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  1. Barcelona vs. Buenos Aires: apartments, rentals, unemployment rate - World
  2. 'Greatest Cities in the World' documentary: neighbourhoods, theater, shop
  3. NBA's Sacramento Kings become first pro sports team to accept Bitcoin: 2014, live - World
  4. News, Could Soylent solve world hunger?: 2013, to buy, landlords
  5. Always missing what we cannot have at a certain moment?: homes, university - World
  6. Flashing photos of suspects before judgement: neighborhood, live, law - World
  7. Allied Vision Technologies GmbH: rated, company, pay - World
  8. News, Take a Seat on the Swing at the End of the World.: 2013
  9. Where is a city with similar locations: live, beach - World
  10. As an International Student: US, Australia, or New Zealand?: find a job, transfer to - World
  11. The most/least racist countries in the world ranked...: online, daily
  12. Shanghai versus Philadelphia versus Rio de Janeiro: safer, nightlife - World
  13. List of Countries with Air Defense Identification Zone?: boundaries, images - World
  14. Is Canada the Most Open Country for Inter-Racial Dating/ Relationships?: live, Korean - World
  15. Is it to get a visa while out of the country?: living in - World
  16. Medicine Labels Around The World: dangerous, vehicle, driving
  17. World Gazetteer: to buy, statistics, money
  18. what is the college experience like in other countries?: dorms, university - World
  19. Zurich vs Melbourne vs Sydney: closing, salary, living in - World
  20. Iraq To Become Third Largest Russian Arms Purchaser: 2013, how much - World
  21. Do you think the diversity between the states of the USA is exceptionally high, for a country in general, or overblown?: subdivisions - World
  22. Looking For A Place To Retire To.: rent, low crime - World
  23. 50 Most Dangerous Cities in The World: 2013, law, business
  24. Where are the West Indies divided into North and South American islands?: fit in - World
  25. Retiring early in another country: insurance, how much, income - World
  26. How much money to retire in a low cost country?: to rent, house - World
  27. Which jobs and which region in the world would work for me. (Details inside): how much
  28. Most gender-egalitarian countries in the world.: 2013, construction, university
  29. Countries/regions in the world with the newest transplant/immigrant/settlers?: transplants, tax
  30. Are there still parts of the world where Internet/computer/cell phone use is uncommon?: 2014
  31. Countries with Cheapest Rent: apartments, renters, home - World
  32. If Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara were their own separate countries.: agricultural, transport - World
  33. Mandela died: pay, good, events - World
  34. Going to a wedding in your country.: home, wedding reception - World
  35. Venezuela's high murder rate: Maduro blames telenovelas: 2014, vs - World
  36. Putin Now Tougher Than Chuck Norris: 2013, bars, swimming - World
  37. Las Vegas casinos start accepting Bitcoin: credit card, money, payments - World
  38. Do Russians and Chinese sort of behave similarly in groups/have the same group psyche?: purchases - World
  39. forest cover of the world: 2013, farms, health
  40. BBC News Indonesia leader says Australia spying damaged ties: 2013, university - World
  41. Russia breaks into Bloomberg top 50 countries for business: 2014, buy - World
  42. Wanting to gain citizenship to Australia: high school, college, to live in - World
  43. Which of looks the most White/European?: 2013, hairstyles - World
  44. What countries are most accepting of night people?: places to live, stores - World
  45. SNU or USC? (Korean): school, university, live in - World
  46. Why non-western countries actually have proportionally more female engineers/scientists than the USA, UK, Canada ?: luxury - World
  47. Pot tolerance: Obama says marijuana 'same as alcohol or cigarettes': dangerous, legal - World
  48. Kyoto or Montreal?: best cities, living, costs - World
  49. What city is this?: 2013, live, cities - World
  50. Last names around the world: careers, baseball, great
  51. Who's the best at geography? Take this test and post your results!: credit, island - World
  52. Australia vs Canada culinary industry: home, living in, restaurants - World
  53. What's the furthest north, south, east and west been?: airports, transit - World
  54. What's the most popular sport in each country?: move, car - World
  55. How popular is beachgoing in each continent?: spring break, 2014 - World
  56. What's the staple carbohydrate in your country?: house, live in - World
  57. Studying French. Which country will give me the least racial problems?: 2013, college - World
  58. Suburbs around the world: middle-class, 2013, crime
  59. Why were waves of Italian immigration to Canada and Australia later than to the United States?: homes, calculated - World
  60. Isn't Sochi a bad choice for the WINTER Games?: 2014, bankrupt - World
  61. What sounds can you hear outside your window during the average day?: houses, layoffs - World
  62. Shoes on/off at home?: house, live, floors - World
  63. Do most countries require a natural-born citizen to be the head of state? Do many see it as important?: best, place - World
  64. Why are marine mammals protected in countries?: living in, restaurants - World
  65. How much do women wear make up/dress 'feminine' in your country? How many do not?: university, things to do - World
  66. The three best cities in the world beginning with the same letter: to live, restaurants
  67. happy newyear: 2014, home, rooftop - World
  68. Alaska Range vs. European Alps: ski resorts, live in, rail - World
  69. Your experience eating McDonald's around the world: appointed, food
  70. Similarities between Italians and Chinese: houses, school, to live - World
  71. Inequality in funding for public schools in the United States versus other developed countries.: real estate, lease - World
  72. International Rail Services, Sleeper Trains and Night Ferries from Your City: 2015, home - World
  73. Is the American college experience or college culture unique in the world?: spring break, rent
  74. Why does it seem like many other countries are less focused on their Constitution than the USA?: mineral rights, 2014 - World
  75. Do you feel American culture is more judgemental than many other countries?: unemployed, movies - World
  76. Which of terms for foreigners/outsiders is the most hostile/derogatory?: living in, vs - World
  77. Is the stereotype that Americans are bad at geography true, when compared to other countries?: school, place - World
  78. Has ed on your LACK of proficiency in a foreign language?: hotel, living in - World
  79. Countries that look like the Southwest?: rain, landscape, American - World
  80. Tel Aviv vs Jerusalem: theater, university, to live - World
  81. Are most world conflicts days basically about 'religion'?: 2014, vs.
  82. US drops from top 10 economic freedom ranking: 2014, homes - World
  83. Accents around the world: vs., island, Hispanic
  84. I want to create a country: amusement park, to buy, cost - World
  85. Is Tokyo not on the level of London and New York ?: insurance, floors - World
  86. Who seem the most widespread/adventurous travellers?: 2013, living - World
  87. I'm from Spain and I answer your questions: safe, friendly - World
  88. Most civilized places?: floor, bus, airports - World
  89. Famous people Interviews and quotes: appointed, school, moving - World
  90. What do you associate with other countries?: crimes, houses - World
  91. Which major city in the world would you say has the most racial integration?: income, rated
  92. A Global culture…?: home, versus, stores - World
  93. Have you seen your country's head of state/prime minister Is parliament open to the public?: limo, house - World
  94. Why isn't there a bridge from Australia to New Zealand?: rated, snakes - World
  95. Immigration to Israel: 2013, disposal, law - World
  96. Which country in the world gives you the best SERVICE culture for your money?: limousine, houses
  97. Understanding American criticism: credit, movies, elementary school - World
  98. Countries that use Fahrenheit vs Celsius: America, convert, people - World
  99. What constitutes a large family in your part of the world?: middle-class, house
  100. Will Sub-Sahara Africa ever have economic and political stability again?: tax, money - World
  101. Obscene wealth: World’s 85 richest have same wealth as 3.5 billion poorest – Oxfam: wages, tax rates
  102. North American Numbering Plan vs. other telephone numbering plans in the world: house, movies
  103. People who hate their own country: high school, universities - World
  104. Google Translator. Words, Sentences, Paragraphs, and Essays from one language to another language within seconds.: 2015, best - World
  105. Observations of Astrology in your region of the World in level of popular prominence in Astrological spiritual existence: brokers, live in
  106. Which country in the world integrates its immigrants into its society the most smoothly?: middle-class, rental
  107. How would you describe the specific culture where you live and exact region of the world?: house, neighborhoods
  108. What is your most recent magnificent, impressive, phenomenal, relaxing, fun travel adventure, and next travel itinerary?: house, neighborhoods - World
  109. Is there a State/Province/Region in your country that is the wild part of that country?: live, area - World
  110. America's Unemployment Rate fell below Canada's Unemployment Rate: 2014, construction - World
  111. Cities and Towns anywhere in the world feeling like they don’t correspond to their population size.: 2013, house
  112. The Most Affordable Places based on Cost of Living, Renting, Buying a Home in Proportion to Average Annual Income.: sales, 2013 - World
  113. Cultural similarities in the spanophone world: movies, living in
  114. Anti-Israelis – Put a Plug In It.: 2013, racist - World
  115. Will Spanish become like a 2nd International Language of the world?: learners, place
  116. Paris and Other Polarising Cities: appointed, home, movies - World
  117. In which countries are young women most scantily clad when on a night out?: credit card, legal - World
  118. Top 10 Attractions in New York, London and Paris Ranked: vs, shop - World
  119. Jaywalking pedestrian habits in your city/country: law, dangerous - World
  120. Was the New Spain really that big? (Picture inside): land, area - World
  121. The most culturally influential city in the last 60 years?: home, theatre - World
  122. Where would you rather visit, Spain or Mexico?: restaurants, cost - World
  123. Utopia revisited: Where in the world is THIS place?: townhouse, school
  124. Midwinter traditions in the Southern Hemisphere?: rated, best time, distance - World
  125. 54% new born babies in Paris are black: dangerous, statistics - World
  126. What GAWC 'Global' Cities Have You Been To?: ranking, cross country - World
  127. Which is more beautiful: Sydney or San Francisco?: city hall, houses - World
  128. Melbourne-Montreal comparison: best city, theatre, live - World
  129. The ugliest streets in the world / by country: high crime, big home
  130. Sweden has the worst educational system in the western world: 2013, movers
  131. London and New York, a short essay: houses, neighbourhoods - World
  132. Why do non-vegetarians in certain countries oppose hunting for meat?: how much, houses - World
  133. Where is the 'absolute centre' of your city from which distances are measured from and to?: city hall, live - World
  134. For Second-Language English Speakers on: home, movies, schools - World
  135. What do you consider the most important city in the Spanish speaking world?: standard of living, law
  136. Describe a Magical, Entertaining, Happy, Euphoric, and Satisfying Event Memories You Have Recently Anywhere in the World: 2013, house
  137. What is the absolute WORST city in the world??: neighborhoods, DMV
  138. Elevator Etiquette: apartment, hotel, floors - World
  139. Comedians from your country: bill, top, Russian - World
  140. Typical meal from countries around the world: live, restaurants
  141. Countries where people get away with bribing traffic cops?: to buy, income - World
  142. learning a second language as an adult: movies, schools - World
  143. Your ideal taxation system...: university, subsidized, income - World
  144. Top Songs in Your Country Right NOW!: 2013, live - World
  145. Languages you personally feel sound best in song: Korean, Brazilian - World
  146. Origins of place names in your city or region: neighbourhoods, school - World
  147. Which group of mainland 3rd-world countries would you rather travel/live in?: crime, living in
  148. The 'equivalents' between New York and London: best cities, amusement parks - World
  149. What city do people dream of visiting the most in your country?: how much, home - World
  150. Important Characteristics in a Place, Including a Specific Poll for Up to 30 Components. Vote for The Top 5 to Top 10: renting, low crime - World
  151. Would you agree New York is the city in the world that feels most like it's 'own universe'?: appointed, apartments
  152. What countries is it best/easiest to be a loner? In which countries is it most likely? In which countries is it harder?: fit in, movies - World
  153. Is your nation's capital city widely viewed as a cushy safe haven for jobs and employment?: brokers, lawyer - World
  154. South America vs Southeast Asia: versus, nightlife, architecture - World
  155. How are public employees selected in your country?: private schools, live - World
  156. Beautiful Languages in WRITTEN SCRIPT Form?: Korean, Russian, Armenian - World
  157. If there are still a lot of Neanderthals, what would you do?: pool, island - World
  158. What are the prettiest/ugliest languages?: rated, Korean, Vietnamese - World
  159. what is it about americans that make them stand out in foreign countries?: college, live in - World
  160. Would Russia be better off with communism?: construction, health - World
  161. What things AREN'T closed on Christmas Day where you are?: home, neighbourhood - World
  162. When you travel to different countries, are you judged more on your nationality or your ethnic heritage?: clothes, accent - World
  163. Nissen Noodles to expand in China.: 2013, buy, live - World
  164. Why are people in the Anglosphere against whaling?: living in, food - World
  165. what does the english language sound like to a foreigner?: movies, accent - World
  166. What region is your favourite for beach holidays?: hotel, airport - World
  167. NEW: List Of Countrie By White Percentage 2012!: living, statistics - World
  168. Most Progressive and Most Conservative Countries In Terms of Lifestyle, Beliefs, Values, People Scene, and Politics.: live, costs - World
  169. Which city is more lively AND more urban? Tokyo versus Paris: house, movies - World
  170. COMPLETE THE LIST! Who is the most widely known person from each country!?!: live, celebrity - World
  171. Have you ever left a city wanting your money back?: appointed, hotel - World
  172. World Country that is friendliest to American Immigrants: buying, school
  173. Best Vacation: Brussels vs Boston vs Vienna vs Vancouver: living, architecture - World
  174. What are the 7 most fun cities in the USA? What about in the developed world?: luxury, shop
  175. Post a sample of you speaking: storage, better, white - World
  176. Which country is the Bully in your region/part of the world?: money, roaches
  177. Americans obsessed with Paris ?: best cities, home, buy - World
  178. Which region (North/South/East/West) do you like best in countries?: population, county - World
  179. Which Spanish speaking country has a neutral/normal accent?: classes, place - World
  180. Gay Friendly cities for geeks/gamers: living, price, legality - World
  181. Bank of England to Issue Plastic Money: 2013, credit card - World
  182. Do you think the USA and Canada are the world's two most similar countries?: loans, college
  183. How do French Cities stick up to their American Counterparts: how much, income - World
  184. Vacation: San Francisco vs Seattle vs Vancouver: house, university - World
  185. Standards of English in the Anglosphere: house, school, education - World
  186. The image of Brazil: high crime, living in, nightlife - World
  187. If countries were people: home, neighborhood, high school - World
  188. The most boring cities in Latin America, help?: earthquakes, living in - World
  189. Trivia: Which 2 of the 20 most populous countries has never won an Olympic medal?: 2013, calculated - World
  190. If languages were people how would they be?: houses, school - World
  191. Countries with the friendliest people?: 2013, school, live in - World
  192. Globalisation or Americanisation?: how much, employment, to buy - World
  193. How common is it for women to work in traditionally 'male' fields in your country?: construction, school - World
  194. 'Americanization' around the world: movies, live, restaurants
  195. Canadian looking to move from home: 2014, apartment, pros and cons - World
  196. past IMF statistical classifications of developed countries: income, statistics - World
  197. Expat Engineering Opportunities: university, living, design - World
  198. High noon in relations between IMF and Ukraine has matured - World
  199. development in Dutch vs. British colonies: law, legal, plantation - World
  200. Countries that don't tax foreign income?: move to, money, company - World