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  1. Can an empty nester be a yuppie?: condos, home
  2. Road Trip from Memphis TN to San Diego CA: where to stay, how much
  3. New England cost of long: renting, crime rate
  4. Traffic regulation differences by state and cross country drive route advice: hotel, buy
  5. Perfect fit ideas?: live in, move, horse
  6. What City Is This?: hotels, skyline, pictures
  7. Help With Moving: low crime, chapel, daycare
  8. Does just want to move but feels like where would be the best place??: low crime
  9. for you if you live in a place close to Canada...does this happen with you?: credit card
  10. Praise for Savannah AND Charleston: to live, rating, cities
  11. Single Best town in America?: famous, top 10, singles
  12. Most Welcoming And Sincerely Friendly Natives: transplants, chapel, home
  13. Pacific Northwest, localities (a map): images, interest
  14. Need Suggestions for Relocation: mainly weather related: hotels, house
  15. Relocation suggestions (liberal, outdoor activities, local shops): apartment, hotels
  16. Do you feel STUCK where you live?: house, find a job
  17. Hawaiian Fever: to buy, live in, safe
  18. Bristol Paylin back with Levi and Marriage soon to come: celebrities, best
  19. Who thinks Miami is Slow-Paced?: live, shops, moving
  20. Moving from the uk to USA: renting, insurance, high crime
  21. Advice!: employment, schools, colleges
  22. Classification: home, live, area
  23. Looking for practical hubs in the West: public schools, university
  24. Compare Taxes: for sale, real estate, foreclosure
  25. Worst state you ever lived in?: place, weather, comparison
  26. Relocating to the U.S.: to rent, condo, hotels
  27. Recent Grad looking for a new city with green jobs? Advice? =): fit in, unemployment rate
  28. Where is the best place to teach?? (long): crime, daycare
  29. Subsidized jobs by state: unemployment, money, business
  30. Where to live for a Special Education Teacher that has been laid off due to budget cuts?: student loans
  31. Moving from TN to ??? s?: job market, neighborhoods, college
  32. tired of the city life: homes, to move, relocating
  33. Fun topic: Describe what category your city's neighborhoods fall in (based on PRIZM clusters): cul-de-sac
  34. Where in the US is college the least and most expensive?: bankrupt, school
  35. 25 year old looking to move to a southern/ southeast beach city: young professionals, safe
  36. Could you guys give me s?: college, where to live
  37. Californians: Stop ruining other states!: crime rates, home, to buy
  38. Highest paying metro areas (goverment study): home, living in, costs
  39. Tourism towns: suburbs, money, park
  40. How Different are Cities Really?: how much, neighborhood, pros and cons
  41. Nvld: chapel, job market, schools
  42. What do you hate/love the most about your city?: condos, townhomes
  43. getting married looking where to buy house and live read)): real estate, crime
  44. Going to the North West?: areas, cities, travel
  45. Comparing Cities/Towns on Educational Rankings: neighborhood, school district, places to live
  46. Cities without gangs: low crime, home, live in
  47. Best Places To Live 2010: home, median income, price
  48. University dream: cost, tuition, housing
  49. Will USA be the same 10 years from now?: home, high school
  50. What state has the best state house?: architecture, building
  51. What cities in the eastern U.S. have the least overall humidity?: house
  52. Do you enjoy being anonymous?: to live, vacation, best
  53. Rate best community to live: living, activities, dog friendly
  54. Help me pick a place to live!!!: homes, teaching jobs
  55. Which Large American Cities Offer The Least Cultural Activities?: rich, places
  56. For who have lived on both coasts: live in, versus
  57. neighborhoods similar to...the Highlands?: houses, live in, nightlife
  58. Hey! Best place to live for a loner bartender: to rent, home
  59. Where should I move to, and why?: crime rate, home
  60. What is the best way to visit all cities on a road trip?: appointed
  61. $450 to renounce US citizenship?: taxes, costs, bill
  62. I want to move to the west by the end of this year: rental
  63. I've got a map of places to go... NSE Exchange program!: where to stay, credit
  64. Leaving Austin but don't know where to go...: low crime, chapel
  65. Impact of Chicago being overtaken in #3 population spot by Dallas or Houston in the future?: to live in, moving
  66. Study finds 6 out of 10 Dirtiest US Beaches in Great Lakes Region: credit, home
  67. Which metros are sports towns and which aren't?: transplants, chapel
  68. Can San Diego be the most perfect city in the U.S.?: quality of life, living in
  69. What is the denses neighborhood in your city?: neighborhoods, park
  70. Lake front property wanted! / anywhere USA!: for sale, real estate, houses
  71. if you had the money, time and situation, would you live in a different city every 6 months?: sublease, lease
  72. help me find my ideal city: fit in, top neighborhoods
  73. All American top tier city ?: architecture, best, metro
  74. Your State Song: school, live, bars
  75. Interstate highways in need of capacity expansion: design, land
  76. Your ideal town or city if money was no option?: best city, apartment
  77. If New England was a state...: schools, colleges, suburbs
  78. Planning a BIG holiday/roadtrip in the states: rental car, rental
  79. What's cheapest of the 2 living situations?: apartment, for rent, insurance
  80. Will LED lighting replace incandescent and CFC lighting in the US?: how much, school
  81. US Census] What is your state of residence ?: place, territories
  82. Cultural Boundaries Within Your Region: live, suburbs, architecture
  83. Do you have factories in your city??: manufacturing, office
  84. Do people in northern virginia have an accent?: transplants, movies
  85. Gated Communities: crime rates, houses, gated community
  86. What is it about the city that breeds liberalism?: insurance, gated
  87. What states do you know best?: spring break, sales, home
  88. list of most dangerous cities in America: violent crime, mortgages
  89. What did the eastern Midwest look like BEFORE it was settled by Europeans?: agriculture, station
  90. How exactly is the pace of life slower in the Midwest?: house, living in
  91. looking for low-rent, high culture cities: apartments, neighborhood, theatres
  92. Is Providence a suburb of Boston?: suburbs, commuting, metro
  93. Which states have the highest concentration of blondes girls?: live in, beach
  94. ADVICE: West Coast city like BURLINGTON, VERMONT?: job market, university
  95. Help: Burlington, VT's WEST COAST twin?: organic, moving, health
  96. Medieval style towns in the US?: city hall, house, elementary school
  97. Help finding new city!: college, to live, beach
  98. Mountains of America, a map: how much, land, areas
  99. What is your favorite city airport approach?: live, best
  100. Traffic in American cities: house, school, taxi
  101. Haunted tours around the country: hotels, house, neighborhood
  102. Gallup's 2010 survey of the most liberal/conservative states: luxury, live in
  103. Murder rate trends in the Southern states, particularly the mid 1970's.: crime rate, school
  104. Seriously, why are the SF-Oakland MSA and SJ MSA not combined?: fit in, houses
  105. How fast is the Mexican population growing in the South?: legal, metro
  106. Looking for a new city to explore: apartments, hotels
  107. Where do kids have it best?: apartments, low crime, house
  108. HOMES-$160,000-New Construction-Single/Detached: real estate, foreclosure, rent
  109. What skyscraper would you pick: tenant, construction, live in
  110. Northern U.S. watch for Northern Lights tonight: pollution, money
  111. An african immigration boom in the USA: live, statistics
  112. What is your state's best-kept secret?: movers, homes, live in
  113. Would you raise a family downtown?: apartment, condo, house
  114. The Middle Class in America Is Radically Shrinking: middle-class, stats
  115. Does a place like this exist?: real estate, house prices, neighborhoods
  116. Deciding between VA Beach, Boston or Wash DC area- help!: salary, living in
  117. socially liberal BUT fiscally conservitive areas of the country: neighborhoods, suburbs
  118. Midwestern Boundaries: real estate, school, university
  119. Anthony Bordain Midwest on tonight: school, live, price
  120. Is there more English or German ancestry in America?: live, vs.
  121. Moving Water: how much, living in, transport
  122. San Diego in the L.A. CSA?: live, military
  123. which could you live without-mall or Costco?: tax, to live
  124. Differences within the Northeast: subdivision, agricultural, moving
  125. what is the most northern southern city?: transplants, transportation
  126. When defining regions of the country...: living, moving, deal
  127. Silicon Prairie - Growth of America's Heartland: employment, price
  128. Ex-Northerners: Do you like living in the South or do you wish you would be living up north again?: fit in, home
  129. Is the USA just a bizarro Canada?: bars, eat
  130. Do we want Valley City?: vs, rating, cities
  131. Places to see: university, living in, restaurant
  132. Where in the US can I find Sunny Liberalism?: transplants, college
  133. Where does the West begin?: college, rated, cities
  134. Laid back College Towns in the Northeast?: credit card, dorm
  135. Itching to move to Kentucky or Tennessee: low crime, new home
  136. Which region offers the most laid back lifestyle: live, to move
  137. What metros do most of your family/relatives live in..: homes, neighborhood
  138. Unique Towns: college, moving, rich
  139. The most muslim cities in the US ?: estimated, metro
  140. What do you call this?: warm, offer, people
  141. Racial Preferences on deciding where to live: co-op, living
  142. Differences within the Midwest: low crime, unemployment, high school
  143. The Great Plains Boom (On Point, NPR): low crime, credit
  144. cool summer weather: live, best, park
  145. Places with Irish culture?: neighborhoods, rich, suburbs
  146. Cultural Regions of the West: suburb, metro, areas
  147. Global 500: wealthy, rated, money
  148. Hooters Swimsuit Competition: Why Are So Many From the South?: beach, pageants
  149. Differences within the South: move, design, best
  150. Small towns in the USA? I have questions?: section 8, apartments
  151. Where do you prefer to live, work, and play?: living, airport
  152. Where should I move?: homes, job market, transfer
  153. City Word Association: amusement parks, casinos, parks
  154. Is the South's image a hard sell?: colleges, place to live
  155. Who has the best girls?: college, best place, area
  156. Traditional large cities.: crime rate, house, buying
  157. german communites in american cities?: neighborhood, suburb, population
  158. Who Loves Where They Live?: house, neighborhood, universities
  159. Moving From England To America! Help!: crime rates, buy, best schools
  160. Advice On A Great Places To Live: sales, real estate
  161. What's the summer weather like in your hometown.: live in, humidity
  162. The best small towns to live in: university, living
  163. What is your ethnicity ?: Irish, Scandinavian, European
  164. Are newcomers welcomed in your area or resented?: houses, construction
  165. best cities for fall foliage/ fall festivals and activities: houses, live
  166. does know of a city with ualities?: amusement park, low crime
  167. New list of America's laziest states: activity, health, business
  168. Does good weather really mean hot weather?: deal, clothing
  169. Charleston, SC or Salem/Boston, MA???: oceanfront, living, cost of living
  170. Long commutes to work, how much is too much?: home, to live in
  171. Help! Medical Student Moving! Which City?: hotels, theater, schools
  172. States with a lot of forest?: statistics, bill, association
  173. How religious are YOUNG Americans?: how much, tenants, live
  174. How many states have you lived in your life?: living, move to
  175. Seeking the perfect fit , does have ideas?: real estate, house prices
  176. Which city is livable with 44K ?: neighborhoods, schools, universities
  177. Guess My City: homes, to buy, legally
  178. Stronger Connections: New York City & Philadelphia: exemption, to live in
  179. does ever look at maps for fun?: home, horses
  180. Ex-Southerners: Do you like living in the North or do you wish you where back in the South?: neighborhood, high school
  181. Is the 4-region model of the US too broad?: live in, beach
  182. What cities have what you consider to be a big downtown?: lofts, hotels
  183. The most beautiful women in the nation would be in Florida ?: home, live
  184. Alaska Considered West Coast.: school, taxes, estimates
  185. With all of this stuff going on in AZ, will they get a bad rap?: appointed, crime
  186. If, you could choose, today, where'd you move?: crime, house
  187. Deja Vu/Decisions/Throw a dart - Chicago, Tampa, SLC or....from San Diego: live in
  188. Federal Reserve Beight Book Economic Conditions per city/metro.: interest
  189. CAR SHOW-July 16, 17, 18, 2010=Syracuse Nationals-Antique/Classic/Street Rods: area, interstate
  190. Getting a job in Maui that would be full time: find a job, school
  191. How the trip went.: home, military, plantation
  192. just tragic. everyone just needs to pay: construction, drivers
  193. This tribute made me cry. it is close to home: live, highways
  194. So many people on a mission to leave where they are: to move, area
  195. Job growth by county (2000-2009): money, places, jobs
  196. Can there be compromise in the trucking industry?: color
  197. Have a problem with the south?: pay, work, child
  198. does consider what the future may bring before choosing a city: crime
  199. about taxes...: income, income tax, live in
  200. What cities have the best ship yard?: profile