?: water heater, plumber, glass, price - House
  98. Homes with side basements - good or bad?: floor, windows, heating - House
  99. Repairing uneven kitchen floor: subfloor, roofing, vinyl, foundation - House
  100. What temperature do you keep your house at?: air conditioning, heating oil, living room
  101. Should we buy a house with previous foundation repair?: phone, sink, installing
  102. Just bought first house. What do I need?: hardwood, how much, shingles
  103. more ?? on gas/electric: floor, fireplace, washer, furnace - House
  104. water draining in crawl space: drain, smell, installation, plumber - House
  105. Wiring a concession AC, water tank, vac, drain - House
  106. Tanning Bed Electrical: how much, installed, dryer, cost - House
  107. general thoughts on subdivision living and new homes: vinyl, granite, pools - House
  108. Tempur-Pedic: floor, how much, springs, sofa - House
  109. should I save my late great-grandma's fine china?: dining room, kitchen, cabinet - House
  110. Cost guesstimate for siding a mobile home: vinyl, compare, square - House
  111. Squirrel in the attic: roof, heat, ceiling, light - House
  112. Help fixing drwall/plaster mess.: floors, overlay, roof, heater - House
  113. washer/dryer combo: floor, washer dryer, front loader, pool - House
  114. black wood floors!: hardwood floor, pool, plank, cleaning - House
  115. Efficiently managing a household--I need help!: floors, washer, vacuum, microwave
  116. removing duct-tape leftovers: vinyl, paint, smell, stain - House
  117. LG Refrigerators: washer, front loader, Home Depot, phones - House
  118. Sheetrock over Plaster walls?: floor, opener, furnace, window - House
  119. plumbing issues: washer, water tank, sink, bathrooms - House
  120. Foundation Repair should I be nervous?: sink, ceiling, resale value, plumber - House
  121. Does own this grill...your opinion: floor, roof, Lowes - House
  122. Pouring new concrete on top of an older concrete patio??: fireplace, pool - House
  123. quartz or granite countertop?: granite countertops, laminate, stove, sink - House
  124. Central Vac are they worth the extra cost: floors, vacuum cleaner, cleaner - House
  125. Another .. sod: how much, appliance, installing, cost - House
  126. ever watch Holmes on Homes on DIY?: phone, insulation, shower - House
  127. News, Amish Community Fined Over Outhouse Controversy.: tanks, smell, bathroom
  128. Fence (new fence) leaning due to wet soil: pool, drains, stone - House
  129. Empire Today-EXPENSIVE!: flooring, how much, Lowes, laminate - House
  130. sandless floor refinishing: hardwood floors, vacuum, stain, removal - House
  131. living off the grid?: floors, how much, roof, pools - House
  132. reporting telemarketing-?: how much, furnace, phones, code - House
  133. Most Hated Chore/Easiest Chore: floors, countertops, washer, townhome - House
  134. Wood floors throughout first floor or to have tile too?: hardwood floors, engineered - House
  135. Why do I see so many abandoned old houses????: roof, foundation, windows
  136. what is a good space heater?: Home Depot, furnace, heaters, vacuum cleaner - House
  137. Gap between slab and basement wall: flooring, foundation, insulating, drains - House
  138. flat versus eggshell: paint, ceilings, installed, dining room - House
  139. Garage Door will not close: opener, paint, lights, warm - House
  140. Truss Built Roofs???: floors, roof, engineered, cost - House
  141. Radiant heat in floors: tiling, flooring, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  142. Encroachment vs. Adverse Possession?: building, square foot, worth, fence - House
  143. Hard water: how much, install, plumbing, price - House
  144. Share pix of your fireplace.........: floor, fireplaces, basement, tile - House
  145. Where/how can you trace your land?: asbestos siding, gas, siding - House
  146. Dog pooh in the hallway-Yuck!: Home Depot, color, smell, cleaning - House
  147. My Fridge keeps running: heat, vacuum, insulated, drain - House
  148. Greenville New Home Builders Windows Of Choice: vinyl, granite, paint - House
  149. Cathedral ceiling/loft conversion?: floors, how much, heating, ceilings - House
  150. 2 vs. 3 bedrooms for resale value: townhouse, pool, bathrooms, kitchen
  151. Making a Tornado Proof house: how much, foundation, converting, installing
  152. Cleaning linoleum floors: vinyl, kitchen, price, build - House
  153. Battery operated outdoor front stairs light?: floor, AC, color, ceiling - House
  154. I need on installing slate flooring in a bathroom: tiling, subfloor - House
  155. Beautiful Vaulted Ceiling, but...: floor, Home Depot, Lowes, installed - House
  156. Dilemma between R-22 freon or R-410a for new central A/C: AC, heat - House
  157. Mattress Help I Need Sleep: springs, sink, mold, price - House
  158. What to check when building a house..: floors, roofing, foundation
  159. Heat Pump & cold air: furnaces, gas, leak, compare - House
  160. Converting an historic downtown building to living space: wood floors, roof, washer - House
  161. Is I-Robot Rumba Vacuum worth the money?: floor, furniture, room - House
  162. Contractor Obligations - advice needed: lien, phone, ceiling, cost - House
  163. Visiting an old home: how much, foundations, color, couch - House
  164. Brick Paver Patio or Wood Deck?: Home Depot, installed, stained, cost - House
  165. How do I legally abandon a house?: apartment, cost, code
  166. News, Smash our mailbox? I don't think so.: how much, stone, steel - House
  167. tips on using a ladder? (reaching very high gutters above sloped land?): how much, shingles - House
  168. have a fruit fly problem?: window, drains, color, sink - House
  169. Electrical Problem.......Help!: sink, bathroom, kitchen, plumber - House
  170. Getting rid of baseboard heating?: how much, springs, furnace, air conditioning - House
  171. Linoleum that comes in tiles ?: subfloor, vinyl, Home Depot - House
  172. Best shower head?: Home Depot, installed, bathroom, showerhead - House
  173. Steam washers & dryers?: floor, front loader, pool, cleaner - House
  174. Is it bad..: floor, drains, install, resale value - House
  175. How much to pay for tiling: bedroom, costs, sq ft, tile - House
  176. How do I clean the grout on a tile floor?: floors, painting - House
  177. Home Legend Engineered at HD: hardwood floors, vacuum, color, installing - House
  178. Best counters: corian, formica, granite?: laminate, grill, color, ceramic - House
  179. Linoleum - not vinyl - sources?: flooring, heat, installation, bathroom - House
  180. Removing grease/oil spots from concrete driveway: pools, color, cleaner - House
  181. How to clean rusty screws/nails?: how much, Home Depot, paint, ceramic - House
  182. Water efficient washer/dryers: how much, washers, front loader, Home Depot - House
  183. Roof damage and insurance ?: how much, roofing, pool, Air Conditioners - House
  184. is it smart? buying land+small mobile home: living room, plumbing, apartment - House
  185. Opinions on gutter protection systems: roof shingles, installation, cleaning, cost - House
  186. What would you put on this mantel?: fireplace, colors, ceiling - House
  187. Basement Floor: subfloor, Home Depot, pool, room - House
  188. cork flooring?: hardwood, Home Depot, heat, colors - House
  189. Eden pure heater. have one?: fireplace, Home Depot, furnace, heaters - House
  190. Battery Acid destroyed garage floor: how much, Home Depot, phone, smell - House
  191. Do I need an electrician?: heater, microwave, appliance, install - House
  192. live in a Cape Cod style house?: floor, dining room, kitchen
  193. Carrier, American Standard or Trane: roof, furnaces, heater, install - House
  194. Riding mower for sloped lawn?: Home Depot, heat, light, price - House
  195. News, Taiwan 'Super Toilet' Coming To U.S. In 2009.: toilets, flush, stores - House
  196. News, Make an Instant-Charge Screwdriver.: electric, second - House
  197. News, Sears settles suit over allegedly dangerous stoves.: appliance, install, vent - House
  198. Unfinished bookcases - Highland Designs?: good, quality - House
  199. News, Top 10 on the Honey-Do List.: pipe, basement, fix, old - House
  200. Sealing hardwood floor, granite, and grout - product: ducts, products, quality - House