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  24. Mother is a health and prosperity advert.: Gospel, belief, prayer - Christianity
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  45. Is God gonna bless and reward this man in Heaven for his kindness towards his friends on Earth in Heaven?: pray, Jesus Christ - Christianity
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  55. Good movie :): believe, God, Christians, bless - Christianity
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  58. Living Out PHILOSOPHY Or Living Out CHRISTIANITY ?: traditions, dinosaur, church
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  63. Christianity as national religion?: Bible, conservative
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  68. Mathew 18:18-20 If there are two or three... Your wish comes true.: testimony, church - Christianity
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  72. Proof of Creation by Design is found in food: believe, evolution, sin - Christianity
  73. It's a crazy world since humans disobeyed God.: worship, Old Testament, pagan - Christianity
  74. NEWS: Church says NO DIVORCE from pedophile?: Leviticus, woman, prayer - Christianity
  75. Woe unto them who call evil to good (Isaiah 5:20): doctrine, churches, believe - Christianity
  76. Does modern Christianity follow Christ or has seated Paul as God instead?: Messiah, believe
  77. Was St. Paul a heretic?: Gospel, churches, belief, disciples - Christianity
  78. Have you ever had to cut ties with a fellow believer?: hell, churches - Christianity
  79. I'm almost afraid to ask this, but...: hell, women, preach - Christianity
  80. Genesis 22 vs Judges 11: tradition, Leviticus, women, Deuteronomy - Christianity
  81. Keeping the commandments of the Lord.: Deuteronomy, Moses, sinners, disciple - Christianity
  82. Joel Osteen Compares a Palm Tree Metaphorically With Our Resolving Issues: Gospel, messages - Christianity
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  84. Christian Universalism: A threat to Christianity.: hell, doctrine, women, beliefs
  85. The Role and Status of Women in Christianity: doctrine, churches, believers
  86. Quotes you love: Gospels, hell, woman, church - Christianity
  87. wanting to understand prophets and seers: Revelation, believe, scripture, Jesus - Christianity
  88. What did David mean by presumptuous sins Psalms 19:13?: believe, scripture - Christianity
  89. Rapture or no rapture?: hell, Revelation, believe, Moses - Christianity
  90. America's churches; Woe unto you hypocrites...: Gospel, lukewarm, preach, believers - Christianity
  91. Treasure in heaven (Luke 18:22-25): woman, church, Solomon, Jesus - Christianity
  92. Beam Me Up Captain, Sir Patrick Stewart Sides with Christian Bakers: messages, believe - Christianity
  93. Have you been on a religious pilgrimage?: Lutheran, beliefs, Moses - Christianity
  94. False Accuser Calling A 100% Bible Believer A Pharisee ?: dinosaur, testimony, women - Christianity
  95. What exactly is the point of interdenominational squabbling?: Mormons, doctrine, churches - Christianity
  96. Questions for Catholic and Orthodox Christians-the saints: doctrine, church, Revelation - Christianity
  97. where would you like to go on a pilgrimage?: Orthodox, faith, Catholic - Christianity
  98. Is paradise mostly for white Europeans?: hell, church, Messiah, believe - Christianity
  99. What guides how YOU react to people, doctrines, or practices that you disagree with: Jehovah's Witnesses, scrutiny - Christianity
  100. Do you support Parachurch Organizations?: Gospel, Jehovah's Witness, churches, believe - Christianity
  101. ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE, Is That True In Christianity ?: hell, women
  102. Knowledge does not = understanding: Commandment, Articles, people - Christianity
  103. say there are no more prophets?: believer, scripture, Moses - Christianity
  104. Is your God more than just words in a book?: scripture, Jesus - Christianity
  105. Is this offensive?: verse, Christian, people - Christianity
  106. Is Fear Causing The Church From Addressing End times ?: messages, churches, believe - Christianity
  107. Franklin Graham pulls accounts from Wells Fargo: women, church, pray - Christianity
  108. Lucifer the new tv show. Thoughts on this one: Holy Spirit, Jesus - Christianity
  109. The Misuse of Scripture to Support False Doctrine by Clement of Alexandria (A.D. 150-211): tradition, Gospel - Christianity
  110. Akiane Kramarik - Spiritual Young Artist: testimony, believe, Jesus, atheists - Christianity
  111. Why the flesh loves the Bible: (let's make a list): traditions, believe - Christianity
  112. The 70th week of Daniel... What does Scripture really say and why is it so important to understand it correctly...?: Leviticus, abominations - Christianity
  113. The 'mark' of the beast will not be a physical mark...: crucify, Antichrist - Christianity
  114. Yes, there are Arab Christians: Ramadan, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, doctrine - Christianity
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  116. The ones resurrected: crucified, messages, church, Revelation - Christianity
  117. Should you be like Job?: scripture, Jesus, Bible, Kingdom - Christianity
  118. To divorce or CHANGE your husband?: women, church, believe, sinners - Christianity
  119. Once Again, Jesus Contradicts Himself: unpardonable, hell, church, Messiah - Christianity
  120. from my neighbor: Gospel, doctrine, church, believe - Christianity
  121. BOOK CLUB PART 1 B: ISRAEL (c. 1000 BCE-100 CE): myth, doctrine, Deuteronomy - Christianity
  122. If you love the things of 'the world' you do not have grace in you...: crucified, churches - Christianity
  123. Confession to you all: hell, doctrine, church, beliefs - Christianity
  124. Justified by the words, and condemned by the words (Matthew 12:36-37): church, preach - Christianity
  125. Acts 10:30: believing, Holy Spirit, Jesus, sunday - Christianity
  126. Ishmael and Jerusalem (the children of the flesh)...: women, churches, scripture - Christianity
  127. Does God have a sense of humour?: preaching, believe, verse - Christianity
  128. Franklin Graham heads Up Sumaritian Purse To Nepal Disaster: praying, missionary, Christian - Christianity
  129. Coming Apostacy Of Religion And Laws That will Defy Jesus: Gospel, dinosaur - Christianity
  130. Does Spirit have gender?: Holy Spirit, verse, marriage, trinity - Christianity
  131. Why does God want a relationship with us?: churches, prayers, Commandment - Christianity
  132. I'm a Christian that loves the Lord, to hell with this Bible crap though!: beliefs, disciple - Christianity
  133. Who told you that you were saved from eternal hell?: doctrine, church - Christianity
  134. So Who Judges the World: the Saints, Jesus or the Father?: Gospel, testimony - Christianity
  135. Where could I find a Christian commune-type of living, in a desert climate area?: pray, missionary - Christianity
  136. A for who believe in eternal torment: paradise, Gospel, hell - Christianity
  137. Study on Habakkuk 1:1 - 2:4: paradise, lordship, coffin, church - Christianity
  138. of the things we Catholic do seem strange; weird: traditions, hell - Christianity
  139. YHVH(Jehovah): tradition, abominations, doctrine, church - Christianity
  140. Often misunderstood part of the Bible (Romans 7:14-25): doctrine, scriptures, sinners - Christianity
  141. If people have disliked/shunned me on Earth how would they feel about me in Heaven?: believe, pray - Christianity
  142. Business Can Refuse To Make Gay Shirts: beliefs, homosexual, verse - Christianity
  143. Christianity: The First 3000 Years BOOK CLUB: tradition, churches, Bible, verse
  144. BOOK CLUB PART 1 A: Greece and Rome-c. 100 BCE--100 CE: church, Israel, worship - Christianity
  145. prayers for world peace: believe, Jesus, Kingdom, faith - Christianity
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  148. An Angels Visitation: testimony, woman, believe, Jesus - Christianity
  149. Why is the church against making contact with spirits?: paranormal, Leviticus, hell - Christianity
  150. There is no unrighteousness in God. (Psalm 92:12-15): Jesus Christ, blood, prophets - Christianity
  151. True peace: reasons, reason - Christianity
  152. The heart doesnt matter, God only searches our hearts when we are obedient to him, so obeying Gods commands do matter.: coffin, women - Christianity
  153. To the 'Christians' of America...: Gospel, coffin, women, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  154. Geologists claim stats, science prove Jesus buried in Jerusalem with wife and supposed son: Gospel, church - Christianity
  155. It's Now Mid Shemittah Closing In On Fall As Esculation Peaks?: church, lukewarm - Christianity
  156. Link of Abraham's Obedience To God And Jesus' Covenant: crucified, scrutiny, church - Christianity
  157. Pew research - Christians declining: Gomorrah, Sodom, church, Revelation - Christianity
  158. nostradamus death year 1566 is what 666 means: Antichrist, Christ, Bible, prophecies - Christianity
  159. Does this sound like a cult in the making?: Gospel, hell, church - Christianity
  160. Pope Francis and his growing litany of modern-day martyrs: testimony, punishment, church - Christianity
  161. What does God say about channeling and mediums?: messages, Leviticus, believe - Christianity
  162. The Voice, the Sheep and the Truth ?: Deist, believe, scriptures - Christianity
  163. A former Atheist who became agnostic sees hope in the God of Christianity: hell, doctrine
  164. Will my friend be able to be saved and have Eternal Life in Heaven?: Gospel, hell - Christianity
  165. This i believe as a member of the shiloh truelight church: crucifixion, Gospel - Christianity
  166. Who are the Wicked?: Gospel, believe, scripture, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  167. Spreading The Good News In Style...: Gospel, church, preach, Jesus - Christianity
  168. Every denominations....: doctrine, God, Christian - Christianity
  169. BEWARE lucifer comes as you're king World!: hell, church, Antichrist - Christianity
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  171. Did He really say that....: woman, believer, Jesus - Christianity
  172. Old Testament and Christianity: Micah, Pentateuch, Gospel, Leviticus
  173. Christians, It's Time You Knew The Truth: Ephesians Is A FORGERY!!!: lordship, Gospels - Christianity
  174. So Many Experts On What The GOOD LIFE Is ?: woman, church, Revelation - Christianity
  175. what is the point of grief?: Gospel, reincarnate, hell, believe - Christianity
  176. Muslims Demand That ‘Offensive’ Crosses Be Removed… From Private Catholic School: church, belief - Christianity
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  178. Help!! Can Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit be done in Or by Christians?: hell, church - Christianity
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  180. God or Devil?: hell, myths, believe, Bible - Christianity
  181. Is this part of being a fake Christian?: Gospel, woman, church - Christianity
  182. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil: Christ, verse, experience - Christianity
  183. Luke 19:27: Messiah, allegory, scriptures, evolution - Christianity
  184. Narrow is the gate to the life (Matt 7:13-14): doctrine, church, believe - Christianity
  185. Just what is Christianity?: Deist, crucified, Gospels, myth
  186. Evidence that the Bible is divinely inspired: Torah, testimony, church - Christianity
  187. How the Government Identifies bible Christians as Security Risks: women, abortion, prayer - Christianity
  188. What was God's original plan when he created Earth: paradise, Eden, Moses - Christianity
  189. Hell on Facebook!: tradition, doctrine, church, funeral - Christianity
  190. Do you have to ask for forgiveness?: hell, believe, ritual - Christianity
  191. Evolution/Creation: woman, Darwin, beliefs, God - Christianity
  192. In the way of righteousness is life (Proverb 12:28): Christian, eternal, world - Christianity
  193. What EXACTLY Do People Mean By Acting Like A Christian ?: women, church - Christianity
  194. How A Pharisee Is A Pharisee ?: women, churches, Revelation, believers - Christianity
  195. Getting EQUAL YOKE Back In Church: believer, Jesus, Bible, Matthew - Christianity
  196. We Need A EQUAL YOKE WITH PEOPLE Not A Church Invitation And Money Request Only ?: Gospel, doctrine - Christianity
  197. What Expert Makes The Grade For You ?: Gospel, testimony, Revelation - Christianity
  198. With Preaching Jeremiah 3:15 If They Cool With Preaching 1 John 2:27 Too !!!: dinosaur, doctrine - Christianity
  199. Praise The Lord Jesus, Who Has Spoken Through His Prophets: hell, believe - Christianity
  200. Shavuot/Pentecost. Memorial Day.: priest, Jesus, creation, God - Christianity