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  1. Iowa mom gets 3 life sentences in girl's starvation death - Current Events
  2. Cigarette butt helps police arrest Mother's Day murder suspect- Familial DNA - Current Events
  3. Utah State bar promulgating porn? - Current Events
  4. Woman facing charges for allegedly giving toddler son cocaine - Current Events
  5. NY Family of 5 Die In Costa Rica Plane Crash - Current Events
  6. Family grieves Philippine maid found dead in Kuwait freezer - Current Events
  7. Grateful woman gives her stepfather the greatest Christmas gift he could ask for - Current Events
  8. International manhunt launched for person of interest in killing of nursing student - Current Events
  9. Layne Chesney fundraiser in Fort Pierce collects $50,000 for the family - Current Events
  10. Pharmacist convicted in deadly meningitis outbreak gets 8 years in prison - Current Events
  11. Lone cheerleader joined by rival squad - Current Events
  12. Retirement Home Neglect in Florida - Current Events
  13. Army soldier dies trying to rescue people from New York apartment fire - Current Events
  14. Hero’ mum died in daughter’s arms after being knifed saving her in Christmas party brawl - Current Events
  15. Murder trial of Yoselyn Ortega - insanity defens - Current Events
  16. 2 dogs die, 1 injured after PetSmart groomings, owners say - Current Events
  17. Baby kidnapped 34 years ago in DC - could internet help her to be found? - Current Events
  18. School threats - Current Events
  19. A 4-year-old boy who lost his life in a South Carolina mobile home fire is now being honored by fire departments around - Current Events
  20. Excited villagers find 'frozen meteorite' - Current Events
  21. West Coast Tsunami Warnings and Watches-UPDATE - CANCELLED FOR COAST - Current Events
  22. How Long Should I Wait Before Calling To Check Status of Apt. App. - Current Events
  23. Earthquake in Alaska Moved Well Water Levels in Florida - Current Events
  24. Aggressive Turkeys Stop Mail Delivery in Cleveland Suburb - Current Events
  25. Falling mirror kills 2-year-old girl shopping for shoes at Payless with little brother standing - Current Events
  26. California manhunt under way after random shootings target 10 drivers - Current Events
  27. Woman charged with sexually assaulting exchange student - Current Events
  28. ice age - Current Events
  29. Go to bed with a headache - wake up with a foreign accent - Current Events
  30. Got high to get married - Current Events
  31. Stay Classy Florida - Mall Brawl - Current Events
  32. brits and fake news - Current Events
  33. Amtrak unfortunate incident of the day - Current Events
  34. Cirque du Soleil aerialist plunges to his death during Tampa performance - Current Events
  35. Tripp Halstead has died 5 years after tragic accident - Current Events
  36. Drug Trafficking: White Sox Baseball Great, Esteban Loaiza!! - Current Events
  37. Miami penthouse for sale: Bitcoin is the only accepted payment - Current Events
  38. Mom arrested in Raleigh after a video of her baby smoking - Current Events
  39. Man, 22, Travels 1,000 Miles To Meet 86-Year-Old Woman He Befriended On 'Words With Friends' - Current Events
  40. Woman who questioned Delta attendant's future job status and was then removed from flight--herself placed on leave by NY - Current Events
  41. 7.2 Earthquake jolts Mexico - Current Events
  42. This is a cute story Toddler Mistakes Sister's Wrestling Match For Real Fight, Runs In To Save Her - Current Events
  43. Ronald Exantus Trial: Exantus found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity - Current Events
  44. americans from cruise ship on sight seeing tour injured in Mexico - Current Events
  45. UK Mother looses limbs due to sepsis - Current Events
  46. Colorado teacher accused of assaulting student who wouldn't stand for pledge of allegiance - Current Events
  47. More news about the Turpin children - Current Events
  48. Southwest runs out of De-icer in Chicago! - Current Events
  49. Couple, who ditched their lives to move to a 28-foot sailboat have to be rescued when their boat SINKS two days in - Current Events
  50. Little kids too tech-addled to hold a pencil days - Current Events
  51. Square Root Symbol Mistaken For Gun; Cops Search Student's House - Current Events
  52. Man Riding Horse Along the 91 Freeway in Long Beach Is Arrested on DUI Charge - Current Events
  53. Teen to be sentenced after she admitted she FAKED gang rape sexual assault story. - Current Events
  54. Woman stabbed to death with hunting knife in public library - Current Events
  55. School teacher accused of snorting pills in front of kids - Current Events
  56. Billy Graham dead at 99 - Current Events
  57. Woman pleads guilty accepts life sentence infamous case - Current Events
  58. Brawl breaks out in cruise ship - Current Events
  59. Bad air forces emergency landing - Current Events
  60. Attempting suicide is not a crime under Maryland law. But an Eastern Shore man was convicted of it - Current Events
  61. Woman is arrested for shooting and killing driver who cut her off and then bragging about the murder on Facebook - Current Events
  62. Nice Work If You Can Get It - Current Events
  63. 'My gas pedal is stuck' BMW driver tells 911 as he barrels down interstate at nearly 100 mph - Current Events
  64. Indian muslims burn pampers after imagining kitty pic equals Muhammed - Current Events
  65. Daycare Owner pleads to guilty to child abuse - Current Events
  66. Michigan model mother, 45, 'killed her husband, two adult children and the family dog before committing suicide - Current Events
  67. Utah Mom Upset After School Tells 6th-Graders They Can’t Say No When Asked to Dance - Current Events
  68. Best Apology Ad Ever - Current Events
  69. Skeleton found inside the wall of house in Houston - Current Events
  70. I swear you can’t make this up - Current Events
  71. Navy Medics get pre-deployment training... in Chicago - Current Events
  72. Alabama Sheriff Legally Took $750,000 Meant To Feed Inmates, Bought Beach House - Current Events
  73. Sister Of Charleston Shooter Dylann Roof Arrested After Menacing Social Media Post - Current Events
  74. Stephen Hawking, world renowned physicist dead at 76 - Current Events
  75. Dog Dies after United Flight Attendant Forces it into Overhead Bin - Current Events
  76. Bourbon bottle fetches $10,000 at Mishawaka charity auction - Current Events
  77. Early replicator built in lab is making fuel expected to be less then the cost of oil - Current Events
  78. Your identity is for sale on the dark web for less than $1,200 - Current Events
  79. Foot Bridge Collapses in South Fl - Current Events
  80. 9 month old baby found crawling on busy street - Current Events
  81. Florida 16-year-old allegedly beats friend to death with a baseball bat over a girl, officials say - Current Events
  82. US Population Aging - Current Events
  83. Facebook has failed - Current Events
  84. Man Dies After Getting Head Stuck in Movie Theater Seat - Current Events
  85. Grave of the 5 sullivan brothers found - Current Events
  86. First pedistrian killed by a self-driving Uber car - Current Events
  87. Homeless family of 4 found dead in parked van in California - Current Events
  88. The Internet discovered reusable toilet paper. What you should know about it, according to a germ expert - Current Events
  89. Sacramento County deputies accused of stealing from dementia patient, sending her to the Philippines - Current Events
  90. Florida teacher attacks mother at Little League Baseball game for wearing 'short shorts' - Current Events
  91. The Phone Booth Is Back........ - Current Events
  92. Man takes über from VA to NJ - Current Events
  93. Poll: End Daylight Saving Time? - Current Events
  94. K-9 stops suspect in his tracks after wild police chase in Southern California - Current Events
  95. California Couple Arrested After Their 3 Kids Are Found Living In A Box For 4 Years With 40 Cats - Current Events
  96. Father, 63, Knocked Unconscious By Son, 16, Over Restaurant Texting - Current Events
  97. There is something seriously wrong with this story... - Current Events
  98. Do you miss the Olympics? - Current Events
  99. Clark County couple accused of murdering adult son with Down syndrome - Current Events
  100. Woman Arrested For Taking Ax To North Las Vegas Elementary School - Current Events
  101. Stop me if heard this one - Current Events
  102. A Hidden Metropolis of 1.5 Million Penguins Has Been Discovered Thriving Out of Humanity's Reach - Current Events
  103. Australian teen disabled for life after swallowing slug on a dare - Current Events
  104. A man checked her out of school 10 times without permission – and now they’re missing, Pa. cops say - Current Events
  105. Pharma Bro Fined and Sentenced - Current Events
  106. Man arrested for peeing in female co-worker's water bottle - Current Events
  107. After Her Son Shoots His Sister, Mother Goes to Work - Current Events
  108. School in Florida has students toss out and break violent video games. - Current Events
  109. Want To Guess Why Sperm Counts Have Drastically Dropped in Men? - Current Events
  110. West Virginia teachers on strike for over a week, and ongoing, for more pay - Current Events
  111. The Future We Always Dreamed Of - Current Events
  112. Parents' 'agonizing' wait for news of missing CDC doctor - Current Events
  113. Another Amtrak Accident - Current Events
  114. Family brutality murdered in NY - Current Events
  115. Woman destroys Warhol art on date gone wrong - Current Events
  116. Family Suing Alaska Airlines - Current Events
  117. Nigerian Prince arrested in Louisiana - Current Events
  118. You won the lottery! Wait no, you didn't. - Current Events
  119. New crazy way to get high - bug spray? - Current Events
  120. Brothers from the SAME mother - Current Events
  121. Christmas feel good story, MLB rookie pays off parents house! - Current Events
  122. Pennsylvania woman gets $284bn electricity bill - Current Events
  123. Teacher fired for showing students classical paintings containing nudity - Current Events
  124. Doctor accused of reusing anal catheters on dozens of - Current Events
  125. Florida girl wearing headphones, looking at phone hit and killed by train - Current Events
  126. Woman dies after contracting flesh-eating bacteria from oysters - Current Events
  127. HOA tells residents they must keep their garage doors open — or face a $200 fine - Current Events
  128. A Teacher Was Handcuffed After Questioning The Superintendent’s Pay Raise - Current Events
  129. Astronaut John Young has died - Current Events
  130. Flight diverted after man defecates, makes mess of 2 bathrooms - Current Events
  131. No more Slumber parties for you! - Current Events
  132. Child dies sledding down driveway into street. - Current Events
  133. Heartbreaking Story..... - Current Events
  134. AT&T Announces Thousands of Layoffs, Firings Just In Time for Christmas - Current Events
  135. Man in bar fight gets revenge by burning other man's home to the ground killing 3 - Current Events
  136. Daredevil climber dies during selfie stunt on 62-story skyscraper - Current Events
  137. Porch pirates - Current Events
  138. Ancient Shark Found In North Atlantic - Current Events
  139. British surgeon in trouble for branding livers - Current Events
  140. Who'd Ever Believe Two People Would Be Fighting Over CHARLES MANSON'S Body? - Current Events
  141. Keaton Jones Bullying Controversy - Current Events
  142. A baby dies amid squalor. And a family’s secret is revealed - Current Events
  143. Airline rules change and no longer have to disclose all the fees - Current Events
  144. China deploying extremely advanced Big Brother camera surveillance system. - Current Events
  145. 94 year old woman arrested - Current Events
  146. Man kills girl friend's molester, isn't sorry - Current Events
  147. Virginia woman mauled to death by her own dogs while taking them for a walk. Can you guess the breed? - Current Events
  148. $9 to cross SF bay area bridges - Current Events
  149. 14 year old girl facing child porn charges for her own selfie - Current Events
  150. Raccoon Drags Baby Out of Bed and Attacks Her in Philadelphia Home - Current Events
  151. Woman gives birth to baby frozen as embryo 24 years ago - Current Events
  152. BREAKING: Amtrak Train Derails in Washington State - Current Events
  153. Market 'melt-up' could push stocks to new records - Current Events
  154. Canadian billionaire and wife reportedly found hanging from railing in their mansion - Current Events
  155. Man gets six months in jail, probation for beating 2-month-old, breaking bones - Current Events
  156. Meet the first Gerber baby with Down syndrome; his name is Lucas! - Current Events
  157. Man attempts to kill giant spider with torch lighter, causes major fire instead - Current Events
  158. 18 year old throws her baby out in the trash. - Current Events
  159. Package thief slips trying to steal package - Current Events
  160. 'Emotional support peacock' barred from United Airlines plane - Current Events
  161. Amtrak Train Hits Trash Truck - Current Events
  162. 93,000 pounds of Mardi Gras beads found in New Orleans storm drains - Current Events
  163. Inside Flat Earth International Conference - Current Events
  164. Domino's Pizza now offers carryout insurance - Current Events
  165. Valet gives a $300,000 Ferrari to the wrong person.... - Current Events
  166. Man 'stabbed Tinder ex-girlfriend to death in car park after begging her not to dump him' - Current Events
  167. Man wins $1M lottery jackpot, dies suddenly 3 weeks later - Current Events
  168. 5-year-old girl burned in voodoo ritual; 2 charged - Current Events
  169. Massive earthquake in Taiwan Feb 6 2018 - Current Events
  170. Homeless men are being gunned down on the street in Las Vegas - Current Events
  171. Bill approved in MD that allows victims impregnated by rape ask to end their assailant's parental rights - Current Events
  172. Family Sues Starbucks After Allegedly Being Served Drinks Containing Blood - Current Events
  173. Japanese scientists: Chemical found in McDonald’s fries may be cure for baldness - Current Events
  174. *Update* Infamous Gold Bucket Thief Tells His Side Of Story - Current Events
  175. Superbowl Ads the pops and the drops.. - Current Events
  176. Family with 13 sons are having another baby. - Current Events
  177. Woman Refuses To Collect $560 Million Lottery Jackpot Unless She Can Do So Anonymously. - Current Events
  178. KFC Genius or Thief? - Current Events
  179. LA Teacher Strips Off Clothes In Playground, And Chases Students - Current Events
  180. 3 year old toddler thrown into the hands of a Fireman. from 3rd story building. - Current Events
  181. hospital workers dump patient in the street in hospital gown! - Current Events
  182. I Guess Weed Isn't Legal In Florida - Current Events
  183. 13 Siblings Held Captive By Parents - Shackled - Current Events
  184. female MS-13 gangster, 18, confesses to torturing and murdering 15-year-old girl. - Current Events
  185. The Most Desired Career Young Children Today Is YouTuber - Current Events
  186. Teens consuming laundry detergent pods in viral 'challenge' - Current Events
  187. 'Overdosed' on Viagra, tourist strips naked in Thai airport, throws poo at staff - Current Events
  188. Hitler's Mercedes-Benz heads to auction in Scottsdale, AZ - Current Events
  189. Serial stowaway foils TSA Again - Current Events
  190. Man pulls 5-and-a-half foot tapeworm from his body; doctor suggests sushi to blame - Current Events
  191. Girl, 9, unknowingly hands out THC-laced candy to classmates, school says - Current Events
  192. Rules for Service and Support Animals Have Changed on Delta - Current Events
  193. A 21-year-old Canadian woman was found guilty of killing her best friend after a Facebook photo showed the weapon - Current Events
  194. Traveler arrested at airport for wearing too many clothes - Current Events
  195. Dolly's Dixie Stampede now just Stampede - Current Events
  196. 20 yr old won that 450 million dollar jackpot last week! - Current Events
  197. North Carolina man shot dead on Facebook Live, suspect in custody - Current Events
  198. Tattoo photos lead to capture of reputed ex-Yakuza boss after 15 years - Current Events
  199. Bom et al pretrial - Current Events
  200. Huge HIV and Syphilis cluster in Milwaukee - Current Events