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  1. Affordable Seaside Community: homes, price, beach
  2. Odd City Hall locations: neighborhood, parks, area
  3. Kidney Disease + Diabetes: university, budget, medical center
  4. What small to mid-sized city would look coolest as a mega-city?: smog, area
  5. Recommendations of areas to move to and settle down?: 2015, rentals
  6. Best Areas on the West Coast: real estate market, crime, houses
  7. Relocation trends to rural areas in 2020 and beyond: real estate, homes
  8. Will the remote work exodus(and economic crisis) have a major impact on the census?: evictions
  9. What If - I-45 extension / I-35 relocation: metro, cities
  10. Major City Housing Price Percentage Increases: rent, home, prices
  11. The transatlantic accent in the present day: motel, neighborhoods
  12. What city has the most focused or interested cooks?: how much, home
  13. Weirdest places you have/haven't been able to get mobile data?: houses, neighborhood
  14. What are all of the US states and territories that you have been in?: airport
  15. Bristol area and Bigfoot sightings: layoffs, shop, eat
  16. Moving, Looking for Your Feedback/Ideas: transplants, safe area
  17. Going off the grid, buying land.: how much, camp, utilities
  18. Coming back to the SE after 4 years Charlotte): apartment, chapel
  19. Name a Classical Composer and piece to represent a state: 2013, live
  20. Which parts of the US are currently the best for live and let live style off the grid/simple living ?: mobile home
  21. Retirement in Prescott vs. Oracle/Oro Valley Arizona: new construction, casino
  22. Adjusting teacher salary with cost of living...: apartments, rent
  23. Vibrant Beach town: to rent, condo, townhome
  24. When do you see the first spruce trees when driving north?: house, buying
  25. Over 55 communities Port St Lucie or Ocala: live, to move
  26. Is Atlanta “the south”?: transplants, airplane, city limits
  27. What makes someone Southwestern?: food, culture, American
  28. NYC/NOLA/Boston Coronavirus Economic Impact: casinos, high income, restaurants
  29. What U.S. State has the most Strategic Depth?: gated, live in
  30. Commercial Building and Multifamily Housing Construction Starts - 2020 Top Metros: area, cities
  31. Move to TX or SC for programmer?: home, neighborhoods
  32. Beginning to narrow, which of best in terms of live/work options: rental
  33. Fall Foliage in warmer cities: neighborhoods, live, trees
  34. Something New despite covid: find a job, living, cost of living
  35. Do you consider the Heartland to be a group of states or the American equivalent to the Australian Outback?: food, farm
  36. Are there subsets of Southern culture that don't fit into the categories of Deep South and Upper South ?: live in, plantation
  37. Touring the US: high crime, house, to buy
  38. Where should I live? Male stripper.: university, living, restaurant
  39. Native born percentage of residents in your city?: transplants, wedding
  40. Best city to live that’s close to the mountains and has sports: college, versus
  41. Which rural areas of the US still have a thriving outlaw rebel influence in their version of country culture ?: home, movies
  42. Best Little India in the US?: university, live in
  43. Think i am gonna take an 70k pay cut to move to a more desirable area: how much, income
  44. Which southern U.S city is the best for a Muslim couple?: how much, job market
  45. Where would you draw the line, culturally, between the West and the Midwest in the Plains states?: 2015, college
  46. Where to go: PA, NH, ME, or ?: crime, universities
  47. Critique my Top 100 U.S. Cities Bucket List: neighborhood, beach
  48. Need help deciding which state, county, and municipality to move to: sales, for rent
  49. The 40 coolest neighborhoods in the World in 2020: university, young professionals
  50. Where should I move to? Boston or Albuquerque?: low income, transplants
  51. The Healthiest Counties in America: income, stats, suburbs
  52. Best Place To Move To in The US?: real estate, rent
  53. What cities have best run supermarkets?: chapel, co-ops, to buy
  54. Fast growing MSAs in slow growing states: college, price
  55. Slow-growth metros in high-growth states: health, cities, place
  56. Suggestions on where to move in the US?: crime, townhome
  57. What's night life, retail, offices like in your city now?: hotels, home
  58. Is the Piedmont more similar to the Appalachian South or the Deep South?: transplants, live
  59. West Coast Cities Like Fort Collins, CO: to live in, price
  60. Moving from San Francisco, help me choose my next location: home, neighborhoods
  61. Where to retire – Oregon or New Mexico?: crime rates, college
  62. Huntsville in the north of the country?: apartments, rent
  63. Recommend a City (from Boston to ...): appointed, ski resorts, transplants
  64. Exciting vs Less Exciting US Cities: Which Rise To The Top?: neighborhood, theater
  65. Which Western state has the most Southern influence: Arizona, California or Nevada?: transplants, homes
  66. CHEAP, liberal small cities/towns (<100k population)?: house, job transfer
  67. Anywhere like our hometown?: chapel, new home, tech jobs
  68. Most ignored speed limits in US urban areas?: neighborhoods, law
  69. States known only for their cities or states without well-known cities: how much, bars
  70. Do you consider San Antonio,TX part of the South ?: title, area
  71. US State abbreviations: design, island, date
  72. Stamford, CT or Huntington, LI (or another town in LI?) to raise a family (pro/cons): house, neighborhoods
  73. How Much House Will $300k Get You In Your Metro Area In 2020?: condominium, chapel
  74. Which place should I go for better career opportunities?: real estate, apartment
  75. Does this place exist. Liberal by water quiet: real estate, low crime
  76. Best Warm Place to Live by Water: transplants, insurance
  77. Roanoke VA and North Carolina: 2015, to rent, neighborhoods
  78. Best Cities For International Residents To Move Without High Cost of Living?: fit in, apartment
  79. Florida and North Carolina...: apartment, chapel, homes
  80. East Coast Cities: Plentiful IT jobs and great public transportation: rent, credit card
  81. Cities that go bigger than they actually are: apartment, neighborhoods
  82. Iowa vs Kansas: sex offenders, violent crime, credit
  83. Map of the Cultural Regions of the United States from 1940: low income, how much
  84. Floridian looking to move to new state, help! (NC, TX, TN, CO?): apartments, renting
  85. Where should a small family live? Thank you!: to rent, homes
  86. Best States for Best Autism Services!!: low income, homes, school districts
  87. Need Advice to Find Inexpensive Artistic City For Relocation: rentals, chapel
  88. Best City where Beautiful African Women Reside: live, metro
  89. Best Suburbs For Young Professionals: job market, utilities, salaries
  90. What's Going to be the Next City to be Discovered ?: rent, neighborhoods
  91. Diverse, progressive, upscale, AND low-key places in the U.S.?: home, college
  92. recently single IT Professional needs a change: apartments, house
  93. Which Major US City/Metro is the LEAST Sports Crazy?: home, college
  94. Women who ride urban rail transit alone: do you feel safe from crime?: crime rate, how much
  95. Sleeper suburbs...: home, employment, safe neighborhoods
  96. Exercise:Where would you live in the W.TX/SE NM Permian Basin if you had to live there for 1 to 5 years???: theatre, college
  97. What other region would you choose?: buying, living, cost of living
  98. Which city is most similar to Richmond, VA?: house, buying
  99. Non-urban COUNTIES w/primarily lean democratic: universities, move to, wealthiest
  100. Moving to USA, AZ, TX, CA, NV. Help a noob?: real estate, rent
  101. Every place claims to:: best city, move to, food
  102. Do you consider Quebec City to be “coastal”?: centers, design
  103. Seeking inexpensive mountain town for biracial family: how much, cheap home
  104. Urban Areas that should be combined.: commute, best, metro area
  105. Ideal City For Young European Moving To The US: apartments, rental market
  106. Most underrated places for natural beauty?: taxes, to live, garden
  107. Cities with the best U.S. farmers markets?: for sale, home
  108. How do you determine largest cities in the US?: chapel, job market
  109. Hilly but boring?: neighborhood, bars, residential
  110. Best State Fairs: live, pollution, food
  111. Cities with Ecuadorian neighborhoods?: DMV, live in, restaurants
  112. Phoenix, AZ or Charleston, SC?: fit in, transplants, credit
  113. Need a change from Fairfield County. s?: cliquey, low crime
  114. Where to escape the volatile social and political unrest in the US?: home, income
  115. MSAs that shouldn't exist.: houses, subdivisions, living in
  116. Another Californian that Wants to Leave: appointed, how much, new home
  117. restrictions due to CV by state and metro: hair salon, rentals
  118. Climate Battle: Southern Appalachia vs. Coastal New England: how much, house
  119. Cities with small skylines that will/expected to make big changes: low income, 2013
  120. At what point are you no longer a transplant?: transplants, home
  121. another of someone looking for moving advice: home, job market
  122. Where should we relocate? LCOL area for a young family?: low crime, home
  123. Relocation advice New England vs the West (AZ, CO) vs ?: where to stay, crime rate
  124. In what cities do people tend to have less tattoos?: middle-class, to live
  125. In which part of the US can one find people like this? (The Petersen Family): homes, living
  126. People that move south for mild winter: how much, living in
  127. Regional foods, best and worst: food, rated, steak
  128. Easterners who moved out west and Westerners who moved back east, what shocked you the most?: hotels, living in
  129. Furthest skyline view visible in Street View?: house, live
  130. Which State has the best weather?: living in, airport, moving
  131. Murder rates of 30 biggest cities in New England: violent crime, stats
  132. What's the closest state never been to?: parks, area
  133. Is there such a place (time to relocate): violent crime, home
  134. Best of Small States: fit in, crime rates, employment
  135. Of all the states that border yours, take the one with the highest population. Can you name 50 cities in that state?: home, neighborhoods
  136. Arizona or Florida??: real estate, rent, new home
  137. Favorite historic river or coastal defensive forts: live, swimming
  138. Opinions on the Nine Nations of North America?: college, agricultural
  139. States African American Population With Large Geographic Difference.: live in, versus
  140. Best beach town/safe/high military presence?: home, schools
  141. Black Stats In Small Town/Rural USA: live in, storage
  142. States with the largest African populations: 2014, mover, private school
  143. What are non-sunbelt and outside of the box good sized metro areas for a Southern Californian to relocate to?: living in, statistics
  144. Where to move as a young professional?: school, universities
  145. Metro areas with few Interstates but a lot of regular freeways?: airport, design
  146. Smallest Big City In the US: trendy, metro area
  147. Smallest US metros with skylines: beach, cities, buildings
  148. Area that Has Long Springs & Autumns and Mild Summers (and pretty): for sale, homes
  149. Placing US metros on the political compass.: section 8, luxury
  150. When do you start seeing animals when you drive west from New Jersey?: condo, living
  151. Of all the states that border yours, take the one with the lowest population. Can you name 25 cities in that state?: university, tornado
  152. Best city to be based in for domestic travel: home, live
  153. What makes someone a Northwesterner?: income, income tax, live
  154. If you can move to city in the US...which one would it be?: buy, scorpions
  155. What are of the top metro areas for a young person to retire?: salary, living
  156. Favorite, most liveable small cities?: transplants, crime rate, chapel
  157. Cities with the most useful HOV and Express Lanes: assessment, cars
  158. Sister hoods: crime, townhouse, neighborhoods
  159. What small northeast seaside towns to visit?: hotels, homes
  160. Which state level section of the Delmarva region best embodies authentic Delmarva culture days ?: school, live in
  161. Metro Areas That Dwarf Their Main City: how much, living in
  162. Eastern vs western US: hiking?: Home Depot, high school, live in
  163. What city has the best represented Pacific Islander culture?: fit in, restaurants
  164. Amazon's office expansion plans - growing in 6 cities: house, offices
  165. Which Greater DC area countries are the best for buying big affordable plots of land ?: insurance, mobile home
  166. How did you handle moving from a dry climate to a humid one?: pros and cons, live in
  167. What makes someone a New Englander?: fences, beach, eat
  168. What makes someone a Northeasterner?: vs, moving, rating
  169. The West and West Coast: vacation home, college, to live
  170. What makes someone a Midwesterner?: movies, live in, friendly
  171. What makes someone Southern?: college, live, move to
  172. Best City/Town to spend 6 months in while teleworking?: home, schools
  173. Do the Carolinas have more in common with Virginia or Georgia?: metro, areas
  174. geoarbitrage- california early retiree looking for a affordable walkable/bikable city to move to: condo, townhouse
  175. Where in the U.S. is this type of forest found?: live, bars
  176. Having a hard time adjusting to Salt Lake City. Miss living in bigger cities: apartment, to rent
  177. Looking for a nice, historic town east of Colorado: homes, neighborhood
  178. What city has the most interesting homeless people?: find a job, camps
  179. Landscapes that change drastically at the state line.: suburban, transit
  180. Cities that don't require the state after them (according to AP): island, places
  181. Should i move to Arizona or New Mexico???Texas oilman is: crime, home
  182. What do you think is the best small city in your state?: neighborhoods, price
  183. City downtowns most destroyed: hotel, home, neighborhoods
  184. new game: what city is the ____ of ____ ?: college, taxes
  185. Places with year round good weather: tornadoes, earthquake, live in
  186. Metros with strongest new-age/alternative heath culture: home, schools
  187. River vs River Competition: live in, pollution, vacation
  188. Are there cities or smaller cities with no homeless people?: house, camper
  189. Why hasn't Houston been as big in pop culture and TV as Atlanta and Miami despite its size?: homes, movies
  190. My dream is over: rentals, hotels, house
  191. Region with the most friendly residents?: to live in, metropolitan, cities
  192. Division between the Border South and Deep South: live in, vs.
  193. Is Texas the Switzerland of USA?: bill, activity, money
  194. Are there healthy, vibrant, balanced small-mid size cities?: crime, living
  195. most walkable place to live in the usa?: townhome, college
  196. Which cities do you connect to certain decades?: taxi driver, homeless
  197. Which of Tourist Oriented METRO Areas Would You Prefer to Live?: place to live, activity
  198. For who relocated this year pre covid....: condo, neighborhood
  199. Has participated in one of programs that pays you to relocate to a particular area?: cities
  200. 1989 VTech Socrates State To State game: educational, rating, places